"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


8. Chapter 7: Whoa

Lou P.O.V.

Ugh PE makes me so tired. Thank god it's my last class of the day and I get to see my other friend, Matthew, there. He's chill and cool. We usually both complain about life and stuff. 

I walked into the lockers to change back to my normal clothes. Then, the thought hits me. Holy shit! I'm going to watch 5SOS and I'm going to hang out with 5SOS! The feels! Wait I don't even have the perfect outfit.

Once I'm done changing, I check my phone and I see I got a text from Ayanna.

Ayanna: Aye bae!

Me: Hai

Ayanna: What u doin'?

Well, let's see I'm freaking out that I'm going to go to a 5SOS concert and going to go backstage! 

Me: Just came out of PE and I noticed I don't hav an outfit for the concert today

Ayanna: Oh yeah ur going to the 5SOS concert today! Lucky!

Me: I need to shop!

Ayanna: Wanna hang out with me at the mall? I wanna chill today so it works

Me: yeah ok

Ayanna: just meet me at the Macy's entrance of the mall

Me: kk so i'll see u later

I don't want to tell her about how I'm going backstage because I think she's going be asking me all these questions. Oh that reminds me I didn't ask them to follow her! Shit! I'm going to do it when I go backstage. I like the sound of that. Backstage. Yes, I still don't believe this is real!

• • •

I'm home and I guess I got to get ready for the mall. 

I've decided I'm going to get a new pair of black skinny jeans just for the concert. 

I'm just going to wear jeans and a T-shirt and my sneakers for the mall. My signature look.

When I turned on my car, there were the same repeated songs. Don't get me wrong but some of them are my jams! They're not the same as my bands but why not? Then after a few songs I hear a familiar guitar riff. Then I hear Calum singing! Wamnesia!!! (Amnesia whichever one you prefer) This is literally a Classic! I remember the first time I heard the studio version, I cried because all we had was a crap concert version of the song. I love this song! I started to sing along.

The memories! Oh my god! I still love this song!

I arrive at the mall and I see Ayanna at the front entrance of Macy's.

"Hey!" Ayanna said.

I responded, "Hey, nice to see you again since yesterday!"

We hugged each other. The 5SOS Fam is awesome! I literally say this a lot but this is the truth! I just met Ayanna last Friday and we're best friends already. It's the best fandom I've ever been in!

"Let's go shop!"

When we went in, there were lots of pretty dresses. I assume this was like the dress section of Macy's. Personally, I think dresses are nice and all, but I don't wear them often. I don't feel good in them and I don't think I look good in them either. This is the same with skirts. That's why I usually just wear jeans.

We finally came to the entrance of the mall. Clothes! The only real way I can express myself! We weren't sure which store to go into first, so we walked around until we saw something that caught our eye.

I was looking for the perfect black skinny jeans. And there I found them! They were obviously in Forever 21!

"I want it! OMG! This is perfect for tonight!"

Ayanna asked, "What's perfect?"

"Those black ripped skinny jeans! I love them! I'm going to try them on!"

"Yass! They're too poppin'!"

I literally run into the store and grab a pair in my size. I try them on in the dressing room and damn they look good! I'm so buying them! I look at the price tag and well it ruined it. They were $50 that I don't have! Jeans aren't worth paying that much. Hmm....I should but I shouldn't...anything to look good at a 5SOS concert and meeting the boys backstage.

So I went to the register to buy the awesome black skinny jeans.

The lady informed, "Your total is $25."

"$25?" I asked.

"Yea $25 dollars, these jeans were on sale for 50% off."

They were 50% off! What?!? I guess I'm just lucky today! "Oh ok," I said trying to hide my big smile.

I walked out of that store with a big ass smile. Next, Ayanna wanted to go to Zumiez to get an "Obey" hoodie and some black vans. She has nice sense of style!

There it is. My favorite store, Charlotte Russe. I love all the clothes there!

"Lou, I want to go to Claire's. Can we not stop here?" Ayanna complained.

"But I have to! It's my favorite store c'mon!"

"Ok but you got to buy a skirt!"


"Because you have to."

"Damn it! You know me already! I really don't like wearing skirts! But I want to go in so badly! Meh ok."

"I thought so!"

"Shut up!"

