"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


7. Chapter 6: Or Luke?

Lou P.O.V.

It's Monday and the concert is on Friday. This week is going to slow if something fun doesn't happen! 

Ayanna decided to come with me to my daily morning hangout. We entered Starbucks and I saw Nate was at our usual spot. 

"Who's this?" Nate questioned.

I introduced, "Nate this is Ayanna. Ayanna is this Nathan or Nate for short." I turned to Nate. "I met her at the Meet and Greet last Friday."

"Oh no. So she's obsessed like you are?"

"Yeah," Ayanna answered, "you got a problem with us fangirls."

"No one start fighting." I giggled a little.

Nate said, "Well, it's nice to meet you." 

He gave her a short smile. "So how was your weekend?"

"Friday was the best day ever! Then, it went downhill with Chris. He made it horrible. I'm not lying," I replied. 

Ayanna added, "Yeah, he did. He left her at a frat party all drunk and stuff. Like who does that? That asshole."

"I thought he would be better than that," Nate commented. "Honestly, I did."

"I should really stop taking advice from you, Nate. Seriously, I need to," I said.

All of a sudden, I found a familiar face coming towards us. She was that blonde girl from the party. What was her name? Stacy! Yeah Stacy. 

Stacy started, "Lou, I need to tell you something. By the way, thanks for telling me whom Josh was with. But anyways, I know where Chris was."

"Where was he?" I asked.

"First, you're lucky for leaving early because the cops came. Second, you don't want to know."

"Just say it. I don't really care. We aren't really together. He just said we were."

"He was in the backyard getting high on weed. I took a closer look and guess who was with him."

I'm already pissed to guess stupid shit. "Just tell me!"

"Dana. She was getting high with him and I'm guessing they slept together that night too because they couldn't keep their hands to themselves. I'm sorry, Lou."

That motherfucker. Liar. I just want to punch him right now. No wonder he's called my ex for a reason. Stupid. I'm stupid. Why am I so stupid? Then the fact that I think Luke might like me. Haha, now that's really stupid and funny. "It's ok. Thanks, though I needed to know." Stacy went away and I had Ayanna and Nate's eyes on me. "That was such good news! Thank you Nate very much!" 

Ayanna laughed at the level of sarcasm I had. "Lou, I can't with you!" 

Nate was had a defeated look on his face. He explained, "I just thought th-"

"Thought what? He was perfect for her? A good person? You went on the wrong ship team," Ayanna interjected.

"It's alright, guys. I'm fine. Besides I'm the real winner! I'm going to a 5SOS concert Friday and I'm going to be in the front row!" I reasoned.

"Wait! You never told me that!"

"Now you know! I got to go to class! Bye guys!"

Nate stopped me. "Isn't it a bit too early?"

"Yeah, but I want to be early today." 

"Nerd! OMG! We said that together!" Nate and Ayanna said in unison. 

As I walked out, I heard them chatting. They're definitely going to get along. It's raining today and I don't even have an umbrella. I guess I have to run. 

Once I arrived at my class, the room was empty except for the fact Professor Harrison was there.

"Good morning," he greeted. 

I responded, "Morning."

"Why so early?" He looked at me with suspicion. 

"I just wanted to ask if I could change seats. I don't feel comfortable with where I sit. Could I?" 

"Since you're one of my best students, you can." He paused then asked, "You seem a bit worried or disappointed this morning. Why?" 

"Personal problems. Something that happened over the weekend. I'm fine. I just need a huge mental break that's all." I started to walk towards the back corner of the room where I would be the less noticeable to Christian and Dana. 

"Oh, ok. Well you're in luck because today I want you guys to write reflections." He smiled at me.

Soon enough, people started to walk in and sit in their seats. I saw that Christian was desperately looking around for me. Dana had a satisfied look one her face. I'm hidden and far from both stupid ass people. Thank god! 

Professor Harrison explained, "Reflections. That's all I want you to write today. Anything that's been on your mind, reflect on it."

A lot of things are on my mind. This is going to be easy. 

"By the way, leave your notebooks with me today. I'll be checking if you've been doing your work."

There's been lots of thing on my mind and this is just going to end up being a rant

Friday aka the best day ever! I met my favorite band 5SOS! They were awesome I love them so much! I even hung out with them! Going to a 5SOS concert next Friday! Yay!

Saturday aka the worst day ever! I hate it so much! Ok my ex went along and said, "Hey let's hang out, blah, blah, blah!" I went along and said yes like a dumbass! And we kissed after we are ice cream! Why?!? I don't know! I don't even like him! What the fuck is wrong with me! So then he invites me to a frat party and again I said yes! I end up drunk by the end of the night and lost looking for him when I know it was the worst idea to come there in the first place! 

My friend comes to the rescue and I spent the whole Sunday recovering from that shit! I hate myself! Why?!? What is fucking wrong with me! Ugh! 

Done. Here's my reflection.

The time was up and it was time to go to biology. I gave my notebook in and easily came out of class. Thank god! 

Luke P.O.V.

I want to know what happened with Lou at that party the other day. Did they get back together? I hope not. That's all I want to hear. I'm tired from doing interviews and other things today. 

