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23. Shikamaru Nara 2

~Your name: LunaBelle Fee (Nicknames: Luna or Belle)
Your crush's name: Shikamaru Nara
age:18 (He’s 19)
personality: Hyperactive but can be moody.

Shikamaru like any day if not training or on a mission sat under the clouds on a hill that overlooked Konoha, he was waiting there for a certain person; you. Right now you had just gotten back from a mission with your team, you had to go to the village hidden in the rain. Your body was exhausted and all you wanted to do was cuddle in Shika’s arms and sleep, as you made it your and his apartment you noticed he wasn’t there. ‘Where could he be?’ you thought then like a light bulb it hit you.
“Clouds.” You laughed leaving your apartment in search for the hill where he always gazes and naps. You giggle lowly as you make it there seeing him gazing you watch as your heart skips several beats, every time you get you just watch him like he was a god. He didn’t seem to notice you being there yet, so you watch for a few more moments; his body, eyes, lips.
All of those features seem to draw your body in for more you had always admired his carefree attitude, and loved when he did train especially shirtless; his body and sometimes the moves where flawless with every movement. He was napping cause you heard a light snore, you laughed walking over quietly so the sleeping Shikamaru wouldn’t wake up.
You lay next to him as his breathing kept steady along with his heart beat, you looked up at the clouds for a moment and smile then look back to him.
“I love you…so much.” You whisper laying yourself on next to him, he moved his arm around your body embracing you closer to him as you lay your head on his chest.
“Love you too Luna.” He mutters opening his eyes to look at you. He sees you fell asleep in his arms, so he pulls you as close as he could holding you while slowly closing his eyes once more.

The next day-

Today is Shika’s birthday so his family, friends and I came up with making a surprise party for him. Right now Chouji volunteered to keep Shika busy until this after noon, since we are hosting it from 2:00 p.m.- 6:00 tonight. So right now we have thirty minutes before Chouji and Shika will arrive, as our guest come one by one.
“You ready to go in cause I’m starving now.” You heard Chouji’s voice say right outside, you look to everyone as the duck behind the furniture and you in the kitchen.
“Yea why you ask?” Shika question Chouji since he said it in a weird was although it was more of a warning to you, but since Shika didn’t know he only shrugged it off.
“Well I love what Luna’s cooking so why not.” Chouji replies as Shika unlocks and opens the door.
“SURPRISE!” Everyone shouted as the jumped up, Shika looks to Chouji as he sees his best friend smile and pointing to the kitchen. When Shika looks to where Chouji points he had already put two and two together.
“I see so it was your idea?” Shika asks as he walks over to you, laughing at him as he takes you in an embrace.
“No I wasn’t the only one, had your mom’s help too.” You say cheekily as his mother and father walk over to you both.
“Happy birthday my son, your father and I got you something.” His mother said handing him a wrapped gift.
“Yeah we did but you have to wait until later after we eat to open it.” His father added.
After that you pulled away from him. You walked out behind the Nara home bringing in the BBQ and other food for everyone at the table, you even brought out the cake setting it in the middle. Now before everyone went to eat the Hokage Uzumaki, Naruto walked over to bless everyone and give thanks.
“Alright let’s eat now!” Naruto shouts as everyone dug in. As everyone gathered their meals you noticed the boys; Naruto, Sai, Sasuke, Neji, Kiba, Chouji, Lee, Shino, Gaara the Kazekage, Kankuro, and Shika were all talking among themselves. You began cleaning off the trash and putting the remaining food in the kitchen. Hinata, Tamari, Ten-Ten, Sakura, and Ino followed in cleaning up some of the mess with you.
“Would you girls know what that was all about?” You asked nonchalantly. As your gaze over look to them they seemed tense.
“No.” They said in unison.
“Really?” You asked corking a brow, looking to Hinata.
“Is that true Hina?” You asked her.
“Umm .” She stuttered out.
“Luna don’t worry stop asking because you should know that we cant say it to you.” Temari interrupted.
“Oh ok.” You reply, now even more curious. After everything was cleaned up enough you all returned seeing everyone but Shika in the main room, the boys gulped seeing you all return.
“Ok so I guess we should allow Shika to open-.” You stopped making a dramatic pause as you felt arms wrap around your waist.
“Well I was wondering where you were, so would you like to let me go so you can open your gifts?” You ask him, he nodded letting you go but then before anything he grabbed your hand pulling you with him.
“Alright before I open my gifts, you all know what I have been planning to do.” Shika started, the turned to you.
“Luna everyone here knows what you mean to me, so not only do I get gifts from everyone but I also have a gift to offer you.” He said sternly then went down on one knee.
“Will you LunaBell Fee be my wife?” He asked.
“Shikamaru…Yes.” You reply with a smile, he put the ring on your finger then stood pulling you in a welcoming, long kiss. Everyone clapped happy that his lazy butt did something, you just was happy that you finally have a loving and smart mate.

