"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


19. Chapter 18: Play

Lou P.O.V.
December 24th

It's been the laziest day ever. We've all been doing nothing. I mean the day after we arrived we all hung out around New York a little, but some fans mobbed 5SOS. So, we're literally trapped in the hotel. Not only because of fans but because of security. 

They've been so tough with us. Us, meaning 5SOS and I. I'm like why? I don't cause harm and I'm not famous. Dave told me because I was Luke's girlfriend. That doesn't make a difference! I'm not famous! I can go around by myself as long as no one sees me with Luke everything is fine. Ugh, stupid shit.

All five of us were in one room chilling. I don't know how Michael was really hyper. I was bored as fuck so I was on the bed spread out. Ashton was texting someone occasionally while watch over the rest of the boys. Calum and Luke were, well, let's just say Calum was stealing Luke away. Cake! Then Michael was bullying Luke. Muke! And Calum was defending. Cake again!

But I'm laid there bored. I didn't even want to use my phone. 

"Hey," I said, "Ash, who have you been texting this whole time?"

"Uh, no one," He lied. He continued. 

I looked over to the other three idiots. What the actual fuck are they doing? I might as well join along. Oh, I got an idea!

"Who wants to play a game of hide and seek?!" I shouted. 

All their head turned their attention to me. "Me!" 

Cal questioned, "Wait, how are we going to do that if we're in this small room with the five of us?"

"Duh, hide and seek in the whole hotel. I mean let's play in the building!" 

"Yeah! Let's do that! Lou you actually have a good idea!" Michael agreed. 

Ash was still distracted staring and typing away on his phone. "You're playing, Ash?" 

He looked up with a puzzled look. "Huh?" 

"Are you playing hide and seek with us or not?" Calum said slowly almost trying to dumb it down for him.

"Oh yeah, sorry." 

Luke shot me an annoyed look. I felt him. I didn't know who Ashton was texting but it was getting annoying. 

"Ok who's it? I don't! Not it!" I exclaimed. 

The rest shouted except Luke, "Not it!"

"Why do I have to be it?" Luke questioned while making a pouty face. 

"'Cause you're just not fast enough." I stuck my tongue. "Am I right?" 

Michael nodded, "You see, Luke, she's learned that you suck already." He laughed and raised his hand up waiting for me to give a high five. 

I did. Luke commented, "And I thought you were on my side."

"No. Who do you think I am?" I giggled. Luke just gave me a long look. "Ok, let's start! Luke count to 20 and we'll hide! Go!" 

I ran outside the room with Calum, Ashton, and Michael. "I'm going this way no one follow!" I shouted. We went our separate ways. 

We were on the fifth floor. Maybe if I hide on like the third or second floor he won't be able to find me. I took the elevator down to the third floor. Once the elevator opened, I saw Ashton. 

"Why the hell did you take my floor?" I questioned. Before I could let him answer I spoke, "You know what let's hide together. Fuck it. Better be quiet." He widened his eyes when I said fuck. "I know. I shouldn't swear."

"I wasn't going to say that, but ok. Sounds like a plan." Ash smiled at me. 

He followed me to the hidden ice room in the hallway. We hid there. I don't think he's going to easily find us.

Ash and I stared at each other for a good five minutes. I was going to say something but then I heard, "Why did they leave the room? Those boys don't know when to stop." 

It was their security. Ash started to giggled. I whispered, "Shut the fuck up." I covered his mouth with my hand. 

"I'm sorry. It's just that they don't know we're here and we're playing a game," he explained. 

"You know what? Let's split up again. If this was the hunger games, you would've died already."

We left the ice room and I went into the stairwell and heard some steps. Shit! Security or Luke? Either ways I'm going to be caught. I ran down to the first floor to hide under the stairwell. That person followed me. When I went under the stairwell, I found Calum. He scared me at first but I just shut up and hid there with him. 

We saw that it was the lanky boyfriend of mine. Luke finally left the stairwell. 

Calum spoke, "Did he really just miss us?"

"Yep," I answered. "Anyways, security is searching for us around too."

Calum chuckled. "Luke is going to get caught."

"You know where Michael is?"

"I don't know. Probably the second floor."

I had another idea. "You want to ditch the game and chill out in the city." 

"Yeah, as long as we don't get caught. Wait, isn't cold out."

"Yeah, get your coat in the room and get me something too."

"I'm not getting anything for you."



"Please. Calum, c'mon."

"No. I'm not Luke."

"I'm the one with the idea and the one sneaking you out. Just do it." He started to go up the stairs. "Meet me back here."

Calum left to get a coat or something warm for us to wear. Hopefully, he doesn't get caught. 

• • •

He came back with his coat. He handed me the was unfamiliar to me. I took it and examined it. It was Luke's sweater. 

"Really?" I said.

Calum replied, "What? I wasn't going to the other room to get your coat. Besides his sweater was in our room so why not?" 

