"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


4. Chapter 3: Really? Like no.

Lou P.O.V.

I'm finally home! I got my laptop and sat on the couch. I'm supposed to be studying for a test next week. But twitter awaits me and I've got to tweet on my fan account.

I log on and automatically go to the band account. I read: You guys are badass, we loved meeting you guys today! xx (1 min ago)

They're online! I don't feel like responding, it seems hopeless.

Instead, I check my notifications and find that Ayanna followed me. She's a nice person. Coincidentally, I check my phone and she texted me.

Ayanna: Aye!

Me: AYE! What's up?

Ayanna: Nm u?

Me: same TWINSIES! lol

Ayanna: I can't believe we met 5SOS today! Shwoxbdifnxhxlshforhmcj


I go back on my laptop to tweet about my experience. I still can't believe that I finally met them still! It's crazy! I go back on twitter to find that 5/4 followed me! What the fuck?!? I thought the letters weren't going to work, but they did! WHAT THE FUCK?!? I raced to text Ayanna.




Ayanna: I hate u! OMG! HOW?!?

Me: Shut up! :P I gave them letters and at the end I told them to follow me if they wanted to! I CAN DM THEM NOW AHHHH!!!

Ayanna: Tell them to follow me!

Me: kk

Going back on twitter is like literally missing out in the world! Luke Robert Hemmings Dmed me! I want to thank not only God but also Jesus! Why the heck it got to be today out of all days!?

Luke: Hi xx

What should I respond? This is too hard! I hate myself! Jesus please help me!

Me: Hi :)

Hi with a happy face...that's stupid! I should've never DMed that! Shit!

Luke: How r u?

Me: Good and u?

Luke: Same :-) I was wondering if u wanted to eat pizza with the band and me later tonight?

Eating pizza with 5SOS! Of course I would go! That's awesome! All my dreams are coming true!

Me: yea sure!

Luke: cool we'll pick u up at 6! what's ur address?

I gave Luke my address and I forgot ask him to follow Ayanna! Oh well, I'll just tell her I did. Lying is not my thing but I'll make it up later. It's like 5p.m.! That means I've only got like an hour to get ready!

I'll take a quick shower. I'll wear black skinny jeans and a black and white baseball tee that has a kitty wearing sunglasses and says "Let's Get CRAY." For my shoes, I'll put on some black Converse with neon pink laces (yes I did change the laces! White laces are too boring!). Ugh...I hope I look good!

Luke P.O.V.

"Hey guys I invited her! I hate you guys for making me!"

"Well if no one pressured you, how were you going to your girl," Mikey explained.

"Yeah, ok."

I take a shower and thoughts just run through my head. What if I'm not her favorite? What if the band messes it all up? I hate this band. What if I'm not good enough for her?

• • •

What time is it? Oh shit its like 5:50pm! Why do I take long showers? I wonder if the band is ready. Once I come out of the bathroom, all I see is Ash laying on the bed using his phone.

"Hi, there!" Ash said.

"Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"Getting pizza and I invited Lou so, we have to pick her up 10 minutes from now!"

"Oh yeah, I am! I don't know about Cal and Mikey."

I get out of the hotel room to knock on Calum and Michael's room and find that they were playing Fifa in their underwear!

"Oh hey Luke! Want to play?" Asked Calum.

"No, you guys are supposed to be ready!"

"Oh," They both responded.

As soon as I left the room, could hear them dressing up. Great, we're going to be late!

A half an hour later, we drove to Lou's place and its like 6:30 pm. 30 minutes late! I'm so nervous and I hope she's all right with us being late. I walked up to her apartment and knocked on her door. The door opened and she smiled shyly. Wow, she just looks so perfect!

"I'm sorry that I was- we were late," I stuttered.

"It's ok," she answered. She looks down to regain her confidence.

This is going a bit awkward, so I decided to compliment her, "I like your shirt. Especially the kitty."

"Oh thanks. Kitties are cute but evil!" She giggled.

"That's true!" We laughed together. I noticed that she when she laughs she covers her mouth. Does she like her laugh? She doesn't seem like it. I need to hear it clearly because I think it sounds adorable. "I think that we should get going. The band is waiting for us."

"Ok, cool!"

Lou P.O.V.

Luke led me downstairs to the car. Like the gentleman he is, he opened the car door for me. I have a suspicion that Luke may like me. Nah, I'm so stupid for thinking like that! God I hate when I do that!

The drive to that pizza place was long and we barely talked. I know that 5SOS talk a lot about random things that pop into their heads! They weren't acting like themselves, but why?

• • •

We arrived at the restaurant. It wasn't too fancy; it was just like any normal pizza place.

"Hello. Party of 5?" The hostess asked.

"Yeah, party of 5," Ash answered.

