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16. Yamato 1

~Name: Yuna (first) Morikawa (last)
Age: 21
Ninja rank: Jonin
Looks: You’re slender but proportionate despite the fact that your am “5’2” shorter than most of the other ninja; also lack some upper body strength so you can’t successfully use as much taijutsu. You have long black hair which in wear down and have large, natural ringlets and side swept bangs across your forehead. You have dark green eyes and a fair skin tone. Typically you wear simple kimonos, and have a “delicate” look to you that leaves some people in disbelief that your a kunoichi, but you can hold my own in battle.)
Abilities: You can cook well, which is probably why Tsunade-sama made me one of her assistants, for cooking purposes anyway. One of my more special attacks is my Siren’s song jutsu, it’s a power where you use your singing voice to hypnotize and control enemies, and it’s not the type of thing that leaves people covering their ears, but rather interested to hear more. You can choose if you want your voice to contain powers or not so that you can hum a little around town and not have it affect anyone. You also have the lightening element, and good speed as well.
Personality: You have good control over your emotions and stay calm in almost any situation; well except when I’m around Tenzo-kun, then you blush like crazy even when you try to fight it. You’re more on the quiet side, friendly, a little playful when you’re feeling more bold, and try to be kind to almost everyone. You tend to smile a lot and try to remain optimistic, there’s just something about being in Konoha that makes the aspect come out. You’re pretty brave, ready to jump into a you pitch black cave if you have to, and you’d like to think. you have a firm grasp on logic and a sense of intelligence. You find it hard to be mean to anyone, but if you do come across someone who gets on your nerves you ignore them or walk away. You’re rather soft spoken and usually don’t raise your voice, guessing that could be good or bad. You don’t yell much at people, but you can hold up a good argument when you have to. Also you’re just horrible with directions, it would seriously be a miracle if you could get from point A to point B without getting lost for more than an hour.
Horoscope Sign: Libra


“Yes Tsunade-sama, I will bring it out soon with your tea.” You said to her walking back into the kitchen to finish her meal. As you passed down the hallway, the lounge being next to the kitchen showed many in there relaxing and once specific was Tenzo aka Yamato. Since you came to Konoha a few years ago, you had fallen for the cunning ninja. You had admired him from a far and only Lady Hokage and Shizune knew of you feelings, in fact they both have tried to encourage you to ask him out but you have been to shy to ask let alone hold a conversation with him. You grabbed the soup and tea on a trey and carried out to the Hokage’s office, you opened the door after knocking. Then set the trey down just as Yamato and his team walked in for their next mission.
“We have been told that Sasuke has been spotted in a nearby village.” Tsunade started folding her hands in front of her as you poured her tea setting it on her desk.
“So I need you to scout and report is all.” She finished.
“Ah come on grandma Tsunade why cant we just.” Naruto started then got cut off by Tsunade. “NOT ANOTHER WORD!” Her voice rang through the halls as her anger rised, Sakura then punched Naruto in the head. You started to walk away and leave.
“Yuna?” Tsunade spoke after a moment.
“Yes my Lady?” You questioned.
“Maybe you should assist them they might need your ability since you’re only to scout and report.” She insisted as you looked down thinking.
“Sure I can do what I can to help them.” You replied smiling.
“Good you can leave to pack your things you will leave tomorrow morning.” She stated. You turned on the heel speed walking out the office and building, you raced home without even knowing so since your thoughts were tied up. Blushing like mad as you opened your apartment door. Just as fast as you got there you had your stuff packed including a medic kit on the side and some kunai’s
-Next day 5am-
You woke happily and ran out to make a meal for Lady Hokage and Shizune. As you dressed in your apron cooking, you started to hum softly to yourself lightly twirling as a ballerina. The pot started to bubble and you switched it off still twirling, you smiled setting the tea kettle aside and thought of what to make.
‘Hm…what should I make for her then?’ you thought and just as an idea popped in your head, hearing only foot steps you took a defensive stance by the door.
“Well I will be in here getting a drink go on a head and I will meet you there.” His voiced chimed in your ears. You walked slowly back bending over looking for the sauce pan.
“Do you need any help?” He asked upon entering.
“Oh no I found what I am looking for.” You replied then added as you stood back up looking over your shoulder “Looks to me that you might need help, what can I do for you?”
“I only wanted some green tea.” He said leaning against the door. You turned and grabbed a cup pouring some tea inside then handing it over to him, he smiled.
“Thank you.” He said walking over only now standing directly behind you.
“Yes.” You said, calm and seductively without knowing it.
[Yamato’s POV]
I smiled looking over her, everything about her brought my senses to a craze. I have silently watched her from time to time, just loving everything about her.
“Yamato-san?” She spoke looking at me in a daze.
“I-I…Just don’t forget about the mission Yuna we leave in 30min.” I said to her to distract what I wanted but in fear that she might not feel the same, I walked out to take a quick brisk walk and cool my thoughts.
[Back to regular POV]

