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61. Sasuke Uchiha 5

~“and that’s when I heard him talking to kiba about you like that, it took everything, and I mean everything I had to leave him there and come right here to tell you!” naruto exclaimed. He had just finished telling you how kiba made some sort of bet with sasuke, to get you to fall in love with him –although you already were- but to make you crazy about him like the other girls in the village.
Just then sasuke came through the front door of your apartment –without knocking- just as Harumi finished listening to naruto; she also gave naruto a look that made him leave. “Hey, I was coming to look for you.” he held out a small box. “I got you something.” He smirked.
His eyes came off so warm, that if Haromi wasn’t so furious, and disgusted, she could have gotten lost in them. You see sasuke only opened up some of his feelings for haromi.
“Yeah, I know. I heard.” You squinted at him in disapproval.
He studied you and then cautiously added, “I thought we’d take a walk, I found a nice spot while I was walking yesterday.”

“Look, I’m flattered but you can’t do this, sasuke.” You snapped.
“Do what?” a frown replaced his smirk.
“I know what you and kiba did, and I can’t let you do that to me.”

“That was nothing, this is different.” He started walking out the door, and then looked back at you when you didn’t follow. “You coming?”

“It’s not right.” You seethed, and closed the two steps separating you and him, then grabbed him by the forearm. “Come on, I’m going to scold kiba for this too.” You gave him a tug, but he didn’t budge. That’s when you noticed how solid his arm felt under your hand.
He leaned in, “it’s done, Harumi, the bet that is. So let’s go spend some time together.” His sent –of fresh men’s soap and sasuke –wafted over you.
“The bet... is off?”

“No, but I don’t want to do that.”

“Yeah, right.” You said, trying to ignore his sent and how much you liked it... and how much you liked sasuke. Realizing you still held his arms you let go. Touching him caused you to recall how you guys use to be, before the massacre of the clan. How much you liked sasuke then too, and missed those days.
Sasuke’s frown tightened. “You don’t believe me?”
You stood there staring at him. “No, why should I?”

He closed his eyes for a second, and then lowered his head closer and whispered, “please, trust me Harumi, I won’t do that to you.”

Something about his voice seemed to reach deep inside you and scramble your mind. Or perhaps it was how his breath whispered against your neck, the soft, sweet tickle on your collar bone that made it impossible to think.
Impossible to tell him no.
“Okay. I’ll go” but even as you cratered to his wishes, you told yourself you had to be careful. Sasuke, for whatever reason, had a controlling power over you, and that could be dangerous.
His onyx eyes focused right onto your purple irises as he smirked again. “Let’s go”

He held out his hand. You were going to take it but swiftly brought your hand back, and placed both in your pockets. “I’ll follow.”

