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32. Toshiro Hitsugaya 1

~Name: Sparrow Matsumoto
Age: Unknown (Looks around 16-17)
Family: Sister Rangiku Matsumoto
Race: Shinigami
Rank if any: 3rd seat of the 6th squad
(Orange-ish red hair, green eyes, gets the boob genes from her sister XD though there not as big as rangiku is)
Powers/Abilities: Good with Kido spells, hand to hand combat, and martial arts.
Zanpakutou: Is able to manipulate water and wind.
Zanpakutou’s Name: Kaze Ita
Personality: Hyper, spaz, calm, just like her sister Rangiku just she does what she is told including her paper work.
Horoscope Sign: Gemini

Finally you graduated from the academy, your older sister Rangiku said to come to her division after your meeting and where you were to be placed in as far as your division goes. You walked passed nine divisions and found the tenth, just as you started to walk down the hall over the barracks you see your elder sister laughing, drinking and being yelled at by a white haired guy who was way shorter then her. “Raku!” You shouted your sister’s pet name as you ran over to her, Kira looked over smiling. “Your sister is here” He said as everyone looked to you as you approached.

“Sparrow!” Rangiku shouted drunk, while bear hugging you with no breath in your body. “Raku- cant- breath.” You mange to whimper out, she finally lets you go. “Hi Izu, Shu” You say greeting the other too drunk sitting with your sister, then you turned around facing the white haired one. “Oi nee-chan, whose the shorty?” You ask her, the white haired boy glares at you. “Taicho this is my little sister, and sis this is my captain.” Rangiku says as she sweat drops with a smile. You bite the edge of your lip, then look back at the white haired captain. “Hello sir.” You say with respect, he nods looking away. “Matsumoto, don’t forget your paperwork.” Toshiro says, reminding her.

Your sister cringes a bit but replies back. “Hai after lunch I’ll come back.” “Fine, but don’t drink sake or you’ll be too drunk to work.” He says, leaving out the office. “Raku?” You call to her, she smiles at you. “Don’t worry Taicho is a nice person.” She says, you smile leading her out to lunch. The two of you walk on down, with Kira to the gates of soul society. “Where are we going?” You ask your sister as the doors opened. “Sparrow I told you it’s a surprise.” She laughed, with her hand near her face.

You two stepped through, as Kira stayed behind. Your eyes opened wide, seeing as you’re now among the living. “Onee-chan?” You questioningly ask her. She smiles and continues to walk on a head, you followed seeing the living not notice you or her around. “They really can’t see us ne?” You ask out of the blue still gazing all around. “Not yet at least, here we are.” She says, you look up seeing a shop before your eyes. She walks on in, leaving the door opened for you to enter. “Urahara-san do you have the gigai’s for us?” Rangiku asks, a man holding up a folded fan in front of his face. “I do Rangiku-san.” He replies.

You stay behind your sister, just watching as another tall, dark man comes out with two artificial bodies. “Sparrow, this is your gigai for the living world.” She says to you, as you take the artificial body before you. Once inside your gigai your sister and you leave the shop, she smiles grabbing your hand pulling you down the street. “Ok here we are, this restaurant is really good. And this is also my gift to you, for passing.” She explains, opening the restaurant door. You both entered, greeted by a man in a formal penguin like colors.

“Yes, this way please ma’am.” The man says, leading you both to a table. You look out the window on your right side, smiling at the view. “Beautiful isn’t it?” She asks, watching you. “Yes, very much so.” You reply, without thinking then suddenly you look to your sister surprised as you say to her. “Isn’t that your captain?” Rangiku looks out, she sighs which explains it all so you get up and headed out the door. “HEY!” You shout to the white haired boy, he turns around.

“Why are you around?” You ask with your hand up on your waist, he smoothly walks over. “Tsk.” He mutters. “Taicho, why are you here?” Your sister asks, standing by the door. He looks up at her walking past you. “I was told to come here to request Kurosaki to come to soul society.” He says. “I see.” She says thinking, you walk to your sisters side hugging up on her arm. “Would you like to join us…um.” You say, but stopped unable to recall his name. “Hitsugaya, and sure.” He says, announcing his name.