Me: Hey!

Lou: hi 

Me: What's up?

Lou: nm...just came back from all the boring classes today and now just chillin...u?

Me: same...I mean not class but interviews, but interviews aren't that boring

Lou: ur day sounds better

Me: so how was that party you went to last Saturday

Lou: meh

Me: meh as in bad

Lou: it was horrible...I hate it

She had a horrible time with that other guy. Yes! Hopefully, she's not too sad or anything. 

Me: what happened?

Lou: meh...I don't want to talk about it 

Me: u sure?

Lou: I mean u really wanna hear it?

Me: yeah...if u hate it that much why don't u talk about it?

Lou: was nice in the beginning and then he abandoned me...I was drunk AF (note I don't even drink) my friend helped me out and got me away from there

Me: oh...he didn't take care of u?

Lou: no

I would seriously do anything for her. Why the fuck would he treat her that way? 

Me: did u find out where he went?

Lou: yeah...smoking weed and making out with another girl

Me: wow...u really don't deserve him...u deserve someone who actually cares! 

Lou: Ik but I was just stupid... I gotta start doing my hw and I have to study for a test tomorrow

Me: ok bye

Lou: byez

Me: if u need anything I'm here :-)

Wednesday 1:56 am

My phone wakes me up. Who could be calling at this time? 

Me: Hello?

Lou: Luke!

Me: What? Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Lou: Why do I have to be so stupid?

I hear her sniffle and her voice is weaker than normal. 

Me: You're not stupid. Are you crying?

Lou: Yes, I am. Just admit it. No I'm not. 

She sniffles some more and it sounded like she was wiping away her tears

Me: What's the matter? 

Lou: You how you said that if I needed anything?

Me: Yeah.

Lou: I guess now I just need to talk to you. 

She laughs weakly and breaks down crying. 

Me: Don't cry. Talk to me.

Lou: I-I'm just mad at myself you know. I could've avoided everything I did that day. What the fuck is wrong with me? Really! 

Me: You're talking about last Saturday? Forget about it, we all make mistakes.

Lou: I can't! There's so many things I could've done. I think so much and this is keeping me up. I can't sleep. 

Me: Calm down. It's just one thing that happened. Don't think about it. You know how many things I fucked up too?

Lou: You've got a point. I just think so much. It gets so unhealthy because I don't even talk to my friends about it. I just keep it all in. I don't like to cry in front of others.

Me: You shouldn't be. You should talk. It's not good. It's nice that you've talked to me. Don't keep everything in. 

Lou: Yeah. I'm a bit better now. Thanks. 

Me: You don't have to thank me. Lou, you can talk to me any time. 

Lou: Even if it's like two in the morning!

She giggled. She's happy again and that's the way I want her to be.

Me: Yeah even if it's two in the morning! 

Lou: I woke you up didn't I. 

Me: Yeah, it's ok. 

We just stopped talking for a moment. 

Me: Did anyone tell you that you have a cute giggle? 

Lou: No, because I know it sounds weird. My laugh is even worse. I think you're tired. That's why you're talking crazy! 

Me: In denial! Your laugh is adorable too. 

Lou: I'm going to sleep. I got to wake up early.

Me: Same. Bye.

Lou: Bye. 

Wednesday 6:23 pm

I'm bored. It won't hurt to text Lou.

Me: hi x

Lou: hola! Watcha doin'?

Me: nothing...I'm bored

Lou: u want me to entertain you? Like I'm not a clown

Me: Pls

Lou: how bout we do an ugly face contest? Let's see who can make uglier faces


After sending 15 pictures of each other, we just done.

Lou: I can't stop laughing LMAO XD WTF

Me: me too! idea you've had!

Lou: IKR! Who knew this was gonna be fun? 

Me: IK... I gtg but bye!

Lou: adios

Friday 2:11am

Me: I can't sleep! HALP!

Lou: I was going to sleep and then I see this 

Me: what r u doing awake at this time?

Lou: studying

Me: Nerd

Lou: STFU lol...dork

Me: really?

Lou: yeah! Anyways, why can't u sleep...I'm really tired rn

Me: The concert tomorrow and I get to see u again...*we

Lou: oh yeah! I'm excited! U guys r cool!

Me: then u get to learn the secrets of backstage 

Lou: O.o Whoa! like srsly what do u guys do? 

Me: you'll see 

Lou: I wanna know!

Me: we do nothing

Lou: well then

Me: what?

Lou: u don't wanna tell me the magic that happens

Me: lol 

Lou: I'm going to sleep...I'll see u mañana 

Me: wait what's mañana

Lou: tomorrow in Spanish 

Me: u speak Spanish 

Lou: yup I'm Hispanic duh...I tired so go away lol 

Me: gotta teach me some

Lou: another day 

Me: mañana?

Lou: omg lol maybe if I feel like 

Me: ok

Lou: good night!

Me: good night and sweet dreams!

I seriously can't wait to see her again. Sometimes I just want to tell her that I like her. Then, my thoughts about her just slip and she doesn't believe what I'm saying to her is true. I don't know if I'll tell tomorrow. Yeah, it has to be tomorrow. Tomorrow's the day I tell her!

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