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42. Suigetsu Hozuki

~Name: Ukata Heyashi
Rank: Mist joinnin
Likes: Suigetsu Houzki
Dislikes: life.... Red heads
Past: left the mist to find her lost friend Suigetsu that had been taken to Orochimaru. At the age of thirteen, she became a rouge ninja.
Personality: jokes around a lot, fun, funny, a bit shy at times. Outgoing, loud, short tempered.

It was always me and you, us two, and the water of course. But everything changed one day; when you suddenly disappeared. I was alone. Me, myself and I. For the longest time I've searched and searched for you, but I never even came close to finding you. I'm sixteen now, you should be seventeen. You probably changed so much since I last saw you, you probably look so different. What if.. You have forgotten about me? I can only pray you haven't, and hope for the best.
I remember the good old days hanging at our usual spot fishing around being stupid...
"Hey Ukata?" I looked over at my young teal haired friend as he showed his sharp toothy smile at me.
"Yes?" He smiled evilly, splashing water into my eyes. Thats how our fights always started. I attacked him head on not caring how strong he was, I knew he was stronger then me; I didn't care. He always ended up going easy on me anyways.. Which only made me mad.
I smiled to myself at the sight of my memory. I missed him, I missed him so much. His teal hair that hung right above his broad shoulders, his purple eyes that made my heart jump out of my chest every time he looked at me, his goofy toothy grin he always gave me, me only. After a moment I realized the pools of water streaming down my face but paid them no mind as a trotted or maybe stumbled through the forest to find my long lost friend. As I made my way through the forest I couldn't help but question my actions, and drawing horrifying conclusions to only scare myself. But the one that scared me the most was 'What if he's dead..' My heart ached at that word, 'Dead'. That word only seems to follow me places even when I have stayed in one place for a long time I always ended up losing someone that was nice to me or someone that would always say hello when I'm passing through there village. It saddened me, to my very core.
"Please don't be dead.." I whispered stumbling towards a tree that seemed so familiar to me. I was exhausted, from traveling place to place. I could hardly keep my eyes open at this point. I smiled to myself remembering this very free I was leaning on. This very tree, was our tree, and with those words I fell into a pit of blackness.
"You know her?" I heard a deep voice talking but I kept my eyes shut to listen to what they are saying.
"Yeah... I do." The voice was also deep but different than the other. I heard movement and then silence.
"Is she dead?" I heard a woman also in the picture, she practically screamed my ears off.
"Quiet the hell down Karin! Your going to wake her!" The boy seamed angry. I decided I couldn't play sleep anymore, I wanted to know who these people were. I slowly opened my eyes and thought my eyes deceived me so. I saw a man with dark black hair a woman with bright red hair and that teal hair I could never forget. My eyes grew wide as my vision blurred, I couldn't get out any words except wails of crying out. But I wouldn't dare go close to him not yet.
"Ukata are you okay?" His voice has changed so much, I keep thinking this is all a dream, and that I'm losing my mind. But I opened my eyes and closed them and repeated, the same teal haired man was standing before me with his purple pools pouring into my blues ones. I shifted wiping my eyes trying to gain some sort of understanding of my surroundings.
"Suigetsu-kun? Is it really you?" I stared at him long and hard and before I knew it he nodded. There was no one who could stop me from jumping on him and weeping with joy, for I have found my best friend we'll more like he had found me. I pulled him close to me and clung to him for dear life as if he was going to disappear again, away from me. I wouldn't let it happen not now, not now that I've found him.
"Wow who knew someone could actually miss this idiot.." I stopped crying and wiped my tears away and slowly turned my head to meet the eyes of this Karin. I knew 'he' could tell I was angry but I think he was enjoying every second of it 'cuz he hated her too. I glared at her for it appeared a long time, the air was growing tense and I could tell this red headed bitch was backing down. Pfft wuss...
"What you looking at?" She asked sarcastically. I grew a vein and I heard Suigetsu snicker behind me.