You, Rangiku and Toshiro all walk back into the restaurant, then as you three look over the menu a woman who looked a lot younger then your sister takes all three of your orders. You sipped your soda, while Rangiku sipped her wine. Her captain stayed silent, as he drank his water. You kept peeking at him, unknowing why you seemed mesmerized by him. Your sister watched as the meal came soon, she smiles as you kept looking over at her captain.

“Sparrow, have you been told what squad you’re joining?” Rangiku asks, you nodded. “Oh yes, on my review captain Kuchiki requested I join his squad, so I am the third seat of his squad starting tomorrow.” You say, a bit too excited, but you were like usual they hyper body in your family. “I’m leaving.” He says leaving, you went quiet. “Sir, do you remember where Kurosaki lives?” Rangiku asks, he looks at her nodding his head.

“Who is this Kurosaki?” You suddenly ask, both sets of eyes fall on to you. “Oh he’s the boy I told you about, well Taicho since we were heading back might as well join you.” She says, he turns around walking on. He waited by the door, with you as your sister pays for the meal. “Alright lets go then.” Rangiku says, smiling as the three of you all head on down the street’s path heading to Ichigo Kurosaki’s home.

You three soon stopped in front of a home, Hitsugaya, Rangiku and then you approached the door. He knocks, and the door soon opens with a young light brown hair standing there. “Is Kurosaki Ichigo here?” Hitsugaya asks, she turns her head as another girl who both Rangiku and Hitsugaya both mutter out. “Rukia.” The girl looks at the two in front smiling, as she says. “Captain Hitsugaya, Rangiku what are you doing here?” Rukia asks, she steps aside allowing entry.

“I’ve come to have Ichigo in request to come back to soul society, Rangiku was here treating her sister.” He says, then points at you. “Yes, this is my younger sister, Sparrow. She will be starting your brother’s squad tomorrow.” Rangiku announces as the four of you head up some stairs, and Rukia opens a door. You closed it after entering, another boy with orange hair sitting on his bed looks up at you three. “Ah Toshiro, Rangiku, and whose that?” He says looking at you. “Oh this is my sister Sparrow, and Sparrow this is Ichigo Kurosaki.” Rangiku says, you smile bowing to them in respect. “Pleased to meet you.” You say, very happy and loud.

After Toshiro explains to Ichigo why they need him, he gladly complies. The five of you head to the destination, as a gate appeared with bright light. The five of you headed on through, once again back home for you at least. “Thank you sister for today, see you tomorrow.” You shout, running like a child as you headed on home. “Tsk, she may be your sister but she’s too much. I wonder how she’ll do in squad six, and see how well she behaves.” Toshiro says walking on to the first squad area, with Ichigo following him and Rangiku to do her work and Rukia to her squad.

Days have passed by like the stirring wind, you once again delivering papers just this time the tenth squad. You knocked on the door, as it opened. “What squad?” A cold harsh voice asks, sounding a bit annoyed. “Six sir.” You announce putting the papers down and you stepped back. “It’s you, do you know where your sister is?” He asks, really upset. “No sir, why do you ask?” You ask, he looks to the desk across his, piles of paperwork sitting upon it. “She’s not doing her paperwork.” He replies, he walks to the door opening and slamming it closed. You jumped a bit, out of reaction to the loud sound.

‘Hm, since I am off maybe I should help nee-sama a bit.’ You thought, tapping your chin but never the less you skipped happily to your sister’s desk. You sat down kicking your legs back and forth from under the desk. You looked over the papers and began doing them, finally after an hour you caught up with all of it leaving only the papers from your squad left. You stood up stretching, and yawing as you headed to the door. You opened it and in pops your sister, she smiles as her eyes lay upon yours. “Oh itz youz Sparrowo.” She slurred following a bit as she wobbles over to you.

“Onee-sama, you’re drunk…again.” You say sweat dropping as you lay her on the couch. “I did your paperwork, nee-sama so rest for now.” You mutter, she smiles as her eyes close. You took off your shinigami jacket covering her up with it, then walked over to the door opening and closing it. You went home, happy skipping across as you twirled around with joy. You opened and closed the door to your room, falling asleep immediately.

