One Direction One Shots

One shots about Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. These were written before Zayn left the band.


1. Harry Styles 1

~My eyes barely accustomed to flashing cameras when I was blinded again, this time by neon lights in a club. I blinked a few times and made my way straight to the bar, pulling my date with me.
I ordered two shots and didn't hesitate with drinking it all at once. I knew I'd need much more alcohol in my blood if I had to spend more hours with this blonde girl. I looked at her and slightly took in her features. Sure thing was, she was gorgeous. She looked like a doll with those big blue eyes and straight blonde hair, her figure skinny, but not without nicely developed chest area and long legs. She was perfect enough to met my standards, but I was tired of that. I was tired of having only perfect things in my life.
"Harry, babe, are you listening?" high pitched voice interrupted my thoughts and I realized my blonde date was talking to me.
I smiled and opened my mouth to answer her, but she only rewarded me with a smirk and continued her babbling only she knew what about. My eyes started to scan the room, again completely forgetting about the girl next me, and I could swear my heart skipped a beat as I spotted her.
She was far from perfect, but she was still the most fascinating girl there. Her long wavy hair fell like a brown waterfall on her arms, huge smile played on her lips as she laughed with her friends and her curvy figure, moving perfectly to the rhythm, made my pants tight from just a mere sight at her. I smirked to myself and turned to my date.
"Courtney, let's dance," I said loudly to her, hoping she heard me through the loud music.
She nodded, too eagerly for my own liking, and we made it to the dancefloor just as Rihanna's voice echoed through the air and her song Only Girl came in. I leaded her not far from the girl I saw earlier, close enough without appearing like a stalker and I rolled my eyes as Courtney pushed her hips to mine instead of real dancing. I twirled her around, so she had her back to me and ignored as she pushed her bum to me. Normaly I wouldn't waste any time flirting with her before taking her back to my hotel room for some fun. But now I actually find it annoying and I took in the features of the brown haired girl.
She truly looked incredibly hot as swaying her wide hips to the music, letting her hair fell down on her arms and with that small smile on her face she simply was gorgeous. I smirked as one of her friends noticed me starring and whispered something in her ear, only making her laugh. But she turned around and as my eyes met with the beautiful hazel ones it almost felt like the world had stopped for a while. She winked at me before continuing dancing, completely ignoring my presence.
I laughed out, frustrated she wasn't already by my side, but at the same time thankful for that. I like challenges. I grabbed hand of my date and pulled her back to the bar, not noticing how her face lighten up thinking we were heading home.
"You have to go," I said simply as I situated myself on a bar stool and ordered myself another shot.
"What?" she gasped at me and I almost laughed at her expression as she widen her already big eyes and pouted.
"You really are beautiful girl, but I just don't feel the connection. I am sorry, it's my fault," I explained, not feeling sorry at all. All I could think of was that stunning girl, who didn't throw herself at me.
"You know what, you are an idiot!" Courtney yelled and turned on her heel before angrily walking out of the club.
I gulped my drink and opened my mouth to ask a bartender for another one, but was interrupted by a girl's voice.
"Three beers," the girl ordered and as I looked at her, my lips curved into a smile.
"Hello there beautiful," I said smugly as I stared at the girl I wanted.
"Do I know you?" she asked and even she tried, she couldn't hide her smirk. God, could she get any more attractive?
"I don't doubt it," I winked confidently.
"Oh, Mr. here is a snob," she laughed and looked away from me.
"Harry Styles," I introduced myself and pull out my hand for a shake, hoping it would catch her attention.
"Should I be interested?" she said without looking at me, only making me long for her more.
"You most certaintly should," I said confidently. "At least tell me your name."
"I am not so easy, Mr. Styles," the girl winked at me before walking back to her friends and leaving me with a soft smirk playing on my lips. It only took me a second to recover and I followed her to her friends.
"C’mon and dance with me baby," I said to her ear as I reached her and ignored her giggling friends.
"What if I'd say no?" she asked me sexily looking at me through her eyelashes.
"There is no way of walking out, love," I smiled and pulled her to the dancefloor without waiting for her answer.
She closed her eyes and started to dance to the music immediately and I just stopped moving and simply stared. What was so special about her? What was that one thing which made me to run after? She turned around and swayed her hips right to every beat, causing my heart raced. I took her hand and pulled her closer to me, chuckling at her surprised face.
"Do you know I’ve been watching you all night? There’s just something about you, something in your eyes that makes me wanna be yours," I smirked down at the beauty in my arms.
"It's Tina," girl smiled at me and continued dancing, but this time without trying to escape me.

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