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33. Toshiro Hitsugaya 2

~Name: Hoshi Hikaru
Age: Unknown (looks like 15)
Looks:(short dirty blonde hair, silver-blue eyes, fair skin)
Family: Takeshi (dad) Etsu (sister)
Race: Shinigami
Rank: seat 7 of squad 2
Zanpakuto’s Name: Yukibara (snowrose)
Shikai command: ‘Bring a storm, Yukibara.’ When called Yukibara releases massive petals that trap and slice the targeted opponent.
Bankai command: ‘Deflect Yukibara.’ When called Yukibara releases both a defense and offense attacks, creating shards of ice that do aerial and targeted attacks.
Power: control over wind and fire
Personality: great strategist, gets crazy hyper, loyal and encouraging to friends
Horoscope sign: Libra

I decided to take Rangiku up for her training today, she sat in the back of squad ten’s barracks waiting in the train grounds. Three days before she came to the second squad calling for me, then gave me a note while she left.

“Hoshi Hikaru!” my friend’s bouncing voice boomed, our training stopped as she walked over handing me a note. As I opened it she was gone it read:
‘Dearest Hikaru at the end of the week since it is your day off meet me at squad ten’s training grounds for some fun. Kira said you better show or he’ll drag you there.’
I folded up the note sticking it in my pocket, then looked up to my training partner.
“Let’s finish this.” I laughed, he nod in understanding..
[End of flashback]