“Sparrow.” You hear your name being called, you got up opening your door. “Hm.” You yawned rubbing your eyes, then the breath in your body escaped rapidly by a binding hug from your older sister. “I-can’t breath.” You say with the remaining breath until she lets go. “I know what you did, my Taicho was so happy in away as he woke me up this morning. My head still hurts but I walked over to my desk seeing all the papers I didn’t do already done. I know you know how to do my signature, so tell me did you?” She asks, smiling as she leans forward.

“Yes, and I did it to help both you and your Taicho, since he was so angry yesterday with you.” You say, turning around grabbing your robes. “Thanks, and I believe this is yours too.” She replies handing your jacket over, you take it putting it on as you walk out your door. “You like him don’t you, Sparrow.” She says tauntingly, you tried hiding the blush that lingered on your cheeks. “Who?” You ask, she leans over hugging you. “Ah, you know who.” She says, both stopping in front of your squad. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you should get back to your work nee-sama.” You say.

“Ok, ok I see.” She replies waving at you as she leaves. You enter the barracks, and began today with training. “Sparrow!” Renji yells, you immediately turn stopping your attack as you run over to him. “Yes, Abarai-fukutaicho.” You reply, bowing to him. “Kuchiki-taicho wants to see you.” He says, you nod following him as he leads you to Kuchiki’s office. “Kuchiki-taicho.” Renji announces opening the door and letting you go on it, after you entered he closed it leaving you and your captain alone.

“You requested to see me Kuchiki-taicho?” You ask, smiling your carefree smile like usual as if you had no sense of doubt. “Yes, I wish for you to delivery these papers, and as a request of the tenth squad your to assist if needed. You were requested to go there by Matsumoto-fukutaicho, she stated she needed your help. Therefore head on over taking these papers to the tenth squad as well.” He says, you nodded taking the said papers in your arms. “Is that all sir?” You ask before leaving, he nods. “Yes, and Matsumoto after your done please if able to I need you to turn in your weekly training report by tomorrow.” He says, more as a request.

“Yes sir, I’ll have it on your desk first thing.” You giggled happily as Renji opened the door letting you out. You skipped and giggled as you went on over to the tenth squad, you stopped as you kicked the door to the tenth squad. “Enter.” Hitsugaya’s voice says, you barely opened the door. “Sparrow!” Rangiku screams very excited. Toshiro stands up, he walks to the door but stops after opening it. “Matsumoto you requested for your sister to assist you nothing more so I expect you to finish your paperwork.” He orders, then closes the door. “Ok so what did you need me to do nee-sama.” You smile, then skipped over to her desk putting the papers down.

“I need your help doing these papers, so will you?” She requests, you nodded your head rapidly. “Yep no problem here.” You reply. You jumped up and down full of excitement but stopped taking a large stack over to Toshiro’s desk where you sat down and began. Time flew by fast and before you knew it you fell asleep, but you and Rangiku finished the stacks. Toshiro opens the door, seeing Rangiku’s head on her desk snoring. He looks at the stacks seeing they were done, he shakes his head left to right and heads to his desk. Toshiro smiles seeing another stack of papers finished and Sparrow asleep on his desk, just not snoring loudly like your sister.

Toshiro removes his Shiori, placing it around your sleeping form. He moves to the couch with the small papers he has to do, but as he turns a smiling orange head looks at him. “She’s cute asleep ne, Taicho?” Rangiku asks him, he looks at you then silently moves over to the couch with what he needed. “I should have known you didn’t do your papers yesterday, and now seeing she does your signature the same she was able to help you today too.” He says, Rangiku smiles as she replies. “Awe Taicho, well since I am done I will meet up with Kira. Oh and Taicho will you make sure Sparrow gets home safely.” She says and then was out the door before he could answer her back.

“Tsk.” He mumbled more to himself as he continued to sign the papers, he stops every so often looking up at her mumbling in her sleep. Soon he finished falling asleep himself, just a bit later your eyes flutter opened like butterfly wings flapping in the sky. You stood up stretching your arms above your head as you did you noticed an object falling from your shoulders, looking over at Rangiku’s desk, seeing her not there. Your arms dropped, you looked around but your gaze stops to a sleeping sound echoing. You picked up the Shiori you had dropped, laying it over the white haired captain.

