One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


40. Harry Styles 11

~Ellie POV

“Calm down, Rae, I’m sure we’ll be there soon enough,” I chastised my younger sister, looking out the window. Below, there was little more than the vast blue ocean and a yellowish line that marked the coast of England, the country that would be my new home. I flicked my long wavy brown hair with my perfectly painted red nails and sighed, going back to my book. I liked to read when I was travelling, it was just an easier way to fill in the hours. My small button nose twitched as I felt a sneeze coming on. If what I’d heard of British weather was correct, I guess I’d be expecting a red nose for the rest of my schooling years.

I’m Ellie Ross, and there’s not really much to report about myself. I have really fair skin that burns easily, long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes that change to a grey colour depending on my mood or when I’m sick. I wasn’t the type of person you’d expect coming from America to live in England; it should probably be the other way around. Anyway, my father works at Syco Music, a branch of Sony Music that signs talented musical artists, including the finalists from X Factor or America’s Got Talent/Britain’s Got Talent. It was founded by Simon Cowell, who was good friends with my dad. And before you get the wrong idea, he’s not too much of a jerk in real life. Just on tv.

Perhaps you’re wondering why my and my younger sister Rae are moving to England? Well, my dad got transferred from the Los Angeles branch of Syco to the London branch. He’s going to become the manager for the new boyband to come out of Britain’s X Factor called ‘One Direction’, and they’re all about my age. This is a really good thing for him. After mum passed away at the end of last year from cancer, I’ve been the only one to do all the chores; Rae is just too young for that. Dad got depression, so I had to basically look after all the family affairs. At least he’s back at home now in England and close to friends. Hopefully we’ll get the support we need from the Cowells. It’ll be like a fresh start for all of us. Although, I’m still not sure about the constant cloudy weather…

I picked Rae off the seat and carried her out of the plane once it had landed. We walked off to the baggage returns and I picked up the bag, stepping out into the busy airport. There should at least be a sign with our names scribbled on it. Dad had promised he’d pick us up.
“Ellie? Rae?” A young, British accent called out to us. I scanned the crowd and found myself staring into the eyes of a boy with dark brown curly hair and an incredibly wide grin. I squeaked and Rae giggled at me. He was standing by four other boys which I recognized to be One Direction.
“Hi,” I greeted, walking over. Immediately, the smiling boy grabbed our bag and rolled it around, walking with it. I followed and walked with the other boys not far behind.

“So you’re Ellie? Woah, you’re dad said you’d be pretty, but we thought he was just being biased.” I blushed and looked at a boy with straight light brown hair brushed to one side.
“I’m Liam,” he held out a hand and I shook it. “This is Zayn, Louis, Niall, and the one with your bags is Harry,” he said, nodding to each of the boys in turn. I nodded to each with a smile.
“This is my little sister Rae,” I said. She babbled and I rocked her back and forth. “Its nice to meet all of you. But if you don’t mind my asking, where’s my dad?”
“Ah, he got caught up with paperwork,” the boy called Louis responded. “He asked us to come pick you up.” I nodded.
“Wait, do any of you drive?” They all laughed.
“No, we’ve got a limo.” My eyes widened to the size of saucers.
“OK then.”

Harry POV

I couldn’t believe it. Our new manager’s daughter was so hot! She had amazing blue eyes that seemed to dazzle in the overhead lights of the airport. Everything about her, down to her light, translucent skin and cute button nose screamed beautiful to me. Actually, I was at a loss for words. I couldn’t say anything to this new girl, even though I was usually one of the loudest as chief joker in One Direction. When she opened her mouth and began to talk I could swear I melted just because of her voice. Her American accent wasn’t like the stereotypical ones you hear on tv, instead it was lighter and understandable. Her voice matched her outward beauty, and I had a hunch her personality would be just as beautiful.

I could feel my cheeks redden at the thought. In embarrassment I quickly grabbed her suitcase and led the way, not turning back once to face her or the others. Perhaps it was better if I didn’t draw too much attention to myself; she or the boys were bound to find out I had feelings for her, especially Louis. He seemed to read everyone’s minds like an open book. I couldn’t stand the idea of being rejected by her, not when she’s the manager’s daughter and even in rejection I’d probably have to see her every day of the week anyway. Who was I kidding? There was no way she’d fall for a joker like me. All the girls I know seem to prefer the more laid back, serious type of guy, not the one always pulling pranks and being loud.

