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62. Yamato 3

~“catch me if you can naruto!!!” you yelled to the spiky blonde teenager. You, Kakashi and Yamato, decided to take the team to the beach for a well-earned vacation.
As you ran through the water with naruto chasing after you, you took to the hot sand running fast, that I until you ran into someone. The force of the speed you were going at causing you and the unsuspected person to fall to the ground.
Your head was spinning as you looked down to focus on the other person, to find out you ran over none other the yamato, who was blushing at your position as you sat up. You were on top of him sitting on his lap as he laid under you.
“I’m so sorry, cap-captain Yamato!” you stumble to find the right words as you jumped to your feet. You felt attracted to the handsome AMBU captain, and you would do anything to make him happy. As you thought this you watched him as he also rose to his feet.
He then looked down at you from the height difference he was of course taller. He gave you a soft smile as he said, “ it’s ok, Asami” before walking away. The sun was setting, and naruto, sakura and sai were walking up to the camp area where you were going to have a fire.
As you got there you took a seat on one of the logs around the fire ,sitting by yourself as everyone, joked and laughed. Soon naruto was singing and everyone was laughing at him, you then decided to take a walk just to clear your mind some.
Walking away from the camp you headed to the water, where you slipped off your shoes and walked through it, feeling the coolness of it hit your feet with every step.
Soon you found yourself getting farther and farther away from the camp, “why did you walk so far away?” you heard a voice from behind you ask. As you slowly turn around you came face to face with Yamato.
“ I ahh… I just wanted to stretch my legs” you explained to him, as he walk closer you took notice that his eyes held an emotion that you never saw in them before. Coming out of your daze she looked up only to be met lip to lip with yamato as he kissed you.
Your eyes grew wide, at the passion of the kiss, but soon closed, enjoying it.
He wasn’t the one to deepen the kiss.
No you did that.
He wasn’t the one to slip his tongue in.
No you did that too.
He also wasn’t the one stand on their toes.
No that was you.
But he was the one smiling into the kiss.
Soon the kiss got heated and you were yearning to touch his hot flesh. As you then both started to tear each other’s cloths off, he started to kiss down your neck, while gripping your breasts with his hands. Letting out moans you fell into complete bliss.
Slowly you felt his hands slip down towards your ass, before gripping it while gently laying you down in the sand covered ground. You then gasped as you felt him slid his finger up your womanhood, and as he did so you were letting out delightful moans of pleasure.
Soon his lips reconnected with yours in a passionate kiss, which soon turned into a make out session.
And as you were in the mists of the passionate kiss, you felt something poke against your womanhood. Then you let out a loud gasp as he pushed into you, breaking the kiss to try and scream out in pain he covered them again quickly.
As he kissed you, you felt a tear leak from your tightly closed eyes. But as it rolled down your face to your chin, you felt the pain roll away as well, leaving nothing but pleasure behind. Then, shifting your hips, you let out a loud groan.
Soon Yamato was pumping in and out of your womanhood, moaning out his name seemed to drive him crazy, as you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts. With his pleasurable groans echoing in your ears you felt him start to go at in human speeds before reaching an area deep inside you, that made your lower stomach tighten in pleasure.
Moaning as he hit the spot over and over, and with one thrust you felt the tightening feeling let go, and then the feeling of a title wave run through your body as your orgasm hit you. and him soon following as you felt his seed fill you.
The next morning you woke up on the beach when the evens from last night hit you, as you blushed furiously at the thought. You tried to get up but that’s when you realized he had his arms wrapped around you.
As you woke up you felt the blankets covering you as a heat source was there too. When you turned your head you smiled as the face of yamato’s met yours. But that smile quickly faded to a frown, you still debating on how to tell him. How to tell him that your pregnant.
That’s when you felt sick again and ran to the bath room. As you rested you head on your head to try and clam down you let out a sigh.
“how can I tell him I’m pregnant?.. he probably doesn’t even want a child…” you say to your self as you wipe the sweat off your forehead with your hand. Before standing up and wiping off your mouth, you then looked at your self in the mirror, that’s when your eyes filled with shock. As you saw yamato’s image staring right back at yours.
“ your pregnant?” he ask in a whisper, as you turned around to meet him in the door way.
You looked down at your feet, finding them more interesting at that moment. “yeah… I’m pregnant.” You said your head still hanging. That’s when you heard footsteps leading away from the door way as your head shot up you also heard the front door open then close.
As you stood in shock a tear left your eye before another followed it. And then another, and another and soon you were crying while running to the bedroom and dove under the sheets.
And as you cried your sadness melted away and anger built up instead. If he tells you to get rid of it or that he doesn’t want it he will never see it again.
After your break down you left your bedroom to go to your kitchen, as you sat at the table you looked around for something to eat when your door opened. Yamato stood there looking at you, you stared right back at him.
You soon stood and walked over to talk to him. “why did you come back? I thought you don’t want it?” you said a little colder then what you meant.
“I never said I don’t want the child, I needed to think.” He says as he walked closer to you, and before you knew it he pulled you into a passionate kiss.
“Anako! Kusho ! come and eat.” You yelled to your children as your 6 year old daughter came running from around the corner followed by a 3 year old trying to keep up.
“is daddy going to be home for dinner” ask Anako as she got up into her chair.
“of course I will be.” You heard someone say while walking into the kitchen. Your childerens faces lit up with smiles as their father came in. Anako is like the spitting image of her father, while her brother, Kusho get his looks from you. which you were pretty happy about.
As you and your family ate you smiled to yourself. You couldn’t of had it any better, with you loving husband and the smiling faces of your children. You thought about this as you ate and came to a conclusion, you can’t get a better family…

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