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37. Shuhei Hisagi

~Name: Tsunade Yiku
Age: 150
Family: Mom- Saru, Sister- Nori.
Race: Shinigami
Division: 11 with Captain Kenpachi Zaraki.
Rank: Forth seat
Zanpackto Name: Zetsumeiba Yaiba (deprived from "Zetusmei" meaning Death and "Yaiba" meaning Blade)
Shi Kai Command: Shimasu tame kiru(Prepare to kill), Zetsumeiba
Shi Kai Form: Dark blood red blade and a handle with black ribbons tied around it
Shi Kai Ability:
- Narwa Gwng: Zetsumeiba fires a crison wave (like Benihime's Sing attack) that can basically cut throught almost anything.
- Benirma: Summons a massive crison wall infront of Zetsumeiba's weilder that will shield him/her from incoming attacks.
Bankai name: Agarwaen Zetsumeiba (agarwaen- bloodstained)
Bankai appearance: Like Tensa Zangetsu, but thinner, longer, and with a normal guard. It is also a VERY VERY dark red in color, and about as long as Sephiroth's sword.
Bankai Ability:
- A more powerful version of Narma Gwng
- GigasBenirma. Similar to Benirma but larger and instead of just blocking attacks, it reflects them back at the attacker.
- Jabbing Agarwaen Zetsumeiba into a person's body will cause them to become completely immobile.
- Agarwaen Zetsumeiba greatly increases wielder’s strength and speed.
- Any amount of blood on the blade increases the wielder's strength, speed, endurance, the sword's durability and the power of the attacks. More blood, more power.
- Ion Gravirei: As long as Agarwaen Zetsumeiba remains planted into the ground, it creates a field that increases the gravity by 1000 times within a 100-mile radius. The wielder is not affected by it.
Personality: Smart, sweet, funny, can be an idiot at times, clumsy, helpful, caring, and lovable.
Horoscope Sign: Aquarius.

You were training today in the back with Yumichika, he was bored and so where you.
“Tsunade!” Ikkaku yells, both you and Yumichika stop sprawling to turn around facing Ikkaku.
“That was so not beautiful to interrupt us Ikkaku.” Yumichika said pushing aside some of his hair as he strutted along behind with you and Ikkaku.
“Ikkaku what is this about?” You asked curiously, tilting your head to the left side.
“Don’t know Captain Zaraki asked me to get you.” Ikkaku replies, as he opens the Captain’s door.
“Tsunade, Captain Unohana needs you to meet with her. Regarding your long time friend Shuhei Hisagi.” Zaraki says as Yachiru gets on top of Zaraki’s shoulder.
“Shuhei?” You asked with concern hinted in your tone.
“Hai Tsunade-chan” Yachiru says childishly.
“Hai Taicho I will.” You say, leaving the eleventh division and headed to the forth.
“Tsunade.” Unohana calls as she sees you enter.
“Hai Taicho, what is it you would like me to do?” You asked her, she leads you to a room where Shuhei was sleeping.
“We were able to put him to sleep but he was calling your name in his sleep, I thought you should stay here until he wakes.” Unohana says kindly, you nod as she closes the door leaving you and your long time best friend alone.
“Tsunade.” Shuhei whispers as you sat down on his bedside leaning over and kissed his forehead.
“I’m here Shuhei, I’m here.” You said reassuringly, your finger tips traced over his scar that when you and him were younger that he was attacked by a hollow. You got up off his bedside and walked to the window, opening it as you stared out. You could hear him tossing and calling your name, you couldn’t help but stare at him in awe.
“TSUNADE!” Shuhei shouts, making you jump and look at him.
“Shuhei…Shuhei.” You say tapping him to wake up, he does after a few minutes of you saying his name over and over. His eyes open seeing you hovering over him, he blinks.
“Tsunade?” He says.
“Yep, you were screaming my name in your sleep, are you alright?” You ask, seeing as his normal calm expression change so vividly.
“I was?” He question sitting up and looking to the side. You smiled sitting in a chair next to his bed.
“Tsunade.” Shuhei calls after five minutes of silence.
“Hm.” You respond looking up at him.
“What else did I say in my sleep?” He asked nervously.
“Nothing really just you kept saying my name on and off while moving in the bed.” You replied with a smile.
“I see.” He simply mutters, you stand up sitting on his bed as he looks up at you.
“What is wrong?” You asked him. You leaned closer to him pressing your forehead to his as you waited for his answer, instead of a reply he pulls you in his arms hugging you closely.
“Nothing, I am just glad to have you here by my side Tsunade.” He says whispering in your ear, you shudder at his warmth of a breath.
“Awe so cute.” You hear as you and Shuhei pull away. Rangiku standing with Kira as they stood in the door.
“Haha Matsumoto.” You tease, she smiles knowing your little secret already.
“Shuhei, take care friend. See you when you get out alright.” You say leaving.

