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52. Shikamaru Nara 4

~Name :Kya Hatake
Crush: Shikamaru Nara
Friends :Naruto, Gaara, Temari, Kankuro, Kiba, Shino, Shikamaru.
Age: 18
Background: is Kakashi’s little sister, she was kidnapped when she was little and escaped just a year ago, while strategizing a way out, when the opportune moment came. Wears a mask like her brother, really sweet but shy at first.

As I walked around the village I came to know very well along with its people, as I walked i passed by all my friends, everyone was so nice to me when I came. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. As you let your feet carry you to a field you knew all to well, and this is where you will find your best friend and love interest. Shikamaru Nara
You loved everything about him, even right down to his laziness. But you would never believe that he would return the feelings you held. As you finally came to a hill with a tree you saw a familiar body laid out in the shade of this tree watching the clouds roll past.
“Shikamaru?...” you questioned, knowing he probably won’t be awake. As you stood over his outstretched figure you gave up and just sat next to him. You then let a sigh escape through your masked mouth.
“Kya? How’s your *yawn* day going… ?” he sheepishly asked. You looked over to your friend and watched as the breeze blew at his hair and made the leaves sway.
“not bad just came up to visit you..” you said as you looked at him once more, as you did you noticed him looking at you. “what?..” you asked as you gave him a quizzical look.
“nothing just… thinking.” He replied, you were about to ask what he was thinking about but then he answered that. “what would you do if I pulled down your mask?” the question was realest into the air.
You thought for a few minutes before replying, which was saying “I don’t know, try it and find out.” As you said this your mask was pulled down. You open your eyes to see him but the they go wide as he kissed you.
You kissed back passionately as he runs his tongue along your bottom lip. You open your mouth wanting him to make the kiss longer. As he pulled away he let out another question. “Kya… what would you do if I said I loved you?”.
You gave him a quick peck on the lips before answering. “I love you too… Shikamaru..” with that he slammed his lips onto yours aging in a heated kiss, as he slowly snaked his arms around your waist and made the kiss deeper, you tugged at his hair till it fell out.
One of his hands then went up under your shirt, as he rubbed your breast through your bra. He then parted as he started trailing kisses down you neck till he got to the middle of you collarbone. You let out loud moan that you have been holding back. You then tug at his shirt; he takes it of then starts kissing you again with the sun fading in the background.
He then pulls off your shirt up and over your head as your fingertips traced shape like figures on his well-toned chest. As you lightly kiss it, he lets out a low growl. He then slowly un bottoms your pants as he slides them off you kiss him hungrily.
With every touch of skin sent electric waves of little bits of pleasure. You wanted more, you wanted to be his and his alone. And you want him to be yours and yours alone… as you slid off his pants also you kiss down from his chest to his boxers, nibbling every so often on the way.
As you look at the tent in front of you, you could tell he was big. You then gripped his member through his boxers as you did he grunted as a response. You then pulled his boxers down and through them in the field of scattered clothes.
As you licked the tip with your tongue before putting as much as you could, while rapping you hand around his base. You then stared to bob your head up and down while listening to the low grunts, groans, and moans, coming from Shikamaru. You then rubbed you tongue as you did you felt him start to plus in your mouth.
“grahh… Kya..” you heard him moan as he came in your mouth. You looked up at him as you swallowed the tasty liquid. You then were flipped by him, as he shoved his tongue in your trough tasting himself. He then unhooked your bra, and slid it off your arms and through it somewhere it was needed.
“your beautiful Kya…” he whispered in your ear, before kiss down to your left breast liking around the nipple before taking the whole thing into his mouth. As you were moaning he lightly rubbed the other nipple between his index finger and thumb.
As he pulled away to look at the job he did on hardening your now slightly dark nipples, before giving the other one the same treatment. He then slid off you panties he went down and licked around you entrance before sliding his tongue all the way up to your clit. Making you shiver.
He then entered you with his finger. “arggg…. Shika-shikamaru…” you moan out as he adds another finger and starts to do a scissor like motion. Making you moan even more. He then starts pumping them really fast in and out of you, as you felt your inner walls close in on his fingers, you felt a butterflies in your stomach.
You then realest on his fingers as he pulled them out and lick them and you clean, then he made his way back up to you and deeply kissing you as you tasted yourself in his mouth.
As you were making out he entered you, you wanted to scream but his kiss blocked out all the sound from it. You then felt the pain go away and it was then turned into blissful pleasure as you bucked your hips into him. He started to thrust in and out trying to find a rhythm. As he went faster you felt that tight build up again as you kissed his ear lobe.
“Shikamaru!” you scream as he hit your g-spot. “hit… it there again…” you moaned out to him hoping he would answer by doing so, which he did. As he kept going the build-up got stronger you then yelled out his name as you hit your climax, he kept pumping and thrusting a few more times as you felt him start to pluse inside of you.
He then gripped your hips and dragged them to meet his thrusts harder and deeper and he moaned out your name while he rode out his climax. He then pulled out panting as you lied there leaning on his chest looking up at the stars…

~1 month later~

“stupid pink plus thingy… its making me mad…” you say as you looked to your friend Temari who just shrugged her shoulders and looked at you.
“so you and Shikamaru had sex and now you’re pregnant, I don’t see the big deal he said he loves you right?“ she said at your form as it passed back and forth in front of her.
“no, Temari you don’t understand, Shikamaru is too lazy to put up with a child… it’s not that he don’t want it, it’s just I’ll be the one doing all the work..” you tried to explain to her, while you were doing that you didn’t see the said man walk in.
When you stopped walking and looked up you saw Shikamaru there. “I wouldn’t making you do all the work.” He said as he pulled you into his chest, “besides … I would love to have a family with you..”

*8 months later*
You ended up being pregnant with twins a boy then a girl.And you stay together as a happy family.

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