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47. Shikamaru Nara 3

~You: “So um… How do you play this game again?”

Naruto sighed: “I already told you this Akauri! You spin the bottle and whoever it lands on you gotta go in the closet with seven minutes at the least?”

You: “At the least? What’s the most time you get?”

Kiba: “However much you want, we have other closets.”

You: “and whoever it lands on I have to go in the closet with? Regardless of my feelings?”

Sasuke nodded: “Yes, now shut up and spin the bottle already” you sighed and spun it then watched it spin. You prayed it landed Shikamaru. You wanted it too soooo badly. It stopped and you looked up praising the heavens. Then turned bleak red. He stood and you awkwardly followed him. You were shoved with him the closet, the door slamming and locking.

Ino: “Have fun!” she giggled and you fell right on top of Shikamaru, your butt in his lap. You went redder as your face, hands, and breast pressed against his chest. His frame was quite bigger then yours. He grunted as his arm instantly wrapped around your back as he tried to catch your balance.

Shikamaru sighed: “Troublesome woman… Pushing us in here like that…”you couldn’t see his face but you defiantly knew yours was red. His knees were up behind your back and his waist was between your legs. He shifted a little and you rose up attempting to get off you but he moved his hands to your hips and held you down causing you to grind against him a little. You suppressed a moan.

Shikamaru: “Wait…” you sat up and looked in the direction of his face.

You: “What is it?”

Shikamaru: “Ino told me something I want to make sure is true, I can’t think of a better time then now to ask.” You could tell by his tone he was smirking.

You: “What did she say?” you turned your head in a little confusion.

Shikamaru: “That you had, how did she put it? A mega crush on me?” You went bright red and looked away from him, even though he couldn’t see you anyway. “Is that true?”

You: “N-No!” you tried denying.

Shikamaru: “Then why did you just stutter?” you could tell he was amused by this.

You: “I did n-not!”

Shikamaru chuckled: “You just did, again” he feel his breath on your face making you feel hotter and realize that he was getting closer. He was right by your ear whispering now “Tell me the truth, Akauri?” he cooed your name making you shiver. He treaded his fingers tips up your arms making you have goose bumps then if that wasn’t enough he nibbled your ear lobe. You suppress another moan. “Well?” he whispered again. He then began to leave hot, wet, and open kisses on a soft spot on your neck and you couldn’t help but whimper that time. You clutched onto his shirt, your face burning and eyes closed tightly shut. “Because I really like you… I have for a while now…” your eyes shot open and he caressed your face. “Well?”

You nodded in defeat and acceptance: “I like you a lot too…” you felt hot lips on yours. You smiled into he kiss a little as he smirked and you both pressed your bodies closer then they already were. He licked your lips wanting you to open them a little just enough so he could slip his tongue threw. You did of course, quickly happy by your decision. Once your French kiss was over you felt the buttons being slowly opened of your top. You blushed more; you didn’t even realize his hands moved. When your shirt was open you helped him slip you out of it and discarded it on the floor. His hands closed on top of them keeping your nipples nice and warm while his trailed hot kisses down your neck to your collar bone then the beginning of your mounds. You moaned and held his head slightly closer when he started licking your nipples. You slid your hands down his back then back around his waist then up his chest feeling all his nice upper body muscles. Shikamaru groaned as you felt something under you harden. You got a wicked idea as you began grinding against him feeling him further grow.

Shikamaru moaned: “Akauri…” he bucked his hips into yours, counteracting the grinding, causing more to happen. He held on tightly onto your hips as you both sped up your passes. He began panting as he slightly shifted upward and began unzipping his pants. You guessed his erection go too painful trapped inside his pants. You helped him by pulling his pants down and his boxers revealing his standing arousal. The light from under the door provided just enough light for you to see him twitch. You grabbed him gently, making him groan, and began massing the length causing Shikamaru to roll his head back into the wall moving his hips begging for you to touch him more. Spoiling your lazy genius, you moved yourself so your head was in between his legs and lead him into your mouth. Shikamaru growled and bucked again further into you. You tried to fit as much as possible into your mouth, but he was kinda big. You pulled back a little, only allowing the tip of him in your mouth teasing him feeling him squirm when your tongue drew circles over the tip of him over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over-

Shikamaru grunted: “I can’t take it anymore!” he pushed you down so you were on the ground and he was on top of you then ripped, yes ripped, off your underwear pounding deep with in you. You whimpered and he kissed you making the pain lesson as you waited for the pain to subside. When it did, you were the first one to move, telling him it was ok to do the same. You nodded and began thrusting into you. As soon as you got a steady pace going there was a knock at the door.

Kiba: “Times up-“

You both shouted: “GO AWAY!” everyone on the other side quietly laughed but neither of you cared at the moment and tuned them out while you had your fun in the closet. Shikamaru pushed in harder and deeper and you felt yourself getting ready for the climax. You were both sweating and calling each other’s name into the darkness. He pulled you two up so you were on his lap and again pushed even deeper in you, hitting you in just the right spot making you go crazy. Pretty soon you were going at inhuman speeds and you saw white as he came, making you fall right off the same cliff after he did

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