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38. Toshiro Hitsugaya 3

~Name: Noriyuki Tsumara
Age: 125
Family: Little sister, Mai, died by a hollow. (Doesn't like to talk about it, though many people ask.)
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Lt. of the 13th squad
Personality: Sweet, shy, kind, helpful, and quiet.
Horoscope Sign: Aries

Another year has passed and you were heading towards you little sister’s grave. Sitting down against the hard stone sipping on sake, and randomly chit chatting to the wind.
“Fifty years have passed since your death, time is changing.” You said with a slur, your drunken voice no long held with in as you stood up shouting into the sky. Surely you still hold the pain with in, and everyday you wouldn’t speak of it to no one letting them see the false mask you put up hiding your true suffering. Everyone in soul society knows of the tragic death of your younger sister; Mai. Just none knew you kept your thought hidden suffering slowly, feeling the time will never pull back and bring forth more to you.

Two of your friends you’ve known your whole life knew you were sadden but never this far, unbeknown to them you were destroying yourself right before their eyes; Momo and Toshiro. Slowly deep in thought trailing back down to your division, eye cloudy with haze. Unable to determine with each blurry step you took, until you collapsed dead center of the tenth division.

==Matsumoto’s POV==
I looked out the window and Taicho ranted about me not doing my work, of course he was true. I started to dodge out the door as he raised his voice shouting my name but suddenly I stopped seeing Taicho’s friend passed out on the ground.
“MATSUMOTO!” He screamed at the top of his long walking out with an angry fit.
“Taicho isnt this Tsumara?” I asked pulling her up, I could smell the sake on her panting breath as I carried her inside Taicho’s office.
“What is wrong with her?” He asked.
“She is drunk.” I replied walking to get warm water and a cloth.
“Drunk?” Taicho question out loud.

==Toshiro’s POV==
“Drunk?” I said, but as I looked watching Nori in my thoughts ‘Nori..why’ and then it clicked.
“Matsumoto, what is today?” I asked out of random knowing what day it is, but more importantly the meaning of this day.
“Um…I thought it was the twenty-fifth of June? And it is a Wednesday…I think.” She said.

“Yes today is the twenty-fifth of June; Do you remember what happened fifty years on this day?” I asked her, while thinking ‘Nori’s younger sister Mai’s death.’
“Nope I don’t think I do, why Taicho?” She replies, asking me.
“Today is Tsumara Mai’s death anniversary.” I simply said as Nori stirred in her sleep.

“So that is why she is drunk?” Matsumoto asked surprised.
“No I think there is more, watch over her while I’m out.” I said walking to the door. “and make sure you do all your paperwork, I want a stack when I get back” I shut the door and headed over to the fifth division to see Hinamori. I knocked a few times on her door until she answered, letting me in. “Shiro-chan its late.” She says as I sat down. “Stop calling me that…I came to ask something from you.” I say looking sad.

“Sure what could I do?” She asks.
“Its about Nori.” I respond and Hinamori goes pale. “Wait what is today, it isnt that day is it?” She say in a panic. “Yes it is and Nori is at my office passed out. I don’t know what to do, she refuses to talk about it.” I say a bit upset.
“Have you ever told her yet? I mean I can remember how we were all together you, me, Nori and Mai.” She says rambling on pass memories.
“Told her what?” I ask quirking a brow.
“That you like her Shiro-chan I think it is time you told Nori.” She says, I nodded and jumped up leaving. “Thanks Hinamori, and stop calling me that!” I yell waving my hand as I ran.

=Regular POV=
You sat up so fast you felt as if you were spinning, you put your palm to your forehead as the door opens. You looking up seeing a huffing Toshiro, he walks slowly in, closing the door as he did. You tilt your head to the side watching him, his expression, his movements. Toshiro soon sits down, right besides you. His head hung low, his movements so still as if he were frozen. “Toshiro?” You softly call out to him, he didn’t reply nor move. You leaned over his back, your right hand found his hands. The coolness of his skin sent shivers down your back.

“N-nori.” He says surprised, feeling your breath hit the back of his neck. “Hm?” You reply, your voice like silent water to him. “I know you might not- Nori, you and Hinamori have been my closest friends, even Mai.” He says, his words distained. “Toshiro.” You whisper rubbing your left hand over his back in comfort. You watch him, when he stands up pulling you with him. “For years I’ve watched over you, Noriyuki…I-I.” He stutters, and you finish for him knowing what he was to say. “Love you?”

The surprise in his eyes said it all, he looks away with a tinted blush on his cheeks as you giggle slightly. He turns his head to smile at you, as he lays his hand to your cheek. “Exactly Nori, I love you.” He takes your hand in his, walking you home under the bright moonlit night.

Weeks passed, and you were still the same shy quiet girl, yet Toshiro was one of the few to catch you off guard. You started to date him, and this was to be your third week and fourth date with Toshiro. You’ve felt a bit of relief but didn’t understand how, figuring it was because your long time crush is now no longer a dream. You went to visit your sister’s grave, first you sat silently but as the wind blew you stood up smiling. “Some day my little sister, some day. Give me blessings, for I love him and I knew you loved him like a brother.” You whispered into the wind. The winds died down, and you heard footsteps behind you. Turning around to see the man who you hoped would heal your pained heart.

