"Everything is contingent, and there is also chaos."

Contingent (Adjective):
1. Dependent on something that is uncertain
2. Something that may or may not happen; possible


11. Chapter 10: Together

Lou P.O.V.

We arrived at my apartment.

"I'm home!" I said as I walked in. "I'm going to go change."

Luke responded, "Okay."

*I go to my room and pick out an outfit that I usually wouldn't wear. I decided to put the new clothes I bought yesterday at the mall. I had the striped crop top and the plain Aqua colored skirt. Again, I put some Converse. They were black zip up high tops with grey laces, which I didn't change. I put on the new charm bracelet and the owl earrings.*

I decided to go on my laptop and check Twitter. I want to know what going on in the Fam at the moment, probably nothing. OMG! No! No! No! No! The whole Fam is panicking because of me. All I see going down my timeline is a picture of Luke and I. The picture wasn't really clear though. You can't really see my face but obviously could tell Luke's. Some Fam thought it was just a random rumor going around. They were saying things like that it was a lie, the picture was edited, and it's fake. At least they somewhat knew what was happening.

Oh shoot, I forgot I have Luke over. I'm stupid! I came out of my room to find Luke sitting on the couch with his phone. Then, he turned around and started staring at me. "Yeah, I don't really like what I'm wearing either," I explained.

Luke complimented, "You look amazing."

"Thank-." Someone was knocking at the door interrupted us. 

"Were you expecting someone?"

"No. I have no idea who is that." I went over to the door and the stalker ex is here. He also had a bouquet flowers in his hands. "Why the fuck are you here? You know nothing good is going to happen between us! Get the fuck away from here!"

Christian started, "Lou, I'm sorry I just-" 

Luke appears by my side. Next to Chris he was way taller. "What's going on here?" Luke asked. 

"Can you just tell my stalker ex to fucking leave?" I answered

Chris looked up at Luke. "Wait, who-"

"She doesn't want you! Just leave!" Luke told Chris. 

Omg I feel like something is about to go down. 

"Lou! You bitch! After what we've done last weekend!"

"Don't act like I don't know what you did when you left me alone! Stacy told me the whole damn story! I don't need you! Get the fuck out!"

"Don't you get the point! Leave or else!" Luke backed me up.

"Or else what? You're going to fight me?" Chris remarked. 

"Yeah I will!"

Christian took my hair in his hand and pulled it. Then, he threw me on the ground like a worthless object. I stayed helpless on the floor. I couldn't keep the pain in and bursted out in tears. 

Luke's fist met Chris's face. "You idiot don't touch her!"

I couldn't help to what I was seeing. I had to do something. Chris tried to give Luke a blow in his face, but nearly misses. Instead, Chris plays unfair and hits him in the stomach. To annoy Luke more, he kicked me as well. "Ow!" I screamed in agony. I was still sobbing my eyes out. Luke recovered enough hit him back, but this time it was enough to push him out of the door. I quickly closed the door, before he could enter back. 

A few moments later, I heard Christian shout, "Fuck you!"

I was still on the floor and I wiped the tears away from my eyes. Luke held his hand out to help me up. 

As I got up, Luke commented, "You don't deserve him."

"You can say that again," I joked. I put my hands around his face. Observed every detail of his face. His lips. His nose. His eyes. "That's why I have you." 

I buried my face in his chest as I hugged him. I could feel his heart beat steadily and his hands stroke my hair. "Are you ok?"

I looked up at him. "Yeah, I'm ok. Are you ok 'cause you're the one who got hit?"

"Don't worry about me, Lou." He lets out a small grin to assure me. 

"I'm scared. I feel like he might come back"

"He won't. You shouldn't be scared."

"I know, but I just can't get over what just happened," I explained.

"I was going bring you out on a date. I think that can take your mind off of this."

OMG! First date with Luke! "That would. Where to?"

"It's a surprise."

"C'mon, please tell me." I looked at him with a puppy face.

"You're cute but I'm not telling you."

"I really don't like you. You know that."

We went into my car and I gave Luke my keys to drive. He drove us to a park. I never have been to this park before, but so nice with lots of trees. There was also a huge field of perfect-to-lay-on grass with a small pond in the middle of it. Also, there were some playgrounds too. Yay!

"Stay here and don't look back," Luke instructed.

I said, "Ok, Luke." So I just sit there inside my car, waiting for Luke to be done with whatever he's doing. What is he doing? What are we going to do? This is taking long. Why?!?

He came back. "You can come out now, but you have to close your eyes." I came out of the car. "No peeking." He covered my eyes with his hands instead.

We walked and walked. He uncovered my eyes. "Surprise!"

All I saw was a little cute picnic right next to the pond. How'd he do this? I'm just speechless. I can't breathe! Calm down! Trying to hide my inner fangirl is hard. Fangirls can't even control their emotions. Ha ha can't even...yeah that's cheesy. "This can't even explain how awesome this is!" I hugged him tightly to feel his warm embrace. "How'd you do all of this?"

"I might have done some things while you were changing." Luke smirked. We sat down and he took out some sandwiches out of the picnic basket. "Which kind do you want? Peanut butter and jelly or Nutella?"