Later that night-

“Ok thanks Hokage, and Hinata.” You say as they left, everyone was gone so now it was only you two.
“So Shika I have a small gift I just couldn’t give you yet.” You say seductively swaying your hips as you walk over to him.
“Troublesome…woman.” He states with a smirk, you walk past him entering your room. You came back out wearing an outfit the girls helped you pick out, sexy and more would be the words but it was very much indescribable.
(This pic is of the outfit the girls helped you pick out.)

“So am I still so troublesome?” You ask coming back into his view, he looks over having to double take a look. He stood smirking at you seeing this was the perfect moment.
“This is a drag...but not some much as troublesome now.” He said grasping your neck pulling you to a powerful breathing taking kiss.
“A drag huh?” You ask after you both broke the kiss.
You turn to walk away only looking over your shoulder at him with a smile as his face had a grin from ear to ear. You walk into your room with him pulling your back against his chest, he started kissing your neck with biting it in search for your weak spot. Tilting your head back just a little allowing his lips to bite on your tender flesh bruising them. Your feeling your body relax in his arms, feeling a wetness between your legs, his hands move to your sides rubbing up and down.
“Shika” You lightly moan, as his right hand moved in between your legs rubbing up and down your thigh, your warmth getting hotter and wet by the second.
“SHIKA!” You yell out in a moan as he bit really hard on your weak spot drawing blood he began to lap up the remaining blood. You felt a bulge rub against your backside, so you wanted to tease him like he is you, by swaying your hips to rub against him.
“Luna.” He groaned turning you around capturing your lips with his, he licked your bottom lip for entrance which you denied. So growled softly as he bit your lower lip making you open your mouth.
As his tongue fought with yours you didn’t know he had turned you around so you were now up against your bedroom door, he broke this kiss after much needed air. Lifting your body up making you wrap your legs around his waist having your back touch the cold door wall. His hands soon traveling to the sexy top like bra taking it off of you, in return you tugged on his so he put you down taking his vest and shirt off.
You put your hands on his sculpted chest and stomach rubbing up and down, he jerked upon feeling your touch. Then you started to walk around him as he turned around to face you again, you backed up going towards the bed. He got the hint walking over to you, he watched as you lay down. His eyes looked over every detail as he hovered over your laying body kissing your lips first, then your neck, collar bone.
He took your left breast in his mouth while messaging the right breast, biting and the now erected nipple then turned to the right one giving it the same treatment. Slowly he moved his kisses down your stomach to the top of the g-string you are wearing; he looked up at you as you nod to him giving him to go ahead.
He pulled your thong off along with any remaining clothing as he started to lick your clit with one finger playing around your warmth, he then stuck his finger inside you making your grip the sheets, the added a second finger which as he licked your clit he was also pumping two fingers in and out of you.
“Shika…uhh….” You moaned as he soon started to pick up speed with adding one more finger stretching you.
“Shika.” You moaned again feeling a sensation build, he kept pumping his three fingers in and out, fasts and deep. The sensation coming closer, he knew it too as he felt your walls squeeze around his fingers.
“Shika...” You moaned once more as you released on his fingers, he pulls them out licking up your juices savoring the taste. You look down to him as he stood up licking his fingers, he bend to you kissing you as he let you taste yourself in his mouth. As he kept his lips there you moved your hands to his waist line unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, as you pulled his pants and boxers down he steps out of them.
