One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


31. Harry Styles 10

~"Let's go, boys!" Louis Tomlinson called, walking ahead of the rest of the group. "Slow down, Louis! It's honestly to dark to see anything right now!" Liam replied, flashing his torch around to catch Louis, who playfully avoided the light.

I looked around the woods. The boys and I were heading down a dark path. We had decided to camp out that night, but Niall took too long packing food, so we ended up leaving at dark. And to say the least, I was terrified.

"Scared?" Harry taunted, gently poking my stomach. "Shove off!" I retorted, knocking his hand away.

"Guys, can you /please/ not fight?" Zayn asked, looking over his shoulder. "Only if he stops being a bitch," I growled, pushing Harry away. "Only if the bitch fucks off," Harry retorted. My jaw dropped. "I'm a bitch?" I gasped. "Have you looked in the mirror lately?" "Yes, I have, actually! And I look goddam better than you!" Harry yelled.

"Will you both just shut the fuck up?" yelled Niall, dropping his backpack on the ground. "Liam, you know Kaitlyn and Harry don't get along," Zayn sighed. "Why'd you invite her?" "Because she's my best mate and we haven't spent quality time with her since the tour," Liam replied, wrapping me up in a side hug. "Someone help me with the tent!" Louis randomly called from underneath a sheet. I laughed and walked off to help him.

Several hours later, after set-up, s'mores, scary stories, and some arguing, we were all finally asleep. At about two am, I woke up after rolling on a rock. Looking around, I saw each boy sleeping peacefully - except one sleeping bag was empty: Harry's.

Getting up, I carefully stepped over the boys towards Harry's sleeping bag. Sure enough, he wasn't there. Eyes narrowing, I picked up Niall's torch from beside my foot and flicked the switch, silently heading into the woods.

"Harry?" I called softly. "Harry, I swear to god if this is a prank I am going to fucking kill you."

After a few more minutes of silent walking, I heard a twig snap. I jumped, dropping the flashlight onto the ground, making the light go out. "Ah shit," I growled, feeling around the ground in the darkness. I stepped forward and fell.

Tumbling down the hill, I screamed at the top of my lungs. Finally, I hit a tree at the bottom of the hill, and slammed into my side. I panted for a minute, absolutely terrified. I tried to get up, but my ribs and leg killed. I was absolutely certain I had broken both.

Suddenly, a dark figure came into sight. I winced as I attempted to hide against the tree, but the thing had already seen me. I let out an ear-piercing scream as a bright light flashed in my eyes.

"Kaitlyn?!" the figure cried. I stopped screaming, and my eyes finally adjusted to see Harry running up to me. "Bloody hell, what the fuck happened to you?!" he cried, wiping the dirt from my face.

"I-I went out to look for you," I stammered. "I t-tripped and...."

"Oh my god..." Harry sighed, examining my leg with the flashlight. "You can't walk, I'm guessing?" he asked. I
shook my head, biting my lower lip and looking down.

"Well," Harry sat down on the ground. "Looks like I'm hanging here for the night until the sun comes up. I'm not leaving you here alone in the dark."

After a few moments of silence, I finally spoke. "Why do you hate me?" I asked softly. Harry smiled and shook his head. "What?" I asked, offended. "I'm far from hating you, Kaitlyn," he replied. Now I was getting aggravated. "If you don't hate me, then why are you such a dick---" I was cut off as his lips slammed into mine.

I immediately kissed back, raising my hand to gently press it against his cheek. Finally, he pulled away, and pulled me into his chest. "Honestly, that broken leg is the best thing that ever happened to me," Harry told me. "I've wanted to kiss you for years."

I smiled to myself and curled up against his chest, careful not to hurt myself. "You," I told him. "Are the best thing that ever happened to me."


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