[Shuhei’s POV]

“We brought you some sake.” Matsumoto says excitedly.
“Don’t worry about her, you know you’re the reason she came here.” Kira says, as Matsumoto looks up curiously.
“Kira what do you mean?” She asked.
“Oh you don’t know, well Shuhei likes Tsunad-” Kira started until he was hit in the head with something.
“Shuhei why did you do that?” Matsumoto asked.
“I am sleepy, drink sake when I am out with you guys at the end of the week.” I said, Matsumoto nodded as Kira rubbed his head looking at me.
“Alright.” She says pulling Kira out with her.
‘Tsunade.’ I thought while closing me eyes.

[Three days later, Shuhei’s POV]

“Don’t over do yourself now.” Unohana states as she releases me.
“I wont.” I reply
“Shuhei!” I hear Tsunade’s voice echo.
“Tsunade.” I say as she glomps me from behind, I blushed at the contact.
“Come on.” She says hooking her arm in mine as we both walk around Soul Society.
‘I need to.’ I thought to myself as I looked on and off at her, smiling as she was the most radiant person around.
“Tsunade.” I call, stopping us both.

[Back to regular POV]

You were both standing there as he had called your name even if it was more of a whisper, you placed your hand in his as you stared into his eyes.
“Do you trust me?” He suddenly asked.
“I do, why?” You replied asking him.

“I need to know, come with me.” He huskily said, and for the first time the deepness in his voice lured you away like a soft breeze. We walked down many streets then came over a hill top as we watched a little of the sun set, as we came to a path very well known. He stops in front of his door to his place, he smiles warmly with a different look in his eyes.

You follow him inside since it wasn’t your first time to his place, he closes the door leading you else where. You look around seeing his bed not from a far, you turned around facing him as guides us towards his bed. Shuhei placed his soft hand on my cheek then moved his hand to my chin pulling me to his lips. Your lips softly moving together like nothing before. He pushed you down on your back without breaking the kiss; his tongue licked your lower lip asking for entry which you gladly comply.

His tongue fought with yours for dominance, which he won and as his prize he flicked his tongue playfully all around your mouth. His hands moved to your sides rubbing up and down, slowly as he moved to your neck licking and sucking.
“Shu-hei.” You moaned as he sucked harder on your soft spot, your hands moved to his chest as you started to take off his shirt, he pulled away sitting up as you did the same.

He looked down as you moved closer to him putting your hands on each side of his face bring him to look at you.
“Shuhei, I’ve been waiting to tell you this, and now I feel I can…I love you Shuhei.” You said planting another heated kiss on his lips, this time he didn’t pull away as his hand traveled to your shirt unbuttoning the top.

He pulled you close with him as he pushed you against the wall, his body holding you there. His lips moved to your collar bone sucking and licking as he so pleased, you tossed your head back with delight. He soon started to kiss down your chest unclipping the back of your bra letting your breast be exposed; he took in your right nipple hungrily sucking at it like a baby, while messaging your left breast.

