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41. Yasutora (Chad) Sado

~Name: Ariana (first name) Hikari (last)
Age: 15 (He’s 17)
Family: Mom killed by hollow, Dad (shinigami) killed by Grimmjow
Race: Shinigami/human (she is both at the same time, she's half soul, half body, and can be seen by humans all the time)
Rank: 14 seat of squad 13
Looks:(Long blonde hair, blue eyes, metal left arm and metal right leg which is her zanpakutou)
Powers/abilities: Controls water
Personality: Shy and quiet when you first meet her, but when you get to know her, she's hyper and happy, but if you call her short, you better run (she has the Edward Elric complex, and she's 4"2)
Zodiac sign: Virgo

“I am sorry for your loss, miss.” The man who helped buried your parents. You waited until everyone left as you lean against their headstones.
“I promise I will avenge you mother, father.” You cried punching the ground below you. You soon got up leaving the flowers there, headed back home packing your things.
“You ready miss?” The driver asked as you took another look at your family home.
“Yes, take me to the international airport please.” You requested, then got into the taxi.
‘Home here I come.’ You thought. You paid the drive then boarded the next flight out to Japan.

{Three days later}
You have been back in your hometown for two days, finally having ready to start school here. You walked up to the door for your class, the teacher greeted you prior.

“Class as you may see we have a new student, make her feel at home.” The teacher announced as you entered.
“Please tell us a little about yourself.” She said.
“My name is Ariana Hikari, I’m 15 moved back here from the west.” You said playing with your finger tips in pure anxiety.

“Alright Ariana, I would like you to take a seat in front.” She tells you and you did, the day continued its slow pace as you made it to lunch. You sat on the roof top then a sudden feeling made you jump, you had a bad feeling since it was all to familiar. You looked around sensing it as you raced off in search, you looked but nothing.

“Ah what a tasty meal.” A chilling voice said as you see the shadow right behind you, looking over your shoulder as it was about to strike you. Out of fear you were unable to move or blink, then a man rushed over his arm black and purple or maybe crimson you were not sure just yet.

“Yo Chad whose the shorty.” Another voice said, you looked over seeing a orange head boy. Still in fear you stayed as you watched the guy before you save you from this monster hollow. Finally after the tall guy finished the hollow you drop to your knees, and faint.

Your head seemed to spin as the voices around, slowly cleared up. You opened one eye looking around as you spot that tall, dark and handsome guy who saved you sitting not far. You lift your hand placing it over your head, then silence as you sat up.

“Where am I?” You asked groggily, feeling a hand on your shoulder. You moved your hands away looking up to see who it was, a girl with black hair smiling.
“A shop, we brought you here since you fainted. My name is Rukia.” She introduced, you nod.

“Ichigo, Renji, Orihime, Uryuu, Urahara, Yoruichi, hey wait where did Chad go.” Rukia said as she pointed to the said people but soon stopped, you noticed too the take guy with grey eyes wasn’t in the room no more. You stood up little wobbly.

“Thank you but I should really go.” You said, they turned to look at you as the guy you know as Urahara started to wave his fan. You made way to the door before a voice stopped you. “What is it you’re hiding?” You turned on the heel of your foot to face the man with the fan.

“What do you mean?” You asked.
“Your arm and leg.” He plainly states.
“Lost the limps why?” You asked.

“And why is there reiatsu coming from the arm and leg?” Urahara asked, you unknowingly went into deep thought with eyes watching you.
“What is your name?” He asked breaking you from your thoughts.
“Ariana Hikari.” You replied, he leans his fan on his face then closed it.

“Ariana what school do you attend?” He asked.
“Karakura High.” You said, Ichigo stood up putting his hands on his hips.
“Wait this shrimp is a high school student.” Ichigo muttered, you bowed your head lowly, as your hair shadowed your face.

“What did you call me?” You snarled, he turns back to you.
“S-H-I-R-M-P.” He dramatically responded, you lurched forward jumping on him about to hit him until someone lifted you off of him.
“Are you alright Ichigo?” The unknown soft voice said, Ichigo blinks then looks at you.

“Ariana are you alright?” He then asked you, slumping in his arms you nodded.
“Yes, Ichigo…I’m sorry.” You apologized.
“Yea, sorry for calling you shrimp.” Ichigo replied putting his hands in his pocket, the arms unwrapped around you letting you go. You turned around looking up at his grey eyes as he stared back into yours.

