"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


6. Chapter 5: The Party

Lou P.O.V.

I'm ready for the party and I just feel awkward in this dress. I'm not used to it.

Luke texted me too. You know how cool that is?!? I just can't even! Then, he said I was beautiful. But he hasn't said he likes me and he is maybe trying to be nice. Then again why would he want to text me?

Ugh, Christian is here. I don't how I feel about him anymore. We kissed and all but I didn't feel anything and gave into it. All I can think of is 'I don't know.'

I opened the door. "Hey Chris! So, ready for the party!" I said.

He informed, "You seem excited. By the way you look hot!" He grinned at me.

Once he said the word hot, I thought of Luke. Luke said I was beautiful and that's a nice way to compliment a girl. "Oh yeah, just haven't been to a party in a long time." I giggled. "And thanks. So let's go!"

• • •

We arrived to this huge fraternity house. It was white and was mansion like too. There were large Greek letters on top. I believe it said alpha, omega, and delta. There were so many people scattered across the front lawn. Some were leaving the house and some were entering. The music wasn't blasted too loud, but loud enough that you could hear it when you were close to the front door. 

People everywhere that's all I saw when I entered the house with Christian. It smelled like alcohol too. Why did I agree to be here again? Christian looked as if he was looking for someone. 

He turned to me. "Are you ok?" Chris questioned.

I guess he noticed I felt a little awkward here. "Oh no. Who are you looking for?"

Chris completely ignored my question and pulled me with him in another direction. Then I saw a guy who seemed familiar. The guy came toward us and said, "Hey man! I thought you said you weren't coming." He paused and looked at me. "Is that Lou? You guys are back together?"

Christian replied, "Josh, of course I was going to come with my girl." 

I just felt like interrupting and saying "you never ask me to be girlfriend again?" I'm so confused. I guess I'm with Chris.

"Lou," Josh started, "you remember me right?"

I responded, "Yeah. Just been a long time."

A girl came over to Josh and kissed him on the lips. "Oh yeah, Chris same here though. This is Stacy." He put his arm her. 

"You guys need to drink! You're missing out on this party! C'mon!" Stacy exclaimed. I could easily tell she was already drunk. 

I don't really drink. I only drink in parties, but not a lot. It's just like a sip. 

Stacy led us to kitchen where they had like this big bowl of what seemed to be punch. I went closer to the bowl and it smelt like hard liquor but with hints or cherry or watermelon. She handed us drinks in red cups. I just looked down at it. On second thought, I don't want to drink. 

Stacy took a huge gulp from the cup she had in her hand. She shouted, "Cheers!"

We all raised and clapped our cups together. I saw that both Christian and Stacy chugged down their drink. Then, I was here staring at it. Three, two, one. I let the liquid enter my mouth and down my throat. Once it touched my throat, it burned. The drink tasted ok but still had that slight alcoholic taste.

"Ok, I'll see you guys around! Have fun!" Stacy exclaimed.

Christian went ahead and got us another cup. Definitely, I'm not drinking more. 

"Let's go over here," Christian directed. He pulled me by my arm and led me into the large crowd to talk and dance. 

Dancing. I'm horrible at that. Again, why am I here? Oh wait; most of the people here are drunk.... including me soon. 

We started dancing and I swear Chris drank so many drinks. I only drank three or four. Soon enough, we started making out. I let him because why not? It's a party right! We were all over each other. His lips were on mine. His hands were all over me. I didn't care. 

Then, he whispered in my ear, "I'll come back and we'll continue."

"Ok." I gave him a small smirk. I'm too happy to care about anything, especially when everybody looks a bit blurry and funny. 

Ten minutes later, Chris hasn't come back. I started to roam the large house to look for him. Where is he? I went to the entrance where we came from and all I saw was Dana twerking. It was so funny and weird. Why is she here? Anyways, I kept searching and still didn't find him. 

I went upstairs and checked if he was in one of those rooms. In one, I found Josh with another girl making out to the point where they were they were going to have sex. I ran away before they found out I was creeping around. To be honest, the sight of it was disgusting. Doesn't he have a girlfriend?

I went to the kitchen and got another drink. It would do any harm, right? Stacy comes towards me and asked, "Do you know where Josh is?" 

"While you're looking for Josh, I'm looking for Chris. I know where Josh is. I'm sorry to tell you but he's doing it upstairs with another girl," I informed.

"What?" She immediately went in the direction of the stairs. 

I felt bad for her. If I can't find Chris, maybe Ayanna might know! That's a great idea! I called her up.

Me: Hey!

Ayanna: Lou! What are doing awake at this time? It's two in the morning! What's that noise?

Me: I'm, I'm at uh party. Yeah, a party. Chris invited me! I'm here!

Ayanna: Are you ok?

Me: Wha? What do you mean cray? 

Ayanna: I said OK!

Me: You know where Christian is?

Ayanna: How would I know I'm not there?

Me: You should know, duh.

Ayanna: You're drunk. Where are you?

Me: I don't know! Some big gigantic house with people and music!

Ayanna: Fraternity house?

Me: Yeah! That! 

Ayanna: Do know which?

Me: There was like this weird lower case a, circle with two lines on the bottom, and a triangle! Yup! Why?

Ayanna: Just come outside when I call you.

Me: Ok, k! I got it!

• • •

I still didn't find Christian. Ooo, I got a phone call from Ayanna!

Ayanna: Come outside.

Me: How?

Ayanna: Just come outside damnit!

Me: Fine.

I opened the front door and the cold fresh air hit my body hard like a boulder. Ow, my fucking head hurts. I almost fell but I held myself up on the wall. I saw Ayanna coming towards me. God, why did I drink? Everything seemed so blurry and I couldn't think right.

"C'mon, Lou. Let's go," Ayanna said.

She helped me all the way towards the car. All I can remember was that and nothing else. 

• • •

I woke up to a huge headache. Fuck, why? Ugh. I got up from a couch. I looked around and I wasn't at my apartment. Where am I? I was still wearing the same dress from last night and my shoes were on the floor next to me. 

"Hello?" I said. "Is anyone here?"

Ayanna came. "Lou, you're awake. How do you feel?"

"Horrible. What happened? The last thing I remember was that I was at a frat party with Chris and then you showed up."

"You've got hangover. Yeah, to get you 'cause you were drunk. Anyone could've done anything to you."

"Thanks. I didn't know what I was doing. It was no fun."

"Who's this Christian guy? You never told me about him."

"Ex. Tried to get back with me. He's the reason why I feel horrible today. Get with the program. Haha, ow my head."

"Well he's no guy you should be with. He didn't even take care of you. That asshole! Show me who he is and I'll fuck him up!"

"No need for violence, Ayanna."

"No, I'm serious Lou!"

"Again thank you! You're awesome!"

I don't believe he abandoned me. I don't know anymore. I just don't know. I wonder what Luke is doing.

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