"A stalker.." I smirked as I shifted my head to meet those purple eyes when I hear start screaming.
"Excuse me?! I am not a stalker!!! Who the hell do you think you are?" This time I got up and walked straight up to her.
"I'm Ukata Heyashi, a ninja swords men from the hidden mist, that went rouge four years ago, to look for my best friend." I stopped talking and realized I revealed the truth as to why I was here. I heard a gasp from behind me which could only Suigetsu. I shrunk back a little feeling a bit guilty for telling him and all his friends at the same time. I couldn't really meet his gaze now.
"You went looking for me Ukata?" He asked me with a hidden emotions couldn't quite understand but I nodded a yes at his question hoping he was not mad. "I'm sorry..." My gaze quickly met his after he whispered those words, my heart was beating frantically.
"For what?" I asked almost holding my breath, I can see it in his eyes. He feels guilty.
"For leaving you behind..." I smiled, walking over to him and grabbing a hold of him. I held him close, gently this time. There were no more words to be said as he wrapped his arms completely around me, securing me from the bitterness, the hatred. My face grew warm as I felt his cheek rub against mine, this is truly real. After a long moment of embracing each other, he looked toward the man with black hair.
"Can she come with us?" I felt my face go red, and my heart speed up. He wasn't leaving me behind this time. The black haired boy nodded and started walking off.
"You ready?" I beamed at him and nodded quickly jumping on him ecstatic. He laughed and helped me up and we were on our way.
We are finally making camp, all this was amazing I still couldn't believe this was happening. Being with Suigetsu, now traveling with him! My dream has truly came true.
"Hey... Hey Ukata?" I looked at Suigetsu dazed from the excitement that welled up inside me. "Come with me..." He held out his hand and I immediately took it and held it never wanting to let go. His hand was so smooths and warm. I think I like him, no I know I love him. He is everything to me. I never want to be apart from him again.
He slowly brought me to this lake side and sat down patting the rock beside him for me to sit. All of a sudden I heard a loud splash. I looked at my clothes and they were now all wet. I looked around for Suigetsu and found him coming up for air I was about to yell at him but something stopped me. Boy, I couldn't really complain...
His hair was all wet, I watched as small droplets of water rolled down his chest and over his abdomen. My face was bright red I knew it, but I really didn't care, I just stared memorizing every detail. I felt his gaze on me and felt my face grow even hotter as he started to approach me. I backed away slightly, feeling embarrassed, I held my cheeks to try and calm myself from thinking these naughty thoughts. He grabbed my chin tilting upwards to meet his gaze that stared deeply into me. I felt a faint coming on being overwhelmed like this. He seriously has an amazing upper body. I saw him smirk at me showing his goofy toothy grin I loved so much and he started to rub the right side of my cheek.
"I missed you Ukata.." He whispered to me softly, I felt his his hot breath hit my face teasingly after every word. I started to struggled with self control, I looked him longingly.
"I missed you too Sui-kun.." I closed my eyes feeling dizzy. I felt him let go of me. I opened my eyes to see him out of sight, I started looking around, when I felt water splash in my face. I looked at him angrily. I ran at him head on getting ready to drench him in the water. We rolled around letting no one get the advantage of soaking the other. I started laughing hysterically letting him take advance of getting on top of me but he soon realized he was no where near the water anymore. He joined in the laughter. Soon after we stopped laughing and I heard him breathing heavily.
"You've gotten better Ukata-chan." I giggled feeling him on top of me. I realized his face was much close then I thought it was he paid no mind to it. I started blushing and my heart started to beat faster. His eyes met mine and he realized too, he was a bit too close. He started to back away, but my action got the better of me. I lifted myself up catching his lips, I felt him kiss back, but I flinched away blushing. He looked down at me with a confused look, but then he smiled and leaned down to me.
"I love you too Ukata-chan.." He said. I stared at him shocked, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. He leaned down further and reached my lips, his perfect smooth lips fell perfectly on mine as he glided his tongue along my lower lip for entrance. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure of his lips moving poetically with mine. I slowly wrapped my arms around his neck feeling his wet back still revealed.
