One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


71. Harry Styles 18

~"Shruti!" I hear Louis yell from downstairs "What Lou?" I call "Come on, we are leaving to go see the boys and leave for tour" "Okay be down in minute." I braid back my curly bangs and leave the rest of my long thick hair down. I run a thin line of eyeliner above my dark brown eyes and add a coat or two of mascara, Louis always said I didn't need much makeup anyway.
Louis' POV: I get a call from Harry "Ello?" I ask "Aye mate, when are you and your hot friend gonna be here?" Wow, I could hear the smirk in his voice. "Haz, seriously? She's seriously like my sister. Hands. Off." "Yea, I'll try" He says nonchalantly. I sighed this was gonna be a long tour. Shruti skips down the stairs with her normal happy self, wow she really is beautiful. How is Harry gonn resist her? I guess she notices me starring at her "You're not coming on to me are ya Lou?" She laughs "Oh um no?" I studder "Your fly is just down." I say calmly "Lou?" She laughs "Im wear soccer shorts..." She was right she had on short soccer shorts and a fitting Nike shirt. "Oh just come on" I say pulling her to the car.

Shruti's POV: Well.. Um that was weird. Does Lou like me? Well whatever I like Harry. His curls actually make me overwhealmed. I pull out a copy of The Hunger Games but I can't really read in the car. "Lou?" I ask "Yeah?" He replies glancing at me sideways "You don't have a crush on me do you?" His face turnsred "No of course not" Hisvoice cracks on the'not'. "Then whats wrong? Why are you acting so weird lately?"I question "Its.. just.. Harry.. Its freaking Harry" My heart flutters a bit "Wha?" Is all I croak out.

Louis' POV: "He likes you" I tryto explain "How hes never met me?" I sigh"He's Harry, He doesn't need to have to have met you" She gets a slysmile on her face "I GUESS I JUST HAVEN'T MET YOU YET" She burst out in song "That's my girl" I sayrubbing her hair. she falls asleep before we get there.

Harry's POV: I can hardly wait i'm about to explode until I see Louis' car pull up. The lads and I run out to greet him with "Hey man's" and "Long time no see's". Louis goes around to the other side of the car and carrying out a girl bridal style. Her long thick curly hair flowed down her back but her bangs were braided back just to reveal her perfect tanned skin, she was beautful even in soccer clothes. "Shru, Shru, wake up babe" Louis cooed, her beautiful eyes flutter open reveal to big brown chocolate orbs.

Shruti's POV: My eyes widen a bit as I see 4 really hot guys standing by me and then Louis craddling me in his arms like a baby "Lou? Can you put me down?" The other four guys laugh as he puts me down "Hey Im Za-" I stop the darker skinned one from talking "Dude I know, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam" I say smiling, we stand in an akward silence for a bit "Hey um Harry? Can I shower or something" A smirk grows in his face, but it doesn't faze me "Yeah, lemme just show you-" "No." Louis interjects "You will not show her anything, Liam go help Shruti figure out the shower."

Liam's POV: I smile being the 'innocent one' pays off, I hold out my arm for her to take and she gladly takes it. I hear Harry whisper "Wow she has a nicer bum than Louis" I flicker my eyestoward her to see if she heard it, sure enough she did. She held her middle finger up over heard head and said "Can it curly" I heard stiffled laughter and Niall yelling "Burrrrrnn!"

Shurti's POV: I really like Harry but I will not be just an object, after Liam shows me how to use the shower I hop in to the shower. I quickly change into a tank top and yoga shorts. I let my curls hang loose over my shoulders putting on light makeup. As soon as I open the door i'm greeted by a half naked Harry "What?" I ask "Nothing" He replies "Where's the boys?" I ask annoyed "Out?" He sounds annoyed too.

Harry's POV: "Move" She says sharply "Nooooo" I say dragging out the 'oh' "Why" She croaks, I place my lips right on hers, surprisingly she kisses right back. I wrap my arms around her waist and she puts hers around my neck deepening the kiss. Right as I lower my hands to her bum I hear a loud "Ahem" I jump a bit dropping Shruti on the group after I help her up I figured out the voice was Louis.

Shruti's POV: "WHAT THE HECK MAN" Louis yells "Lou" I whisper trying to calm him down "Shut up Shru, I-I-I bring you here and find you snogging my best mate" "Why are you yelling at me Lou?" I ask calmly even thought it was killing me inside. "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, NOT HIM. I ALWAYS HAVE. NOT HIM. WHY DON'T YOU SEE!" Louis shouts "Louis?" I whisper with tears streaming down my face "Out" He mumbles "What?" I whiser hoping he didn't say what I think he said "GET OUT" He screams, I don't even get my stuff I just take off, luckily i'm fast from soccer.

Harry's POV: "DUDE, What was that. You yell at her, then confess your undying love for her, then kick her out?" "Im sorry" He mumbles "I dont care, tell Shru that" He gets up and walk out

Louis' POV: I find her sobbing on our stoop "Shru, i'm sorry. I just didn't want you to get hurt by Haz." She slightly smiles "It's okay" "Ill send Harry out here" I say softly all she does is nod.

Shruti's POV: Harry comes out and wraps his arm around my shoulders "I think you're beautiful, I promise I won't ever hurt you. If you just gimme a chance I know I can be the best boyfriend ever. I swear, I just know how much Louis cares abo-" I shut him up with a kiss "That was nice way of telling me to shut up" He mumbles into my lips.

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