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10. Tobi (Madara Uchiha)

~Name: Suki
Age: 17
Village: Konoha
Rank: Anbu
(Black long hair and red eyes)
Abilities: Able to control and manipulate the elements all around her.
Personality: People think she's cold and mean, but she really is a sweet, caring and loving person. Also, can be like Tobi sometimes, shy to only people she doesn’t know, but is out going and fun to hang around with. If someone messes with her they will not see any sunshine tomorrow.
Horoscope: Capricorn


Your blood red eyes peered into another pair of sharigan eyes, you smirked. Standing in your attack position, the man wearing the orange swirl masked gazed around dodging everything you tossed. “Alright what’s next puppet?” You childishly ask. “Puppet?” He repeats. “Yes because you dodged everything and you’re hiding behind that ridiculous mask.” You growl, you can hear his smile as he says back to you. “Perhaps, but will you not join the Akatsuki now, since you’re defeated.”

“Fine, as you say since I am at defeat I suppose there is no other option.” You say, putting your weapons back in the pouch. You followed the shadow form of the person before you, and as you watched from behind you noticed something as your thoughts rambled on. “You’re of the Uchiha clan, am I right?” You ask, he stops, turning to you. “Maybe one day I’ll answer that.” He giggles childishly, his voice very different then before, as he spoke when he defeated you.

A cold chill ran up and down your spine, a mysterious aura shrouded him in darkness. Again he stops; turning to you, he sits down next to a tree. “Sit.” He demands, again seriously. His voice seemed different and again you were held captive to his hypnotic words. The masked stranger before you held out his hand, unsure of his motives you still were true to your word, so without another thought you took his hand in yours. “You know my name so what might yours be?” You asked, dusting yourself off, his back was turned to you as his head was looking up.

“Tobi.” He stated, turning his masked face towards you. He jumped up leading the way, as you followed him. Your long black silky hair glided under the passing of the tree limbs. The sun slowly died down, so you knew that the both of you were running for some time. He jumped of the thick, brown tree branch landing to the ground. He does a jutsu, then rocks move aside like a sliding door. He walks in and you followed, silently. “This is just one of our basic hideouts, we’ll rest here until morning comes.” Tobi says, laughing after he was done.

You sit down as Tobi starts to jump around like a child, he runs out then back in. Suddenly a blonde female looking boy with one eye covered walks in after Tobi ran in over to you. “Tobi’s sorry, he won’t touch your clay again.” Tobi says, leaning his head in your lap. “Fine you better not, un. Who are you, hm?” He asks after he stopped glaring daggers at Tobi. Then Tobi lift his face masked up, he says to the blonde staring at you. “She Tobi’s friend, and playmate. Deidara-senpai.” Tobi says, childishly as he got off the floor and takes a seat right next to you.

“Yes indeed I am.” You lied, but covered it up with a laugh. “I see, well try to keep Tobi out of my room and away from my clay.” He says starting to walk out the room. “Tobi’s sad, ‘cause Deidara-senpai didn’t ask for his friends name.” Tobi says. The said man turns his head over his shoulder looking boredly at you, with a sweat drop running down his face. “What’s your name, un?” Deidara asks, you smile childishly at him with a scary jack in the box clown smile. “Suki!” You scream with pure child like excitement. Tobi hops up, jumping with pride with his new playmate.

Deidara stood up leaving you and Tobi alone, just as Deidara was gone Tobi runs over. “Really Suki, you’re Tobi’s playmate?” He asks, you smiled as you replied, “Of course Tobi.”

Two years pass fast, you look around the trees searching for your target, lately Tobi’s been staying with you on most missions. Like the one your on now, even though you and him skip around, toying with other members and even running around the base. You’ve slowly started to fall for him, he even comes to your room to play around with you, so you’re never bored with him. Yet, Tobi is a mystery, still his voice changes as if he is serious. Like this mission you really wanted it, but Pain the leader was only going to assign the mission to Zetsu.

Yet later that night after telling Tobi that you wanted it, Pain called you in two nights before, giving the mission to you and Tobi. Of course you were ideally shocked, yet not as much as you thought. You snapped back to reality as Tobi’s had finds your shoulder, leading the way you jumped down running ahead of him. Tobi took this chance and chased after your dust trailing line, only to be found ahead of you. “How did…you?” You questioned, staring up and down him. He then holds up the knocked out target in his hands.

“Tobi.” You laughed, doing a jutsu that sealed your target in a cube like box. You sat down, chanting as you were preparing to send your summoning to the desired location as wished by your leader. Three days and two nights to fully send him in a warp like state to Pain. Then as ordered you and Tobi rested, you noticed Tobi staring at you, again you smiled. “Why are you always looking over towards me?” You asked, Tobi gets up walking over to you. He kneels down on both legs, pulling you to his arms in a grasping hug.

