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39. Sosuke Aizen 2

~Name: Hitomi
Age: 18
Family: Deceased killed by hollows
Race: Human
Rank: None
Powers/Abilities: Teleportation at any length or destination.
Personality: Very shy, scares easy and can't really stand up for herself.
Horoscope Sign: Scorpio

Just like any other time before you would teleport from roof top, to roof top for fun. You thought it was a way to be free like a bird, an arm wrapped around your upper pulling you back down and teleporting to a certain ex-soul reapers store.
“Hello Nova.” You whispered, he zips up his front nodding to you. You entered with Nova holding his hand to make sure he didn’t walk into anything.

“Hitomi, we need your teleportation strength for tonight. Will you not help Ichigo and the others?” Urahara asked so kindly, your face flushed slightly as you nod.
“Hai.” You say shyly, Ichigo and Rukia stand up along with the rest of the group as they changed into their Shinigami selves holding each other’s hand in theirs. You stands in between Ichigo and Rukia as you teleport to the outer area in a park not far.

“Hitomi we will need you to be able to teleport fast if anything and since I know you are unable to fight we will need your speed more then anything.” Ichigo instructed you, nodding as you stood by with Orihime.
“Hitomi, Orihime watch out!” Ichigo shouts as a big guy with huge arms tries to hit you both.
“Yammy quit playing around with that trash and finish them.” The green eyed Espada ordered. You grabbed Orihime’s hand and teleported as two Arrancar followed, you stopped landing on a near by roof.

“Stay here ok Orihime.” You said then teleported back to see if the other’s needed your help. Unknown to you just as you arrived the Espada and Arrancar were leaving back to Hueco Mundo.

“Hitomi are you and Orihime alright?” Ichigo asked as he walked over, you nod teleporting back to Orihime and then back to where the other’s were showing them you and Orihime were fine. Unknown to you a set of cold, cunning dark eyes watched your movements.

[Ulquiorra’s POV]
Yammy and I walked down the hall to report, as we entered, Aizen-sama sat there with an amusing look upon his calm expression.

“Ulquiorra show us what you found fighting with Kurosaki.” Aizen orders, I nod pulling out my eye and smashing it to pieces.
“While we fought to see Kurosaki, Ichigo's ability we encountered another, as you can see she has the speed for the teleportation unlike the others. Her distance is widely ranged, and it seems she is very agile in combat.” I stated as the other’s watched from my view.

[Aizen’s POV]
“Everyone you are dismissed now leave.” I ordered, I turned around thinking to myself.
“Gin, what do you think?” I asked him knowing he was there waiting for me to say something to him.
“The look on your face says what your intentions are.” He mocked.
“What would that be?” I taunted.
“You want her don’t you?” He asked, knowing me all to well.
‘Do I want her as a pet or slave?’ I thought to myself, smirking.
“I see you have chosen then?” He says walking away, then stopped at the door.
“Perhaps I might want her for her powers, have you ever thought that?” I asked him.
“Possibility but unlikely.” He noted, I laughed to my self as he left.
“My slave, an animal you shall become.” I whispered closing my eyes.

[Regular POV]
After dressing, cooking and eating, you cleaned up. With that being done with, you put your shoes on leaving the house for today's school lesson. As you get to school you felt like you were being watched for some reason, you would turn around looking over your shoulder to see but nothing.
‘Maybe I’m just being paranoid.’ You thought walking in the school gates. You walk past Ichigo and the other’s heading on to class, you continued to feel this intense stare through out the time.
“Yo Hitomi what’s up with you?” Ichigo asked entering with everyone, you looked out the window seeing a tall slender man with brown hair staring up into the class room window that you were looking out from.
“Hitomi?” Rukia calls, you look to her.
“Hm?” You hummed.
“We’ve been calling your name for some time.” They shout.
“Sorry.” You softly reply, Ichigo puts his hand on your shoulder looking deeply into your eyes.
“What's got you?” He asked, his expression full of worry.
“I’ve just had this feeling and it’s bugging me, then I see this guy right now looking up into the class window.” You say, the looked out seeing nothing looking back to you.
“Hitomi it’s ok no body is out there.” Rukia says. The teacher walked in and every one took their seats.
‘Who is he?’ You questioned, then turned your attention back to the head of class.

