"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


16. Chapter 15: More

Luke P.O.V.

Lou's alarm woke me up. Why does she have to wake up so early? Nerd. I'm going to stay here. 

She does the opposite. She gets up and walks out of the room with her clothes for the day like a zombie. She's so cute, adorable, pretty...there's not enough adjectives to describe her. 

My phone vibrates on the nightstand next to the bed. I move over to check who it was. 

Missing call from Ash

Why is he even calling me? He doesn't care. Then he texts me: Luke I really need to talk with u. Why is he even trying? I'm not coming back. 

I sat up from the bed. The day is starting and I don't want Lou to be late. I catch her in the kitchen and she's made my favorite. I sat down on the stool next to the island. 

She served the food and said, "Morning!" 

"Aww, Lou, you made my favorite," I responded. 

"Yup." She paused. She looked a bit worried. "God, I'm going to fail that test I have today. I forgot I had it. Ha."

"Don't worry about it. You'll do great," I assured her. "So, are you excited for tonight."

"Oh yeah I forgot we were going bowling with my friends. Of course I am! It's Friday and I really need to go out and take a break especially when my penguin is here."

"Princess, I know. I've seen you work hard and study up all night." I was finished with my breakfast, so I went behind her and held her hips. "And sometimes you need a break." I kissed her on the cheek. 

"Yeah. I think we should go already. I don't think we have time to meet with my friends now." 


I drove to her class. We said our goodbyes. I don't like this part even though I see her later. It just makes me feel alone. 

• • •

I haven't seen Lou in almost the whole day. During the day, I was just thinking about her. I still felt bad that she doesn't really know the reason why I'm here. 

I park the car next to the building of her last class. I think she should be coming out soon. Then, I remember how good she looked it those gym clothes she wore. It's going to give me a boner if I keep picturing her in them. 

She comes out of the building clueless of where I am. She finds the car and walk towards me with a big smile. God damn she's so beautiful!

I put the car window down and poked my head out. "Hey!" I greeted.

Lou responded,"Hey!" She went to the window to kiss me on my nose. Then, she came inside the car.

"Did you have a good day at school?"

"Yeah, I sure did! I practically failed all the tests I studied for because I suck. Yay!"

"Don't say that. You studied literally that whole night when I came."

"Aww, Lukey. But seriously I felt like I flunked them."

"You know what might cheer you up." I handed her a stuffed penguin. 

"Aww, you got me a penguin!" She hugged it. "It's so cute! Thank you!"

"You're welcome. I got it so that way when I'm away you'll remember me and you can cuddle it the same way we cuddle in bed at night." 

"Stop it, Luke. You're so sweet." She leaned in to hug me and then our lips were pressed against each other. 

"So, you want to go back home?" 

"Yeah, let's go. I'm tired."

I drove us back to her apartment. On the way there, my phone vibrated a few times. I think might be Ash. He's been trying to talk to me the whole day, but I haven't been answering at all. Can't he just stop?

Lou P.O.V. 

We're back at my apartment and I feel like something's bothering Luke. I mean he seemed himself until his phone rang. I don't know. I'm crazy, so fuck it.

"It's like four. I guess we can chill for a bit," I said.

Luke asked, "Ok. Want to watch some T.V.?"

"Yeah, what ever."

While Luke sat down and began to watch T.V. , I decided to go to the kitchen and get some potato chips. I don't think Luke would want any.

I went to the living room to find Luke already chilling on the sofa. I sat on Luke's lap because why not. 

Luke questioned, "Why are you sitting on my lap?"

"Because I can, duh," I answered. I gave him a small smirk before I started to eat my chips. He tried to be sneaky and tried to get some. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Getting some chips."

"No, they're mine. No touchy."

"Sharing is caring."

"But is caring, sharing? I thought so Lucifer."

"My name isn't Lucifer." He dug his hands in my chips. He ate them with his mouth open and very slow in front of my face. "Mmm....this tastes good."

"Oh, you think you're badass, stealing my potato chips. I see how it is Hemmings." I giggled and he gave me a kiss. This time it was salty as in potato chip salty. "I don't know what to do with you anymore."

"But I know what I want to do with you later."

I half heard what he said. "Wait, what?"

"Nothing. Wait, do you have Nutella?"

"Yeah, I should go get a jar for you and I." 

I went to the kitchen and got us jars of Nutella and spoons. I came back and Luke was lying down on the couch. I gave him his jar. I joined him and we cuddle together eating our Nutella. 

I started, "Are you alright Luke? I mean I feel like something is bothering you." 

"Everything is alright. I'm with you why would something be wrong," he replied.

"Just asking. I wish you could stay here forever."

"Same. You're the best."

"I'm not. You are."

"We both are." He paused and stared at me for a moment. "Don't we have to get ready?"

"Oh yeah! Let's get ready." 