Disappointment weakened his smirk, but he nodded and started walking. And you did as you told him you’d do, you followed.
You didn’t talk for the longest five minutes ever as he started up a trail. He then turned off the trail to the right and led you up the hill of trees.
Just when you were about to say something, you heard the wind, as if you were about to come across a valley.
“It’s right here.” He glanced back at you, his eyes carrying a smile, even though his mouth and facial features didn’t.
You followed him a few more feet before coming to an opening in the trees and a large valley surrounded them. You let out a slight gasp at the sight, the anger and confusion melted away and as you looked back over to sasuke you let out a light smile.
You then walked over to him and whispered, “you know that you would of won the bet… just saying.” Before pulling back and running down the small hill of the valley.
Sasuke stunned by the info, tried to register it but couldn’t wrap his head around it. “Wait, haromi!” he said as he appeared in front of your running figure, as you then crash into him sending them both to the ground.
You looked down at him. “Dose this answer your question?” you then swiftly placed your lips onto his and went to jump up and off him, but he quickly wrapped his arms around you, and placed his lips back onto hers.
Her eyes slowly close as she melted into the heated kiss, her lips moulding perfectly with his. You didn’t know why the kiss was so intoxicating, but as he slipped his tongue into your mouth you completely lost all the sanity in your entire being.
You let out moans as he rubbed his tongue over yours, as you then started to fight. He then pulled his lips off your now bruised ones and attacked your neck leaving trails of butterfly kisses that burned your skin with passion, lust and love.
There were no words, just kisses, and sounds of pleasure, as he continued to do this, before you felt one of the light kisses reached a sensitive area of your neck. You grunted out as he kissed the spot harder than before.
“Sasuke...” your head was spinning as he sucked on your neck, nipping and biting it; meanwhile you were entangling your hands into his raven locks, which were surprisingly soft. You slightly tugged on the locks of hair, causing a grunt to surface from the Uchiha.
You let out a slight smirk as you realize you had some control over the now hormonal adolescent male, even though you were in the same situation as him.
As he then finally pulled away from your neck, you felt him pull you up wards as he removed your top, kissing down you jaw line once again, and as he descended down your neck he came to your bra. He moves his hands up your back slowly trailing them as he kiss the hollow of your neck.
Your bra straps then became loose as you realize he unhooked it. Slowly he slid the article of clothing off your body, as you went to cover yourself his hands stopped you from doing so. Looking into his eyes you slowly let your arms fall loose, before feeling him kiss down to your right breast.
You moan out, as his mouth covered you already hard nipple, “sasuke!” you gasp as you felt him bite down on your breast. Sasuke was smirking at the reaction he caused, before sticking his tongue out and circling your nipple. While he licked and bit at your right breast his hand was occupied by your left breast, as he gripped it you let out moan and gasps of pleasure.
Soon he pulls away before switching, and doing the same to your left breast. You moved your hands from his raven locks; you bring them down to the brim of his shirt, as you slipped your hand up and under it, feeling the toned flesh behind it.
Slowly you pulled on the fabric, lifting it upwards, as he pulled away from your breasts just to slip it off his head. Staring down at his perfectly toned chest and abs, you heard him smirk, as you looked up to sasuke he kissed you with so much passion it caused you to fall backwards towards the ground. You felt Sasuke’s arms gently guide you down.
He looked you in the eyes as he leant down so his lips were mere inches apart, as he whispered his lips brushed yours and his hot breath hi your face, “ do you love me, haromi.” You could see little particles of hope and love in his eyes as he asked you.
“Yes. Always... sasuke.” You say and not mere seconds after the words left your lips he kisses you. His hands ran up and down your sides, before bringing them to the hem of your shorts, before unbuttoning them and pulling them off, only to show your black lacy panties.
Blushing of embarrassment, you lean up to Sasuke’s chest to hide from his gaze, you hear a chuckle, as sasuke gripped he your shoulders pulling you away from him he looked into your eyes, his gaze fogged over with love, lust and desire.
Slowly he brought his hands down and slid of your last article of clothing. Your gaze then traveled down his chest to the growing bulge in his pants. Moving slightly your hand reached out grabbing the hidden flesh, as you did so sasuke let out a low growl.
Swiftly hi pinned both of your wrists with one hand and unbuttoned and slid off his pants with the other, he kiss you as he let go of the grip on your wrists while he pulled down his boxers realising him of the pain, he pulled your hips closer positioning himself at your entrance, you looked up at him slowly nodding your head to let him continue.
Then, he pushes in past your virgin walls, breaking your barrier. You let out a scream but it was soon silenced by Sasuke’s lips as he shoved his tongue down your throat.
Sasuke stood still waiting for you to adjust to him and his size, slowly you felt no more pain as you moved your hips against his as if to test, you moan out. Sasuke then took this as the time to start moving in and out of you. “Sas…sasuke... more please...” you moan out as he started to do so.
As the force of him rocking you move you upwards with every thrust you let out moan and groans of pleasure. As he went faster and deeper you felt some sort of coil build up. And as you thought of this coil you felt sasuke push his trusts deeper hitting a spot that made you scream out in pleasure.
Sasuke liked the noises that came from your mouth, as he hit that spot and aimed for it with every thrust and grind of his hips, you also felt the hot throbbing coming from Sasuke’s member, and with one hard thrust after another your coil finally snapped sending you the feeling of total bliss.
You climax help sasuke as he went faster pounding in and out of you, then you felt the warmth as his climax hit filling your womb to the hilt, while mixing with your own climax. He then slowly slid out of you and looked you in the eyes, “I love you… haromi... ever since we were little…” he whispered while snuggling his head into your neck.
“I do and will always, love you sasuke…” you whispered back panting as he then came up and kissed your bruised lips one last time before standing to help you up.
“Stupid, stupid, stupid…” you whispered to yourself while sobbing in the corner of your bedroom, you stared at the pregnancy test that now lay on the floor. You were pregnant, and it was Sasuke’s –of course.
You knew sasuke wanted to rebuild the Uchiha clan, but you were both still young, you were just basically starting your adult lives. And you still had the thought if sasuke even wanted this child. You were taken out of your thoughts when a knock ranged through your house from the front door.
“Hey, haromi let me in… I need to talk to you… it’s … well… it’s difficult to understand...” you could hear Sasuke’s voice sound through the quite house just like the knock. “Are you home?” you heard him ask. Before he added, “I’ll let myself in.” you heard him knock over the flower pot where your spare key was.
You didn’t want sasuke to see you right now, no madder what he had to say to you, he would find out about the pregnancy if he came in. and just then your bedroom door opened to reveal a very stressed looking sasuke.
When he looked at your face, that was all tear stained and your makeup was smudged all down it, a worry look appeared in his eyes for a second. “Haromi what happened are you –

He then caught a look at the pregnancy test. He walked over and gingerly picked it up, “your pregnant?” he asked you while you looked at him, you then slowly nodded your head yes.
He then came over, and sat next to you pulling you into his lap. “Shh it’s ok…” he cooed in your ear as you started to cry once again, you then stopped though from the feel of something being pushed into your lap.
You looked down to find the box he wanted to give you when he took you to the valley where… well you know, as you picked up the small box you slowly opened it to reveal a wedding ring. As you let out a gasp you felt him tense up a bit, before saying “it was my mothers... haromi… will you marry me?” you looked at him before kissing him and saying yes over and over.
“SOSUKE! YOSUKE! STOP PICKING ON YOUR SISTERS!” you yell as you watched your 2 year old daughter play in the yard, just then you look up to see sasuke walking home from work, he started the Uchiha police force again and was just getting home now.
As you 2 year old daughter, nanumi saw sasuke she stood and clumsily ran to him. Sasuke let out a soft smile at his daughter before picking her up and walking over to you. You smile as he kisses you. “I love you… Haromi…” he whispered to you as he lent his forehead on yours.

“I love you too sasuke..” you replied as you then heard your children run out of the house to greet the father, you watched and smile, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect family

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