[Aizen’s POV]
Her eyes glared out towards me as I looked up at her, she soon turned around as I turned away.
‘Wait until tonight my little slave.’ I laughed while walking away, her eyes seem to hold me in place as my heart raced with excitement.

[Regular POV, after school]
The whole day went just as fast as it had started, the feeling no longer lurking in the depths of your mind. You walked home still thinking to yourself as you unlocked and opened your door. You closed it from behind, kicking off your shoes and headed upstairs to your room.

You shut your door, taking your clothes off and wrapping a towel around your body. You walked to the bathroom then a sudden pain shot through your body as you blacked out into unknown arms.
“Sleep now my little slave.” You heard a mysterious velvety voice say.

When you finally awakened, you looked up at your bedroom light in a daze. You tried to move but was unable to, you looked down seeing your self strapped and tied down to a chair. A shadow walked from behind you, looking up you meet his cold brown gaze as he stares right back at you.

“You're mine for tonight young one.” He says with a smirk. The lust that shown through his eyes told you of what actions he was going to take. The gag in your mouth made it hard for you to speak, he walked behind you once again pulling down on the tight ropes that laced all around your body.

“If you’re a good girl I might remove the gag.” He taunted as his finger tips traced your face, he moved some of your hair be hind your ear as he came closer to you. He nibbled on your ear softly as his hands began to move the ropes tightly, but not in pain. For some reason unknown to you your body wanted the feel of this man, want his every touch all on your body.

“Good girl.” He huskily says removing the gag, you take a deep breath as his lips moved closer to yours. He roughly kissed you, sticking his tongue in tracing every area in your mouth. He soon moves his lips down to your cheek, chin and then to the crook of your neck as he bit down harsh drawing blood. His moist tongue lapped up the blood as he sucked and kisses around the new wound and bruised skin.

“Now I will let you go and untie you but you must put this on.” He tells you handing the said clothing to you as he released your arms, you put the article on as he straps them tightly. (Now your wearing the outfit from the above pic.) Once satisfied he lift you in his arms throwing you on your bed. He stares over my body as his hands reached down.

He pulled you up, as he looked at your partly exposed body. He captured your lips once again, then slowly trailed down from your mouth, over your chin down your throat. His further to your chest to circle the roundness of your right breast with his lips moving to your shoulders, those circling two fingers zeroed in on a strawberry nipple.

He turned you around so that he was holding you from behind still with his lips placed on your neck and his hand over your right breast. You shivered from the sensation that generated a tingle between her legs, and from the feel of something hard bisecting her naked cheeks from behind.

He blazed a path with his tongue, from the juncture of your shoulder and neck, up to the back of your earlobe as his thumb and forefinger trapped and squeezed as they played with your hardening nub on your chest.

But, as his hands had traced the swelled curve of side, thigh, and breast and even found their way between your shapely legs. Sensually swaying his hips from side-to-side, bare torso melded with your back, he pressed his awakened arousal into the crevice between two of the most luscious globes of flesh he had ever had the fortune to see.

Seeing he would do as he let go of your hair, licking his way down your back now; his tongue gliding down your spine as both his hands squeezed the pert mounds from up under your arms, before they slid down your wonderfully flat belly.

[Aizen’s POV]
She smelled fresh and flowery, like a windy spring afternoon so wonderfully refreshing to my sexually heightened senses. Hooking fingers into the sides of those leather panties perched so tantalizingly upon that heart-shaped derriere, I ever so slowly pulled the woman’s last article of clothing from her body.

With each inch of supple flesh made visible, my eager lips kissed, licked, and even bit into the uncovered cheeks of that luscious rear. Taking great care to hover just outside of reach of the damp petals below, she was innocent perfection that I couldn’t wait to taint.

The side of her face rubbed left to right, like a stamp to ink. As warm breath fanned over her naked sex behind, she hummed from the sensation, anticipating my lips’ touch, like the needy cat in heat that she was in that moment. Legs trapped together by the band of rope now pooled loosely around her knees, she bit her bottom lip as she finally felt the contact she had sorely craved for.