You moved your hands up and down his chest feeling on his firm body, he grunted under your touch switching to your left breast giving the same treatment as the other.
“Naahh Shuhei.” You moaned out feeling your body heat rise. He pushed up against you hard making you wrap your legs around his waist, after you did he pulled away from the wall and headed back towards the bed. Throwing you down on it he climbed on top of you, kissing down your stomach and to the pants line on your hips. He slowly unzipped your pants throwing it to the side, he moved his left hand under your thong tickling and taunting your clit making you wet from his pleasuring ways.

“Shuhei.” You moaned again as he entered two finger inside your warmth. He pushed in and out fast and faster as he went deep and hard. Your body begin moving with each turn of his fingers thrusting in and out. Not soon after did your body begin to feel something building up, you closed your eyes shut as the feeling got stronger.
“Tsunade, don’t hold back release.” He said pumping in and out faster then before.

“I want to taste you.” He added as you came into his mouth. He licked his lips moving back up to your lips letting you savor your taste. You flipped both of you over where your was on top moving your lips to his neck You began doing what he did to you, but slowly as you hear him whimper softly holding back his moans and groans. You bit lightly on his soft spot as he groaned out loud with you lapping up the blood.

“Tsunade.” He finally called in a moan sending you shivers up your spine. Taunting his nipples as he did to you as you felt a bulge in between your thighs, still doing your work on his chest you moved your right hand below rubbing against his bulge making him jump. You finished with his chest trailing kisses down his stomach to his pant line unbuttoning and unzipping as you pulled it down.

His erected bulge in his boxers grew more and more as you put your hand inside rubbing up and down his shaft, he groaned again as he grew in your hands. You pulled his boxers down throwing them on the floor with his pants, grabbing his dick again as you started to lick the tip. He moaned your name as he gripped the sheets on his bed.

“Please don’t tease me Tsunade.” He said as his breathing hitched in his throat from anticipation. You licked the tip again moving your tongue down his thick shaft then moving back to the tip engulfing him inside your mouth, you sucked up and down until you knew he was fully hard. You glided your teeth against his tender flesh, he continued to moan your name. You started to bob your head up and down with one hand in rhythm on his shaft going up and down.

“Nnaahh…Tsunade fast please faster.” He groaned, you picked up pace going faster and harder as you could. He bucked his hips up making you deep throat him, he enter laced his fingers in your hair as you went faster. You felt his dick thicken even more as you tasted his pre-cum.
“TSUNADE!!” He yelled as he came in your mouth feeling his climax. You licked your lips and then the tip again savoring his sweet taste. He pulled your by your upper arms flipping your both over, you could tell he wanted more so he began to eat you out thrusting his tongue in and out. When he took his tongue out placing his dick at the entrance as you felt the tip tease your clit.

“Tsunade, I know this is your first time. Are you ready, it will hurt for a moment.” He politely said moving your hair from your eyes.
“Yes I am ready.” You say as he claimed your lips ramming himself inside, tears leaked from your eyes he broke the kiss licking the tears away as he thrusted in and out. The pain just as he said soon disappeared as you started to enjoy every feel he was giving you.

“Harder.” You panted as he rammed out and a sudden wave of please hit in.
“Again faster and harder.” You moaned as he hit your g-spot over and over again. He soon went faster and deeper you bucked your hips in rhythm with each thrust he made.
“Tsunade.” He groaned feeling his climax soon to come.
“Nauhh Shuhei.” You moaned feeling your walls tighten around his thick dick as he continued to thrust at a rough speed.

“TSUNADE!” He moaned your name as he spilled his seed inside of you.
“SHUHEI!” You moaned as your juices collide in unison. He pulled out laying beside you panting as you moved to lay on his chest. He smiled small, but enough as you both stayed there in the bed together feeling beyond anything as you looked up at him.

“Tsunade, I know you see now that I truly love you. I am glad you feel the same to me.” He said kissing you on your lips softly.
“Funny how it works, you being my soft breeze.” You laughed as you both covered up and closed your eyes.

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