One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


45. Harry Styles 13

~Reann POV

“YEAH! FRISBEE!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, running like a maniac around Louis Tomlinson’s backyard. The seasons had just changed, and like every other Spring Louis’ garden was filled with a whole bunch of random flowers, from lavenders to tulips, that his mother had planted. Yes, that’s right. Louis Tomlinson. As in, Louis Tomlinson from the amazingly awesome boyband One Direction. Louis and I had been friends for years, actually, since I could remember really. After he went on X Factor he brought the other guys over a few times and we hung out. I was pretty much accepted into the group from the word go, as professional awesome person and best friend. When the guys had trouble, my serious side would come out and console them, but aside from that, I was just their crazy tomboy girl best friend. And of course, that’s why I’m here now. Running around like a crazed maniac in Louis Tomlinson’s backyard, playing Frisbee with the other boys. Yeah, so what if they’re all eighteen and I’m seventeen, we still act like five year olds, so deal.

My inner ramblings were abruptly interrupted by my clumsy footing.
“FRISBEE!” I yelled again, leaping in the air. Niall had decided to throw it between me and Harry. He had of course also decided to dive for the incriminating plaything, and I had landed right on top of him, almost falling so our lips were touching.
“Ooof,” I groaned as I found myself in a tangle of limbs. “Uh… sorry!” I blushed several shades of red as I realized who I had bumped into. I pulled myself up and ran away, quicker than before. Liam began giggling wildly and even Zayn managed to put a smirk on his usually serious face. Well, that was awkward to say the least.
OK, so just about everyone knew that I had a crush on Harry Styles. Everyone but Harry himself, that is. Either that or he knows and thinks I’m just too much of a retard to be with. Well, he’s probably right there. I mean, yeah, they’re famous. They shouldn’t be hanging out with hyperactive psycho girls like me that are on a never ending sugar rush. But they do.

Well, you all know everything there is about Harry Styles. You’ve seen it on the covers of all those glossy magazines. He’s hot. With beautiful, dirty blonde curly hair that falls around his head like a halo, Harry had captured my heart, and perhaps the hearts of girls right across England and the world. His emerald green eyes always seemed to capture and entrance me to no end. Plus, his personality… so bright, cheerful, always looking for the best things in people. He was honestly the funniest boy in One Direction. He and I would often be mischievous and annoy the crap out of the other boys (especially Liam because he’s such a victim). Not to mention his cute, to die for dimples! But I knew that my feelings for him would never quite be reciprocated. He’s famous. He could get just about any girl he wanted, let alone someone like me. I’m plain and boring looking; brown hair, brown eyes, skin that isn’t too tan and not too pale either, not tall and elegant and not cute, small and fun-size. Just average height, just average appearance. Little to entice the eyes of someone as amazing as him.

Harry POV

Niall, I swear, was after me. First he throws the Frisbee between me and Reann, and next he’s standing, towering above me, laughing with the others at my predicament. Stupid Niall. He knew only too well that Reann would, like me, try to catch the Frisbee extremely enthusiastically. He knew that to make me deeply embarrassed all he had to do was throw that Frisbee between the pair of us. But it wasn’t just Niall. It was all of them. Liam had told me to go stand next to Reann, and I had happily complied, unaware of the evil plans the gang had fabricated for my misdemeanors. They made me so mad, but I couldn’t help but love them. Stupid annoying friends!

The boys just loved playing with my feelings. They knew from the moment I first met her that I was into Reann. I’ve always had a thing for girls with nice, pretty faces. And Reann definitely had this. She was so cute, with her delicately woven chocolate brown hair that fell just to her shoulders, always suspended above her head in a messy bun. I loved her gorgeous, expressive brown eyes that seemed to melt me, like a sweet chocolate fondue covered strawberry.
And today, like many other days, she was wearing clothes that I loved to see her in. She had on her favourite bright purple converse shoes that had been muddied and worn with wear. He black skinny jeans hugged her hips tightly and her loosely hanging oversized white t-shirt screamed ‘tomboy’ to all that were able to marvel at her beauty. Sure, she wasn’t dolled up like Selena Gomez or Kim Kardashian, but she was just as beautiful, if not more so, than those posers any day.