“Ahh…naa.” She quivered and hummed as a tip of my tongue traced the length of her nether lips from top to bottom, first one side and then the other. Before she felt them part by a long lick of her saturated middle, I knew she was completely exposed to my gaze, mouth, and tongue.

Her tang was the sweetest sour as I lavished her moist flesh with my full attention. For some reason her body, voice egged him in wanting what was not his, where he wanted her or not. Truth be told, it drove him absolutely fucking wild as did the moans she let slip, the taste of her essence, the way her sex quivered at my touch. Known for my restraint, was left wanting more.

I moved to do just that, before turning my back on the bed. Sliding my head between those delectably spread thighs, I lowered her womanly assets to my extended muscle that was already reaching skyward for a taste. My tongue finally made contact and was humming low into her damp warmth, inhaling her scent as I tasted it on my tongue, how I was enjoying feasting upon her like a hungry man at a buffet, like a man that wanted to savor every mouth-watering flavor on my plate.

“Mmmmmm…” I appreciatively crooned from between her spread legs. She moaned and whimpered in her place as her hands slid down the bed beneath her, gripping the sheets as I tangoed in the feathery softness of her hair between her quivering thighs. She raised her back while pressing her shoulders into the bed, looking down her flushed body, between her heaving breasts, to the area where those erotic wet sounds originated from. I slowly lolling my head from side to side, underneath her most private of spots, making her inner walls clench even as they were wetly probed.

“Nnnn…hah….” She panted and moaned. It was like eating the last bits of fruit from a cantaloupe’s curved rind, I smoothed my hands over the her trembling thighs to her hips and further to her sides to press her succulent fruit down upon my salivating mouth. Then guiding her to a sitting position over my trapped features, I looked up into her eyes as she finally looked down into my own. Pulling back I purposely, slowly licked my soiled lips for her delight as I grasped her hands that were tied behind her, “Mmmmm…So delicious, Hitomi.”

“How do you know my name?” She asked me, I laughed.

[Back to regular POV]
“I have been watching you, and find I cannot resist any temptation regarding you.” He says as his words sent shivers down your spine. He untied your bond wrist letting your hands roam freely, you were unsure how to respond as his eyes watched your every movements. He may be raping or forcing you but in many ways it was turning you even more on, your body acting now solely on it’s own will.

He urged your own hands upward, to squeeze and kneed your own breasts for his pleasure. Before his mouth returned to your weeping slit with renewed effort, as the flat of his tongue pressed hard to your nether lips, his hands guided your hips back and forth and side to side over his opened mouth. Taking great care to tilt your pelvis backward to lavish your tiny pearl in front.

Hands squeezing your pert mounds, you looked down into his eyes as they were looking up into your own. His gaze speaking plainly saying, “I see you, but can you see me watching you enjoying it?”

With each lick of his tongue left a heady pulse flaring in your core, like a single plucked string that reverberated throughout your entire nervous system. Tensing of your thighs, making the muscles in your rear flex as your inner walls contracted and squeezed so sweetly.

His breath, his tongue’s actions, his gaze, just the sight alone of him willingly letting you sit on his handsome features. So that he could feast upon your tingling pussy, drove you completely insane as you threw your head back, while trapping and rolling your own nipples between your fingers.
“Hah!..Mmmmmm…Ah!...Nnnnnngah!…” You panted moaning.

He stood up with a deep look of lust rushing through his eyes, as his hands began undoing his pants. He hissed in the your ear as he pressed his bare chest to your back,
“Did you enjoy yourself, Hitomi?” A press of his freed hardness upon your left cheek below, “Do you wish for more?”

Once again scooping your hair up into a ponytail with one hand, he grabbed your hip with his other as his words caressed the back of her ear, “Tell me, Hitomi, what do you wish for me to do to you now?”
Leaning your head back upon his shoulder, you reveled in the feel of his erection. A part of him that you alone had made harden, sliding up and down your cheeks’ crevice as he suckled your lobe from behind. In a breathy tone, you voiced your desire, two words spoken with utmost want, “…Take me.”