You lay the Shiori over him, you kneeled down next to the couch smiling as you watched over him. Strands of his hair over his face, you couldn’t resist anymore as you pushed them away. You leaned forward, as his breath tickled over your lips. “What are you doing?” He asks, his eyes opened widely looking at you. You pulled back, feeling a bit embarrassed over your actions as you reply to him. “I was just checking up on you.” He sits up noticing his Shiori over him, he stands up putting the white Shiori back on him.

You stood up as well, heading to the door as if you were being punished. When suddenly a hand from behind grasps yours, you look over your shoulder seeing him. “Sir?” You say, your voice very questioningly. “Rangiku, asked me to make sure you got home safely.” He replies. You nod your head leading him to your place, he kept looking around not meeting your gaze at all. “Hitsugaya-taicho is everything alright?” You ask, he looks at you finally. “You can call me Toshiro, and I am fine.” He replies, you smiled happily. “Oh alright Hitsug-Toshiro.” You mutter after correcting yourself, with a blush on your cheeks.

You both silently walk to your place, the cool air left clouds of smoke seem to puff from your and his lips. You rubbed your hands together, trying to keep them warm. He notices take the gloves off his hands and handing them to you. “Here, they should keep your hands warm.” He says, you smile taking them from his hand and putting them on yours. Sure enough they soon warmed up, you glance over to him from the corner of your eye. “Toshiro?” You call, he turns looking directly at you, even though you were not giving a glance to him well not directly at least.

“Are you not cold?” You ask, he shakes his head no in response as he replies back. “No, I am not at all cold.” He looks forward but as you were to him, he too was watching you by here and there glances. You came to a stop, turning around facing him as you stand in front of your door. “Thank you so much this meant a lot for you to accompany me.” You say, bowing your head lightly in respect to him. “You’re welcomed, and it was no problem.” He replies, you see a light tint pink blush upon his cheeks.

He turns around, as his you turn to your door unlocking it. “See you tomorrow Matsumoto.” He says, you open your door looking up at him as he started to walk away. “Bye Toshiro.” You whisper, closing the door. You weren’t sure if he heard you or not but you still felt sad for some unknown reason. Your heart slowly ached, you put your hand up against your chest pressing over where your heart is. You walked up to your bedroom, taking clothes out laying them across your bed. Stripping off your shinigami robes, grabbed a towel and wrapping it around your body. You walked back out of your room and opened the shoji door to the bathroom, entering and closing the door.

You turned the water on to luke warm, filling the tube slowly up. You sat on the edge of the tube, your hand smoothing over the warm water. You dazed off staring at the rippling water, your thoughts lingering on Toshiro Hitsugaya. You stood up stripping of the towel, stepping into the water until you were submerged up to your neck. You lay back your head, placing a folded small towel over your eyes after you closed them. You soaked in the water, almost as if you were able to fall asleep as you were laying there.

“S-sparrow.” You hear being shouted, you knew that voice belongs to Kira. You got out of the water, wrap the towel around you body and opened the shoji door. He stood by the door holding your sister, she slurred words incoherently as he help hold her upright. “Lets lay her here, just for now.” You say walking over helping him to the couch for her to sit and more likely fall asleep on. He takes your sister’s arm from around his neck and shoulder as he lays her down. When he stood back up he notices you’re in a towel, he blushes from complete embarrassment.

“Sorry Sparrow.” He says, you look up at him then blushed as you forgot for a spare moment. He walks out the door, feeling bad at interrupting your bath. You close the door and walk back over to your drunk sister, you sat next to her pulling off her sandals. You stood up walking to the kitchen, grabbing a small towel putting it under some warm water. You wrung it out then walked back to your sister after folding the small towel you placed it over her forehead.

