"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


18. Chapter 17: Again

Lou P.O.V.

Monday morning. Ugh, this day would've been better if Luke was here. I don't want to get out of bed. Why?

I turned around and saw the stuffed penguin Luke had given me. I remembered what he had told me that day. He said, "I got it so that way when I'm away you'll remember me and you can cuddle it the same way we cuddle in bed at night." Yeah, it remind me of him and I can't cuddle with him right 'cause he's not here! I decided to text Luke.

Me: I miss u...I just want u next to me...I can't do anything

Luke: I want u next to me too

Me: I miss seeing u next to me

Luke: I miss our bodies touching each other

Me: what can we do? To be together again

Luke: idk...but it'll be soon

Me: soon, why not now

Luke: wanna FaceTime?

Me: I want to but I'm horrible rn

Luke: me too...It's 3am and I'm still awake...cmon

Me: omg I forgot about timezones...but srsly I do I just woke up

Luke: ur pretty no matter what time of day

Me: ok

We FaceTimed and we both looked horrible. We were hot messes. I guess it was because we weren't together. Luke said that they were working on new music. I can only imagine how they do. Every fucking song is amazing! Then, he told me their going to release a new single. I can't wait! 

OMG! This is the best! I know everything before the Fam. Haha! The perks of being the girlfriend of Luke Hemmings of 5SOS. 

• • •

The rest of the day was crap. Just total complete crap. It was like a fucking wake up call that finals for the semester were coming up. Well at least winter break was coming up! Yay! I'll probably go to my parents and spend Christmas with them.

I decided to go on Twitter. When I do, the Fam was normal and calm. I might as well tweet something. I tweeted: Hey guys! How r u all? What if like 5SOS is working on something awesome?!? 

Hehe. I know they are, but Fam doesn't. I checked my phone to see if anyone texted me. An unknown number, Luke, and Ash.

The unknown number just said, one. What the fuck does that mean? One. 

Luke texted me a hi and sent me a selfie of him in the studio. He didn't look as happy. 

Ash sent me a video of them in the LA house:

"Hey Lou! How are you? I mean I think you feel the same as Luke right now. He barely slept. Look at him," Ash said. He showed Luke on the couch. Luke was just there looking all sad and stuff covered with a blanket. "Luke say hi." He waves poorly. His hair was messy. "I'll need to drag him to the recording studio later. But hopefully you're ok and hopefully you're doing alright. You'll see each other again. And yeah. Bye!"

That doesn't make anything better. I just want to hug Luke. He looked so adorable cuddled up by himself. 

• • •

December 22nd

Me: What do you mean that I can't go with you guys?

My mom: Well you didn't tell us in time. And besides your dad booked the cruise earlier.

Me: So what you're saying is that my winter break is going to crap and I'm spending Christmas and New Years alone!

My mom: Don't you have friends? You could hang out with them. 

Me: They're all going home to be with family! Don't you see that this is messed up!? My boyfriend isn't here either!

My mom: Boyfriend? You didn't tell me you have a boyfriend?

Me: Mira (look) everything is messed up and I'll tell you about him later. 

My mom: ¿Como se mira? ¿Es inteligente? ¿Es bueno? (How does he look? Is he smart? Is he good?)

Me: Dios mio. (My god.) Bye mommy!

I closed the phone. Fuck! Winter break is going to suck ass. I want to just rant to someone! God! I just fucking hate this! My phone is ringing. Probably my mom wanting to question me. Ugh!

Me: Hello?

Luke: Lou! How are you?

Me: Let's just say I'm not feeling good right now.

Luke: Why?

Me: Because I practically going to spend Christmas alone. My family is on vacation and then I'm here stranded. 

Luke: I know a way to save your winter break. 

Me: How are you going to do that?

Luke: We're performing Times Square in New York for New Year's Eve and we're going tomorrow. We have a connecting flight in Florida.

Me: Yeah? I mean for you guys it's awesome.

Luke: You want to join along with us? You could just go to the airport and we'll pay for the ticket. No worries.

Me: To go to New York with you guys? OMG!

Luke: Yeah! So are you in?

Me: Of course! I'll start packing right now! Luke you're awesome! That was the best idea ever!

Luke: Yeah, I know I'm an awesome boyfriend.

Me: Haha. You got me too don't forget that. 

Luke: Don't worry Lou, you're awesome too. I really like you.

Me: I really like you too. 

Luke: I don't want to hang up. I like hearing your voice. 

Me: Me too. But we'll see each other tomorrow. 

Luke: Can't wait! I guess I have to say bye. 

Me: I guess I have to say bye too.

I closed the phone. I got to start packing! 

• • • 

Luke P.O.V. 

I saw the familiar brown ringlets for hair coming our way. Her cute glasses framed her small chocolate eyes. She had a wide smile one her face and began to run towards me. She dropped her bag. Her hands were wrapped around me and she dug her face in my chest. She gazed up at me with her pretty eyes. 

