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31. Szayel Aporro Granz

~Name: Mizu Hakka
Age: 23
Crush: Szayel Aporro Granz
Family: none
Race: arrancar
Rank: Stark's fraccion
Looks:(Back length curly black hair, sapphire eyes and milk chocolate colored skin.)
Powers/Abilities: can use sonido effectively.
Setting or how you met: he is constantly asking if she would be his test subject.
Personality: Mizu is very stubborn and has just a slight superiority complex, but she is always polite. In a way she is deceivingly innocent. She isn't the kind of person you would like to cross, especially when woken up from her sleep. Keeps to herself unless she’s desperate for company, which in that desperation goes to speak with Grimmjow. She will only obey her espada, Stark.
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio
You knew about your Espada and Lilynette being one, but none the less proud of your position as Stark’s fraccion. You walked the halls unable to sleep for the time, pausing in front of Grimmjow’s room. Unsure if you want someone to talk to or to just listen, you raised your hand but didn’t knock instead you turned and walked back down where you came from.
“Wake up!” Lilynette’s voice screamed, making you sweat dropped already knowing what was going on.
“Lilynette.” You call entering your Espada’s bedroom seeing Lilynette groping him.
“What Mizu.” She says annoyed.
“Why must you wake him?” You asked her.
“Why you say well Lord Aizen wants him and I to meet him.” She replied.
“I see.” You simply mutter walking over to the bed where Stark hand his arm over his face covering himself. You leaned over the bed near his ear, you blew lightly.
“Lord Aizen want you to wake sir.” You whisper, he moves his arm looking at you as you draw back up.
“Fine.” He simply says getting up. You leave the room and head back to yours, closing the door and jumping in bed as finally sleep allows you the night.

*Stark’s POV*
“You called?” I said entering the throne room where he sat down staring at me.
“You, Lilynette and Mizu.” I want you three to help the others when it is time.” He says. You both then left to go meet up with Mizu, you stopped in the hallway as a pink haired Espada stood in your way.
“What do you want Szayel.” I asked.
“I am looking for your fraccion, Mizu.” He says.
“Why are you looking for her?” I asked annoyed.
“Her check up.” He replies.
“I will let her know once we see her.” I say he turns around leaving.
“You know how she feels for him.” Lilynette says to me.
“I know but she needs that check up and he is the only one allowed to give her it.” I say.
“Well she is in her room like usual waiting for you.” Lilynette states and walks away to her room.

*Regular POV*
You lay across your bed just staring off in a blank expression, looking at the blank walls.
“Mizu, you need to see Szayel for your check up.” Stark says entering. You sat up as he walks over sitting on your bed’s edge.
“I will then.” You say standing, you look over at Stark.
“Aizen has us a mission so once your done wake me up.” He tells you.
“Very well.” You reply heading out of your room as your Espada falls asleep on your bed.