“There is something I wish to tell you, Suki.” Tobi said, his voice a deep forest like velvet, echoing in your ear. He stood up, pushing you backwards, as he walked forward. Your back roughly hits the tree, as his lips crash onto yours. His tongue licks the bottom of your lip, you close your eyes giving into him. His hands roam around feeling up and down ever curve until he stops, pulling away. You open your eyes to meet his, only to find he did indeed have his mask off. You gasp, moving your finger tips across his warm cheek.

“Do you like?” He asked, his more serious non-child like voice. “I do, why do you hide yourself?” You ask, after a few moments of staring over at him. “Simple, yet I will tell only you the reason. I must hide for if any knew I was still alive then there will be no end on who will come after me.” He replies, and then after. His lips take over the tender soft spots from behind your ear and over the curves of your neck, and shoulder. You felt his arms wrap around your body, moving you closer and closer. He pulls back, turning around with his back facing you.

“Tobi?” You called, you can see him tensing up at his shoulders. His head turns, where you can see his face looking at you from over his shoulder. His eyes as stern as his voice is, in his reply, “My real name is Madara, when I am alone with you and Tobi when in front of others.” His name to you was just as beautiful as his face, you stepped forward, embracing him from behind. His hands overlapped yours, over his stomach. “We need to go to the cave.” He says, moving his hands from over yours.

You stepped back, as you both once again head off running into the forest. The thick trees provided cover, as the leaves sway with the wind. You both made it to your destination, at dusk, the colors were so beautiful that you watched them as Tobi did a jutsu revealing an entrance. “Suki.” He calls, grabbing your attention. “Coming.” You reply walking into the cave after him, as you entered he did a fire jutsu starting one for you both. He sat down, in one corner and you sat across from him. His head leans back, again he had the orange swirled mask over his face.

‘When did he put that back on?’ You thought, not noticing it until now. Your fingers combed through your long silky black hair, you moved your hair over your shoulder to avoid sitting on your hair. Your knees moved up and your arms hugged them closely to your chest. You head leans over your knees, your eyes dropped to a close within minutes later.

(Tobi/Madara’s POV)

I moved my head down, looking across from me. The small flames still showed me her, it was unlike me to really do what I did in the forest but I could no longer hold my feelings from her. I noticed her head was down and her knees were up, I shuffled my feet, standing slowly up to walk over to see if she were awake or sleep. “Suki?” I called, kneeling down to see she is asleep. I picked her up, laying her fully down the bed roll, moving a cover up and over her body.

“T-obi.” She sleepily says, moving her arms to her side. I smiled taking off the mask as I leaned in to kiss her. Her breath tickled my nose, and her lips called out to me so sweetly. I licked my bottom lip, leaning forward again barely touching her soft lips.

(End of POV)

You felt a shadow over your body, the warmth of someones breath tickling over your face. You peeked open your eyes seeing a partcial shadow over you. Your left hand moved to your face as he back away, yet he still sat next to you. Rubbing your eyes with your finger tips, then you moved your left hand down to your side. You blinked a few times, before sitting up. You leaned back on your arms, with your palms flat as you turned your upper body to face him. “Tobi?” You called, then thought of it correcting yourself, “Madara?” You see him nod his head a he stood up on his knees, your left hand reaches out pulling him over you by accident.

Both your lips sync together passionately, you licked his bottome lip asking for entrance, which he gladly complied to. The rough, yet soft kiss grew hotter and hotter where you both slowly started to strip off both of your clothing from each other. He leaned forward, his chest touching yours as you leaned back down, his arms propped him up. Once you were finished, your tongue played with his wrapping around, then moved back into your mouth as his tongue found its way into yours.

Your hands firmly found its way to his chest, as you felt around, so did he. His fingers caressed your soft warm skin, after he moved to his knees and pulled you up with him. Your cheeks burned as he cupped your smooth firm breast, massaging them both while his lips slowly moved from yours down your neck. His tongue leaving trails, as your head tilts back. Your fingers tangles in his short, black locks, as his dominate hand moves to your nether regions.

“Nah.” You moaned, as his fingers swirl around your now moist clit. He moves his fingers from between your thighs, to his lips as he sucks on the slick wet juice. “Mmm.” He groaned, you pulled him down to your lips tasting yourself slightly upon them. He moved down, after leaving your lips to your moist ones. His tongue and fingers tauntingly play with your entrance and clit. You could hear his licking and sucking sound escape, your chest arches up with a buck of your hips as he sticks three of his fingers deep with in.

“Ah!” You screamed with excitement as his fingers moved around, and his tongue lapping all your sweet deliciousness. “Madara!” You moaned, as he thrust his fingers in and out, rough and deep. Your eyes glazed over, as you leaned up on you elbows looking down to him. He lifted your right leg up and over his left shoulder. Madara pounded his fingers in and out, scissoring as he was inside stretching you to fit himself soon enough. “You’re so tight, Suki.” He says huskily, as you felt your stomach twist and turn, but in such a blissful way. He too could tell, that you were ready to come, feeling your wall tighten even more around his fingers.