Greatly curious and confused you looked blankly at the spot he once was, your heart fluttered around like millions of butterflies swirling around. You finished your meals and placed them aside just as you took your apron off and made way to the door Shizune walked in smiling as she saw you.
“As usual and all you have already prepared something.” She said still smiling.
“Yep you bet.” You replied smiling in return.
“You better get going then you’re to leave in 5 min.” She stated and you rushed out in a hurry.
“There she is.” Naruto pointed shouting in your direction.
“Sorry if I am late.” You replied.
“No you’re actually early.” Sakura noted you sighed in relief. Since everyone was there now you all headed out of the fire country and off to the water country.

-Later that night-

Your body feeling restless you are already half way passed the grass country and everyone decided to set camp in a brush clearing next to a lake. Yamato did his jutsu and made a house basically. You all had your own rooms, you unpacked and paced around. Then walked out heading to the lake, the cool water flowed so freely in your eyes as you began to hum. You stepped in the cool water as it washed away all and cleansed you well, you relaxed rather quickly.
“Ah just my luck boys.” You heard and your head shot up. You stood immediately as five men surrounded you. Embarrassed as you were and yet happy you kept the towel around your body.
“Siren No Jutsu.” You softly spoke as you voice chanted desireably, then your eyes flashed and you grabbed a bolt of lightening lending it to your katana.*sorry didn’t know what to call it, and your katana almost looks like Sasuke’s with the chidori* You sung the finishing tone as you had killed them and stopped, you turned in time to see Yamato, Sai, Sakura and Naruto all having their mouths dropped open well except for Yamato.
“That…was so cool.” Naruto spoke first still in awe. You smiled and walked over to them.
“I am happy you feel that way Naruto, but I am proud I finished without falling though.” You laughed heading back to the camp site with them following right behind. You looked out the window once you came back into your room, softly someone knocked yet enough for you to hear.
“Come in.” You softly spoke still gazing out the window, you jumped feeling a pair of arms wrap around you body. You leaned your head back feeling slightly bold just to look into his eyes.
“You did perfect tonight. I just came to see how your doing.” He said as he let you go but you grasped his upper right arm.
“Please stay…with me?” You asked shyly with a tinted pink blush. He smiled and nodded to your request. Neither of you spoke only sound was your hearts racing and pounding.
“Yuna.” He said breaking the silence, you looked up only to feel his lips on yours. You then wrapped your arm around his neck. In return he wrapped his around your sides and lower back. As you both deepened the passionate kiss, he licked your lower lip making you jump back.
“I am sorry.” He apologized.
“No it is just.” You stopped feeling slightly embarrassed.
“Tell me.” He said cooing you softly with his voice.
“I am not experienced in this kind of stuff.” You hoarsely replied, the blush clearly noticed now. He cups your chin lightly moving to gaze into your eyes.
“No need, I will be as gentle and tender as you wish.” He lustfully replies, you smile and quickly embrace him. He then wraps his arms around you once more kissing you lustfully and passionate while slowly rubbing up and down your sides.


Your hands move over and with the flick of your wrist they glided along his chest as you finger tips felt along. He once again licked your bottom lip for entry, gladly you partly open letting his warm tongue tango and dance inside your mouth. Your body unable to comprehend as you melted in his arms and kiss. He slowly after memorizing every inch moved his lips down to your ear panting lightly as you jumped feeling surprised, then moving to your neck in search for your weak spot. You grasped in a certain area between your neck and ear, he smirked gently biting and suck on the tender flesh. Once satisfied with the small moans and bruises that started to form he moved to you collarbone, trailing butterfly kisses then stopped untying your kimono. He leaned up propped on his hands as he looked over your body in want his lust filled eyes gazed over his prize.