You arrived to Szayel’s office lab, you knock then enter. He turns to you looking directly into your eyes.
“Lay down.” He ordered, you give him a ‘what’ kind of look he then adds. “Please.”
You walk over and lay down on the cold table as he looks at you, your heart raced in your chest as you wait for him to begin. He starts to check all the necessities and to see if your fever had gone down from the last time your was not well.
“Am I well?” You asked sitting up, he doesn’t say anything as he keeps his back to you. You stood up walk up behind him placing your hand on his left shoulder, he immediately turns around as your lips softly meet his. He smirked as he pressed his body close to yours forcing you to lay on your back once again.
You feel him lick across your lower lip asking for entrance, but you refused. Szayel grunted slightly as he snake his hand up your shirt feeling your stomach then cupping your left breast, the cold feeling made you grasp giving him entrance; both fighting for dominance but then he won. Szayel explored your mouth as his treat memorizing every curve and feel. He moved his kiss down to your neck and collar bone, still biting and sucking. Unknown to you he removed your espada jacket, shirt, bra.
“S-Szayel.” You moaned out as he put your right breast in his mouth sucking on your nipple, still massaging the left then he moved to the left breast giving it the same treatment as his mouth focused on the taunting of your nipples. His right hand pinned your hands above your head and his left moved to the shorts you were wearing, his index toyed around your clit making you even more wet if possible, and slowly he teased your womanhood as you struggled to free your hands. Bucking your hips up and down as he circulated making the blood in you flow like rushing water tickling every nerve as it sends you in a bliss taking passion. You felt a tingling sensation forming in the pit of your stomach, but before you could release he pulls his finger away. He sees this look on your face bringing his lips back to yours but instead bites on your lower lip drawing blood, he keeps sucking on it then props himself up just enough to hover over your body. You suddenly roll over to where you are on top and he is on the bottom.
First you stand over him taking off his clothes in a strip tease kind of way once finished you make your way down tossing them where yours lay. Secondly after all clothing was gone you kiss his soft smooth lips nibbling on his bottom lip demanding entrance, as he wraps his arms around your curves feeling up and down earning a moan from you as he groaned too.
Painfully at a slow pace as you move your lips past his jawbone to his neck Szayel grunts when you finds his soft spot.
"Hmm..." He moans softly above a whisper.
You moves your hands down his sculpted chest feeling every inch of his skin, then down to his lower half feeling his erection in your hand as you wrapped your fingers around his long thick shaft. His soft moans send chills up your spine as you once moved further down where your hand hold his now fully rock hard cock, licking the tip of it as you look up seeing him toss his head back and arch his chest. Satisfied with the look on his face you starts to deep throat him, having no gagging effect as you bobbed your head up and down; still with your right hand on the base of his dick moving in motion to your bobbing.
"Faster Mizu." He grunted pushing your head more and more down. Not soon after you picked up the pace that he came in your mouth, you savored the taste as swallowing it down, Szayel’s senseless his own lustful behavior shown in his eyes and his actions as he flipped you over again gaining dominance, he roamed down from your lips, chest and past your stomach as he lifted one leg over his shoulder and began to eat your pussy out while biting and sucking in your clit.
“Oh Szayel naahh..” You moaned out trailing off as you tilted your head back slightly enjoying how he was playing with you. He looked up as you had done to him watching you while he stuck in one finger making you gasp in surprise.
“Mizu, I know you’ve been longing for me.” He murmured to you, making you turn your head and blush at his words.
“Well then this will be pleasuring.” He added sticking in another finger circling while he pumped in and out of you, still teasing your clit with his tongue. You felt your stomach once again with an unknown sensation building up.
“Faster, Nnnaaahh, please harder.” You moaned loudly out. He obeyed and pumped in and out faster and harder as he felt the walls from the inside tighten around his fingers he moved his tongue to the opening sticking it in.
“Ahh, naaaa.” You screamed out feeling your release, he licked it all up swallowing your sweet juices moving back to your lips and he placed his knees in between your legs. He kissed you roughly letting you taste yourself from his mouth. As he got more rough in the kiss he thrusted into you making you cry out in pain as his lip muffled your cry he stayed inside for a moment letting you adjust, as he broke the kiss he licked up your tears.
Moments later the pain subsided, he moved in a slow rhythm as he started to get the feeling. Soon joining in as he thrusted up your hip to meet his.
“Harder.” You moaned as you bucked your hips up again meeting his thrusts, he groan.
“Mizu.” He moaned as he felt you meet his.
This continued until your bodies where covered with sweat, like beams of sunlight glaring in the sky.
“Faster, naa..” You moaned as he hit your g-spot. You felt your climax reaching soon. He kept pounding in and out very fast as you both called out each other’s names feeling your juice come down.
“Over, now.” He barked in a demand a you followed getting on all fours, he thrusted up again ramming into your ass. You cried out felling pain once again which soon subsided and the only thing that was heard where the groan and moans of the making love. You felt his cock pulse as you tighten around him even knowing your climax would soon follow a few more thrust you screamed out hitting your second orgasm.
“SZAYEL!!!” You screamed in ecstasy. He kept ramming in and out until he released his warm seed inside you calling out your name. Still inside of you he lay next to you pulling cover over your bodies on the cold chair. He embraced you, then picked you up in his arms with the cover wrapped around as he walked to his room and on his bed he lays you down with him, he passionately kisses you again and wraps his arms around your curvy body.
“Szayel, why did you choose this?” You asked laying your head on his shoulder.
“A willing subject, but…” He trailed lifting your chin up to meet his gaze. “I love you Mizu.”


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