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29. Yamato 2

~Name: Lily Harako
Age: 21
Village: Konoha
Rank: Jounin
Looks: I am short for my age (5 feet and 1 3/4 inches tall) Though I am still proportionate to my height. I am pretty petite in stature. I have orange hair that is slightly wavy. It is cut in a bob-like fashion with the back shorter then the front. My bangs are also cut straight across my forehead and stop right before my eyes. I have baby blue eyes and have fair skin. My skin tends to burn a lot so I have to wear lots of sunscreen.
Abilities/Power/Kekkei genkai: I have my clan’s kekkei genkai. It is called Adamas. This ability allows me to absorb minerals from the surrounding soil around me to create strong armor and weapons on the spot during battle.
Personality: I am normally shy. I tend to keep my opinion to myself unless I believe it is absolutely necessary to voice it. I often try to avoid conflicts amongst my colleagues. This trait of mine however, often results in me being seen as a pushover to most. I am friendly and very easy going. I usually think everything through before I act or speak. However, when it comes to things I am passionate about (like art) I can get very opinionated and hot tempered and can find myself in a very heated argument. Though that usually occurs only with people I am close to. Whenever I get annoyed I keep it to myself and only people close to me would ever really notice. I have an average intelligence level. I expect people to treat me as I treat them (aka with respect), however if someone gives me a bad impression or annoys me then I can become sarcastic or completely silent depending on my mood. I also tend to space out a bit when not on a mission, thinking about things on my own. Its kinda like a pastime that I enjoy.
Horoscope: Cancer

“You summoned me Lady Hokage.” I said entering, there standing not far from her was someone you were very familiar with; Tenzo a.k.a Yamato.
“Yes I did Lily, this team needs you assistance and abilities.” She said, and I nod.
“Hai Lady Hokage.” I say.
“Good now you five, head out like I ordered and Yamato since there is no time to fill Lily in. Brief her as you go.” She ordered, everyone nods leaving the room.
“I will stop by your apartment to brief you on this mission.” He said.
“Very well at 11 am sharp.” I reply, he nods and leaves in a cloud of smoke. I slowly headed back thinking to myself, I made it in time it was 10:45 and I had plenty of time to ready myself and for him to visit. A minute before 11 am a knock came to my door, I opened it and let him in.
“We are to get the informant before he is killed by the Akatsuki for his knowledge.” He started, I couldn’t pay much attention as I watched his lips move, my own body started to betray what I was holding back. I looked him up and down feeling the wetness between my legs slither down, I quickly turned blushing like a mad woman.
“W-would you like some tea?” I offered, not once facing him.
“Sure I would like that.” He answered as I walked away, I started to boil the water. Just staring off at my own unforgettable moment as arms wrap around my waist, being turned around as he captured my lips to his, Minutes pass as we soon grew for need of air breaking mere moments.
"Wait the tea.” I say hearing it blow off, I turned the water off as he turned me around again. He watched how I lower myself to my knees undoing his pants and teasing his cock by letting it out, I pumped it a few times going up and down on his shaft setting a slow feel. I felt him grow in my hands deciding to lick the tip slowly working my way down his shaft and to the bottom of his base, I licked, sucked forcefully, and grinded my teeth again his flesh as you came up to the tip then deep throating it again.
"Uh naahh fast go fast." He groaned moving his head back as the pleasure threaten to come loose. I continued to suck roughly going faster and faster while bobbing my head to it.
"Naa." He moaned out loudly once again this time putting his hand on my head trying to get more of himself in my soaking wet cavern of my warm mouth.
"Lily I’m almost there...yes there naahh." He moaned again releasing his cum in my mouth as I swallowed. I was still fully clothed laid down on my couch, Yamato moved to my lips as he tasted himself. He nipped and sucked on your lip begging for entrance as I granted him it he memorized all detain the moved to my neck in search for my soft spot, which was found shortly after he had bitten down enough to draw blood. I moaned as he licked it up and started to undress me.
He removed my upper clothing playing with one breast and he sucked on the other then switching, slowly after he had successfully erected the nipples out he moved to my stomach kissing it tenderly; while unzipping my pants and pulling them off along with my underwear. He placed his hand to my vagina caressing it gently and playfully taunting your clit making you crave more and more.
"Naaahhh…uuuhhhh....Yamato." I whimpered as I felt my body get wetter and wetter with each touch. I soon felt something wet looking down I saw him licking and sucking on my clit, as he did this he stuck two fingers inside scissoring you as he went deeper. After he did that he started to pump his fingers in and out fast and deep moaning loudly every so often shouting his name. He put his face back down sticking his tongue in my wetness thrusting it in and out, while sticking one finger in again.
"Ahh...nnnaahh." I moaned/panted out breathing heavy. I felt my body's climax hit as he swallowed up all my juices licking me clean he took off his shirt and vest moving his way up to my lips as he let me have a taste of myself. He positioned himself near my opening ready, he crashed his lips to mine and he rammed inside my wet sex thrusting in and out without waiting for me to adjust to his size. He pulled all the way out the slammed right back into me. So when the pain went away and I started to moan in his mouth he moved from my lips to mychest then he partly lay up flipping me on all fours.
"Naahh aaaahhh." I moan as he picked up his pace. This continued with different ways finally as he lay me on my side lifting one leg up and slamming hard and deep inside of me.
"Nuuuaaahh." I screamed as he hit my g-spot. He kept going at that spot as I felt my climax coming near and he to felt his I stopped, fast laying down and getting me on top. He guided me up and down as our skin smacked against each other going faster, deeper and harder with each cry of pleasure both of us let out.
"Hmmmnaaahh Lily..." He groaned.
"Ahhh Yamato.." You moaned.
We both panting as sweat runned down your bodies from sheer bliss, my wall tightening around his long, hard cock. Coming both to our climaxes.
"Yamato....Lily" We moan out in unison as we came to our release and he shot his hot seed inside you the mixture combined from our love, he pulls out laying beside of me.
“Lily.” He panted.
“Hm.” I called.
“I love you.” He stated kissing my cheek and keeping me in his warm tight embrace.
“I love you too.” I reply laughing.
“What’s so funny?” He asked.
“This was suppose to be my briefing for our mission tomorrow.” I continued to laugh, he joins in the gets up carrying me bridal style to my room as we then fall asleep together.

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