“What is your name?” You asked him suddenly, he kneels down.
“Yasutora Sado, but you can call me Chad.” He said kindly with his deep voice.
“Ariana, are you not from around here?” Ichigo asked, as the other’s listened.
“I was born but raised else where.” You say, looking down.

“I see so what made you move back?” Ichigo asked again, the sadden expression hidden behind your hair.
“Bo-both my parents were killed, mother killed by hollow and father killed by Grimmjow.” You say as your voice tried so hard not to crack.
“Ariana, is your arm and leg a Zanpakuto?” Urahara asked suddenly.

“Yes it is able to form into a Zanpakuto, why?” You asked.
“Hmm. What ability do you have?” He then asked.
“Control of water.” You reply, he nods.
“I best be on my way.” You say sadly.
“Wait Ariana, where are you staying?” Urahara asked again, as you stood still outside of his door.

“A hotel.” You say.
“Hmm, you may stay here at the shop.” Urahara offered, you shake your head no.
“Thank you but no.” You say kindly, then Sado taps your shoulder.
“Stay with me then I have an extra room you can live in.” Sado offered, you smiled.
“Alright if you wish for me to.” You say, he nods as a toad plushie jumps on his shoulder.

{A year later}
You couldn’t believe you have stayed with Sado for a year, he was very silent and you were sued to that but over the time you started to have feelings for him. You were 14 when you first met and he was 16. You still attend school with him and the others, you have enjoyed working and helping them with the whole soul society thing.

“Hey Ichigo!” You yelled as they all stopped and turned around. You blushed lightly as you see Sado standing there with Nova once again.
“Yo, I thought you had to do something with Rukia and Orihime?” Ichigo greet asking you.
“I am I was just asked to hand this to Toshiro.” You said holding out the paper the his Lt. wanted you to hand him, he mutters some colorful words then looks to you.
“Tell her I said no, and she must finish her work.” He firmly states, you nod.

You were taken into the S.S. and were an official in the 13 squad. Although you were to remain in Karakura town with everyone, you turned but looked at Sado over your shoulders.

‘I wish I could tell him how I truly feel.’ You thought, unknown to you he was thinking the same thing. You met up with Orihime, Rukia and Matsumoto, you told her what her captain had said but she just blew it off and went with you girls.
“So how do you like then Rukia?” Matsumoto taunted after asking Orihime the same, although she just blushed and went clueless ignoring her.

“I am not looking for a lover, and I don’t like anyone in that way.” Rukia states, then nods towards my way.
“What?” You asked as they smirked at you.
“Who do you like?” They asked in unison, you blushed and looked away.

“Sado.” You say in a whisper, Rukia immediately jumps on you.
“Seriously, you need to tell him trust me.” Rukia encouraged as she got off of you, Matsumoto and Orihime looked at you two confused.
“She like Chad.” Rukia says, and they smile hugging you.

{Sado’s POV}
Renji and Ichigo were arguing like usual, and as such I drifted off into my thoughts thinking about her.
“Have you told her yet?” Ichigo asked out of the blue, I looked at him just as Renji and Toshiro looked interested in hearing.
“No.” I simply reply walking.
“Wait what hasn’t he told who?” Renji asked clueless, Toshiro smacks his forehead.
“Ariana, that I am in love with her.” I said, Renji burst out laughing. Ichigo kicked him in the side so he stopped seeing my expression.
“So what you going to do about it?” Renji asked.
“I don’t know where to began.” I say low.
“Che, take her out to a place she would like.” Toshiro said.
“Ok.” You say simply.

{Later on}
Orihime’s cell phone went off, she answered it as she walked on ahead. She soon hangs up with a huge smile on her face, then looks to you three.
“The boys are treating us to dinner.” She happily says.

“Really?” You sarcastically asked, she nods.
“Ok so lets head ba- hey whose place is closer?” Rukia started then asked.
“Sado’s apartment is three blocks from here.” You say.
“Alright then lets get nice and ready there.” Matsumoto said, pulling you as Orihime pulled Rukia.

You make it to the apartment but you hear talking on the other side of the door, it was Ichigo’s voice. You unlocked and opened the door revealing the boys in there boxers only as they were getting all cleaned up, well all for accept Hitsugaya that is. He just leaned against the walk with his eyes closed, but opened them when you four opened the door.