The hostess led us to our table, which was a booth. Personally, I like booths it's so comfy and you feel hidden from other people.

Ash, Mikey, and Cal sat on one side while Luke and I sat on the other. I feel like Luke likes me but I don't know for sure. I always feel like this with every guy I like, but usually they don't like me back, which sucks.

I keep repeating this and you know what? I actually need to text Chris. I have a better chance with him, than making fanfics in my head.

Mikey started, "I love pizza!"

"Of course you do!" Ash commented.

Luke continued, "He literally lives for pizza!"

"If you didn't know, Lou, he's like a pizza enthusiast," Cal said.


Cal answered, "Yeah really!"

I giggled. "You guys are so weird! And that's a compliment!"

"Aww, thanks we get that a lot," Ash said.

"So what kind of pizza are we going to get?" Mikey asked.

Luke exclaimed, "I want pepperoni!"

"Oh my god! I love pepperoni too! Twining!"

"That's badass!"

Luke smiled at me. He's so fucking awesome damn!

"Just want extra cheese. Cheese is my fav!" Ash answered.

"I want ham and pineapple!" Cal said.

Mikey confirmed, "Same I want Hawaiian! I guess we're going to get three large pizzas!"

The waiter came around and took our order, which was three large pizzas: one pepperoni, one Hawaiian, one cheese.

"So how'd you become a fan of us?" Ash questioned.

Oh god! I can just say that oh you guys are hot and talented and your music is too awesome and hot and nice people and hot as fuck! Key words: talented and hot! How am I going to say this? "Um well, I hated you guys at first and I decided not judge and listened to your music. I fell in love! Not only that but you guys were so talented! This was like in the summer of 2013. The memories," I replied. Oh god I fangirl in front of them! What have I done?

"Oh cool so you've been part of the Fam a long time!" Cal said.

"Yup." I gave a shy look.

"So who's your favorite member?" Mikey asked.

Do you really want me to confess whom the fuck I like from you guys? I guess I'll just be honest. "Uh-"

The waiter came with our pizzas. You saved my life! Thank the Lord!

"Yay pizza!!!" Mikey screamed.

We all started eating and we talked about other things. Luke needed to go to the restroom. Once Luke left, the rest began to talk more than usual.

"Now that Luke is away. Should I be the one to tell Lisa?" Michael said.

"My name isn't Lisa first of all! It's Lou! And what are you talking about?"

Cal continued, "Yeah you should 'cause I know that he isn't going to say it sooner or later!"

"Say what? I so confused right now like oh my god!"

"No, you shouldn't because you're going to make him feel bad!" Ash reasoned.

"Ok if no one tells me what's going on..."

"I'm just going to tell her!" He paused. "Luke likes you!" Mikey told me.

"What? No stop lying!"

"He does! He couldn't stop talking about you yesterday!" Cal explained.

Mikey complained, "It's getting annoying! But it's nice that he finally likes someone."

"Guys shut up 'cause Luke is coming," advised Ash.

We all shut up as soon as Luke came. What the fuck! Luke does like me! No, I'm not going to believe it until he tells me!

"Hey guys," Luke said, "Did I miss anything?"

"We were about to tell Lou about that surprise!" Ash answered.

"Oh ok! Let me tell her then!" Luke turned to me. "We're going to give you front row tickets and a backstage pass so you can hang out with us at the concert Friday night."

"OMG for real! Thank you so much! I can't believe it! You guys are so awesome!" I hugged Luke so tight. Oops, did I just do that? "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I couldn't breathe! What is air!? I can't even!

"No problem, you're just an awesome fan that's all!" Luke smiled.

Damn, why the fuck did they say that Luke likes me when he just fan-zoned me?!? Lies!

• • •

After we were done eating, they drove me back to my apartment. I thanked them again and hugged each of them. They told me to come very early in order to hang with them backstage. 5SOS are the best!

I sat on my bed elated of what had just happened. I can't wait! I checked my phone and I guess Christian texted me first. Things are just turning up the way I want them to.

Luke P.O.V.

I can't wait to see her on Friday! I get to see her in standing in the front row of our show. I don't know when I'm going to tell her.

I'm in the hotel room with Cal, lying on the bed, going through all my social media. Cal sits down next to me looking as if he wants to tell me something.

"Hai," Cal said.


"Um, I don't know if should tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"Michael might have told Lou--never mind."

"Told Louisette what? What did Michael say?"

"He told her you liked her...but she didn't believe him."

"What the fuck!"

"I kind of told her too."

"I really do hate this band! Why do you guys have to be like that?"

"I'm sorry! Don't blame me! It was Michael's idea!"

"Fuck you!"

I stop talking to Cal after that point. They're always like that. I can't believe I have to be with them. But they're like brothers to me I can't judge them.

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