He left my lips and traveled to my neck kissing and sucking ever so lightly as he slid his right hand around my waist and leaned on his left for balance. I moaned softly as he bit down on my neck, sucking me dry. I felt him smirk above me, I could barely see him I could barely see anything. I was breathing so heavily, from the amazing pleasure he was giving me. I felt his cold hand crawl up to meet the clasp of my bra and with a flip of his fingers it was undone, I looked at him wide eyed and he just smirked at me.
"Pure talent..." He chuckled licking my cheek. He removed my shirt, and flung the useless bra somewhere and we looked at each other topless. We both were blushing til he gave me a light squeeze, he embraced me. I felt his hot skin rub against mine, I could feel the hotness inside my skirt grow.
"Do you want this... Ukata?" His hot breath slid across my neck and my heart beat quickened.
"Y-yes... I want you Sui-kun.." I whispered softly him. He raised his body to meet my gaze and he smiled at me.
"I want you too Ukata-chan.." I smiled and placed my hands feelings his abdomen. He watched me as I released him of his pants and slowly reached inside his boxers. I could see how aroused he was from this visibly, but I could also see how big he was. He was huge. I blushed as I made contact with his member. He grunted softly, as my hands started to play with his tip and lightly squeezing his balls. He thrusted forward a little from the pleasure. Suddenly he grabbed my hands and held them above my head. I gave him a questioning look but he ignored me and buried his face in the crevasse of my neck. He breathed fast for a few moments but then slowed down. He raised his head with determination in his eyes.
"Your turn.." He said making an evil looking smile I laughed a little. He then grabbed one of my breast and held my hands with the other while he lowered his head to my other breast. He sucked on it, nibbling and pulling while he played with the other making me moan under him. He then raised his head laughing, I looked at him. He flicked my nipple making me whimper and thrust forward making him collapse on top of me. We both laughed; he let go of my hands and he traveled south sliding my skirt off gently. He lightly kissed my stomach and the crevasses of my legs. He blew lightly at my hot throbbing pussy teasingly. I shivered pulling on the grass beside me. He chuckled at my reaction and placed his hands over the fabric standing in his way. He smirked at me feeling how wet I was, feeling my face heat up again. He slid off my panties revealing all of me to him. He smiled and kissed me more passionately on my lips I pulled his hair and he grineded his hips into me. He let go and licked my clit lightly.
"Sui-k-kun!" I moaned loudly and his response was to do it again. He slipped a finger in making me flinch and moan. Then two fingers, then three... I felt something build up inside me and I grabbed his hands. He knew he had to stop the teasing. He through off his boxers revealing him self to me, getting down on his knees readying himself.
"You ready?" He said through pants. I nodded as he slowly thrusted into me. I clung on to him as I felt the jolt of pain scatter throughout my body. He didn't dare to move.
The pain went away after a few mere moments. I kissed him lightly on the side if his head.
"I'm ready.." I whispered and he thrusted in slowly, I moaned loudly and he repeated his actions. The sound of heavy breathing and lust filled the air with pure bliss. He gave me a light peck before slamming into me reaching my spot, I arched my back whimpering grabbing on to him like my life depended on it.
"Oooohh Sui-kun..." I moaned curling my legs around him so he could have better access. Sweat was dripping from his brow, as he lowered himself to another passionate kiss. He started to go faster and I started screaming and groaning his name.
"Suigetsu!!" We screamed as we both gave one last thrust, and he fell not so gracefully beside me. Our breathing filled the air as I laid my head on his bare chest.
"Wow.." Did he really just say that? I laughed nuzzling my head into him smiling. "I can't believe you have been searching for me for so long and finally found me.." He beamed putting his hands around my waist pulling me closer.
"Your wrong Sui-kun..." I breathed and then smiled. "You found me.. " he laughed and kissed me on my head.

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