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40. Toshiro Hitsugaya 4

~Name: Rin Kururugi
Age: Two years younger then Toshiro
Family: Kirara (pet cat demon)
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Captain of squad five
Looks:(long black hair, red eyes.)
Zanpaktou/ abilities: Your Zanpaktou deals with elemental base attacks and defense, along with legendary healing ability.
Personality: Sweet, kind, quiet, funny, serious when needs to be, intelligent, and stoic.
Horoscope Sign: Pisces

You decided since you were off from your duties today that you would relax, read a book sitting under a Sakura tree. You grabbed you current and favorite book, heading out the door. You get to your favorite relaxing spot, but someone was already there.
“Hello, may I sit with you?” You asked the white haired boy nicely, you looked at his clothing seeing he is a captain just like you.
“Kururugi Rin, Captain of the fifth squad and you are?” You added introducing yourself, he looks up to you.
“Hitsugaya Toshiro, Captain of the tenth squad.” He coldly replied introducing himself, you were just happy he responded. You cozily sat underneath, opening your book until a loud sound started to echo coming towards you both.
“TAICHO!!” A woman calls, figuring you knew already who she was calling to. Her long orange hair and large bust flowed and heaved as she stood not a foot from you and Toshiro.
“Taicho, you were suppose to meet with the new Captain of squad five.” She huffed as you kept your book up hiding your face while silently laughing to yourself.
“I already met her.” He firmly says, annoyance clearly in his voice.
“Really was she cute.” The woman asked, he stands pointing in your direction.
“Matsumoto I don’t know what you mean by cute but this is the new captain of squad five.” He angrily shouts. He takes off leaving you and the flamboyant woman there all alone, she sits down next to you.
“Taicho Kururugi, L.t of squad ten pleased to meet you.” She says breaking the silence between you two.
“Hai same here, Matsumoto right.” You say.
“HAI!” She replied.
“Is Captain Hitsugaya always so cold?” You suddenly asked.
“Only when yelling at me to do my job.” She reluctantly replies.
{Four months later}
For the past four months you and Toshiro meet quietly under the Sakura tree, just enjoying ones company. Here and there words would be spoken but for the past few months you have grown to love his gentle yet firm structure, his eyes and dreamy face would more then welcome you every time. Unfortunate for you not knowing whether he felt the same.
“Rin, would you like to join me tonight?” He suddenly asked, you closed your book turning your attention to him.
“I would enjoy that very much, what time should I come by?” You reply asking him.
“9 pm.” He says, you nod reopening your book finishing where you left off. A few hours later you and him depart ways heading home, you took a shower and got ready for tonight.
As nine o’clock rolls by you were waiting outside of his home, you knocked once as he answered.
“Come in.” He says backing up letting you pass.
“Thank you for inviting me.” You say sweetly taking your shoes and coat off, he nods leading the way. You both sit and have a relaxing, quiet dinner.
“Captain Hitsugaya, if you don’t mind me asking what is this dinner about?” You asked him, he wipes his lips swallowing his food.
“Toshiro please, and I thought it would be nice to step our relationship.” He coolly says.
“Relationship?” You asked confused.
“Rin, every day we meet under the same tree reading and relaxing next to another. Over that time I have grown fond of having you around and would like to know if you would be mine.” He bluntly states, shocked you couldn’t believe he just told you that.
“Toshiro.” You whisper getting up and kneeling before him as you add. “I would be a fool to not love you back.” He smiles standing up lending a helping hand as well, you gently kiss his lips. His hands wrap around you waist pulling you closer as the kiss grew to new heights, he licks your bottom lip asking for entrance.
You part your lips letting him in as he flicks his tongue all around taunting yours as he memorizes every inch and crevice. You pull away looking him deep in his turquoise eyes, moving your lips to his ear and down his neck as you hear him grunt fighting back a moan.
“Rin.” He purred as you stopped nibbling on his soft spot moving back up to his ear.
“Toshiro, is this what you want?” You asked as you pulled slightly away to see his serene expression turn to lust and desire. He suddenly picks you up in his arms carrying you to his room where he lays you down on his bed stripping his clothes off first then moving to yours.