“Beautiful.” He whispered in your ear as he brought his lips to yours, you relaxed still feeling a little less embarrassed as you felt wetness near your warmth. His hands moved to your breast massaging so softly as his lips moved to your jaw, neck and down to your chest. You leaned your head back feeling his warm tongue lick over your right breast as his hand continued to massage the left, after your nipple was hard he moved to give the same treatment to the left breast while now massaging the right. You panted heavily as you got excited from his touch; he kissed now down to your stomach. He stopped looking up at you, and then his hand went to your clit circulating softly around making you ache for more and more. He went faster flicking his wrist as you gotten wet even more. You squirmed under him slightly, then a small pain shot all around your body as he stuck two fingers into you. You whimpered, throwing your head back in pleasure. He quickly pumped his fingers in and out of you, as he was enjoying the noises you made. He moved his lips back up nipping at your neck, adding a third finger. You gasped when he scissor his fingers in you. You whined, feeling your release coming. He brushed his thumb against your clitoris, then he went back down removing his fingers and licking them. He suddenly lifted your left leg over his shoulder putting his head below and tongue soon replaced the work of what his fingers began. The pit of your stomach felt like those butterflies wanted out and you couldn’t believe how pleasuring it felt. You knew you were near your climax and was very much enjoying your orgasm.
“Ahhh…” You moaned softly in a whisper tossing your head to the side, he then stuck two fingers in along with his tongue pumping in and out you couldn’t take it any longer and need the feel of release, your climax soon came and you come inside his mouth. He moved letting your leg drop as he licked his lips, savoring your taste and brought his lips to yours allowing you to taste too. You felt bolder now and flipped you and him over and you decided to take control. You begin in search for his soft spot biting rough on his tender flesh he groaned several times.
“UHH.” He groaned out loud as you found his, you sucked rough and hard leaving your own marks on him then moved to his chest taunting his now harden nipples. Your finger tips traced along down to his pants as you took off them along with any remaining clothing you looked at his member, you jumped seeing the size and width. Fear struck around as you gripped his member in your hands, rubbing up and down, he groaned and tossed his head back feeling the pleasure you were giving him. You leaned in licking the tip tasting the pre-cum, then put his whole length in side deep with in your mouth and one hand on the base stroking along as you bobbed your head up and down.
“Yuna!” He moaned loudly.
“Ahh….Yuna.” He groaned as you picked up pace. He felt his climax draw near and begged again in many groans and moans, you soon felt his dick pulse inside and then a salty yet sweet taste erupt from with in. you moved back up to the tip licking any remaining juice. He flipped over once more looking into your eyes, his hands swept over every curve, memorizing everything he felt under his finger tips.
“Tenzo-kun, please…please be gentle.” You murmured to him. He looked deeply in your eyes.
“It is just…just that this is my first time.” You then added blushing ferociously.
“Yuna, I will always treat you slowly and gently.” He stated positioning himself at your entrance.
“It will only hurt for a moment, ready?” He said looking sadly at your gaze, you nod gripping his shoulder as he thrusted inside all the way, you whimpered as tears feel from your eyes. He leaned over licking the fallen tears while whispering sweet nothings in your ear, this allowing you to get used to his size as he slowly pumped in and out.
“AH..faster.” You moaned and he did as asked picking up pace and thrusting hard, rough and faster. You were moaning and shouting his name, he was doing the same. You both soon felt your climax come to a near, he pulled out of you sitting down and pulling you in his lap letting you ride him. As you both met each other’s thrust as sweat covered your bodies, you leaned your head back holding each other in a tight embrace.
“I’m going to come…ahhhh uhhh” He grunted gripping you tighter.
“Me too.” You moaned.
“AHHHH…..UUUUHHHH” You and his shout in unison as your climax hit sending you both in a complete and total bliss, you lay down and he to followed pulling the covers over your exposed bodies. Soon sleep takes over as you sleep besides one another.
-The next morning-
You wake feeling someone playing with your hair opening you eyes seeing his smile you then return it back.
“I love you Tenzo-kun.” You said still smiling.
“I love you to Yuna.” He replied.

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