Still without breaking the heated kiss you started to stroke his half erected cock, stroking soft and slow from tip to the bottom of his shaft. He groaned in the kiss making you smile, and then you broke the kiss as he stood up letting you see his member. You smile looking up at him while licking the tip, then licking down his hard and thick shaft. Shika was enjoying the wet feel on his cock; you moved one hand underneath his balls giving them a light squeeze as your other hand wrapped partially around his shaft stroking it as you stick the tip inside your mouth sucking on his hard thick cock.
You soon make rhythm bobbing your head up and down with your hands assisting. He playfully puts his fingers in your hair lightly tugging, and gasping as you suck harder and go deeper since your not gagging in any way.
“Luna…Bell.” He groans out loud grunting here and there. You kept a steady painful slow pace, he wanted you to go a little fast so he could have a feeling of release while you taste him. He keeps grunting and groaning as you come up his shaft grazing your teeth against him. He feels himself drawing near his own release as you feel his cock pulse in your mouth.
“LUNA…uhhh.” He moans releasing his seed in your mouth, you taste the sweet and salty flavor as you lick your lips and the tip of his cock. He looks down to you letting your hair go as he pushes you to lay on your back, he smirks looking at the want and need in your eyes.
“Ready?” He asked huskily.
“Yes.” You reply.
“It will hurt for a moment.” He adds looking into your eyes again aiming his cock to your entrance ready to thrust in, you nod grabbing his upper arms. He slowly places the tip in going deeper and deeper slowly as he sees your eye wince in pain, he fully inside waits for a moment then starts to go out and in slowly until your were used to his size.
“Shika harder…faster.” You moan lightly feeling the pain subside. He pulls out only to ram into you hard, soon enough he picks up speed pumping in and out. He groans and moans here and there as you call out his name.
“Uhh there harder Shika harder.” You moan bucking you hips to meet his thrusts. He goes deeper with each thrust hitting your g-spot which doubled the pleasure you were already feeling. The sensation made it seem like you were floating on a cloud. You feel him slow down so you look at him as he pulls out flipping you on all fours, then you feel him thrust into you again harder and faster.
“Shika…Luna.” You both moaned in unison, the sounds of skin slapping like a violent storm echoes through out the apartment. You feel your climax near, so you looked over your shoulder as he pulls your hair.
“Ahh Shika uhhh…” You cry out in a moan. He pulls out of you to ram hard but before he could you grab him pushing him down and you climb on top of him lowering yourself on his thick rod, once he was inside all the way you start riding him going up and down in a rocking motion. He grasp your hips meeting your thrust.
“Ahh damn Luna your so…f*cking tight.” He groans out deeply.
“Sh*t Shika your so big.” You moan out. Both you and Shika feeling your climax near, you try to ride him harder as he thrust his hips up.
“SHIKA!!” You scream as you cum on him.
“LUNA!!” He groans in a scream releasing his seed in you, both your juices mix in a heavenly delight, you lay on him with him still inside. Both you are covered in sweat and tired, he lifts you enough to lay you down next to him. Shika pulls the sheets of both your exposed bodies, you move closer letting him take you in his arms as your head lay on his panting chest.
“I love you Nara Shikamaru.” You say closing your eyes, he looks to your semi-sleeping form stroking your hair.
“I love you Fee LunaBelle.” He replies kissing you again.
“My love, bride and heart…not Lazy enough for the Moon. SO troublesome that you are” He adds closing his eyes, you smile hearing him say that.


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