One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


6. Harry Styles 2

~*Erica's POV*
"Hey Erica I heard there were five new boys joining your class today." my sister Jessie said at the table while we're eating breakfast. "Yeah, what about it?" I say taking another bite of my cereal. "Maybe they'll be cute. And maybe you'll get over Josh." she said smirking. "Shut up." I said and put my bowl in the sink and walked out the door. I started to walk down my usual walk to school when my sister says, "Erica, do you want a ride?" "What?" I asked turning around. I knew something was up because she NEVER asks if I want a ride. "Well, that boyband One Direction is in town today so, there's gonna be a bunch of creepers out. And mom said while she was out of town I better make sure you're safe." she said. "Jessie, I'll be fine. Trust me." I said and continued to take my usual route to school. I was probably halfway there when someone ran into me. "HEY! Watch it." I said turning around coming face-to-face with a curly-haired guy.
*Harry's POV*
Whoa I don't know who the heck I just ran into, but she is cute. Hey, I wonder why her outfit looks similar to mine?
*Erica's POV*
"Oh sorry." he said. "I'm new in town and I can't seem to find the school I've been transferred to." "Oh, well, I guess I could help you. What school is it?" I ask and he flips his hair. "Mayfield." he said looking down. "What?" I ask disgusted. That was MY school. So, that was why he was dressed similar to me. I was wearing the usual school uniform: white shirt with black stripes,navy blue semi-high waist skirt,and white knee-high socks. We could wear any kind of shoes and any kind of jacket. So, I was wearing my black combat boots and light-wash jean jacket. It didn't really match but, Jessie took my black leather jacket and left it at her friends house. So, yeah it didn't match but I didn't care. He was wearing a white shirt with black stripes and navy blue pants. He also wore a black sweater and red Converse. Ok, his outfit allmost matched better than mine. "I said, Mayfield was the school I was looking for. Do you know where it is?" he asked looking me square in the eye. Whoa, the green eyes were kinda frightning in a way. "Yeah it's my school." I said somewhat snippy-like.
*Harry's POV*
YES! YES! YES! WHOO! WHOO! I seriously can not believe that this beautiful girl is gonna be going to school with me. I really hope the other guys don't think she's cute too.
*Erica's POV*
"Great." he said, sounding a little too excited about it. "Alright, well come on." I said turning around. Flipping my carmel/blond hair with a purple streak in the process. Yeah, there was only one but, it was enough to be rebelious but, not too much to get detention. "Wait." he said grabbing my arm and spinning me around. I glared at him and said, "Why?" "My four friends are also joining Mayfield today." he said simply and realizing he still had my arm in his hand he let go. "HEY GUYS!" he yelled. Wait a minute. Did he have an accent? I was snapped out of my thoughts when four other guys came running up almost simialrly dressed to this guy. The one with messy hair had on the same white shirt with black stripes and navy pants except he had on suspenders and his pants were rolled up at the bottoms and he was wearing red TOMS. The blond one was wearing the same shirt and pants except he had on a gray sweater and was wearing a four-leaf-clover necklace and red Nike high-tops. The one with spikey hair had on a black shirt with white stripes (only the boys can wear those) and khaki pants (still only the boys can wear those) and a varsity jacket with black Nike high-tops. And the last one with I what I guessed was short brown hair had on a plaid shirt and khakis and navy blue Converse. I didn't know why he was wearing a plaid shirt because we weren't allowed to. I would know I tried it once and I had detention for two weeks. "Hey you, dude in the plaid shirt." I said rather rudely. "Me?" he asked. "Yeah you. You're the only one wearing a plaid shirt. You're gonna get two weeks detention." I said crossing my arms. "Oh, I talked to the principal and she said it was ok." he said. "Well, oh wait I don't know your name." he said. "And I don't know your's or your's or your's or your's or your's. My name's Erica." I said uncrossing my arms and pointing to each one of them when I said "your's". "I'm Harry and this is Louis." he said gesturing towards the one with suspenders. "This is Niall." he said gesturing to the one with the four-leaf-clover necklace. "That's Zayn." he said gesturing to the one in the varsity jacket. "And, that's Liam." he said gesturing to the one I just yelled at. "Well, now that we know each other. We need to get to school." I said and turned around once again and flipped my hair once again and started walking away.
*Harry's POV*
'Whoa the that girl flips her hair gets ME overwhelmed.' I thought as Louis grabbed my arm. "What?" I asked. "Aww, does Hazza have a little crush on Erica?" he said and started bouncing up and down. "Louis stop it. You look like a child." Liam hissed. I would've told Louis that I did but, she said, "Are you coming or not?" Man, she was fiesty. I love it. Then we ran after her.
*Erica's POV*