“I figured you would be here, ready?” He says, reaching his hand out. You smile tilting your head to the side as you take his hand in yours. Suddenly a sharp wind carried Sakura petals as if binding around your and his hands. You knew and he did to that it must’ve been a sign form Mai. You both head to the human world to a restaurant that Matsumoto suggested, silently eating. Once finished you both paid and left, walking back to a gate to head on back home.

He held on to you as you leaned into him, Toshiro smiled walking back down the Rukon district. “I remember everything, and even when we were little you didn’t talk much. Never did change with being shy either, but something did change in you Nori. I want to be there for you, I want to see you smile and laugh. I just don’t know what to do, I...” He trails off as your lips met his, standing out side in front of your door. The kiss grew more passionate, your front door seemed to fall of its hinges. Toshiro takes you in his arms pushing you against the wall, his lips trailing down your chin and to your neck.

“Toshiro, wait naahh.” You lightly moan, he pulls back. You can see the restraint in his eyes which now showed such lust and desire. You walk to your room, slowly removing your shinigami robes. Letting them loosely drop, he walks in removing his taichou jacket, followed by his shinigami robes. Toshiro moves in front of you naked just as you are in front of him, you turn your head the right avoiding his deep gaze. He sees the dark crimson blush on your cheeks, he takes this chance to cup your breast. He massages them, as he licks then engulfs your right breast in his mouth.

Once he was satisfied he moved to your left giving it the same treatment, you felt his member poke your inner thigh. If possible your blush engulfed your whole face pigment, he looks up smiling at your reaction. Both your and his fantasy now being played out. Still standing Toshiro kneels down in between your thighs, parting your legs as he massages with his thumb, your clit. Pinching here and there, as his tongue licks around your entrance and clit. You started feeling funny down in the pit of your stomach, you leaned back more into the wall as he continued sucking and licking.

“Hmmaa, Toshiro.” You purred, he then stuck in one finger, followed by two more pumping in and out. “Nori, you’re so…so wet.” He groaned, you blushed again even more. “To-toshiro.” You moaned, he felt your inner walls tightened as you came. He lapped up your juices as you drop to your knees, Toshiro captures your lips as you tasted yourself upon them. He stood up as your eye met his long thick member, not fully sure of what to do. You wrapped your fingers around his shaft licking the tip slowly, he grunts placing his hands on the wall, groaning.

“No-nori.” He moaned, looking down at you as you look up at him. You engulfed his length bobbing your head up and down his shaft with your right hand following your movements. His left hand moved over your cheek as his thumb rubbed over your soft skin. You picked up pace, and he started grunting more and more. “Naa-ori.” He moaned loudly, as you tasted a salty bitterness. You swallowed, looking up at him. His hand went to your face, but his thumb touched the right corner of your lip, wiping his cum off.

You stood up, but got pushed against the wall again. Toshiro lifted your left leg up as you balanced on your right leg, he entered as you wrapped your arms around his shoulder, gripping him tightly. Tears stained your cheeks as your head rested in the crook of his neck. He pushed in and out slowly, until he heard your silent cry stop. As you felt the pain go away, he picked up pace. Soon having both your legs around his waist as you rode up while being against the wall. That soon changed as he walked to the bed laying your back down with out taking himself out of you. His pace picked up even more, thrusting in and out like he was riding a wild slope.

“Taaa-oshiro.” You moaned, as he started going faster, deeper and harder. Your chest rose up in an arch as he massaged your breast while pumping in and out. He grunts and groans in pure pleasure, the excitement rocking both of your bodies. You buck your up your hips just as he thrusts back in, he groaned at that. “No-ri.” He moaned. You kept up with Toshiro as if your life depended on it, his eyes closed savoring the feeling. He picked up pace once again thrusting in and out like a winter storm, you closed your eyes as well enjoying this thunderous feel.

You felt your climax coming to a near, as he felt his. He thrusts in and out roughly, his aim took high as if he was gliding on the snow. Feeling your warm inner walls tighten around his thick member, he knew too your climax was soaring. The friction between your and his body bloomed, like a blossoming flower. “No-ori I’m going to come, naaahhh.” He moaned, pounding in and out. “Sa-o am I.” You moaned, and just as he came out and back in both of you screamed at the top of your and his lungs in unison. “Na-ori, To-shiro!”

Toshiro lays down as you sit up pulling the sheets up over your and his body, you smiled at him as he caresses your cheek. “No more Noriyuki, no more.” He whispers, you look at him and ask. “ No more what Shiro-chan?” He smiles at the nickname he would tell Hinamori not to say, but enjoyed it leaving your lips. “No more…silent tears.” He replies, you lay your head on his chest closing your eyes. “Cause I will, protect you always.” He mumbled closing his eyes.

‘Silent tears, iced away…’ He silently thought, with a smile on his lips as you did too.

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