Grinding his rigid heat into your backside, he panted and licked the shell of your ear, “How, Hitomi?” Coating his rod with your leaking juices as he slipped his thick tip through your velvety flesh below further prodded, “Do you wish for me to make love to you with tender softness?” A harsh hiss, “Or would you rather I fuck you with enough force to break the very foundations of this bed?”

Honesty poured from your lips in the faintest whisper then, the word, “Both” riding the air expelling from your lungs ever so quietly. Letting go of your hair, he let your hands and chest return to the mattress with that luscious rear perched high in the air once again. He gave his verbal assent with smugness as both his hands, from the small of your back slid down to the cheeks of your perfectly toned ass and squeezed.

“Naughty girl.” A thumb spreading your wide on the left side, his other hand lined up his length with your weeping entrance as he added, all but licking his lips at the erotic sight of his flesh meeting your own below, “I shall have to punish you for your greed.” He spoke hinting his delight.

Your body imprinted upon the mattress as his wide head breached your entrance roughly. Your legs shook from just the thickness of that bulbous tip slipping fully inside, by the time the weighty girth of his shaft began to find its way inside your tight heat. Your fingers were clawing into satiny sheets as the pressure, pain, pleasure, it all amalgamated into one pulsing sensation that was your inner walls massaging his cock even as it stretched them wide.

With one leg quivering in stroke, he had fully seated himself inside of you, leaving you all sweaty and shaky, and craving for more. He felt the confirmation of this as you walls squeezed his deeply rooted rod hard. He grit his teeth from the heady sensation as he allowed you, and himself, time to acclimate to the new sensation of being so tightly joined.

[Aizen’s POV]
I not understand how I was unable to throw away such a fucking treasure, she wasn’t just tight, wet, and perfectly suited to my body. She was the embodiment of beauty as she took me completely, already pushing back against me from the white knuckled grip she had on her own sheets.

My thoughtless mind popped no question as to what I was wanting, as I clenched my rear muscles, before pulling back my length from that warm honey pot that I would take great pleasure in repeatedly pleasing that night. Gripping her hips tight, with no warning, no remorse, I pushed back inside with a vengeance, my tightened sacs slapping her clit as the breath was forced from her bent over body as her lung took another deep breath.

“Ahh!” She breathed as I torturously ground into her pulsing hole, still pressed so deep inside that my tip could go no further. She felt my hips making wide circles, opening her further, hitting all the sweet spots within.

“Ah…nnnaaahhh!” She cried, after another agonizingly slow pull back of my hips, I slammed hard into her yet again. Reveling in the way those sculpted globes of her rear gave a nice jiggle against my hips, fucking loving the way her insides gripped me tight.

Grinding hard onto her cervix once more, with my left hand, I pulled her head by the hair, to my shoulder, while he slapped the side of her ass hard with my right. The action not only left the sexiest redness to that pale cheek below, but it made the tight squeeze of her inner walls gave to my buried glands even more prominent. My keen ears picked up her gasp yet again as I slapped her ass once more, before soothing the sting with a gentle, circular rub of my palm as I hummed in approval, “Mm, so nice.”

Lips to the side of her throat, I hummed low as my hips pumped an infuriatingly sluggish rhythm between them, “You are incredibly wet, Hitomi.” My hand that was not in her hair smoothed its way from the reddened cheek to her hip, and then further down to the sensitive area between her legs in the front. With two fingers rubbing her tiny button, massaging matching the circles that my hips were making against her rear.

I quietly growled, “You do so enjoy drenching me with your juices, don’t you?” With another impromptu, hard ram in her sex from behind was the only thing that kept her exquisitely abused body from falling forward was the tight grip I had in her hair, “You’ve been a very bad girl, haven’t you, Hitomi?”

She could hardly speak in her spot as my hips swayed with her own, pleasing her from both ends, with my sliding length in the back and my slicked fingers in the front. However, the slight pull of her hair and my moving lips on her jaw sharply reminded her of what I so wanted to hear, “Tell me. Do you require discipline, Hitomi?”