Liam keeps telling me that I should confess my feelings to her. He tells me that she thinks the same way for me. But I’m not sure. She seems so… indifferent? Yes, that’s the word. She’s always hanging out with me and the guys I’m not sure if she’d ever see me as more than a friend. What’s more, if I ever tried to take it to the next level, it could ruin our friendship and subsequently tear the rest of the group apart. And I couldn’t do that. Not to her, not to the guys. They were like a second family to me. As the old saying goes, friends are the family that you choose for yourself. I didn’t want to ruin this family. Perhaps I was too selfish.
But then… maybe I should confess? I really do like her, and I trust her enough not to hate me if things don’t work out all that well down the track. I’m just not sure how I’d live with it. Knowing that I’d been rejected by such a sweet, perfect girl as herself. Feelings are so confusing!

Reann POV

As the sun began to set on this warm day, we all decided it was time to head inside and up to Louis’ room. We’d all decided to throw a sleepover party as a spur of the moment thing an hour before. Being the only girl, my parents were a little wary at first, but they knew the boys well enough to know that none of them would try anything on me. So my mum came over and dropped off my duffle bag with a set of pyjamas, just some long pants that went to my ankles and a tank top, as well as my slippers. Since I was practically family with the Tomlinsons, I got first shower.
I came out all wet and red in the face from the hot water. Man, it was good to be under a shower head after a day of stickiness outside running around like a maniac.

I was about to step out and grab my towel when I heard the door open. I let out a very high-pitched girly squeal and hid myself behind the shower curtain.
“Oh my God, sorry!” I heard a familiar voice. I blushed harder. No. friggin. way.
“Uh, is that you, Harry?” I asked sheepishly. I saw his silhouette nod.
“Uh, yeah… I’m really sorry Reann, but Liam told me it was free…” he trailed off, and before I could respond and tell him it was fine, he was gone.

Harry POV

Oh my God. How could I have been so stupid? I must have heard the shower running, but my mind might have blocked it out. I should have known Liam would do something as bad as that just to get me to confess my feelings to her. But now there was no chance! Reann probably thought I was some kind of perverted peeping Tom for all I knew. Liam had definitely made things worse! And now I’m almost too embarrassed to speak to her. How could I look at her again? Sure, I hadn’t seen anything but that was a total breach of privacy, walking in on her like that. I feel like such an idiot!

Reann POV

After I had gotten dressed I made my way down to the living room, where the guys had told me they would set up the Wii for a Pokemon match. Yes, I play Pokemon with the guys. You wouldn’t be a proper tomboy without having played Pokemon at least once in your life, and seeing as the guys liked it we played it quite often. The atmosphere in the room was interesting. It was extremely quiet, and the boys from One Direction kept looking at me expectantly. All except for one. Harry Styles had not graced the room with his presence yet. The quiet became too much. Finally I snapped.
“What?” I growled at Liam. He laughed at me.

“Know where Harry is?” he asked me. I shrugged.
“No, I suppose he’s probably a little embarrassed…” I trailed off, glancing at Liam’s smirking face. “You… you did that on purpose!” I yelled at him.
“Did what?” he asked innocently.
“You told Harry the bathroom was free so he walked in on me!” I continued yelling. Liam laughed really loudly.
“Well, someone’s got to try and set the two of you up.” And as he said these words, a blushing Harry entered the room. “See, Harry really likes you Reann, and every smart person in the room,” he motioned to everyone but Harry, “…knows that you, Reann, like him back.” I blushed wildly.
“Is that true?” Harry asked me from the corner. I turned to him and gave a curt nod.
“Yes, that’s right. So… you like me?” I asked him. He nodded, unable to form words. I giggled and rushed over to him.

“So, you’re saying all this time that I thought you thought I was an idiot you were actually in love with me?” I asked. He shrugged.
“Uh… yeah.” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.
“Then it’s settled then, we can go out. I mean, if that's alright with you?” I half told half asked. He nodded and gave me his trademark grin.
“Of course.” I pulled me into a hug and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I heard a few wolf-whistles from behind me but I waved them off.
“About time!” Louis yelled from behind me. I gave him the finger and a few of the boys gave fake gasps. After we ended the kiss, I looked lovingly into Harry’s emerald eyes. I walked over to the couch, grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.
“Come on, then. Time to play video games!” I yelled, running over to the coffee table to grab a handful of starbursts. This called for a celebration. A congratulatory sugar rush that the boys were sure to regret in about one hour’s time when they needed their beauty sleep.


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