"I missed you so much," Lou said.

I responded, "I did too." 

We kissed until Michael commented, "No love for us?"

"I missed you guys too! Don't worry!" Lou answered. She went and hugged Michael tightly first, then Calum, and Ashton. She went to pick her bag up from the floor. "I can't believe I'm going to New York with you guys."

Calum asked, "Have you been there before?" 

"Yeah, like once but I never explored the city." 

"We'll explored it together. I'll take you out when we're there," I told Lou. I smiled at her. I just want to stare at her all day.

Ashton stated, "We have to go guys or else we'll miss the flight."

As we went in, I noticed how beautiful Lou looked today. The shirt she was wearing, marked her curves nicely. The way the jeans shaped her legs and her ass looked perfect. I'm such a lucky guy. Lou always looks perfect everyday. She's mine and no one will her take her away from me.

"I want window seat!" Lou exclaimed. She immediately sat down next to the window and giggled. "I'm still such a kid." 

I sat next to her. Calum sat next to me. Ashton and Michael sat in the row next to us.

The loud speaker went off, "Please turn off all electronic devices and buckle your seat belts. Make sure your seat is up and your tray table is up as we prepare for take off." 

The flight attendants went down our rows to check one last time. I squeezed Lou's hand and she squeezes my head in return. 

"Ready?" I asked as the plane started to move.

Lou replied, "I guess." She smiled. I looked down at our hands. Our hands were meant to be held together as a perfect fit. Lou noticed what I was looking at. "I know. I like our hands together too," she told me.

I watched the lights dim and the flight attendants demonstrated the emergency procedures. Soon after we took off and we were on our way to New York. 

• • •

Lou P.O.V.

We spent most of the flight watching movies and joked about the small thing in the film. Then talked deeply like heart to heart stuff. 

I looked out the window once we landed. There was a rainbow of city lights and skyscrapers scatter across. Snow covered most of the city as well. Snow! Wait it's cold! I only have a sweater! 

"Welcome to New York. The time now is 9:45 pm. It's about 23 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I hope you enjoy your evening and thank you for flying with us," the loudspeaker went off. 

Before I could say a word to Luke, he said, "Fuck, I'm sorry Lou. I forgot to remind you to bring a coat with you."

"It's ok. I have a sweater with me. Besides we're not going to be walking around the city and we're going to inside the whole time."

Luke still looked worried. "But then you're going to get cold." He got his coat from his bag. "Here wear it. You need it more." 

"You don't have to. I'm alright without it." He gave me a long look. "Ok." Then I thought about Fam. They still don't know about us. As 5SOS was getting up to leave, I said, "Wait, shouldn't I get out first. I mean fans are waiting outside and it's going to get crowded. They still don't know about Luke and I." 

"Yeah you should. Don't want to surprise anyone," Ashton agreed. 

I kissed Luke on the cheek. "I'll see you later. Thanks for the coat."

I grabbed my bag and left the plane. I saw Fam waiting for 5SOS to come out. One girl came up to me and asked, "Are 5SOS coming?"

"Oh that band. Yeah they're right behind me. They're so nice. Don't mob them please! They'll come to you!" I answered. 

I walked away to the exit of the airport to a black car. Damn how am I going to get in before 5SOS comes. I saw the driver and started, "Are you driving the guys in that band?"

"Yeah, but you're obviously not supposed to come in," he explained.

"Well let's just say one of has a girlfriend and she needs to travel with them."

"No, you're not getting in period."

Fuck. How the fuck am I getting in? "You got to believe me. I'm serious." I showed a selfie of Luke and I kissing. "Look. C'mon please. I can show you more proof if you want to. I swear."

"Seems reasonable. Sit in the front seat. If you're lying, you're in trouble."

I opened the door and hid my head so no one could see me. Soon, 5SOS came and the mob of fans followed them. Once they entered the car, we drove off. 

"Lou, you can stop hiding," Luke said. 

I looked to my left and smirked at the driver. "Told you."

5SOS were talking, but I was mesmerized by the city. The crowds of people, cars bunched together in traffic and the lights shining everywhere you looked. 

We arrived at the hotel. Again I had to come out first to be careful about being exposed. This is hard. We really have to tell. I went into our room and Luke met up with me. Our luggage was brought in as well. 

"How do you guys do this?" I questioned.

Luke responded, "Do what?"

"Handle the publicity. Being followed everywhere you go."

He grinned. "We got used to it."

"I'm going to take a shower. It's been a long day."


• • •

Luke was in bed already waiting for me come and join him. As I got under the covers, his long arms immediately wrapped around my waist. I turned around and brushed my lips against his.

"You don't know how much I missed you," he muttered under his breathe. 

"Same." He started leaving kisses on my neck. "Luke."

"Yeah, babe." 

"When are we telling?" He stopped. "I mean I felt bad for the Fam. They don't know about us."

"We'll tell them. But not right now at the moment." He kissed my forehead. "Good night princess."

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