FF. We get to school and I stop dead in my tracks and turn to face the guys. "Alright let me see your schedules." I said and they handed me their schedules and my four best friends ran up. Harry's schedule looked exactly like mine and my friend Andy (short for Andrea) ripped the rest out of my hands. She gasped, looked at Liam, and said, "This is exactly like my schedule!" "Well, great you can show me around then." he said and they both walked away smiling but, only after Keni (short for Kendra) ripped the schedules out of her hands. She looked at Niall and said,"Hey, this looks like my schedule. So, I guess I get to show you around." He smiled and she took his hand and they walked away, after she handed the other two shedules to Jacey and Aly. After they talked for 3 minutes they both walked away, Jacey with Louis and Aly with Zayn. "So, I guess you get to show me around." he said with a grin at the end. "Yeah, but, don't get too cocky." "So what's our first class?" he asks. "Well, it's singing and vocals." I said nodding my head and walking in the direction of my first class. "Wait what kind of school is this?" he asked catching up with me. "Well, this is a school for prodigies. I am a singing prodigy." I said continuing to walk to my class.FF. "Alright, class. Today we'll be doing duets. And I will pare you up." she said starting to pare people up. "And Erica and Harry." she said. "Erica you know what room to practice in." she said and me and Harry walked to the practice room. FF. "Ok so what song should we sing?" I ask and Harry picks a song. Gotta Be You by One Direction. We divided up the parts and sang our hearts out. "Hey you did really good. How did you manage to sound like that one guy?" I ask scrolling through the songs the iPod. "Erica, I know you won't believe this but, I'm that guy from One Direction. Harry Styles." he said looking down. "Whoa, ok, cool, I guess but, what are you doing here?" I ask looking at him. "Our manager thought it would be good for us." he said. "Oh this song!" he yelled. "Harry, this is a Hannah Montana song. Do you know what this will do to my rep?" I ask laughing. "I don't care just sing it." he said and the song started. We easily divided up the parts because it was a duet between Iyaz and Hannah Montana. We walked back to the main room and I gotta say we did pretty good on the duet. "Alrighty class since you all practiced your duets we're going to perform them. Now who will go first." she said looking down at her list. "How about Harry and Erica?" she asked looking at up and of course Harry jumped up and ran to the stage, while I calmly walked to the stage like a normal person would. "Alright before we start the song I just wanna say that Harry chose this song." I said right before the music started playing.
Harry:Baby we got something.It's my girl Hannah. And Iyaz on the track right now. Let's go.
Erica: Tonight, we gonna get this. Tonight, we gonna get this.Tonight we gonna get this.We gonna get this.We gonna get this.
Harry:I can hear you crankin' up them speakers. I don't really wanna show up any later.Bcuz soon we gonna party like its New Year's. Oh oh.Oh oh.
Erica:Yo I'm lovin' all this music that they're playin'. But, I ain't hearing anythin' you sayin'. Tonight we're gonna get this. Gonna live exquisite.Oh oh.Oh oh.
Harry: Somebody dance beside me.Cuz I'm feelin' good at this party.Yeah I'm fly just like Bob Marley. So, here we go girl. Just turn it up.
Erica: Are you the boy,the boy, the boy the honest truth, the real McCoy? If you're the boy,the boy,the boy to make me feel like a movie.
Harry:This girl,this girl,this girl could be the one to rock my world. So, be my girl,my girl,my girl and love me just like a movie.
Erica: I can see you hangin' out in the corner. Lookin' fly and you finally comin' over. I've been checkin' out you but, you didn't notice.Oh oh.Oh oh.
Harry:Yeah, I did. And it's finally nice to meet you. 1.2.3 could you smile for picture.Tonight we gonna get this. Gonna really love it.Oh oh.Oh oh.
Erica: 'Somebody just Hannah do you already have a man cuz, I'm smooth like Carlos Santana' Well here we go boy. Just crank it up. Are you the boy,the boy,the boy the honest truth, the real McCoy.If you're the boy,the boy,the boy to make me feel like a movie.
Harry:This girl,this girl,this girl could be the one to rock my world. So, be my girl,my girl,my girl and love me just like a movie.Girl, I'm gonna go sing my melody. If you wanna join in, go ahead and sing. We can dance all night, baby you and me.Oh oh.Oh oh.
Erica:Yeah, we gonna get down and party. Celebrate with everybody. Have a crazy good time, yeah the time of our lives.Oh oh.Oh oh.Are you the boy,the boy,the boy the honest truth, the real McCoy. If you're the boy,the boy,the boy to make me feel like a movie.
Harry:This girl,this girl,this girl could be the one to rock my world.So be my girl,my girl,my girl and love me just like a movie.Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Erica:Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Harry:Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Erica:This boy,this boy,this boy.Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Harry:Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Erica: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.
Harry:That girl,that girl,that girl
Erica:This boy.
Harry:That girl.
Erica: This boy.
Harry:That girl.
Erica:This boy.
Harry:That girl.
*Erica's POV*
There was like maybe 20 seconds of music left on the song so, we were just standing there facing each other and then he leaned down and kissed me.I'm like 5'3" and he looked like he was probably 5'10" maybe? I don't know but, anyways when he leaned down and kissed me I was shocked but, I'll admit it he was kinda cute so, I kissed back.
*Harry's POV*
I just had to kiss her. It was weird the way I was acting. Like it was life or death. But, thank God she kissed back. So, there we were on stage kissing.
*Erica's POV*
It was sweet and passionate but, gentle, like he didn't wanna push it. When the teacher cleared her throat, I knew we had to stop but, I didn't want to. He pulled away with a huge smile on his face and grabbed my hand and led me off the stage. I went to sit where we were sitting before the song but, Harry said,"Grab your backpack and we'll sit in the back." So, I did as I was told but, normally I wouldn't have. We got there and he sits down and pulls me onto his lap and says,"Will you be the girl that rocks my world?" I laughed at his lame song quote but said,"If you'll be the boy that makes me feel like a movie." Now, it was his turn to laugh at my lame song quote. He kissed me once again and I knew somehow he would never hurt me. Josh who?

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