Ellie POV

“Hey Louis, what’s with Harry?” I asked pointedly after one of the boys’ rehearsals. Dad had appointed me one of their dance instructors because dance was one of my hobbies. It was actually a lot of fun being a dance instructor to five teenage boys, all of which had some issue or another with the whole concept of planned body movement. Especially Zayn, he had two left feet! But the thing that had been bothering me most was Harry Styles. The boy hadn’t said a word to me since I had arrived here in England almost a week ago. It was almost like he was avoiding me. Was I really that repulsive? Did I smell bad or something? Why did all of this matter so much to me? Perhaps I was… falling for him?
“I don’t know, Elle,” he responded, using his nickname for me. “Usually he’s loud and friendly.” He thought for a moment and snapped his fingers once an idea popped into his head. “Hey, I promise you I’ll talk to him after rehearsal to see what’s up.” I nodded.

Harry POV

Right after rehearsals my arm was yanked to the side by Liam.
“What are you doing, Louis?” I asked in surprise. He merely shrugged and gave me his goofy, knowing smile.
“You like Ellie, don’t you?” he asked with a wink. I felt my ears redden, and nodded in defeat.
“Yeah, but I know I can’t have her,” I complained to him. “Mr Ross would be so pissed off if I tried anything with his daughter.” Louis smirked at me.
“I don’t think so, Harry. You should just ask her out.” I shook my head at him.
“She probably doesn’t even like me.” My friend shook his head.
“That’s not what I think.” I growled and slapped him on the arm. I shook my head. He winked and nodded. “Besides Harry, you should lighten up around her. Be your usual self. You’ve been acting all weird and quiet recently and she’s getting worried about you.” With that said, the One Direction star walked off, leaving me completely stunned.

There was no way she could like me, was there? Although, throughout every dance rehearsal we had, she would always come over to me and help me out. At first I thought she was only being nice, or just trying to fix up my dance steps because I was not an amazing dancer, but Zayn was much worse and she’d still come to me first. Maybe she did return the feelings? I shook my head in anger. Curse Louis and his annoyingness! Trust Louis to stick the stupid idea that she actually liked me in my head!

Ellie POV

I stood to the side and waited for Louis’ verdict, but I had never expected this! Liam had persuaded me to hide on the other side of the hallway and listen to what Harry had to say, so that I’d hear it from his own mouth and not have to rely on Louis so much for the information. And I had heard every word. What Harry said was basically a confession of sorts. He really liked me. And I looked hard at myself mentally and figured I really liked him too. Louis seemed to know everything about everyone and anyone! Perhaps it would be good to try something new? I smiled and walked around the corner just as Louis passed me, giving me the thumbs up and a knowing wink. I flung myself into the corridor and stopped right in front of Harry. He gasped in surprise.

“You didn’t happen to hear any of that?” he asked in embarrassment. I just smiled.
“Every word!” Before he could respond I pressed my lips softly onto his. I smiled into the kiss as I felt him kissing me back, surprised at first but then growing in passion. As we pulled apart for air, I playfully poked him on the nose.
“Consider your feelings reciprocated.” I said with a giggle. He looked at me long and hard, his soft brown eyes searching my blue ones.
“But what about your dad?” he asked in alarm. I shrugged him off effortlessly.
“He won’t mind. He’ll just be happy that I’m happy.” I responded calmly. Finally, Harry broke into an enthusiastic grin. I laughed at him, pulling his hand lovingly into my own.
“You know, I wish I told you I liked you sooner!” he smiled, kissing me gently on the lips. I felt like I was melting into him. He tasted like a mix of apple pie and vanilla ice cream.
“Well, I wish I had told you sooner too!” I hugged him.

After we pulled out of our hug, I looked out the window. For once, there was not a cloud in the sky. It was already late, so the stars were twinkling down at us. I sighed and turned to Harry, looking deeply into his eyes.
“You know, this better mean free backstage passes for me for all your concerts.” I giggled and he chuckled at me.
“Don’t you already get those anyway?” he said confused. I nodded and laughed at him.
“But they’ll mean so much more if I get them from you.” He moved forward and kissed my cheek, walking me home under the stars.

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