“Sorry, we were closer to here so we decided to get ready here.” You say, Toshiro looks up at you.
“Che, you don’t have to be sorry it really makes it easier on us.” He said, you nod and walked towards your bedroom but not before looking at Sado’s well toned body that made your mouth water.

You all searched your closet as you looked for something to wear. Rukia, and you were the only two that haven’t finished getting ready. You both were dressed but your hair and make up wasn’t done. Orihime did Rukia and Matsumoto did you, looking in the mirror you all smiled see yourselves.

{After the restaurant}
“Ok Bye Rukia, Ichigo.” You said waving them off, now it was only you and Sado walking home alone. The silence was aching you like a pain in the neck, you wanted to say something but every time you started you couldn’t think of anything. Once at the apartment he unlocks and opens the door letting you and him enter, but as the door was kicked closed your were up against it with his lips on yours.

Ariana.” He whispered breaking the kiss, then lifted you up in his arms. He takes you into his room gently kicking the door again closed then set you down on his bed.
“Sado, there is something I would like to say.” You said, he grabs your hand in his kneeling in front of you.
“I-I…” You trailed, he puts his hand on your cheek.

“I love you to Ariana.” He said, as the words left his lips you captured them with yours in pure bliss. He recaptures your lips gently laying you down on his bed as he started to disrobe you and him. You tossed your head back feeling his touch and the chilled air around.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited.” You purred as he started kissed down your chin to your neck nibbling and sucking. His touch was sending your body into a frenzy, as his left hand massaged your breast and his right massaged your inner thigh.

You moaned feeling your body’s heat rise and tension thicken of lust and passion. You can feel his erection growing between your legs. He moves his hands pinning your wrist above your head, trailing his kisses to your breasts taunting your nipples then bites down softly not to break the flesh.

“Ss…aaa….dddooo.” You moaned. He then stopped taunting your breast and moved to your inner thigh kissing to your now wet sex. He started to rub your clit then massaged around making you wetter then before.

“Saa…uhhh…” You moaned again, as he started to lick and stick his tongue in your virgin sex. You couldn’t take it any more as he then pressed two of his fingers in side of you. The heated sensation moved all across your body, and you soon came in his mouth.

Sado lapped up your juices and moved up to you taking your lips to his as you tasted yourself in his mouth, you flipped him over as you moved seductively down to his dick taking his erected member in your mouth licking and sucking on the head as you engulfed him all the way to his base then bobbed your head up and down in a steady rhythm flow.

“Aaa..rrr..eee aannaa.” He groaned trying to hold in his moan as you kept a good pace still bobbing up and down while stroking him at the same time. You then moved your left hand to his sac gently massaging earning a growl from him.

“Ariana please stop teasing me.” He moaned, you did and deep throated him some more as he pulsed against your tongue then he came in your mouth as you swallowed him up like candy. Sado this time flips you both over and with out a thought thrusts up and inside of you as you yelped in pain.

“The pain will soon go away.” He cooed, as he stayed still but once the pain subsided and he was passed your virgin barrier.
“Sado go on.” I said as he pulled out and thrusted back in, he did so and kept going in more and more as he picked up pace. In and out deep and rough he pumped as our skin collided hitting each other as groans and moans left your and his lips.

“Saad…ddoo.” You moaned, he grunted going in and out.
“Aaaa…rrriii…aaannnaa.” He groaned thrusting up as your hip met with his powerful thrust. He seem to pound in and out like no tomorrow or perhaps like as it his life counted on it.

You pushed his chest up and he looked at you as you flipped over again this time you were on top bucking and bouncing up and down on his thick, long rod. You felt your climax come near as you bucked once more feeling him pulse inside.

“ARIANNA!” He groaned out in a loud roar, you smiled and bucked a few more and you soon followed feeling his seed rush inside of you.
“Ahhh ..SADO!” You scream climaxing, then tiy lay down next to him. He rolls to his side looking at you.

“I love you too, Yasutora Sado.” You said pulling his cover your naked sweat covered bodies.
“I know you do, Ariana?” Sado says pulling you closer to him.
“Yes.” You reply.
“I love you.” He states kissing your swollen lips. You smile as he breaks the kiss saying.

“Strong and silent what a loving type.”


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