She moved to answer as she struggled with her voice, desperately wanting the punishment to fit the crime, “Hah….Nn…Y-yes…”

I gave another squeeze to her clit between my sliding fingers as I pushed inside her yet again from behind, “Yes what?” My grip in her hair turned her to face me, before I gave the softest kiss to the side of her trembling lips.

[Back to regular POV]
His breath fanning over you as he hovered over your slack mouth, still rubbing and pushing up into you below. He desperately wanted to throw you down and pound into you from behind, sought the words that would let him do as he so ardently pleased, “Say it. Who is the one you wish to punish you now, Hitomi?” His words and your feeling upon his cock all but driving him to the edge, gave yet another leg shaking thrust into you from behind as his hand in your hair tightened its hold.

“Tell me.” He demanded, with another hard thrust punctuated by a single lick of your lips, another abusive ram from behind and a soft suckle of your bottom lip, “Or is it myself that you now want, that you wish to make you cry?”

[Aizen’s POV]
I let her think it over as I kissed her deeply, passionately, and oh so thoroughly from the side. She moved to tell him as he finally pulled back, My aroused self looked down at her through long, dark lashes.

“I-I do not know who you are.” She panted as she returned my heated gaze, her words bold and dripping absolute desire.
“Sosuke, Aizen.” I said, she looks down once more then back up at me.
“I-I…hah…Nnaaa….I want you.” A soft kiss of my lips as she continued to stare into my dark orbs glazed with lust, “Mm….make me…ahnnn…make me cry.”

At her audaciously erotic words, my composure completely crumbled. Completely pulling out of her body, my voice turned dark and commanding, “kneel before the headboard, Hitomi and grip it hard, do not let go. Is that clear?”

She positioning herself as I asked, she antsy replied with a hammering heart, “Yes.”

“Good girl,” I soothed as I moved behind her to press my aching erection against her sticky southern lips. Then getting up on haunches, like a dog preparing to mount its bitch, I guided myself in place with one hand and the other held onto her to the left side. In a growl, he forewarned, before her punishment commenced, “If your hands so much as slip from that piece of wood, Hitomi you will feel my wrath.”

Without waiting for a reply, I shoving back inside her with such force that her entire body lurked forward in its place, leaving her struggling fingers digging into black panted wood as she let out a strangled cry.

“Haah!” However, her wail was quickly followed by pant after pant as Aizen did not let up in the assault, “Fwa! Hahah! Hahah! Hahah! Hahah! Hahah! Hahah! Hahah!”

I pounded into her over and over again with enough force that the headboard in her grip dangerously swayed back and forth under her hands. I only let up my assault for a brief moment to catch my own breath while harshly rolling my hips against her abused behind.

But that reprieve was only short, because within seconds of sucking in a breath, I was back to forcing her own from her body. If she had thought I had made her feel things before, she has been sadly mistaken.

She couldn’t even close her mouth if she tried from the exuberant flaring of her core each hard thrust of my thick cock head pounding up and trying to force its way against all odds inside her cervix created.

[Back to regular POV]
He was moving so fast and so hard inside you that you felt completely full, never lacking his thickness, and almost feeling like it would rupture your insides if he put even the slightest bit more force behind his thrusts.

The only thing you could hear right now was the pounding of your heart in your ears, the forced pants of your own breath being sucked in and then pushed out, and that hard slap...slap...slap...slap...slap of sweaty flesh upon sweaty flesh from behind.

Your head was thrown back, wails came from your opened mouth, your breasts jiggled back and forth under you as felt your ass no doubt doing the same thing behind. You were in both heaven and hell as you let him completely manhandle your needy body to his every barbaric whim.

“Extend your elbows out, Hitomi” He managed to growl in your ear as he lifted your right leg up and to the side, positioning you like a shameful dog about to relieve itself, “Anchor yourself in place and push back against my cock.” He sharply hissed, then added. “Take the punishment you deserve, Hitomi, like the sinful dog that you are!”

Reeling from his words and both your heat, the moment you did as was told, the pressure inside you was immense. The angle that he was hitting inside you was so fucking phenomenal that the slide of his dick even seemed to stimulate the back of your clit from inside your walls.