*I went to my room. I'm wore a mint green colored tank top that said, "Too Much Perfection Is A Mistake," in black letters, grey black skinny jeans, and mint green high top sneakers (not Converse) that had studs on them. Also, I wore a rose necklace, pink flower earrings, and band bracelets.*

"I'm ready! Luke are you ready?" I asked.

"Yup," replied Luke, "you're gorgeous as always."

Luke was wearing a black button down dress shirt, black skinny jeans, and all black Converse. His hair was under his maroon SnapBack. 

"And you're always hot. Anyways, let's go already." As I walked towards the door, Luke slapped my ass. I looked back at him. "Really?"

He grinned and said, "Babe, it's 'cause you're mine." He gave me a small kiss on my cheek.

• • •

We saw Nathan and Ayanna already there waiting for us in order to get a lane.

"What's up, peeps?" I exclaimed.

"Hey!" responded Nate.

Ayanna said, "You guys are late!"

"Oh well deal with it!" I replied.

Luke added, "No we're fashionably late!"

"Oh my god! Yass Luke!" Luke and I posed together like models. Then, I hugged him.

"Relationship goals man, relationship goals," Ayanna commented.

Nate interrupted,"I got us a lane. You guys want to play?"

"Yeah, let's go! I'm going to lose! Yay!" I said.

We started to play and we all really sucked. Luke was acting silly too. He sat next to the lane and made a sad face every time I didn't get the pins down. Then, we got some fries, pizza and soda and ate them on the table next to our lane. 

"So, how did you guys meet or when did you guys start dating?" Nate questioned.

Oh shit, um...well we made out and everything sort of happened. The end. "Um...I meet Luke at a meet and greet an-"

"And when I saw her, I just wanted to be with her. I took her out on a date. Now here we are boyfriend and girlfriend," continued Luke.

"Aww that's so cute!" Ayanna said.

"Yeah, that's adorable," Nate added.

When both Ayanna and Nate weren't looking, I mouthed to Luke "Thank you."

Luke P.O.V.

This night out with Lou and Lou's friends was going so well. Until, I looked around and saw the dickhead. 

"I'm going to the bathroom," I said. 

Lou responded, "Ok, Luke."

I wasn't going to the bathroom. Instead, I headed towards his direction. He didn't look surprised to see me.

"So, why did you come over here?" Christian started. He grinned at me. "You're scared of me? Scared that I might touch Lou like the last time?" 

"Shut the fuck up! Why are you even here? Are following us?" 

"Why can't I be here, huh?" 

He got on my last nerve. He is just annoying. I pushed him against the wall. 

"I mean it. Shut up!"

He looked weak and defenseless on the wall. "You don't want to make a scene. Especially, when you're out with your girlfriend. Oh wait and you're Luke Hemmings." I weakened my grip on him. "I have one thing to say."

"What is it?"

"Lou's a fangirl. She has other idols besides you. Just remember that."

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Don't forget that. I told you once." 

Christian walked away with a stupid smirk on his and chuckled a little. 

Lou P.O.V.

God, where's Luke? I spot him coming back. He looked so confused and annoyed. I don't even want to ask him. I just wanted to have fun.

The rest of the night went on with a bunch other conversations, good food, and us just pretty much a being a disgrace to bowling. Ayanna won too like who knew. When when Luke and I went back to my apartment I just wanted to chill.

"I'm going to my room to put my pajamas on," I told Luke.

"Ok," he said.

^^Once I went into the room, I started to unzip my jeans until Luke came in. 

"Luke?" I said. 

He responded by pinning me against the wall. I looked up at him as gazed down at me with his blue eyes. His eyes weren't a light blue, but a clear dark blue.

"Remember the first time, we were like this?" he said.

I answered, "Of course, How could I forget?"

"Let's continue then."

Our lips clashed together. As I put arms around his neck, his hands were on my waist then they slid down to grab my ass. Then, he lift my leg up to his torso.

Under his breathe in between our kisses he directed, "Jump."

I did as he commanded. My legs were wrapped around him and all I wanted was his skin on mine. Our lips were glued to each other. His tongue slipped into my mouth gentle but aggressive. He carried me to the bed. Once he laid me down, we broke away. I looked at him innocently as I laid there on the bed.

"Fuck, stop looking at me like that," he growled.

I responded, "Sorry Lukey, but I can't help it."

I went along and started to unbutton his shirt. Then our lips found each other like they depended on it. We needed each other to survive. I tried to take my own shirt off, but he took it right off leaving us both shirtless. He started to place small hot kisses on my neck sucking the skin then to the back of my ear.

I could feel his heated breath on my skin. He whispered, "I want to taste you, babe."

Then, it just occurred to me. I didn't tell Luke I was a virgin. But I couldn't tell him now. 