“Chez-man, iz snotz mez.” She slurred, with a smile on her face. You pulled the small cover that lay over the back of the couch, pulling it down to lay gently over her. You moved from next to her, leaving her to rest as you walked back into your room to change. “Of all the nights she’s been drunk only tonight she chose to be wasted.” You laughed, lightly after drying yourself. You dressed yourself, in your usual clothing, turning around the turn off the light next to you. You moved the cover down your bedding, then laid into bed pulling the cover back up to your shoulders as your eyes closed.

Tossing and turning, dreams flooding as you woke up hours later. You sat up looking out the shoji window above, removing yourself from under the cover as you quickly changed into your shinigami robes. You walked out your room, seeing your sister awake still on the couch, even though she was only sitting up. “Rangiku?” You called, just above a whisper. She looks up at you, rubbing the temples of her head. You shook your head at her as you turned around to the kitchen, you made her a concoction of who knows what to help with her hangover.

“Here sis, drink. Oh and don’t ask what’s in it, just plug your nose and swallow. Once done, take this it should help minimize the pain from the splitting headache.” You said, placing the pill in front of her with the glass of water, she nods her head as you walk out the door. The sunshine smiled brightly as it always does, you entered the barracks smiling. Everyone’s gaze happily met yours, Renji looked down to you as you walked up to him. “Abarai-fukutaichou.” You greeted. “Matsumoto, follow me. Kuchiki-taichou wishes to see you.” He says, turning around leading the way to the sixth squad captain’s office.

Renji knocks upon the doors to the captain’s office, once he knocked a few times after addressing himself, he entered. “Kuchiki-taichou, Matsumoto sir.” Renji says, he waited until Captain Kuchiki dismisses him. Once Renji fled, the cold mysterious stare of Byakuya Kuchiki gives his full attention as he hands you a, manila beige folder. He turns around glancing out the window, as he speaks in his usual unemotional tone. “You’ve been promoted to third seat of this squad, you’re to attend as required in front of the remaining Captains, and Lieutenants tonight.”

You bowed, then spoke to him in reply. “As you wish Kuchiki-taichou.” He closes his eyes then opens them dismissing you to your job. You were beyond excited, unable to think properly as you walked to the sixth squad training grounds. You smiled greatly, yet you looked at the manila folder still clutched tightly to your hands. “Alright everyone, today we’re to practice with kido. Slowly engage up to 55 if unable practice with what effort you already know. Additional help is available, for example.” You said, readying yourself for a binding kido.

As you slowly demonstrated some varieties of binding, and self-defense, eyes as cold watched tenderly over you. The cold feeling ice chill that ran up and down your spine, you looked up from over your shoulder. The reiatsu you felt was very familiar, and you already knew who it belonged to a small smile crept upon your lips. Afterwards, your attention faded from that spot and you turned your attention right back to teaching as requested by both Abarai-fukutaichou and Kuchiki-taichou. You sighed as the day slowly turned to it’s end, dusk came smoothly with the change of the sky.

You left on request early from work, you dressed formally as you were required to. “Sparrow, hurry or we’ll be late baby sister.” Rangiku teased, standing out side of your bedroom door then she suddenly opened it, smiling widely. You blushed seeing what she was wearing, then turned away finishing up. Rangiku leaned forward on your shoulder with her hands on your upper arms, she smirked seeing your flushed expression. “Cute, but I bet if you lowered your v-neck to show a bit more you might get the look of all the Captain’s and Lt’s.” She whisper, while lowering the chest area of your dress. You grabbed her hands, stopping her for lowering it way to far.

You may have a large chest but in clothing you were not like your sister, in fact you were not much of a skin flash. You loved her yes, but the clothes she wore you didn’t think you would be able to pull of in the same way as she did either. As he words rung in the back of your head, you thought of it then said to her questioningly, “Wait, Rangiku what eyes do you mean?” She smiled but turned leaving you alone again, which only made you curious even more. You finished, then walked out to the living room, seeing her and Kira standing near the door.

“Kira!” You shouted, with arms wide open as you walked to him. He hugs you back, leading the way like a true gentle man, until you, Kira and Rangiku suddenly stopped in your tracks “Taichou?” Rangiku calls, he looks to the left avoiding everyone’s peering gaze. “You said you were inviting Kira to walk with you, so I thought to walk with your sister.” He said, as if it were only natural, and more obvious to Rangiku in fact. “Oh.” She responded wrapping her arm around Kira’s, he moved from your right side allowing Captain Hitsugaya take your hand instead.