We go into the store and like I said before, the beautiful clothes! I have to get a skirt took. I'm not a big fan of those. I repeated myself, I know but seriously I don't like them.

I found an awesome stripes crop top. It was simple but fab. Now what am I going get for the skirt? There's a plain pastel Aqua blue skirt that's seems like my style, so I might as well take it. Ok I'm done! Time to go to Claire's!

"I want to get my ears pierced!" Ayanna explained.

"Wait, what?"

"Yea I've never pierced my ears before."

"And we're like 20 years old! Are you kidding me?"


"Well let's go then!"

While Ayanna got her ears pierced, I looked around for earrings, bracelets, and that stuff. I found some cute owl earrings and a pretty charm bracelet!

Ayanna said, "Got them!" She showed me her newly pierced ears.

"You're just like Mikey 'cause like didn't he pierce his ears here!"

"Yea! Oh my god! Yass! Ooo I almost forgot that I wanted a flower crown!"

After Ayanna got her flower crown we went to the food court. We decided to get cheesesteaks.

"So," Ayanna said, "how'd u get those concert tickets?"

I got them from 5SOS. Yeah that's what exactly I'm going to say. I decided to lie. Lying is bad why the hell am I doing it. "Oh I got them in time that's all."

"Ok cool, I wish I could go to!"

I decided to observe my surroundings. There were so many people around and then I saw him. Is he like a fucking stalker? I was successful avoiding him this whole week until today! Fuck! 

Before I said a word to Ayanna, my phone went off and I checked whom it was. Luke was calling me. This is probably something about the concert, which is important. The band comes first! "Someone's calling. I have to take it" I walk away and answer the phone call.

Luke: Hey Lou!

Me: Hey Luke! What's up?

Luke: Oh I just wanted to remind you to come because it's 5 already and by the time you get here it might be late.

Me: Thanks! I can't wait to come!

Luke: Yeah we are too! Bye!

Me: Bye! I'll see you later!

I walked back to where Ayanna was and looked back again. Christian was still there. I seriously have to leave. 

Ayanna asked, "Is anything wrong?"

"Um, yeah. Chris is here. He's over there," I replied. I have to go to the venue to go backstage. At least I have an excuse to actually leave now. "I'm leaving. He's such a stalker. It was nice hanging out with you! Bye"

"Bye! Text me!"

*I sped walked out of the mall! I have to get ready to go hang out with 5SOS and see their concert! I drive home as fast as I could (obeying the laws of course). Once I got home, I put on my concert outfit. I put on my 5SOS tank top and the new black ripped skinny jeans. Obviously, I put on some Converse. They were red with the original laces because I wanted them to look classic. I am going backstage to hang out with 5 Seconds of Summer! Ahhh! *

Luke P.O.V.

I hope Louisette comes on time. I called her not only to remind her but also to hear her voice. She's so pretty and addicting to me.

I'm in the lounge room with the rest of the band chilling. Then someone comes in the door. It was Lou!

Ash greeted, "Hey! You're here!"

"I'm here aren't I?" She responded. Lou giggled a little as well.

Mikey teased, "Who invited this girl here?"

"I don't know!" I added.

"You guys of course!" Lou said. She stuck her tongue out at us. "Where's Cal anyways?"

Ash answered, "I think he went missing!"

Mikey continued, "At least that's one less member!"

Cal came through the door. "I'm alive! You guys are just mean!" He exclaimed.

Lou decided to sit next to Ashton. I want to tell her to sit next to me but too late. I want her to be mine but don't know when to tell her.

It's like 6:30 and everyone is bored and doing their usual things they do. Michael was on the laptop playing computer games. Ashton and Calum were shirtless lying on the couch on their phones. Lou was just sitting there on her phone too and listening to music. Oh wait, she's coming towards me and started to poke me.

"Why are you poking me?" I questioned. I smiled at her.

"Because I feel like it! Just kidding, I'm bored and I thought this would be fun," she replied.

"Yeah me too. How about we poke the rest of the band?"

She giggled and said, "Ok! Let's do it!"

We both started to poke the rest of them. Then the next thing you know we were all screaming and running around like two year olds!

"You can't catch me!" Lou screamed.

"Yes I can!" I screamed back.

Mikey shouted, "Weeeeee!"

Ash was giggling the whole time like always.

"Let's take our clothes off!" Cal shouted.

We all responded, "NO!"