He began to slide my jeans off and I was only in my underwear. I wanted his pants off too. He read my mind and took them off himself. I could feel his bulge on me, the only thing separating it was his boxers. As we began to kiss again, our tongues moved in rhythm in each other's mouths. Soon, he left a trail of kisses going down. until he reached my breasts. Quickly, he unclasped my bra and held my breasts in his hands. I whimpered. Then, he started to lick them which made me moan. 

I had to break it to him. "Luke." He continued placing hot kisses on me and sucked my skin. "Luke." Still no response. "Luke!" 

He stopped to look at me with a smirk. It was that smirk with dimples and his lip ring, damn. "What, babe? What's wrong?"

I backed away a little. "I'm sorry but I should've told you this earlier. I'm a virgin." 

That didn't seem to bother him at all. "That doesn't mean we can't have fun tonight," he told me with a grin. "I'll just see how you taste." He continued moving downward, sucking and kissing my skin. He reached my heat and started rubbing circles with his thumb. I whimpered more. "Princess, you're already wet for me." He gave me another cheeky smile.

"Stop teasing," I wined.

"Spread your legs."

I obeyed. He removed my panties with his teeth. Before he placed his mouth, he ran his fingers on my folds collecting my wetness. Then he licked his fingers clean and began sucking on my clit with his plump pink lips. His tongue swirled inside me. I moaned loudly. I couldn't take it. 

He stopped started thrusting two fingers into my clit. While he thrusted his fingers, his eyes never left mine wanting to feel the pleasure I was feeling. 

"You like that?" He said. "Answer me!" He demanded.

"Yeah!" I answered weakly. Because of that he started fingering harder, hitting my G-spot. Again, his tongue came inside me with his fingers making me moan louder. "Luke! Faster please!"

"Princess, tell me you love it."

"I love...ugh." I moaned. He continued thrusting his fingers and licking my core faster than before. I couldn't take it anymore. "I'm so close!"

"Come for me, Princess."

I don't know if I could hold it. I screamed loudly once I reached my high.

"Mmm, you taste so good!" He licked his fingers once more. 

We kissed once more. Under my breathe I said, "Lucas, that was the best." 

"Fucking sexy. I want you to be inside you. But I can't do that." We fell calm as we laid there satisfied. "You're first time needs to be special."

"I know. But that was fun."

He chuckled. "Princess."


"I enjoyed watching you come in front of me."

"I enjoyed the way you fingered me."

We laughed. He kissed me on my forehead when I closed my eyes.^^

• • •

It's Saturday morning, so I slept in with Luke. I woke up with hands wrapped around me. Luke is so cute man, I can't even! Our naked bodies on touching each other. 

I stood up from the bed and I went ahead and picked up Luke's shirt off the floor to put it on. It was oversized and comfortable on me. 

I went back to bed and Luke woke up. His blonde hair was all tussled all over the place. In a raspy morning voice he said, "Morning babe."

"Morning." We just stared into each other's eyes. I always get lost in Luke's. His are bright blue and were so clear. "Luke?" I asked.

"Yeah, Lou."

"Why are so fucking handsome?" 

He smiled. "Why are you so fucking pretty?"

"No swearing, Luke," I joked. "I don't know why." I stuck my tongue out at him.

"You swore what do you mean? And there has to be a reason why."

"I feel so lazy today. I'm not doing anything. You know what? I'm making pancakes, so I'll see you in the kitchen." I kissed him on his nose and left to the kitchen.

I was at the stove and Luke caught up to me. All he had on were some plaid pajama pants. Then, He slapped me on my ass.

I told him,"So not getting used to that."

"Who told you to put my shirt on?" He complained. "'Cause you really look good in it."

"Oh I see what did there."

He held my hips and leaned down for a kiss. I'm never going to get tired of kissing him.

• • •

After we ate, I took a shower and dressed down in his shirt and some grey jogging pants. I was so serious when I said I didn't want to do anything.

Luke commented, "Look who's all dressed up." He was in a T-shirt and sweats too. 

"Shut up, I don't want to do anything. Oh wait I got homework. Damnit," I said.

"I'll help you."

"How are going to do that?"

"Every time you finish a problem, you get a rewarded."

"Okay." I started doing the first problem and finished. "I'm done! Now where's my reward?" He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately. "I like that reward."

"You got to finish more in order to get more," he ordered.

"Ok, Lucas," I agreed.

That really did motivate me because I got more than half of the problems done.

Luke interrupted, "Lou, I have to tell you something."

"Wha-" Then, my phone started ringing. "I'm going out to the balcony to answer this. Ok, Luke?" I explained.

"Ok," he responded.

Me: Hello?

Ash: Hey, Lou!

Me: Oh hey Ash!

Ash: Is Luke there?

Me: Yeah, why?

Ash: 'Cause I need to speak to him.

Me: Yeah, but why?

Ash: What was the reason Luke told you he was there?

Me: That you guys were on break?

Ash: No we aren't.

Me: Wait what?! What do you mean?! Ashton don't lie to me!

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