We went out of the stairwell and we were a few feet away from Luke. The second floor had a long balcony that extended on top on the lobby. Michael was up there throwing stuff at Luke hidden behind some plants. 

Calum and I ran out of the building. I looked back and Michael saw us. His eyes widen and he mouthed "fuck you" at me. I tapped on Calum's shoulder so he would turn around too. We flipped Michael off and continued out.

"You want to eat something?" I asked Cal. 

He said, "Yeah. Let's just find somewhere to go."

"It's cold! Luke's sweater isn't helping. You should've got my coat, but you were too lazy."

"Shut up."

I laughed. We continued walking, trying to find somewhere to eat. No one noticed Calum yet. Hopefully, not at all. 

Luke P.O.V. 

Where is everyone? I suck at hide and seek. I saw Michael, but he ran away before I could say anything. I was on the fourth floor when I heard giggling nearby. 

I looked around and saw Ash in a small spot behind me. "Found you!" 

"Aw, man. I guess that's why Lou ditched me. It's because I'm not quiet," he explained. 

We heard some footsteps coming our way. Then, we heard Michael's voice. "We just wanted to have fun. I mean look I actually came out of the room for once and I never do that. Everyone was bored."

Ashton and I saw security and Michael. Dave started lecturing us on not leaving because of fans and all that stuff. They brought us back to our rooms. 

Again, I laid on the bed bored. Wait, where's Lou and Cal? 

I started, "Do guys know where Lou and Calum?"

"I definitely do. They flipped me off before they left the hotel," Michael said.

"They did?"

Ashton interjected, "To be honest, I thought they were actually good hiders and no one found them."

"Wonder where they went?" I questioned. 

"Yeah, same." 

Ash elbowed Michael. He was texting someone and he seemed to have the same look Ash had earlier while looking at his found. "Huh, yeah. Just text her then. She's your girlfriend right?"

He's right. I mean I know Calum's cool but what if. No! Why would I be jealous of my own friend? 

Me: Where r u?

Lou: *pic of cal and her eating some hamburgers* guess

Me: aww I'm hungry rn

Lou: lol r u guys still playing or did Dave win the game XD

Me: yeah he found us

Lou: haha he didn't find Cal and I 

Me: I'm hungry! Me want food!

Lou: well if u were smart

Me: just stop Lou 

Lou: :P make me

Me: ur being naughty think about how Santa is going to think of u

Lou: ok

A few moments later I decided to send a snapchat of me doing a puppy face and it said "bring me food???"

• • • 

I was back in my room alone. I was tired and hungry. I heard the door open and Lou spoke, "Thank you so much. You're awesome, Cal. Night!" I could hear Cal reply, "Yeah, you're cool too. Bye." 

The door closed and footsteps entered the room. "Guess who's back?" Lou said. "With food for a breadstick!"

"Stop! I don't like being called that," I remarked. "What were you doing with Cal?" I looked away from my phone to find her smiling.

"Nothing really. We just hung out and stuff. We ate. You know it's freezing out there. Like seriously though."

"No kidding."

"What's wrong? I thought every band member's favorite words to hear was "food is here?"'

She came over to the bed and sat next to me. I sat up to be closer to her. "Look I don't really like the fact that you went off like that, especially with Calum."

"I didn't do anything wrong. Are you mad at me? I mean yeah should've told you, but chill Luke."

"No. I don't like that you went off like that. You should've gone with me, then. If you really wanted to go out, go with me."

"What the fuck! I could go if I wanna go. Are you jealous because I was with Calum? Calum is your friend so chill! I just felt a little trapped in the hotel. I'm still not used the fact that my boyfriend is a fucking band member, ok. I have to hide when I'm with you or the other guys because we're not ready to tell your fans. I thought it was going to be cool, but now I know it isn't." 

I just looked at her speechless. "But-"

She threw the bag with food she saved at me. "Fuck you."

"Fuck you too! You know what, Lou. I made a hard decision too. I fucked up too because I decided to date one of the fans. I should've learned that it was going to be hard for them to learn what I go through. Yeah, maybe this was a mistake. It went by so fast too." 

"You're right it went to fucking fast! I was stupid to think that you were perfect, but you're not." 

Before she stormed off, she took off the sweater she was wearing and threw it at me too. "I'm going to get ready for bed." 

She left to the bathroom. I noticed the sweater she threw at me was mine. I really don't know anymore. 

Lou P.O.V.

Once I entered the bathroom, I let everything out. I burst into tears. I hate myself. I suck and that's the way it's always going to be. Luke can go fuck himself. I'm tired of this shit. 

Wait, isn't tomorrow Christmas. Wow, I think I would've been better off alone in my apartment where the stalker of my ex would've probably came over for no reason. Life is stupid.

Luke P.O.V.

Lou came out of the bathroom in her pajamas with her eyes wet noting that she was crying. I wanted to ask if she was alright but I already made a mess. Instead of sleeping with me she slept on the other bed in the room. Maybe she'll feel better in the morning?

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