"Let's have a dance party!" Lou shouted. 

I agreed, "Yeah!"

We blasted our music. Lou danced as bad as we did! It was so fun! Dancing is our favorite thing! 

Now it was 7:20 and we started to do our pre-show rituals. By the time we finished, it was 7:55, which meant five minutes before we go on stage. I could hear the fans screaming our names waiting for us to come on.

We got out of the lounge and brought along Louisette at the entrance of the stage. They handed Cal his bass guitar, Mikey and I our guitars, and Ashton his drum sticks.

"Three minutes till show time," they said.

I guess that I could tell her now since its time for her to leave. 

"Thank you guys for everything! You guys are so awesome! I really appreciate it!" She thanked us. She seemed as if she wanted to cry.

"No problem! It was our pleasure," Ash told her.

"Uh, I want to say that um... stay badass ok," I stuttered. I had my chance and blew it.

"Ok! I'll miss you guys! Don't forget to text or call me! Bye!" Lou said.

They led her out of there. That's it. I never told her. I never told her I wanted her. How am I going to see her again if we're going to a different city tomorrow?

"Showtime guys!" They told us.

We went on stage to find the roaring crowd of fans. As I looked throughout the front row, I found her face. Why didn't I tell her? At least I get to see her throughout the whole show. Ash started to drum. Michael and Calum started to play. Here we go. I started to play my guitar and started to sing.

Lou P.O.V.

I'm here! Front stage! OMG! Never in a million years would I think that I would be front row in a 5SOS concert. They are so perfect live! This is going to be the best concert ever!

• • •

Turns out it was! They started out with the new songs from their new album and ended with some classics like "Unpredictable" and "She Looks So Perfect."

Before I got out of the front row, I check my phone. I got a text from Luke. It said: After the show, meet me in my dressing room :-)

Go to Luke's dressings room? What? I still have me backstage pass. I might as well just go.

I go to his dressing room and no one was there. I decide to wait patiently on the black couch.

A few minutes later, Luke came in wet and only wearing a towel. He looked a bit surprised. Am I not supposed to be here? Did I read that text wrong?

"Um..." I said.

"Oh sorry, I thought I was going to be ready by this time. I was just taking a shower," Luke explained.

"Ok, I'll just look away while you dress up."

I'm having so many feels! I just saw Luke only in a towel! Ahhh!

Luke said, "You can look now."

I turn my head back to Luke and he's now only wearing black skinny jeans. Luke is shirtless! I love his broad shoulders!

He continued, "Did you like the show?"

"Yeah, you guys rocked it!" I answered. I got up from the couch that way it was easier for me to talk to him. 

"I'm glad you like it," he smiled.

"Yea, you guys are so talented and-"

Luke pinned me against the wall. We are so close together. He stared down at me. The six feet tall blonde guy was on a five feet two inch tall girl. His body trapped me. He bit his lip and looked at me with his blue cerulean eyes. His eyes told me that he wanted me so badly. I looked back at him with an innocent look telling him that I wanted him too.

He leaned down and we started to kiss. His lips brushed against mine and I could feel the cold metal of his lip ring. We kissed in a unique rhythm. Our lips were intact and it was an electric feeling that I couldn't resist. The taste of his lips was so sweet and addicting. We couldn't stop. We were drugs to each other. Luke pulled my leg up and held it to his waist in order for us to be even closer than before. Because of this act, we grew more aggressive. He started to leave a trail of kisses on my neck. No one could separate us. Then, we heard a knocking the door.

"Luke we got to go on the tour bus in five minutes!" Ashton informed.

Yeah, I guess that could separate us.

"Ok, I'll be ready in a few!" Luke answered. He looked back at me and cupped my face in his hands. Again, his beautiful sky blue eyes met mine. "You're coming with me."

Reality hit me like a train. "Wait what? What do you mean? Where am I going to sleep? I need clothes! How about management? What will the rest of the band think? Why-"

He cut me off by clashing his lips against mine. That's a very nice way to shut me up.

"Don't think, just do." He whispered in my ear. "You have nothing to worry about. Just follow me." He put his shirt on.

Those four words echoed in my head, "Don't think, and just do." Did I really think too much?

He held my hand tightly as if he never wanted me to go. He does like me? Luke led me out of the dressing room, out of the building and into the tour bus.

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