"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


13. Chapter 12: Another Day

Lou P.O.V.

1, 2, 3, 4 (guitar)
She's dropping out of school 'cause...

Ugh, what time is it? Oh it's 6:00 a.m. I'm ok I can sleep for a few. Turn off that alarm and I'm good. Why does it have to be Monday?


What the hell was that? I thought I turned the alarm.

I check my phone and I got a text from Luke. It said: Good Morning babe! :*

What? Oh...for the moment, I forgot my boyfriend is Luke. Ha ha oops....yea...

Anyways, aww. I text Luke back: Morning penguin! <3

I decided to get up and start the day early. I wore my usual outfit: T-shirt, jeans, converse. 

I went to Starbucks where I found Nate at our usual spot.

"Hey!" I said.

Nate responded, "Hello, seems someone's in a good mood. Did something happen this weekend?"

"No! You know how I am, I'm always happy and stuff."

"You have a cheesy smile on your face. You're lying!"

"OMG, no...Maybe. I'm getting my hot chocolate. Wait, ok."

As I got up to get my hot chocolate, I saw that Ayanna came in and sat next to Nate. Ayanna looked like she was ranting off about something. Then, Nate started yapping too. They both talk a lot and to be honest I love friends that do. 

When I went back to the table, Nate started, "Now back to what I was saying, what happened over the weekend?"

"Nothing happened! I just got a new friend."

"Nope you're lying! You don't act this way."

Ayanna continued, "I have to agree, Lou, something is up with you."

I should tell them, but shouldn't. I mean it's a bit too early for them to know about Luke and they wouldn't even believe me. Should I say half the truth? Half the truth.

"Well, I kind of, sort of met this guy and we're kind of, sort of," I informed.

"Kind of, sort of what?" Ayanna and Nate exclaimed.

"Oh my god! Damn! Dating, there I said it!"

"I knew it! You're dating. It's been a long time since you've done that," Nate said.

Ayanna questioned, "So, how does he look like?"

"Yeah, tell us," Nate added.

"He's tall. He's blonde. He's nice. He's-" I paused and looked at my watch. Fuck I'm going to be late for class! "I got to go guys! I'm going to be late for philosophy! Bye!"

I ran all the way to class. I was the first one there as always. I totally forgot that I set my watch 15 minutes forward. Wow, I'm just done with myself.

"Good morning, professor!" I greeted.

Professor Harrison said, "Good morning, Louisette. How are you?"

"I'm good, thanks. How about you?"

"I'm doing fine. Did you have a good weekend?"

"Yeah, I did a lot of stuff."

"You do seem like you have a lot on your mind. Whatever is going on, just try to relax." 

"Okay, I will." 

People started to come in the class so I decided to take my seat. I noticed that Christian wasn't here today, so weird.

Professor Harrison started, "Good morning everyone. Today our topic will be about friendship. It may seem a bit childish, but we all have friends. Friends influence you to do actions that you may or may not want to do. Sometimes we even trust friends with secrets or duties. I want you to write to write your own definition and your perception on friendship. Again, I as must say in this class, that we all have different views and we must express them. So here is your question, what makes a good friend and do you consider yourself to be a good friend?"

Out of all the topics in the world, he had to pick friendship. Currently, I'm not feeling that because I've been lying a lot which isn't me.

Here we go.

What makes a good friend? Do you consider yourself to be a good friend?

Friendship has too many definitions to even write down. But the friendships I have I have at the moment are your typical friends and a boyfriend (new, hang on with me). Friendship to me was one of things I struggled to learn to have growing up. But no one really masters it. Friendship means to have a relationship with people that you believe feel what you feel and actually care about you. 

A good friend is someone you can fully trust with anything at all. I think that good friends don't exist because perfection doesn't exist. Right? But there are those friends that fit really close to that definition and I appreciate them the most. They're awesome people. How can I get over that fact? Seriously, though. 

I'm a good friend? I would be lying if I said yes. Most people would self-reward themselves and be like oh yeah of course I am, my friends all love me and stuff. No I'm not like that. If I said no in front of my friends, they'll say that I'm crazy and that I am. Nope. I. Am. Not. Explain this concept in depth you say? Ok, I will. I'm a bit reckless, wait no, just reckless and take advantage of them for my own good. But then again, my friends say I don't. It's really confusing to be honest.

Do I benefit my friends while doing this? I guess so. I mean I might be helping along the way. At the moment, I've been the worst friend you could ever have. I've lying to my best friends for days. To my boyfriend, I feel like he's just this spectacular person that really doesn't deserve me but I don't know what's going on in his stupid mind. That dork. Just kidding but he's really sweet and adorable. I just can't right now. But, I've been lying to my best friends because of him. Then he's lying to other people because of me. I don't what we're doing. Everything is flying right past us. I'm here like awesome. I'm fine with that. 

Back to the point, a good friend doesn't exist and I'm the worst friend you can have. Peace out.

