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58. Sasuke Uchiha 4

~As you finish cleaning around the house you started to get the ingredients out for dinner, that’s when you heard the door open and Gaara came home. “welcome home Gaara! How was work?” you asked why smiling at him. Gaara looked at you for a few seconds before replying.
“I had lots of paper work.” You heard him grunt out. You then started to cook dinner. As you cooked you thought back to when you were living in the leaf, sure you still got to see your friends, just not all of them. The only one you didn’t see any more was the one you fell for. Sasuke Uchiha. That was the boy you fell in love with. But the thing that broke your heart he only thought of you as a friend and all just because of your eyes. And then he just left the village…

As you felt yourself start to tear up you realize you had to finish making dinner. Soon it was done as you brought it to the table, and called for Gaara. When he came out and sat down you both started to eat as you also talked about your day, and if anything interesting was coming up. When you finished your meal you brought the dishes to the sink as you started to clean off the table. As soon as the dishes where done you looked out the window and noticed it started to rain , so you decided to take a shower. You came to the bath room and locked the door as you started the shower and got undressed. You then stepped into the shower, and as the hot water hit your body you felt relaxed.
While you were taking a shower, Gaara was doing some paper work at the table, when he heard a knock at the door. As he rose up from and seat and walked over to the door to open it. When he opened the door it revealed a very soaked boy, that Gaara knew all to well. “yes.” Gaara asked in his monotone voice, the boy looked up, slightly panting, he looked at Gaara questioningly.
“is this saukra’s house?” he asked, and just like Gaara in a monotone. As Gaara stared at the boy, who was no longer a
boy, but a man, just like him.
“yes this is our home… Sasuke. What do you want?” Gaara asked growing tired of sasuke’s presents. As sasuke looked at him, with a glare, Gaara looked right back, the sound of the shower in the back ground caught Sasuke’s attention.
“can I speak with her?” he asked as Gaara sighed and looked sasuke in the eye replying with a single no. that’s when they heard the shower go off, and a few seconds later a door down the hallway open as a girl stepped out with a towel wrapped around her slim body. As both boys watched the said girl walk down the hallway more to her room , Gaara looked back only to find sasuke gone.
As you opened the door to your room and walked in, you went over to your dress as you dropped the towel that covered your body and slipped on some underwear and pyjama shorts and a tank top on. Then you heard a chuckle, but when you looked around your room no one was there, so as you turn towards the door you jumped as you turned into a body.
“hello… Sakura..” you heard the man say, the voice sounded familiar, and as you looked up you gasped as you looked into the eyes of sasuke Uchiha. As you felt your voice get stuck and you throat get dry, all you could do was stare at him as he let out a smirk.
“sa-sasuke..” you say as you backed away from the man you knew. And while you took a step back he took one forward, until you were backed up into a wall. as you shut your eyes tight, thinking you were dreaming you felt his warm breath hit your face. You then felt his fingers slip under your chin bringing your face up to his.
“Sakura…” you heard him whisper, as you felt his lips brush yours as he did so. You open your eyes to come face to face with sasuke, not only him but with his sharingan. “sorry..” you heard him whisper before blacking out.
Your head was spinning, you tried to move and as you did you let out a groan of pain. “you shouldn’t move.” You heard a clam voice tell you as you open your eyes and looked around the room, your eyes landing on a certain ravenette.
“ sasuke?..” you asked him, as he gave you a smirk. As you looked around the room you noticed you weren’t in your room anymore but somewhere eles, which you didn’t feel like asking where.
As your eyes followed him as he stood up and walked over to you. you watched him intently as he quickly bent down and kissed you. your eyes widened with the sudden movement. But soon close as the passion of the kiss got to you. as you wrapped your arms around his neck you felt him snake his around your waist, you then felt him lick your bottom lip as if asking for entrance, which you declined. Sasuke didn’t like that so he then shoved his tongue past your lips and teeth as you both fought for dominance. As he won he started to roam your mouth, the taste of his tongue caused a moan to slip out as he rubbed it against yours.
