One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


77. Harry Styles 19


“Christina, hurry up, would you?!” my best friend, Sydney, shouted from my living room, we were invited to a New Years Eve party by Harry and we were so hyped up about it.
“Hold the fuck on, gawd!” I replied, adopting my very bad American accent that we mess with.
“Girl, it’s like y’all want us to be over the time limit for fashionably late, move your ass woman!” Sydney said, barging in to my room without knocking, still speaking like an American.
“I’m dressed, I’m ready, let us roll” I said, before skipping down the stairs and almost landing flat on my face,
“Note to self: don’t skip downstairs, especially not with high heels on” I mumbled as Sydney walked past laughing her blonde head off.

We arrived at Harry’s house, it wasn’t hard to miss because the lights were blasting from every window and you could hear the music from two streets away, blaring out Kesha, me and Sydney were bopping along to it, laughing, giggling when we heard deep laughter from behind, we both spun around to see three boys and one girl.
“Having fun ladies?” one asked and I recognised the voice straight away.
It was Harry, the person who had invited us here, and my crush of two years, he was in the band with my brother Liam and I’m eternally grateful to Simon Cowell for putting them all in One Direction together.
“Harrryyy!” I cheered, pouncing on him and he swung me around in a hug, laughing. “Damn, you got sexy” I laughed, fluffing up his hair and planting my feet on the ground.
“I believe that I was always this sexy, thank you very much” he said, poking my ribs and make me giggle like no tomorrow.
“Hmm, I do believe you’re right but you better not tickle me again or you will have a very severe case of ugly, my friend”
“You mean, sexy friend” he said, winking over dramatically at me as he took my hand and skipped up the drive of his house, where he should’ve already been…
“This is your house, and you’re not at the party?” I asked, tripping up again.
“Careful there, bub. I only went round the corner to get Niall, Louis and El, don’t worry your pretty little head, your brother and Zayn happen to be keeping charge inside…”
Harry’s words trailed off as he opened his front door and was immediately greeted by a crash of glass, and a drunken “Hazzaaaaaa!” by some kid who looked liked he belonged behind a McDonalds till.
“Fuck! That was my mum’s best vase, what am I going to do? Shit, crap” Harry started panicking, jumping in little circles in the doorway and I couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes? If this was your mums vase, you’d be throwing one of your famous bitch fits, so boo ya” he laughed charging at me, picking me up over his shoulder and spinning in circles way too fast for my liking.
“PUT. ME. DOWN” I screamed, smacking him on the back and having no effect. “You’re going to be seeing my lunch in a minute if you don’t PUT ME DOWN” and with the last word I effectively kneed him in the stomach and he dropped me on the floor- literally, I fell flat on my butt.
He was wheezing but still laughing and trying to speak but was failing miserably.
“Let’s… go get… d-drinks” he stuttered, pulling me up and dragging me off to a table stashed in the corner, full of bottles and cans, he handed me a WKD and had a Bud for himself, we clinked them together, smiled and he said “hope you enjoy yourself babe”.

Three hours later; he was pretty out of it and we were doing the dougie in his living room, constantly tripping up each other, spinning, jumping and falling everywhere.
All in all, a very good party, I’d say.
I felt an arm around my waist as a slow song started, I turned round to find it was Harry, smiling at me and flaunting all his perfection for the entire world to stare at.
“Hey” he whispered, leaning his forehead against mine, swaying to the beat of Katy Perry.
“Hey” I replied, smiling and giving him a quick peck on the cheek before trying to remove myself from his grasp, as much as I loved him, and liked him in that way, I knew there were plenty of other, prettier girls who wanted to dance with this boy.
“No, stay with me, please?” he whispered right in my ear, his voice sending shivers right through me, his hand moved a bit lower down my waist and I clasped mine around his neck, softly stroking his curls.
“You bet.”
We swayed some more, I was leaning my head against his shoulder and I repeatedly felt his lips press against my hair, kissing me softly.
I looked up, straight in to his ever changing coloured eyes and I saw a spark in them, I leant forward and waited for him to shake his head or move away from me.
He didn’t.
I moved in the rest of the way and pressed my lips gently to his, staying there for a second, making it last for as long as I could.
I moved back and opened my eyes to see him smiling like a moron at me, I couldn’t help but smile back, his happiness was contagious.
My smiled was crushed as his lips connected with mine once again, but this one was different, he was rougher and more passionate and I just couldn’t resist.
Being the brave one, I let my tongue trace his bottom lip gently and he let me through, and his tongue joined in to.
The song finished and we broke apart, gasping, both of us red face, we looked at one another and then Harry broke in to another grin and tugged me out of the room and up the stairs to his room.

He locked his door, grabbed my shoulders and gently pushed me against the door, he cupped my face in his hands, leant in and whispered “I’ve waited all night to kiss you, and two years to do this.”
And with that he kissed me again, one hand sliding over my body and landing on my waist, pulling me to him, wanting to get as close as he can and then wanting to be closer still.
My hands snaked up to his shoulders, I tugged at his jacket and he removed his arms to shrug it off but never letting his lips leave mine.
I felt his hand on the skin of my waist, tugging that to indicate what he wanted.
This is really going somewhere…
He pulled off my top, leaving me standing there in a skirt and bra, his eyes raked over my body when he finally broke the kiss; his eyes were hungry, wanting me.
I pointedly looked at him, then his shirt and raised my eyebrows; he laughed and practically tore off his top.
I pulled him over the his bed, pulling him down on top of me, he started to kiss me again, gliding his hands further down my body until’ he reached the hem of my skirt, his hand sliding up it and resting, waiting to see if it was okay, I nodded.
He bent down and kissed my neck, my shoulder, my cheek, just kissing my body until I stopped him by running my hands over the front of his jeans and grabbed gently.
“Harry… Are you sure?” I whispered as he unbuckled his belt and slid them off and threw them on the floor.
“Christina: I love you, I don’t care if it’s weird or stupid for me to say this but I do. I love you, because of everything you’ve been through, you’re so strong and proud and brave and amazingly beautiful and I’m so stupid for not ever asking you out and I can’t believe I’ve just said all that” he said in one long breathe, all I did was smile and he seemed to like that.
His hand stroked the top of my underwear gently before going over the top and diving in; I gasped and squirmed at the feeling.
His hands are really cold.
I placed one hand on his hair and the other in his boxers, feeling him stiffen at my touch.
We kept a steady rhythm with each other, never looking away from each other’s eyes, connecting on a whole other level.
“Babe… now?” he asked rather shyly as he took out his hand and waited, quivering from my touch still.
“Please” I smiled, kissing the tip of his nose.
The rest of our clothes got lost in the heat of the moment; he looked me in the eyes and then thrusted forward once, twice and then continued a steady pace.

An hour later, we lay face to face next to each other just staring and smiling, and it was nice, not uncomfortable, I hadn’t felt like this in a long time and I wanted it to last as long as possible.
“Christina; that was amazing, thank you” he whispered, speaking for the first time in an hour.
“Thank you too, Harry, what does this mean though…?”
“It means that I love you, and that you’re my girlfriend, deal?” He smiled, squirming closer to me.
I laughed and replied “Deal.”


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