"Nutella please."

"Aww, I thought you were going to say peanut butter and jelly. There was only enough for one sandwich."

"Too bad. I want it. Besides I'll get some later, so you can eat all the Nutella sandwiches in the world." 

"Meany." He did a pouty face.

"I'll make brownies," I offered.


We ate and talked together. I decided to lie down on the grass once we were done eating. Luke joined along with me. "You're so weird, laying on the grass and stuff," He teased.

I responded, "I love laying on the grass. You can look at the nice blue sky and ask, "What is life?"'

"That's what I like about you."

I smiled at him. "I like that you made sandwiches for us. I like that you picked a quiet place for us. I like that we're next to this nice view of the pond. I like that you did all of this while I was in my room! And most of all I really like you!"

"I really like you too! I did the best I could. Especially when I won't be able to see you in a long time."

We lay there looking in each other's eyes. Luke cupped my face in his hands. Our lips touched once again. We can't get enough of each other. I'm his. He's mine.

As we came to a stop, he said, "I been wanting to ask you this."

"What is it?" I questioned. 

"Want to go to the playground?"

"Yeah, let's go!" 

"I'll race you there!"

"Ok!" We ran all the way to the play set. I was there first. "Haha! I won!"

"I let you win!"

"Oh ok! You're such a sore loser!" I stuck my tongue out at him.

We played on the playground: went down the sides, ran around, and all that fun stuff. After all of that, Luke and I went on the swings.

I screamed, "Weeee!"

"I can go higher than you!" Luke exclaimed.

"No! I can!"

We finally calmed down and just sat on the swings. "You know I'm just a normal fan who freaks about your band all the time," I commented.

Luke responded, "No, you're not. Stop saying that. You're more than just a fan. I'm always going to be here for you."

I just stared at him. Why don't you get it? I'm so stupid and you're out of my league. "I don't believe you."

"Stop doubting yourself. If I haven't learned anything about is that you doubt yourself when you're pretty amazing."

"Aww, don't say that."

"It's true. You're unique. I'm curious. Why do you always wear Converse?"

"Long story short, I wear Converse with a purpose. Yeah they look good and all, but they carry memories. I wear them to remember moments in life and remind myself of them. I wear them to feel confident. I wear them to be myself. Converse describe my life story." I paused. "I think that's a lot to take in."

"Another reason why you're the best."

"We should get going. It's getting chilly and dark. 

"We shouldn't. Let's stay here forever."


"You can have my sweater."

"I prefer to stay inside," I joked. 

"Ok, let's go back."

We packed up and drove back to my apartment. By the time we got back, it was really late. 

"Ugh, I want to sleep. It was a long day," I complained.

Luke questioned, "Aren't you a fangirl?"

"Yeah? I'm a fan of your band and I am a girl."

"Don't you stay up all night?" He started to chuckle. 

"Just stop, don't play this game. I'm not in the mood to explain what I do."

"Yeah, you need the sleep."

"I'm taking a shower," I told him.

Luke P.O.V.

Lou went into the bathroom. I haven't been with the band the whole day. I check my phone and all three texted.

Cal: I miss u 

Me: Miss u too

Cal: what do u mean? U left to be with her...u monster

Me: Cal I'll be back tomorrow lol

Cal: ok :)


Ash: ur ok?

Me: yeah

Ash: ur happy?

Me: yeah...u worried?

Ash: no...I mean...nvm...yeah

Me: knew it :P

Ash: shut up!

Me: ooo Ash


Mikey: shithead what r u doin

Me: wtf

Mikey: I said shithead what r u doin

Me: rude

Mikey: my ass

Me: fuck u

Mikey: I love u

Me: u do?

Mikey: jk I hate u

Me: why?!?

Mikey: balls

Me: really?

Mikey: balls balls balls

• • • 

Lou P.O.V.

When I came out, Luke was FaceTiming the band. Aww, they are so adorable! I signaled to Luke that I was going to bed. 

I sat on my bed and took my phone out. Someone texted me. 

Unknown number: U bitch you'll fucking pay when u least expect it...just watch you'll see...enjoy everything now...ur life is going to be ruined

Christian, it has to be him. He's annoying and he just brings nothing but trouble. Threats, really childish. I'm so done for the day.

I turned off my lamp on my night stand and laid down on my bed with the nice comfy covers. I closed my eyes and I heard my bedroom door open. Then, I heard some footsteps coming towards me and the lamp on my nightstand turned on. I peeked out of the covers and whispered, "Sleep with me."

"But you didn't make brownies," Luke said. 

"Aww, I make it up to you don't worry. Sleep you need it." I smiled at him. 

Luke went ahead turn off the lamp on my night stand and invited himself in with me. I was on the edge of the bed with my back facing his face. My body is stiff at first, unusual with the feeling of someone else on my bed. He puts his arm around me moving me closer to him and his skin touches me. I felt him breathing on me. He is slow and relaxed with me. I began to be the same after a few minutes. His scent and the solidness of his body were so irresistible. 

It just doesn't seem real. He makes my feel so free and different.

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