Done. Just in time to class is about to end.

"Okay class is dismissed. I hoped you guys enjoyed writing your thoughts down as always."

Biology's next! Let's do this!

Luke P.O.V. 

Today my schedule is this: Breakfast, interviews, lunch, interviews, dinner, and the end.

I'm on the second interview part and the band is being annoying as hell. Especially, Mikey though. I hate this band.

I was Twitter yesterday and the Fam is smarter than I thought they were. Someone took a picture of Lou and me holding hands. Hopefully, no one questions me on the topic that I'm currently dating. 

I walk into the room where our next interview is.

"I think this our last interview," Ashton explained.

Michael said, "Yeah! There never enough questions for people to ask."

"I kind of enjoy interviews. The fans learn more about us," Calum commented.

"Yeah," I added, "that's true."

"How about you?"

"What?" Cal caught me off guard. I thinking that I should really call Lou right after everything to see how is she doing. "Oh, interviews are cool."

The interviewer came in and she started to ask us her long list of questions.

Interviewer: We have the boys from 5 Seconds of Summer here! How are you guys?

Ashton: I'm good

Me: Good

Calum: Great

Michael: Awesome

I: So all the news is about the new album that's coming out next year. How's that coming along and what can we expect?

A: It's coming along pretty good and we're currently recording some songs along this tour.

Me: You can expect way more guitar and original punk pop style we bring to the table.

I: You guys have been around a long time right?

M: Yeah, we love making music!

I: It's amazing how you guys are on top every time. Do just make a track and say "hey this is going to be a hit?"

C: We don't.

A: Sometimes we don't like what we record and sometimes we do. But we never have a mind set on a song where we think that it's going to be a hit.

I: Don't you guys think back to where you started to like YouTube videos and all?

Me: Yeah of course we do. It's where we started growing.

I: So, are all of you guys single? I mean yesterday, trending on Twitter, were some rumors that Luke has a girlfriend.

M: Of course we are.

I: Luke, can you elaborate on the photos fans posted on Twitter?

Me:, she was just a fan.

I: Really? I mean you guys seem really close.

Me: Yeah, she found me in the crowd and wanted to take a picture. Fans are awesome! 

I: Oh okay so all the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer are single. Thank you guys for coming. So, that's all the time we have now.

I thought this interview would never end. She kept asking questions and asked about our relationship statuses. I need a break.

Lou P.O.V.

My day consisted of a lot of learning and me missing Luke and the boys. 

For example:

Luke: texted me this morning.

Mikey: A snapchat of him and Luke that said, "IT'S LUKE! I CAN'T!" I swear he's always mocking us fangirls!

Cal: Another snapchat with Luke that said, "Haha he's my BF now!" I'm guessing we're going to have problems because Luke is my boyfriend! Who does he think he is? 

Ash: Sent me a video update which went like: 

"Hey Lou! We're here at interviews. Talking and being bored. There's Michael!" Michael sticks his middle finger out and smirks. "Oh god! Cal's humping Luke!" Ash giggles. "Huke Lemmings, what do you have to say?" 

Luke puts on a big smile and exclaims, "Hi!!!" 

Ash continues, "We all miss you! Bye!"

I finally came home and realize that I have so much studying to do! I have some projects to do! Too much!!! Why can't I be free?

Then, I keep lying to my friends. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I feel like a bad person.

Didn't 5SOS have interviews today? I'm going to for that interview on YouTube to chill and try to relax.

• • •

This didn't make me feel better. Luke lied to the Fam and that is the worst thing ever! I'm so done! I can't even!

My phone's ringing. Who's calling? Oh it's Luke...

Luke P.O.V.

Lou: Hello?

Me: Hey Lou!

Lou: Hey Lukey!

Me: How are you?

Lou: I'm okay, I just feel a bit stressed.

Me: A bit stressed as in?

Lou: School work, studying, projects, all of the above.

Me: Wow, but guess what I don't get a break either with all the interviews and shows.

Lou: I guess that makes two of us.

Me: Yup.

Lou: I miss you a lot.

Me: I miss you too.

Lou: Seriously though! Especially when the boys are sending me things about you doesn't make it any better.

Me: Oh god! What did they send you?

Lou: Mostly snapchats and then there's Ashton making some live video updates. 

Lou giggled. She's so cute. 

Me: Yeah that's them, it's not my band.

Lou: So not your band. When am I going to see you again? I want to see you again. 

Me: I don't know, but it's going to be long time before you can see me. I want to see you too.

Lou: Oh, at least I'll get video updates from Ash. 

She starts to laugh. 

Me: Wow!

I started to laugh along.

Lou: I'm sorry! Just kidding!

Me: Yeah! 

Lou: I got to start studying so I have to go.

Me: Okay, I'll try to call you tomorrow. Bye nerd!

Lou: Bye dork!

I hope I do have time to call her tomorrow. I don't even think I have time for her in these upcoming days.

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