He then left your lips and started to leave a trail of burning kisses down your neck. As his lips went over your sweet spot a hearty moan escaped your lips. When the Uchiha heard that noise he smirked against your skin, as he climbed up onto the bed with you supporting himself with his arms and legs, while he keep sliding his knee up between your legs.
“sasuke…” you moan out as he sucked and bit your neck on the same spot. You were starting to pant from this pleasure, and let out a lustful moan as he bit down rougher, as he left his love bite he came back up and looked into your eyes.
“your mine from now on.” You heard him say dominantly, yet husky at the same time. You then pushed your head up and kissed him even more so your true feelings could be let out. As he kissed you back you started to slide your hand into his shirt so you could feel down his muscular chest. You traced over his abs and in which you got a grunt from sasuke as he then pulled your shirt over your head. You intensely blush, as you try and cover your breast, since you weren’t wearing a bra.
As sasuke pulled your hands away from your chest you looked away from his face. “Sakura… look at me.” You heard him say in a somewhat demanding tone. You slowly turn your head as he crashes his lips onto yours once again. He then started to kiss back down your neck, past your collar bone to your breasts. As he took your left breast into his mouth, he started to suck on your already hard nipple.
“sa-ahh sasuke…” you moan out as he switch over to the neglected one. Once he finished you felt him kiss down your stomach as you pulled him up into another craving kiss. As you started to pull his shirt of you broke the hot kiss for just a moment to take it fully off, you then felt him tugging down your shorts, but at and agonizingly slow pace. You pulled away from the kiss and looked at sasuke, “hurry and take them off…” you panted out, your voice barely audible, sasuke smirked at you begging at them as he then took out a kunai and cut them before ripping them off
He then hooked a finger in your lacy panties as he pulled them off, as you felt him smirk once again before kissing you. he then sat up as he pull his boxers down enough to release his member, you heard him chuckle and you guessed you must have been starting at it, but it was big, you then felt him kiss down your neck as you let out a
moan as he came back up and kissed you.
He then placed his hands on your hips as he pull them dragging your body upwards more as he hovered over you, as you felt him shove himself in to you quickly, he also kissed you to hold back your scream, as he let out of the kiss you bit your lip drawing blood, as sasuke licked the up the blood he kissed you again trying to ease your pain as he kissed down your neck leaving love bites everywhere he could. You soon felt all the pain turn into pleasure as he kissed your neck and chest. “sa-saske… you can move now…” you told him in a panting voice ; from the heat.
As he started to move in and out of your womanhood you felt your inner walls clamp around his hard cock as he rocked you back and forth. “Fuck… sakura.. so tight..” you heard him grunt out as you flush even more from the
comment. He started to go faster and each thrust sent you more and more closer to the edge..
As you felt him stop and griped one of your legs placing it around his waist while lifting the other over his shoulder as he then continued to pound in and out of you. he then started to hit a bundle of nerves that made something like and electric shock run through your body, as you moan out his name even louder. Sasuke then aimed every thrust to hit that certain spot over and over. As you felt a coil build up inside you, pulling you closer to your edge, and you were sure sasuke was close too.
He trusted once more hitting the spot that made you scream out, as you felt the coil break , you screamed out his name. as he kept thrusting in a couple more times you felt him to realise, unable to keep back he loud grunt/moan, as he shot his seed deep inside your womb. He slowly pulled out of you hugging you close to his heaving chest. As you looked up and him; with his hair stuck to his forehead with sweat and a slight pant coming from his lips he opened his eyes and looked down at you.
“I love you… sakura Orihime..” he panted out.
“and I love you too, sasuke Uchiha..” you also panted out. As he pulled the blankets over you , you became very sleepy.
“do you think that Gaara will mind me taking you?” your eyes opened as he said this.
“I don’t know..” you said as you fell asleep being held in Sasuke’s arms.

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