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72. Sasuke Uchiha 6

~How you met:
You just arrived at orochimaru's hideout as you followed kabuto down the hall to meet orochimaru. You glanced here and there taking in the surroundings. Kabuto kept on glancing back at you probably checking to see if you were still there. You glared at him as he smirked "were here" you nodded as he knocked. "Enter" you heard from the other side. The two off you entered as you seen orochimaru sitting there. He smiled at you it sent a shiver down your back but you shrugged it off.
"Well I'm glad you made it kumiko" you kept silent as you nodded. He motioned you to come closer which you did "I hope for you to get along with everyone else" you nodded as he smirked "good..sasuke show her to her room" you didn't have to look to see who it was you've heard a lot about him and you knew who he was he walked by you but stopped. You bowed to orochimaru and turned and followed him down the hall inspecting the place when his voice interrupted you "I know what your planning but I warn you now orochimaru is mine" you kept your face calm but nodded as he sighed "your not very talkative are you" "only when I need to speak" you seen him stiffen at the sudden noise of your voice "well here is your room" you nodded "thank you sasuke" he nodded and walked off as you entered your own room.
How it happened:
You joined sasuke's team after he killed orochimaru you were the first one he asked along with the other three. You sighed as karin and suigetsu once again began to argue you looked at jugo who also looked annoyed "do you have any earplugs" you whispered to him as he smiled slightly but shook his head "if I did I would be using them" you smiled and nodded. "Sasuke can we please rest somewhere" suigetsu again complained "we just rested a few hours ago" karin yelled as you nodded "I agree with suigetsu" he smiled at you "we'll rest in the next village" sasuke simply said as you and suigetsu smiled victoriously at one another.
You got to the village and wandered off "where do you want me to meet you guys" they all looked at you confused "why do you always leave when we rest kumiko" jugo asked as you shrugged "privacy" you simply stated "at the north end of town" sasuke said as you nodded and left feeling their eyes on you. You wandered around till you seen a little inn come into view. Smiling you made your way there as the man smiled at you which you returned "one room please" nodding he took the money and gave you a key.
Now in the solitude of your own room you removed your jacket now only your tank top and fishnet under shirt and short shorts "you look good like that" jumping at the noise you turned to see sasuke with a smirk on his features. Crossing your arms over your chest "why do you always follow me" shrugging he made his way towards you. Now only inches from you he leaned into you as you backed away making him frown as you smirked "kumiko" he said almost strained as you crawled onto the bed swaying your hips. Turning your head back towards him "how bad do you want this" his eyes flashed dangerously as he slowly made his way forward undoing his sash. Laying on your back he made his way on top his face only inches away from yours.
Eyes locked he chuckled "you really are a nuisance to me you know that" smirking you wrapped your arms around his neck "then why do you keep coming back". Groaning he smashed his lips onto yours. His kisses always blew any thought from you as you kissed back just as heated and rough. Pulling away and slightly panting he smirked "I told you already didn't I" he began to kiss and nibble your neck "you belong to me and only me" he whispered huskily as you groaned. His hands quickly removed your clothing till you were only left in your underwear. Frowning at him he smirked and also removed his clothes your eyes watching him closely. Lips smashed together as your lower halves began to grind together. Back arching he took this chance to remove your bra.
Pulling away he smirked and began his work on your breasts. Fisting his hair you moaned loudly as he bit down on the sensitive nub. Doing the same to the neglected breast. He looked up at you as he smashed his lips onto yours quickly disposing your panties and his boxers. "No foreplay" he said quickly as he entered you. Your breathe hitched as he groaned deeply and began to pump into you at a steady pace.
Sweat covered the two of you as your hips worked together creating an amazing feeling. "s-sa-suke" you moaned out as he grunted. The more you moaned his name the faster he went turning him on more and more. The coil in you lower stomach increased as you felt him begin to pulsate inside you. It grew and grew until it snapped. Biting down on his shoulder to keep you from screaming as he growled releasing his seed into you.
He laid down beside you still slightly panting as you turned to your side trying to catch your breath. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close. "Karin is going to kill me" he chuckled "if she finds out" he mumbled as he nuzzled your hair.
How you told him:
It's been 3 weeks since that incident and lately you've noticed you've been cranky, hungry, and moody none the less. You groaned in frustration as suigetsu and karin yelled at one another again. Not in the mood for a headache you decided to step in "WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!" everyone stopped and looked at you surprised even sasuke. You pointed an accusing finger at the duo "can't we walk in peace for once I mean come on you guys are not kids act your fucken age for god sakes". Karin glared as suigetsu pouted "kumiko" jugo whispered as you quickly turned "what" you spat as he looked down.
Sighing in annoyance you stormed off not knowing sasuke was following. "Where are you going" glancing back at him he had curiosity in his eyes "why do you care" you spat as he shrugged. You walked into a small village sasuke right behind you the whole way. "I am so hungry" you whispered as you searched for a restaurant sasuke keeping a close eye on you. You glared at him "take a picture it'll last longer" he blinked then sighed grabbing your hand "come on". "Wait where are we going I want to eat" he glanced back and smirked "are you really that dumb not to notice" anger boiled through you as you roughly pulled your hand away. He stopped turning towards you "who are you calling dumb" you crossed your arms over your chest as his smirk returned "I know" you blinked in confusion "know….what?" He walked towards you smoothly till he was just inches away "you really can't tell" he asked as you groaned in frustration "tell what? What the hell are you going on about?"
He leaned in closely "you're pregnant" your eyes widened as you burst out laughing "me pregnant" you laughed again as he had amusement in his eyes. "You don't believe me do you" you thought for awhile as he smirked again when your face fell. "Come on" he grabbed your arm again leading you to the little clinic in the village. You glared at sasuke he was obviously amused by all this as a smirk was plastered on his face since you came here. "Well miss kumiko congratulations your around 3-4 weeks pregnant" your head fell in defeat as you thanked her and walked out.
Sasuke still held the smirk as you glanced at him "this is all your fault" you mumbled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. "Well then I need to find a place for you to stay till itachi is dead" you stopped and turned in his arms as you looked at him confused "yeah you can be clear as a bell at times" he smiled a true smile as you blinked in shock "so you can be safe till the baby born". Still confused he chuckled "I won't be around till he is dead kumiko than I will return to you" he kissed you lightly as you stood stiff from shock when "GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY SASUKE!!" you both pulled away to see a enraged karin confused jugo and smirking suigetsu. "I told you they were fucking around" suigetsu commented as you blushed when sasuke tightened his grip. "Karin you are not to touch kumiko at all if you do than you will have to deal with me understand" she was shocked as were you as she nodded in defeat. "You three are to stay here till I return" "where are you going" "to find a safe place for kumiko" he lead you away "eh why can't she come" sasuke sighed and turned "she's pregnant" he stated as suigetsu and jugo's eyes widened. While walking away you could hear karin going ballistic as sasuke's grip just tightened on you as you smiled inwardly.

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