"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


1. Prologue

I walked into the classroom filled with other college students. I look around to find someone that could maybe be my friend one day. My judgement can be wrong sometimes and I may be wrong.

I decided to sit next to this red head girl. She had a green blouse and a nice flowing long skirt. She seems nice to be honest.

She turns to me and started, "Hi?"

I looked at her to find that she was annoyed that I sat next to her. I told you my judgement is bad. "Hi," I responded.

Before she could say another word, the professor of this class introduces himself.

"Well, good morning everyone. My name is Professor Harrison and I'll be your philosophy teacher. The way I teach my class is by giving everyone an insight on a topic. Then you go along and expand on it by writing in your journal. Your journal will have your personal thoughts and no one will be able to see them except for me," he informed.

Some dude with blonde hair raised his hand and questioned, "How could it be private thoughts then if you're reading them?"

Professor Harrison chuckled and continued, "How else am I going to give you a grade? Besides I'll just be checking if you're doing your work not actually reading them." He paused and started writing on the board the word, Introduction. "Since this your first day in my class you might as well write the way you would introduce yourself to someone in an uncensored way. Go ahead and write until the class is over."

Ok introduction about myself I think I got this.

Waz up! My name is Louisette! Well that really sounded stupid... Anyways, I'm just going to introduce myself really because you're probably wondering who the fuck is this person. God I'm not good at intros like everyone else! But, seriously I'm not good at introductions. Most of the time I am socially awkward around people, but if I were to describe myself in three words they would be, nerdy, ironic and fangirl!

Let me explain why before you start judging me:


I call myself that so I won't get offended when someone says "You're a nerd." Well yeah I am. I'm smart and I don't see what's wrong about that. But I'm beginning To think that being smart is not a quality that boys look in a girl, because I barely have anyone asking me out and what ever. Maybe it's that I intimidate people with how bright I am. I don't really know. Being a nerd really sucks because you're kind of an outcast. People are so judgmental these days. If you're a nerd then you become an outcast, but you can't be naive either. What am I supposed to be then? Normal! Normal doesn't exist! Normal is boring! Like I mentioned before, I am a nerd.


We are all ironic even if people don't realize it. Enough about people in general, more about me. Yeah I'm going to be narcissistic and talk about myself because I can. So, I'm literally ironic. For example, I have friends that I talk to them every day and act so outgoing with them. On the other hand, when I'm around people I'm the opposite. I'm an introvert. Other examples include that maybe, one day will hate something then the next I love it, caring then selfish, and like I said before Nerd but my stupidity is off the charts. Irony is me. Me is irony. (That last sentence doesn't sound right but you get the point) Ironic.


I think that this word describes me the most. I'm in too many fandoms and there's so little time! I literally have no social life but who cares. A fandom a day keeps the social life a way! My main fandom is the 5SOS Fam, we're chill, punk rock (not really), and supportive of each other. I've been in other fandoms and they're not the same as the 5SOS Fam. The 5SOS Fam, we're literally like unicorns or llamas or even better llamacorns! I love the fandom! And what's cool is that our idols actually fucking care about us. Those four talented punk rock Aussies are the best! 

Since I was talking about 5 Seconds of Summer also know as 5SOS, I'm going to continue. They've literally been around for ages as in 7 years! Not kidding! 7 whole years! Derping Since December 3rd 2011! Yass! They are not a fucking boyband! That's a long time! I don't think Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael are ever going to get tired!

Let's see...

Ashton also known as Ash (SmAsh, Rafael, Ashley, Robin) is the drummer. He's that kangaroo wearing a banana with an awesome smile and the best laugh.

Michael also known as Mikey (Mike-ro-wave, Michaelangelo, Daniel, Spiderman) is the guitarist. He's the punk rock kitten who's always changing his hair color, which makes him the member with the best hair. Under all of that, he also has a soft side, the adorable kitten.

Calum also known as Cal (Cal-Pal, Donatello, Herbert, Captain America) is the bassist. He is not Asian! I repeat he not Asian! He is Kiwi! He's the sexually frustrated puppy one who is not Asian who has a very nice body and is very sweet.

Luke also know as Lucas (Dr.FLuke, Leonardo, Oscar, Batman) is the lead singer/guitarist. He's my favorite. He has nice eyes, nice hair, nice smile, nice legs, nice....oops I think I went too far but you get the point. He's that 10 foot tall, penguin/breadstick with nice legs who has that lip piercing to make him look punk rock. 

Unfortunately, I have never seen them or met them and it sucks! It really sucks to be me! Like other people meet or see them a million times and then there's me. 

By the time I'm done, I look up at the clock. Time really flies by.

"As you might of learned today, this class is just a let your feeling out session. I hope you'll enjoy my class. Class dismissed," Professor Harrison ended.

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