I walked behind seeing her, Kira and her captain, as usual yelling at her to do her work. I snickered back a laugh as I sat down waiting for them to notice me, I watched as his turquoise eyes met mine.
“Just get it done you shouldn’t be playing around.” He yelled then passed by me.
“Evening Hoshi.” Captain Hitsugaya said.
“Hai Taicho.” I responded, he smiled slight then as Rangiku and Kira come over.
“Awe Taicho, do you like Hikaru?” Rangiku teased, Toshiro turns around clearly upset.
“No, but she would do her work unlike you. I would rather her be my Lt. Maybe I should request her and give her your title and job?” He taunted.
“Awe Taicho that wouldn’t be fair.” She sang, and he just walks away. Kira and I exchange looks as Rangiku looks to us.
“Let’s go to get ourselves a drink.” She blurts pulling my arm with her, Kira stifled a small laugh as I glared at him and stuck my tongue at him. We sat down on the grass sipping sake, Kira stands in a slur with Rangiku as they both walked back. I stood up pulling Yukihana out of it’s sheath, I started to do a feel stances. As I turned around to do a flip I landed swiftly, and then pointed Yukihana out only to meet his turquoise eyes looking at you expressionless. You sheathed Yukihana back then bowed to him.
“Gomen Taicho.” You said, he doesn’t say a word just closes his eyes.
“Taicho Hitsugaya, you ok?” You asked suddenly. Toshiro looks to you and smiles, which surprises you.
“Hikaru, how long have you and Rangiku known each other?” He asked, you rubbed your head thinking.
“For many years.” You responded.
“I see and how long have we known each other?” He asked again.
“Since you became Taicho of the tenth squad.” You replied, he nods. Then he suddenly pulls you close capturing your lips to his, he pulls away and looks to you.
“That is how long I’ve been waiting for you.” He whispered caressing your cheek, placing his hand behind your head passionately kissing you once again. He licks your lower lip asking for entrance, you part your lips allowing him entry.
As the kiss grew more deep and passionate, you snake your arms around his neck. Toshiro breaks from your lips to breath as he moved down your cheek, and chin to your neck lightly sucking on it then he moved to nibble lightly on your ear lobe.
“Ahh…” You moaned, he smirked moving back to your neck in search for your soft spot. He moved his right hand under your shirt breaking away from you again as he lifts it over your head, then moved to remove your bra. After that his lips trailed down to your breast, he cupped your left breast in his right hand massaging it as his mouth engulfed your right breast.
You squirmed underneath him as he twirled his tongue over you hardening nipple, then moved to give the other breast the same treatment. You moaned in the back of your throat, he looked up at you and you looked down to him. His right hand moved passed your stomach and soon started to massage your inner thigh.
“Toshiro!” You moan as he groaned feeling your touch going further down, you undid his hakuma. Toshiro stood letting them drop, he leaned down to your waist unzipping your skirt and pulling it down with your panty, the cold air hit your body like a soothing rain as he pushed you down on the cold ground but not before he laid his captain robes underneath you.
“Hoshi, I have been waiting for this moment may I?” Toshiro asked as he looked over to you, nodding you watched as his fingers and tongue taunted and licked your pussy lips. He moved his fingers away from your clit and to the opening slit, as he sucked and licked your wet clit he pumped in one digit into your wet cavern pumping it in and out in a slow pace.
“Hmmm.” You moaned as he put another digit into you picking up speed, you moaned and squirmed as the feeling burned in the pit of your stomach. You have masterbated to know that your are coming to your release, his fingers moved in ways that not your own would seem to satisfy.
“Ahh..mmmm…Uhhh Toshiro” You moaned as your walls tightened around his fingers, he felt you coming and moved his tongue from your clit to your slit as you cummed into his mouth. You leaned up to take control, pulling him from his knees as you looked to his half harden erection. You started to stroke his long and thick cock, then moved your cherry red colored lips to his tip licking and taunting him as he did you.
“ don’t tease me please.” He groaned, you nod and took his long and thick length in your mouth deep as you engulfed him to the base of his cock, teasing his sac with your left hand as your right hand stayed on the base of his length. You sucked, nibbled and grinded your teeth against him, he moaned deeply and groaned loudly. As you griped around and stroked him while you deep throated him all the same. You felt his cock pulse inside your mouth
“HOSHI!” He groaned loudly as he came in your mouth, which you swallowed and then licked around his tip and your lips. he leaned down to kiss you. As your lips touched you could taste each other.
“Allow me this.” He growled lifting your legs to his waist as his hard erection came back poking at your entrance, you looked at him.
“Will it hurt?” You asked, he looked down knowing you’re a virgin.
“Yes it will but know this it will not last.” He replied lustfully, then he penetrated your virgin sex with his long and hard cock. You gripped his shoulders upon feeling the pain digging your nails into his skin, he moaned at that as he felt your tight wet pussy. He pulled back and then thrusted back in, after a few more times the pain soon subsided and he picked up pace.
“Nnn..uhhh…Toshiro.” You moaned in a pant, Toshiro picked up fast and rough and he thrusted in and out.
“Nauuhhaa….mmmm….nnnnaugh.” You both moaned in unison. He pulled out flipping you on all fours, he looked to you then thrusted into your wet sex again. He kept his grip on your hips as he thrusted hard and deep inside your wet silky pussy. Moans, groans and the sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the room, he lifts one or your leg up still thrusting in and out, deep and fast.
“Haaauhhaaa!” You moaned as he was hitting a certain spot that seemed to triple the feeling.
“Fah..ah..ahha..fehh…right..thur…ahha…aahha..Toshiro there…uhhh!” You moaned loudly, he did as you requested thrusting in again hitting it hard as you purred in a moan. Toshiro growled in the back of his throat.
“Nrrrah uhhh…ahhh.” He groaned deeply, thrusting, in and out, deep and hard he had you soon moaning in more.
“Yah…ahha..more..uhh ahhh!” You moaned, he went fast and hard thrusting more and more as he pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in again and again. Toshiro kept in as he flipped you over lifting you in his lap letting you ride against him.
“Nuuahha.” He groaned as moved with him, you began to dig your nails in his flesh on his shoulder. He pulled you closer to him laying his head in the crook of your neck.
“Naaaahhh…uuhhha ahahha” He growled, biting down on your tender flesh, as you moaned from the slight pain. Both your climax was soon near as you kept riding him.
“Nuuahaha….Uhhha ahaha!!” You both shout in unison, as you release and feel his seed spill inside of you. You lean on each other panting for air, you look up to him as he kisses your head then your lips.
“I love you Hoshi Hikaru.” He said still panting then pulled his hakuma pants on and wrapping you in his captain’s jacket, you smiled.
“I love you my Ice Dragon.” You laughed as you lay in his arms, he smiles pushing your hair from your eyes.
“My Colorful Butterfly.” He said, then we watched the sunset holding each other together.


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