"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


3. Chapter 2: Finally!

Where the fuck is my black skinny jeans?!?! Oh there they are! In front of my stupid ugly ass face!

I put my black skinny jeans on and my awesome band t-shirt with my four Aussie idiots! I put on my Converse on which are black and white with neon stripes of orange, green, aqua, and pink and patterns in between the stripes. Originally the laces of the shoe were white but I thought that was to bland so I changed them to neon green laces, which look way cooler.

I'm a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers kind of girl. I don't like to wear anything fancy. Make-up? Nah I don't wear that! It makes me feel fake and I'm hiding the real me.

For my hair, I feel like leaving it as my brown curly hair. It's short and a bit above my shoulder. When I straighten my hair, it looks like I'm all proper and nice and my hair is lower than my shoulder. But this is 5SOS; I want to look punk rock.

Now, I'm debating whether or not I should wear a flannel. You know what I should but then I'll just look the same as everyone else. No flannel is my decision.

Never forget about bracelets! Wearing lots of random bracelets is awesome!

I look in the mirror and my outfit is on point! My glasses are in the way, which makes everything look horrible. I look like the nerd I am. Why don't I get contacts?!? That's going on my To Do List.

This morning, Nate apologized about what he said yesterday. I mean he's right. I'll probably text Christian about hanging out later. But right now I'm going to meet 5SOS!

I would want to go to a concert too, but it's actually still hard to get some after seven years. Their shows get sold out in seconds. They get sold out not only just because of all the original fans like me. It's the new fans. Just go away, I was here first! Then, there are still fake fans! I always call them 'Kendals.'

I'm so prepared for this Meet and Greet! I have my sharpie and my iPhone and I'm ready to go. Once I start my car, thoughts start swirling through my mind. What am I going to say? Do I look good? Will they like me? How am I going to act?

The answer to all of them: I don't know

Once I arrive, I see the some of the Fam lined up waiting to get inside. Thank the lord that I live in Florida and there's nice weather every day! I hurry to the line and wait. In front of me was a girl who looked nice. I can't trust my judgment. The thing you know she's another Dana. I decided not to give eye contact to her because talking to new people isn't my thing. She is part of the Fam though.

"I like your hair! It's really pretty! Curly hair is cool! I wish I had your hair!" She said.

Shit! I'm so awkward when people compliment me. I responded, "Um, thanks." I smiled just to feel a bit more comfortable.

"I'm Ayanna by the way."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Louisette, but you can call me Lou for short."

"You too. So, since we're here in a line, waiting to meet 5SOS, I'm guessing you're part of the Fam. How long have you been in it?"

"That's a big question. Since like forever, I've been here since the beginning! They're just so awesome! How about you?" I answered. Well this conversation is going good, nothing bad at all.

"True, though! They're too talented! I've a fan since the beginning too! What girl are you? I'm an Ashton girl! But I would gladly bang them all!"

I giggled. She's cool. I like her. She likes 5SOS. I like 5SOS. Automatically best friends. This logic is amazing. "I'm a Luke girl and true! Do you have twitter?"

We exchanged twitter users and phone numbers and passed the time talking about 5SOS and how they are so perfect. I found out she was the same age as me and lived in the same area as I do. Coincidence. I think not.

We were next to go meet 5SOS! The feels are real! I can't even! I need to mentally prepare myself. They are just 4 normal guys that are very fucking talented, good looking, and Australian. That's all. Nope this isn't going to go well.

Once they told me to enter...I. Was. So. Done.

I saw the four punk rock Aussies smiling at me. I could say nothing. Speechless. Nada. Zero. Cero.

Then Ash the friendly kangaroo said, "Hey, how are you?"

Thanks Ash, yeah thank you for making me have to talk. "Um...h-hi," I hesitated and thought to myself, "Get over it and act cool!" I continued, "I-I'm good, thanks. How are you guys?"

Cal responded this time, "We're great! We love meeting our fans! So, want us to sign anything?"

"That's cool! Yeah I do, but first I have something for you guys."

"Ooo what is it?!" Mikey interrupted.

"Some letters I wrote to each of you guys. I mean you can take the time to read it when like you're chillin' or something like that," I answered. I gave them the letters. OMG! This is going well-ish. Calm down Lou! You know what's weird? Luke hasn't said a word. Probably, I'm just thinking too much.

"Aww thanks! What's your name?" Luke questioned.

I thought wrong. Wow, I'm really stupid! Why would I think Luke Hemmings would like me? Haha! "I'm Louisette," I replied, "Call me Lou for short, 'cause my name is so complicated and long and I don't really like it." Why the hell did I say that?!? I looked down at the ground shyly.

"That's a nice name!" He smiled at me.

That made me blush. I tried to relax a little. "Thanks! Can you sign this, please?"

"Of course!" Ash said.

I passed the shirt and the poster to them. Ash was the first to sign the stuff. While he was signing, I saw Luke whispering to Cal. Next thing you know, Mikey's eyes widened and he looked like a four year old all excited to go to a playground. Then, Ash starts to giggle out of now where! Is that normal? Yeah I guess because Ash is just random as always. Never mind.

"Here ya go Lou!" Mikey said.

He gave my stuff back all signed and smirked at me. I felt like saying, "Is there something I should know?!?!" But obviously I didn't because I'm shy and uncomfortable especially when it's my band members. Anyways, I asked them if I could hug and get a selfie with them. Best feeling ever! Luke wanted to kill me! When he hugged me, he gave me a kiss on the check. Stop, are you trying to fucking kill me?! I don't even have an explanation for that. Mind blown!

I finally left and I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. My thoughts were "Lies! Whoa! Wow! It's a dream! What the fuck! 5SOS are murderers!" It was the best day ever! Meh... I have to study once I go home. I'll procrastinate by fangirling! Which was the solution to my problem.

Luke P.O.V.

When I saw her walking towards us, she was the most beautiful girl I'd had ever seen. She was so cute with her glasses, her smile, her small brown eyes, and her perfect curly brown hair. Her name sounds so pretty. Louisette. It's so different too.

Cal, Mikey, Ash almost made it obvious. I should've just told them once she left the room. I should've never kissed her on the check either. I think I made it obvious. Fuck!

We're still meeting fans at the moment. I can't her out of my head! Seeing the Fam just keeps reminding me of her.

• • •

Finally done with the meet and greet! We got into the car back to our hotel.

Ash started, "I love the Fam so much! They're the reason why we're still here. I thank them so much. We're just doing what we enjoy."

"I know right!" Cal exclaimed.

"Speaking about the Fam, Luke has a crush! A crush on what was her name? Lola?" Mikey questioned.

"Her name is Louisette. Just shut up Michael! We don't need to hear your shit!"

"She has a nice ass though!" Mikey commented.

"I agree!" Cal said.

"Shut the fuck up Michael! Fuck you Calum!"

"Don't fucking swear guys! Calm down Luke!" Ash said.

Cal and Mikey chanted, "Lou and Luke sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-"

"I said to shut the fuck up already!"

Ash says, "Luke calm down! Mikey and Cal stop it and let the boy speak!"

"Ok yeah I do like her, but I don't have her number or her twitter user to contact her."

Michael interrupted, "Lucky for you Luke that I checked what was in the letter she gave each of us. Guess what? There's something you want at the moment."

I scavenged for the letter and immediately opened it. I just skimmed through it looking for something that might lead to her. There it was her twitter user! Michael finally said something smart! "Yeah, you're right for once. Thanks Mikey!"

"No problem! I wasn't going to wait until we went the hotel to read the letter, duh."

So, this is it. I'm going to DM her

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