With your arms out like they were, there was no leaning forward with each push, almost banging your nose on black wood. Instead, your entire body tensed as you were forced to take the abuse deeper, harder, rougher, making your toes curl and your eyes water as your sweaty hold on the headboard turned whiten knuckled and shaky.

“Fah! Ah...hah! Ah...hah! Ahah! Ahah!!” You managed to pant and curse as tears leaked from the corners of your eyes, your features twisted in the most pleasurably pained expression that had ever graced your face.

His muscles strained as he hissed through his teeth, was in heaven even as the pale skin of his chest tinged red from the overexertion. But the excessive amount of energy was completely worth it to him that he couldn’t get enough of your tight little body and that heated hole he wanted to call home forever.

“Haaah!” You cried as the next thing you knew, your world went completely off balance as your form was forcefully rolled to the side, with him now beneath you. Finding yourself sitting on his cock with your back facing his chest, but before you could even figure out what the hell was going on, his hands were on your hips, keeping you steady, as he all but reamed you out below.

That slap...slap...slap...slap...slap...slap of flesh was even more prominent hard, thunderous, and echoing throughout the room. You struggled to call his name, to curse, to even breath as your hands blindly went behind you, to the scrunching of his stomach muscles. As you tried to find some way to keep yourself from falling over.

Sitting there, legs spread, bent back, and bouncing uncontrollably, you didn’t have to do a damn thing, but keep your balance as the man behind you fucked you hard, fast, and with a fury from his place laying on the bed underneath. The moment she felt one of his hands you couldn’t even tell which, because bent back on him like you was, you couldn’t even look down, slip between your legs to rub your clit.

It was like the leash, which was your restraint, vanished and the wild animal within broke completely fucking free.“Ahah Ah..hah Fu...uck Hah God oh God Hah...Ai...zen Right there Hahah Just like that Hahah Nrrrrah Don’t...hah... Don’t stop!”

“Do ……hish... want it?” He seethed through clenched teeth from his place below her, absolutely getting off to that hoarse growl roaring from your lips as he continuously pounded into you while rubbing your blazing pearl with deft fingers.

You snarled through your own set of grinding enamel as you desperately tried to tilt your pelvis, to help his cock hit that certain spot inside you and to make his fingers tease your clit even more, “Frrrwah Ahah...Ahah F...fucking…Gah... Give it to me Gah... Goddamnit…Dah....Don’t stop!”

The man below you hoarsely taunted as his fingers’ side-to-side movements between your legs became a blur, “Should I…hish! …make you…hish!...come, Hitomi?”

“Yah! Ah-hah! Ah-hah! Ah-hah! Yes! Mah! Make me come! Ah-hah! Ah-hah! Rwah! Right there! Ah-hah! Ah-hah! Mah! More! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” Nails digging into your toned belly, as your body bowed backward over him completely. Your breath hitched repeatedly with a sucked in held breath. “ Aaa…Iii..” And then that breath was let go as you fucking came hard with a scream, “Zzzzeeeeennnnnn!”

Before you had even finished your high pitched wail, his back was already flying up from the bed. Gripping you tightly with one arm wrapped around your breasts, his other around your twitching stomach muscles. He bit into the junction of your neck and shoulder hard as he lifted his hips beneath you one final time.

Forcing you down around him as he pushed up from below, his teeth continuously sunk into you as his balls pressed tightly to your spread nether lips, his climax coming completely fucking unhinged.

“Grwahnnnnnnnnnnn!” He growled and chewed on your flesh even as his sweaty and flushed body held onto your own like a life line against the overwhelming pleasure ripping through and out of his body like a damn tidal wave of white hot pleasure. You, continuing to ride out your own euphoria, was left to struggle in his ironclad embrace as your own body twisted and writhed in its place.

The way his fingers and teeth dug into your flesh, was the way you felt him soiling your insides with a pulse so strong that it even made your overly sensitized clit throb… All the while hearing and feeling each and every shiver and groan…

“Sleep now Hitomi, for when you awake you’ll be with me in Hueco Mundo.” He purred laying beside of you.

“As you wish, M’lord.” You whispered to him closing your eyes, he smiles so faintly caressing your cheek.
“My slave, holding my heart.” He said picking you up in his arms, taking you with him…

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