Once he has your clothes off, he hovers over your body capturing your lips to his again as he parts your legs around him massaging your left breast with his right hand. You quivered beneath him as he moves his lips down your neck biting, sucking and leave trailing hickeys all down your chest.
“TOSHIRO.” You moan loudly as he takes your right breast in his mouth while his hand continued to massaged the other, once your nipple harden he moves to your left breast giving it the same treatment as his left hand moves down your side, to your inner thigh rubbing up and down your leg as you squirmed.
Toshiro moves down from your breast, passed your stomach and in between your legs. He lifts up a little as he takes one hand taunting and teasing your clit as you feel his wet tongue move across it, you moaned tilting your head back.
He soon stuck two fingers moving gently in and out at a slow pace, your heated core wanted more as you buck your hips to the left letting him know. He picks up pace moving fast and faster as your stomach started to feel a simply yet pleasing touch.
The feeling grew and grew as you lightly lift your body in the air, he leans in licking and sucking as you feel your first release come. He pulls his fingers out licking up your sweet juices, sucking them off his fingers as he crawls back up to you. You watched as he licked his fingers enjoying your taste, he leaned up taking his soft wet lips to yours as you taste bits of yourself on his tongue.
You pushed him up moving down in a 69 position as you started to rub up and down his shaft he leans his head back down in between your thighs licking and sucking again as you bob your head up and down, with your right hand gripping his base stroking with you as you suck on his thick, hard cock. You felt yourself began to get wet just by the mere thought of getting him off, he stops licking as you hear him groaning.
You feel his cock pulse on your tongue tasting pre-cum as you pick up pace deep throating him more and more, then he comes in your mouth as you swallow. He gets up standing, you stand with him as he kisses your lips again turning you around. You feel his erection grow on your back side, he kisses your neck, shoulder then ear.
“Is this your first time.” He huskily asked, you blush nodding your head.
“Yes, but please be gentle.” You reply.
“I will try but you will feel it hurt for a moment.” He says with lust dripping on every sound escaping his lips as he turns you around facing him again, he helps you lay on your back to the bed with out breaking the kiss. You feel his hand wrap your legs around his waist, with his cock poking at your entrance.
He keeps his lips tightly on yours as he thrust once, he waited as you got used to him being in there before moving. Your voice trembling in the kiss as you feel the pain hurt bad, then slowly it subsides. He pulls his lips from yours, looking at you to see if your ready.
“Remember be gentle.” You whisper, he pulls out then moves slowly back in. After five minutes of his slow pace you wanted him to move harder and faster.
“Faster…Harder.” You moaned. He pulled all the way out the slammed right back into you.
You were moaning loud and louder, he takes your lips again as he groans the pulls out of you suddenly, as he flips you doggy style on all fours. He then thrusts back ramming hard and rough,
"Uhh right there oooohhh yes." You moan as he picked up his pace.
This continued with different ways finally as he lay you on your side lifting one leg up and slamming hard and deep inside you.
"Uhhhh hit it again in that spot uhhhahhhha." You screamed as he hit your g-spot. He kept going at that spot as you felt your climax coming near and he to felt his you stopped fast laying down and pulling you on top.
He guided you up and down as your skin smacked against each other going faster, deeper and harder with each cry of pleasure both you let out.
"Uhhhhh Rin..." He groaned.
"Naaahhh Toshiro.." You moaned.
Both panting as sweat runned down your bodies from sheer bliss, your walls tightening around his long, hard cock. Both coming to your climax as you held on to each other tightly.
"RIN…TOSHIRO!" You both moan out in unison as you release with him shooting his hot seed inside you a mixture combined from your love, he pulls out laying beside you.
He pulls the sheets up and over your sweat dripped bodies as he nuzzled your neck.
“I would be a fool not to love you.” He repeated in a whisper, you smiled remember your words to him. Turning on to your side you kissed him once again.
“I love you too.” You laughed as he pulls you into his embrace panting still as you both fell asleep.


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