He didn’t look, only offered his hand to you, which you gladly took. His right hand stayed to his side, lights lit up the way much like a lined path. You gazed around smiling at the wonderful beauty as you were lead up to the door. Standing in front were none other then your Lt. and Captain, you bowed in respect to them. “Sir.” You greeted, finally lifting your head up. Kuchiki nods, as Renji smiles, you followed the two in as Toshiro releases your hand, Kuchiki takes it leading you to the Yamamoto-soutaichou. Everyone became silent as Kuchiki-taichou releases his grasp backing slowly down, Yamamoto approaches you, bowing your head as he lifts it up smiling.

“For your hard work, and dedication I along with the many captain’s and Lt.’s agreed, you’re to be promoted to third seat.” He says, you stood up turning around to face both Renji and Byakuya. “I accept, and take responsibility as third set of the sixth squad.” You responded, with so much warmth and pride in every part of your words. A cheer from everyone, and the celebration from the sixth squad captain at his home began. You were very glad your captain, wished to allow everyone to his home. You sat on the steps in front of his home, looking up at the cold dark sky. Not in fear, but as the moon shined high above you felt at ease.

You hear footsteps, slowly moving behind you. Reiatsu familiar as you came so accustomed to, he sits right next to you with out words. You look over at him, finally he gazes back to you, unable to look away you enjoyed the silent bond slowly forming between you both. He looks away, a small blush heating his cold cheeks, you giggle. He looks back at you, curiosity clearly written over his expression. “You’re blushing, Toshiro.” You say, letting him know what made you giggle. He looks away once more, then after it became silent you hear drunken slurs echoing and knew it was your sister.

Toshiro sighed already, after working with her for so long that Rangiku was beyond drunk, and repair for a time being. “Well I think I will bid everyone farewell and head home.” You said, standing up and heading in to let your captain know you’re leaving. “I’ll wait for you here.” Toshiro says, moving to a stand, but leaned up against the wall. You nodded and entered to the back, you see your captain sitting on a step looking up at the cherry blossoms flowing around in the wind. You sat down next to him, for some unknown reason Byakuya felt like a father figure to you.

“Kuchiki-taichou, I thank you greatly for throwing this celebration for me. I will head home to gain sleep, let me know if my sister becomes more then enough sir.” You said, he looks at you for a spit second he seemed to smile, but you let it go as a trick to your mind. “Don’t worry, she’ll like the others probably sleep right were they are.” He replies, shaking his head. You stand up again, turning only partly away as you say to him. “You’re like the father I’ve never had sir, I hope you continue watching over all of us sir.”

You then take your leave, you knew he heard you. But his silence says everything, and you knew it wasn’t bad either. You walked back to the front, Toshiro still leaning against the wall waiting like he said he would. “Are you heading home?” You ask, he opens his eyes looking directly at you. “Yes, what about Rangiku?” He replies, asking. “Captain says she can sleep like everyone else.” You laugh remembering what he said, taking lead in front of Toshiro. “Sleep like everyone?” He questions, you look over at him smiling.

“Hai! Outside and drunk.” You say, he sweat drops, but says nothing as he walks behind you. “Sparrow?” He calls, looking down to his feet. “Yes.” You reply. Silence engulfs you both, as you stood there looking at one another. Toshiro grabs your hand into his, he gently rubs his thumb over and over again. He couldn’t get the words he was looking for come out, at least not with the feelings and proper thought all at once.

“Toshiro?” You call, snapping him out of his trance. He blinks a few times, then regains his composure. “I don’t know how to say this, but when your around or I’m around you I don’t know what to say or do.” He says, trying to say what’s been on his thoughts. “I like you to.” You say, already knowing what he was trying to say. “You do?” He asks, processing what’s been said. “Yes, in fact I’ve greatly enjoyed being around you this short yet long time. “I see, I don’t like you…I’ve been lately just thinking about you and only you.” He says, moving as close as he can.

