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30. Sosuke Aizen 1

~Name: Nicole Kihara
Age: 20
Family: None
Race: Espada
Rank: 6th
Looks:(Dark Brown Hair and Red Eyes)
Powers/Abilities: Lightning
Personality: Flirty, Sarcastic, good sense of humor, a bit of a tease, brave, outgoing
Horoscope Sign: Leo

We were summoned by Ulquiorra to the center chambers, today we were meeting the group of shinigami’s that was to assist with us and we to them. You like always stood in between Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, you leaned against the wall waiting as Szayel walked in followed by three other’s.
“Ulquiorra.” One of them called, brown eyes and hair he stood tall as Ulquiorra walked over to him.
“Hey Grimmjow?” I called nudging the man next to me, he looked down annoyed since he had his eyes closed.
“Hm.” He responded.
“So who is this hot shot supposed to be again?” I asked.
“Their Captains from Soul Society.” He reminded, I smiled up at him as Ulquiorra walked to the middle looking around.
“Leave.” He firmly said, and just as ordered everyone left but then just as I reached the door heading out a hand was placed on my shoulder. “You wait.”
I nodded in understanding as everyone but Ulquiorra, me and those shinigami’s were all alone. I turned back around walking with Ulquiorra as we both stood in front of them.
“Here she is Aizen-sama.” Ulquiorra said as the other two shinigami’s and Ulquiorra left. I waited until the door was closed as he looked down at me with his dark brown mysterious eyes.
“Nicole Kihara, right?” He asked deeply.
“Right Aizen-sama.” I seductively responded.
“Good, you may leave.” He said, I bowed low then left. I walked around for a bit then went out to train alone, I heard someone clear their throat but I didn’t bother to turn around.
“Yes Grimmjow?” I asked seeing as he walked over.
“What that guy want from you woman?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest as I sheathed my Zanpakutou.
“Apparently nothing, he only asked for my name then dismissed me.” I replied, he gave a low laugh as I looked up at him with a glare.
“So boy is that what you wanted to know or were you worried about little old me.” I laughed, his expression changed as the word ‘boy’ left my lips.
“Nicole.” He warned.
“Fine.” I said walking back in and heading to my room.

..::Three Months Later::..

Aizen had Ulquiorra and I watch on and off over that girl Orihime, once again we were summoned to a meeting with Aizen. After Ulquiorra was done with pulling out his eye and showing bits of information that Aizen wanted.
“Very well Ulquiorra, everyone but Kihara is dismissed.” Aizen said, I stayed where I was as everyone left me alone with the one man my body lust for. He signaled for me to approach, as I did he pulled me against him, as he leaned his head near my ear. His breathing against my neck, as I held my breath so I would not moan out.
“Nicole, do you lust for me?” He huskily asked, as I held my tongue barking no words. He pulled my hair with his right hand and embraced me close with his left arm, he started to lick and kiss along my neck up to the back of my ear then back to my collar bone.
“Do you?” He huskily asked as he came back up breathing in my ear, I groaned silently but not enough as he let go of my hair and captured my lips to his rather roughly. My lips quivered as his hands started from my outer thighs as he slowly inched his hands up, my body slowly started to give into the desired touch as I kissed him back with fiery passion.
“Yes.” I softly moaned, he left my lips as he bit down under my ear finding my soft spot, I could feel his smirk touch my skin like fire hitting the earth’s core as he moved back to my lips demanding entrance. I gladly complied as his tongue danced along with mine, he lifted me up enough as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I broke the kiss moving my lips down to his neck as I gave him the same treatment he did to me until I felt my back his something so plush and soft, he leaned up out of my lips’ touch as he started blankly down to me.
“Like before it seems as of a game to you.” He stated referring to the many times I had flaunted, flirted and teased him to his every whim.
“Perhaps.” I replied with a teasing tone, He took off my clothes tossing the aside as he stood up doing the same to himself. We were both bare to trace of clothes as I sat up in awe looking up and down his body, my eyes tracing every crevice of his well toned muscular body. His erection slowly hitting it’s peak as I took it in my hands, I leaned in just a peek as I stuck out my tongue grazing over the tip of his manhood. He grunted as I shifted my right hand to his shaft and my left hand to his sac, I slowly licked from the tip down his shaft as my saliva lubercatied him enough as my right hand started to stroke his shaft up and down as my left hand caressed his sac in a squeezing motion. Aizen leaned his head back as I started to suck on his length bobbing my head up and down with rhythm to my hands, his fingers found it’s way in my hair as he slightly pulled and pushed my head to take him more. I was luckily not having a gag effect as I deep throated him, he grunted as I looked up and he looked down with a sheer enjoyment plastered on his face.
“More Nicole.” He moaned as I started to stroke him faster as my mouth stayed to his tip, I could hear his breathing whisper in the air as a warm liquid shot in my mouth. The bittersweet of his cum twirled around as I swallowed him up, I took two of my fingers wiping the sides of my mouth as I stood up kissing his lips allowing Aizen to taste himself upon my lips. He soon pulled away breathing the kiss as he trailed down to my chest, he licks over taunting my left nipple as his left hand massages my right breast. I lean my head back arching my chest up as he engulfs my left breast sucking it roughly, then moving to my right breast giving it the same treatment. Lighting flashes all around as my hormones run a muck, I pant roughly as he continues down my chest, stomach. He lifts up my left leg putting it over his shoulder then my right, as he plows his face licking my clit and sticking two fingers inside of me. I closed my eyes as I hear wet sounds coming from below, I moved both my hands over my taunted breast playing with them as he continued his game of eating and pushing his digits deep inside of me.
“Ai-aizen.” I moaned bucking my hips up letting him get more of me, a feeling at the pit of my stomach caused me to jerk in his little grasp. I bucked up again feeling an over powering sensation pour right out of me as he licks up my remaining juices, I looked down seeing him wipe his chin and licking his lips so so seductively that I couldn’t look away as he crawled back over me. His arms holding him up as he captures my lips once again letting me taste myself on his soft warm lips. He spread my leg around his waist as I felt his erection poke at my hot, wet awaiting core.
“Naa…” I moaned out as he pushed deep within, pumping in and out fast and deep as his thrust seem almost like a violent storm. I gripped his upper arms as he rammed back deep inside of me.
“Ah…izen.” I moaning out in pure bliss as he took me harder and deeper. He kept hitting a spot deep within as I clawed his upper arms with my nails.
“Nicole.” He grunted picking up speed I felt his erection seemingly pulsed through my body as that sensation built up once again in the pit of my stomach. He rammed in and out fast and hard with complete strength and power as I clawed into his back embracing him against me.
“AIZEN!” I screamed climaxing.
“NICOLE.” He grunted spilling his seed inside of me, Aizen pulled out as our love dripped along the sheets. He pulled the cover over us then pulls me into his chest.
“Like I said…its such a game to you.” He panted looking down kissing me softly, I smiled.
“Yes it is…” I replied closing my eyes with him as we both fallen asleep.


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