He leaned back down, near your entrance licking up as you came in his mouth. “Madara!” You shouted as you came, he finishes leaning his head up while licking his lips, moving to your lips to allow you to fully taste what he was fully enjoying. Once his lips were on yours, this time you reached your left hand down his stomach, to the rock hard member poking your inner thigh. You stroked him a few times, as he tried not to moan loudly in the kiss, which failed as he moaned, “Suki.” In your ear, you flipped him over on his back, crawling down like a spider to his harden member.

You licked you lips, as your siliva dripped down his erected, throbbing dick. You left hand wraps around his base, and your right hand cupped his balls as you started to massage them. You licked the tip of his cock, while stroking his thick shaft. Your mouth soon engulfed as much as you could to the back of your throat, your lips smoothly moved up and down as you head bobbed along. “Suki.” Tobi moaned, in his child like voice. You continued to deep throat and massage his sac as you head moved faster and faster.

His left hand moves to your head, having you take him much more and further down. You felt as if you were going to choke, yet you didn’t to your surprise. He groaned, his chest vibrating like music cords being strung on a guitar. It was more then anything you’ve ever done let alone ever felt. His dick thickened, pulsing against your swirling tongue as you started to taste a bit of his bitter salty come. “Lower, Suki, lower.” He lustfuly moans, and you took him in more if possible as far as you did previously.

“Mm…nah, Suki.” He moaned loudly, as his seed shot clearly as day in your mouth. You moved your lips to his tip, while swallowing his salty come. Madara sits up, pulling you up by your upper arms as he lays your back, again to the bed roll, as he once again hovers over your warm, sweaty body. You could see the sweat run down his chest and stomach, the fire lighting up like storm as it swivled when he lifted your legs apart. He reached in between your entrance, the moist juice still coming out slowly, so he used some on the tip and down his shaft as he quickly entered.

You gasped as his length, fully came in. Your eyes shut tightly, pain rocked every inch of your nerves, as he came out then thrusted right back in with such strength. Even though it felt so damn good, you couldn’t help as tears rushed down your cheeks. His head tossed back, as his pace picked up roughly. He pounded in and out, deeper and deeper as he came back in. His thrust rocked you and soon pain subsided as your fingers scratched against his chest. Streak upon streak, fresh blood lightly came to the small scratches.

“Madara!” You moaned loudly, as your voice echoed in the cave. He leaned his head down to capture your lips, he rocked your body like an earthquake. “Hmmm” You both moaned into the kiss, once you knew you were able to flip him he turned it around, making you on all four. He pulls your hair making you sit upon your knees, as he thrusts up and deep into your soaking, wet pussy. Your and his chest panted heavily, sweat running down your and his like water pouring from the rain.

Madara, a.k.a Tobi bit down hard on the edge of your shoulder in between your neck, drawing blood oh so lightly. He licks up as if he were binding a contract with you like a little demon, awaiting for his host. This little thing turned your body into over drive as his thrusts were swift, but violent like thunder in the sky. Turning you on more and more with each deep, swift thrust up and out. You bent over on all fours as he thrusts again leaning over your back. You felt his dick grow more, and like before in your mouth you knew he was ready to release, and so were you as your wall tighten, like wild flowers around his thick length.

“Suki, naahhh.” He moaned, climax to his limit. He moves your chin as his lips captures yours, he thrusted a few more times, as you bit his bottom lip. “Madara!” You moaned, climaxing mere minutes after him. Relief flushed you both, just as you were exhausted from your mission. You moved to lay on your side, just as he did. “Tobi’s a good boy, ne Suki-chan.” He says, like usual. You caressed his still bare cheek, replying back. “Hai, Tobi-kun is a good boy, but Madara-kun is a bad boy.” A smile curves upon his lip while you both soon fell asleep.

Morning hit, and the bright sun rays rise to your eye lids, waking you softly. You rubbed your eyes sitting up, you feel a small cool breeze upon your naked skin. You silently move, putting your clothes back on, then lay quietly back down on your side. You reached over, grabbing the orange swirl mask. You smiled, then moved to wake him up. His blood red eyes opens, he kisses you deeply and passionately, as you hand him his mask. “Let’s go home, Tobi-chan.” You childishly say, smiling brightly to him.

You both got up, while you rolled up the bed, he got dressed. You smirked remembering what had happened the night before, he silently wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in his arms. You leaned your head back into his chest, closing your eyes as you both met half way to kiss again. Your thoughts smiled as your body did, and you knew Tobi was more then your playmate his was your lover, even though you loved both sides of him you were to show only one part. “It’s not an illusion.” You whisper, turning in his arms as he replies, “No, it’s not. You’re mine, Suki.” He says deeply, the child like and deep velvet smooth sing to your heart. ‘Yes, it’s not an illusion…’ You thought, trailing off as you both left the cave, hand in hand.

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