“Really?” You ask, as you thought about the same thing then you added. “I don’t just like you Toshiro, I am in love with you.” You say, clashing your lips suddenly to his. You didn’t feel his kiss back, so you thought he was rejecting until you started to pull away, and he replies. You both close your eyes, enjoying each other’s touch his cold lips, meeting your warm ones. The need for air had you both moving away, you both blushed after a moment still in silence. Finally he starts walking again, you join him in hand leading him to your and Rangiku’s home, since she wasn’t going to be there.

You unlocked, and opened the door. Both entering, then closed the door once inside. Toshiro gazes around, as you sat down on the couch. He follows you, taking a seat right beside you, the warmth filling your cheeks again as it turns crimson. Flooded thoughts in you both kept the eerie silence lurking, he pulls you closer to him holding you tightly in his arms. The breath from his lips as he pulls away, cools you and him down. You stand up with Toshiro pulling him to your room, closing the shoji door as you pull him to you once again.

Toshiro gazes lovingly at you, his touch setting fire to your skin. You couldn’t resist, but you so longed to have him in your bed. Whether it be willingly or unwilling you wouldn’t care if he would take you as his, for you wished it so openly as you did this moment. To him your smooth touch, felt like stillness in the world. He could no longer hold back with the desire, lust reaching it’s hand in his eyes as he gazes deeply into yours. You both reaches the end of your bed roll, his lips still firmly iced over yours, slowly removing yours and his shinigami robes.

Once they dropped you both stared at each other’s body, every inch and curve on him made you well simply eager. Your mind raced with words, yet your fingers traced over him, little whimpers leave his lips, so gracefully. Shivers ran up and down your whole body, his eyes locked all over yours as he too followed with his fingers, tracing over every curve they could touch. Both you and Toshiro unable to process any thought, you could feel this basic, natural feeling letting you guide as a tool of choice. Still you both seemed locked on as if it were the greatest prize, desire burning into your core.

You licked your lips with pure ecstasy dripping with pleasure as you both rubbed on each other’s body, desire tauntingly linger like a thick cloud. Your and his eyes cloud over in excitement, as he slowly lays you down. Toshiro hovers over your body, propped up on his forearms as he kisses down your lips, neck and shoulder heading towards your chest. You grip your cover in between your fingers, lightly as first but as he moves over your breast little moans escape your lips.

“T-Toshiro.” You cried with a small moan, his left hand massaging your right breasts. His mouth engulfed your left breast, playfully. Slowly licking around the nipple, then sucked over it further teasing you, it hardens with a solid perk mounting up. He then moves his left hand to prompt him up as his right fondled with your left breast, like he did with the other. Your right hand found it’s way to his hair, your lightly grasps it. He moans with your nipple being sucked in his mouth, he does something different as you release his hair. He bites softly in the nipple, then releases it from his mouth.

“Naa-ah, Toshiro.” You moaned, as he trails his tongue down your chest, and stomach. He looks up at you, as you glance down nodding your head for him to continue. You squirmed, bucking your hips up as he removes your panty. His body moves lower, he lifts your left leg partly over his shoulder. Your head tosses back, your chest moving up as you move your head from side to side. You hear him the sounds that you used to laugh at made him, oh so much more taunting as his fingers rub over your clit, his tongue licking and sucking over the now harden clit. He groaned but you moaned loudly as he stuck two fingers in your entrance, deeply as he moves them in and out.

The feeling seems to build up, your body wanting more and more. You felt relief, yet at the same time you felt the need to scream for him. “T-toshiro.” You moaned over and over. Again your fingers find the need to grip the sheets and cover tightly, your body acting on complete instinct. The flame in your core still burning, the temptation wishing to be released you couldn’t hold back no more as you come. Your body flushed with such feelings you didn’t understand, yet you felt the need to allow him to feel such a thing. Toshiro slowly like a wild cat, crawls up to you, his lips crash to yours as you taste yourself.

Suddenly with such strength you turned him on his back, crawling over him. You instantly move to his neck, biting down which earned you a loud growl like moan. This seems to turn your body in full burning motion, as you move down his chest. Nibbling in many different places, even his nipples and stomach had new forming love bites as you trail your tongue over his cold skin. “Hmm, Sparrow.” He groans, feeling your hand rub up and down his length. His soft whimpers encouraging your every movements, his dick takes a hardening form, you lick your lips with anticipation.

You take the tip, sticking it in your mouth slowly sucking him until you can no longer fit the rest of him in your mouth. Your right hand wraps around his base, while your left hand moves underneath his sac. Slowly you massage his balls while pumping your right hand and sucking his length. “Sparrow, faster please.” He groans, you do as he says. Your head bobs up and down, taking him in and out of your mouth faster then before. You can feel him pulse, his length thickening in your mouth. You swirled your tongue around his pulsing dick, moving back up to the tip tasting some of his sweet delicious cum.

You licked the tip, swirling all around while your hand still pumped up, and down on him. You look up at his expression, seeing his eyes tightly closed his lips curved in the corner. His expression all in all showed nothing less then mere delight. Finally, he groans no longer holding back, he came shooting directly in your mouth. You swallowed some, the small dips that fell from your lips were caught with a flick of your tongue. You happily licked your lips, and with your left hand wipe the remaining from your chin.

Just as you did to him, Toshiro suddenly turns over flipping you on your back. You look down seeing he is once again, just as hard as he was before. You look up at him, scared since this is your first time. He sees your look, noticing the reason behind it. “I’ll take it easy.” He says, his voice full of passion and love. You nodded your head, as he lifted your legs up allowing you to wrap them around his waist.

Nice and slowly he enters you with ease, you grip the sheets below your body. Eyes squinting close and pain lighting up your expression, he leans forward. You loosen your grip from the sheeting to his shoulders, with your nails digging into his skin. “Sparrow.” He groans as your nails scratch him. He stays still inside, then slowly moves out of you. Toshiro moves in and out, rough and deep as it slowly stopped hurting. You finally open your eyes, his gaze look sympathetic yet you could feel he was all too willing.

Desire mixed with lust, soon became a torment to you while he moved in and out slowly, almost as if he were waiting for your breathtaking words to echo in his ears. “T-toshiro, faster plea-se.” You moaned, he grunts to you as a response. “Sparrow.” He moaned, after you bucked your hips to meet his thrusts.

You grinded against him as he picked up his pace, faster and faster; as he moved in and out of you with such ease. Toshiro leans his face into your shoulder of your neck, his moans and grunts being embraced by your skin. You feel him thicken, his body moving as fast as a cheetah, your eyes glaze over with pure excitement. His muffled moans vibrated with your moving hips, the feeling of being one soul captured your thoughts as you couldn’t coherently say straight words.

He lifted himself up on his knees, with his upper body still tilting towards you. Your legs loosen from around his waist, he moves him up over his shoulders. Toshiro resumes a fast pace, pounding in and out of you like a rushing fire. His and your body lit in a blaze, yet he was cool, ice like. His eye gazes into your deeply, you can see the powerful love he held deep with in them. Your right hand moves up to his left cheek, as you move your legs slowly from his shoulders. You moved to your knees meeting him as you rode him, the friction between the movements bloomed like a lotus.

His body shivered, like yours you can feel his dick thickening as he pulsed inside of you, your own body quivers for release. “T-oshiro, I’m coming.” You moaned, tilting your head back. He groans moving his face to your chest, his lips sucking over your nipples as he leaves little love bites on them. “Sparrow!” He shouts, leaving your chest, as he comes. “Toshiro!” You scream, coming just moments after him, your lust mixing together as he moves forward laying you on your back.

He moves from out of you, laying on his back with you moving to lay your head on his upper arm and you right hand to his chest. He turns his head, kissing your nose as you smile looking up at him. Your eyes lock with his, and all the emotions you both harbored secretly pour into the silent words of love, until a sudden cold air hit your sweating body. “Are you ok?” He asks, after feeling you shiver in his arms. “Yeah, I’m just a bit cold.” You reply, he smiles a true loving one, which you’ve not once seen before. Again you gaze into his eyes, while thinking ‘Mesmerizing, he truly is.’

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