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25. Sasuke Uchiha 2

~Name: Whitney
Age: 18
Village: Lightning
Rank: Missing-nin
Looks:(short, red hair, curvy)
Abilities/Power: Good with Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu.
Personality: shy, but sarcastic.
Horoscope Sign: Leo.

“Whitney.” You turn around looking to meet a set of cold dark onyx eyes, you then looked down.
“Yes?” You shyly respond.
“Will you and Suigetsu gather information.” He orders, you nodded and so you and Suigetsu take your leave heading inside the Mist with the other’s trailing not far behind.
“Where are we too meet them after this?” Suigetsu asked you.
“At that place.” You say pointing it out to him, he sweat drops.
“Let’s rest for a moment I am thirsty.” He says sitting down near a fountain. You sat with him as you waited for the target. As Suigetsu sips his water the man come and sat next to you handing you the papers you were waiting for. You waited there for a moment then as Suigetsu stand you both start to follow the source.
“Let me just wait here.” Suigetsu says entering the building you nodded your head and waited. You heard a loud scream and then silence came, the door soon opened and you handed him is water back. You then head to the area where you were to meet up with everyone else, Sasuke was alone as you arrived he glares at Suigetsu.
“Leave Suigetsu.” Sasuke orders.
“Sure, where are we staying again?” He asked.
“Across from here, Karin and Jugo are waiting for you in room 98.” Sasuke said point in the said direction. Suigetsu leaves you and heads over, you then pull out the papers handing them to Sasuke. He takes them and starts to read over them, then a lady waiter comes over to you and Sasuke. She gets all weird and tries to flirt with him, he pays no attention.
“What could I get you?” She asked him.
“What would you like to order Whitney?” Sasuke asked you.
“I am not hungry but I would like tea.” You suggest to him.
“Two tea’s then.” He tells her, she smiles wide at him and leaves.
“Sasuke what is the next move?” You asked him, he closes his eyes for a moment in thought as the waiter lady comes back setting down your and his tea. Sasuke opens his eyes once she is gone, he stares at you as you drink some of the tea.
“What?” You asked him, he says nothing just looks away.
“We should head back.” You suggest standing up, he stands up with you. Silence as you both entered the inn, you looked over your shoulder seeing him staring at you again but like before his eyes hinted something. You stopped at your door, just as you were unlocking it you noticed the room was quiet.
“Jugo, Karin and Suigetsu have to room next door.” Sasuke states seeing that you were looking around.
“Why is that?” You asked standing in front of the only bed, as you turn to face him. Sasuke starts to walk over to you. You watch him as he stands in front of you, he looks deep in your eyes as he leans forwards, then he pushed you on your back kissing your lips fiercely.
He bit your bottom lip, immediately you parted them. He slicked his tongue in and played with yours. His hands then roamed your body, groping your ass as you giggled in the kiss. He sat up and slowly started kissing down your neck, moving down your collar and then to your breast. He kissed around it and slowly pulled the cup down to show the hard peaked slightly dark nipple.
He lightly licked it with the tip of his tongue, teasing you by doing this slowly. You arched your back high off the bed and Sasuke took this chance and slid his hands behind you; still licking your nipple, and took the bra off and threw it to a random place. He then took one of your breast and covered it with his mouth, running his tongue over your already rock-hard nipple.
"Sasuke!" You moaned, he started to suck on your breast, moving his head back and forth and then moving to the other breast giving it the same treatment.
A sudden aching awakened in between your legs, your womanhood was wet and it sunk through your panties. You moaned and shifted around slightly, the aching was getting worse as he continued his foreplay with your breast.
You grabbed his hand and put it against your wet underwear, he smirked at you and slowly took your panties off and revealed your neatly trimmed sex.
You grabbed his hair and moaned loudly as he shoved 3 fingers inside of you, he started to pump them in and out of you but to your disappointment he took out his fingers.
You groaned in protest but yelped when you felt something warm slide against your clit, arching your back off the bed making a bridge as he continued to lick your wet sex. Sasuke's tongue danced around against your clit as you moaned, his tongue went lower until it entered your wet sex rubbing against your walls.
You screamed in pleasure and tightly closer your eyes.
"Mmm…nnaahh" You moaned, gripping his hair while pushing his head further against your womanhood. He grabbed your thighs and spread them wider, giving him more access to you, he started to thrust his tongue in and out of your wet sex. He managed to undress himself while he was still licking your womanhood, only pausing once or twice, and he was left with his boxers.
His fingers slowly inched their way to your sex as he started to rub your clit. You screamed his name in awe as he continued his ministration. His eyes slowly opened and he stared your juicy pink cunt and he started getting harder, he opened his mouth and covered your entire womanhood and started to suck on it, licking it every so often.
He reached up and grabbed your breast and squeezed it roughly, tweaking the hard nipples with his fingers. A bubbly feeling soared in the pit of your stomach and you knew you were going to come. He felt your walls tighten and he knew what was happening, he then stopped sucking. Only to stick his tongue inside of you again, then he felt your walls tighten around his tongue.
"Sasuke!" You screamed as you spilled your sweet white liquid all over his tongue. He lapped up all of your cum and crawled up to you, he stared your barely opened eyes. He watched your chest rise up and down, your eyes stare back at his. Your eyes slowly trailed down to his mouth where a bit of your cum was leaking out, you pushed your head up and licked the cum off his face. Sticking your tongue inside of his mouth, tasting yourself while making yourself even hornier then before.
You grabbed the back of his head and pushed him over on his back taking control. You sensually kissed his chest, running your tongue over his nipple and slowly went down to the rim of his boxers where you saw a small tent. You nuzzled your face against it, making the tent grow bigger and harder. You smirked and slowly peeled his boxers off. Your eyes widened slightly when he was fully revealed but you didn't hesitate to do something you’ve never done before in your life.
You stuck your tongue out and licked the tip of Sasuke’s manhood, he arched his back slightly. You smirked, liking his reaction, you then continued to lick his tip, sending him in a daze.
"Whitney." Sasuke moaned out, you chuckled. You knew what he was talking about and opened your mouth wider and put the head inside of your mouth as you started to suck on his tip. He groaned loudly and thrusted his hips toward your mouth.
You looked up at him and saw that he had his eyes closed and you saw the corner of his mouth slightly opened, a smile line of saliva slid down. You smirked slightly and licked the slit, pre-cum escaped and you licked it up. You then put his whole shaft in your mouth and started to suck on it, bobbing her head up and down. You could feel him pulsating, he grabbed the back of your head and pushed your head more towards his cock, making you slightly gag on him but you didn't mind.
You scraped your teeth against his long shaft and he arched his back further off the bed, moaning loudly. Your left hand started playing with one of his sacks and he moaned loudly. You could feel him tremble under your touch and suddenly, his cum shot out of his manhood and straight into your mouth. You licked it up, despite the salty taste and nibbled at him one last time before sat up looking at him panting.
Sasuke managed to pin you to the bed and you stared at each other, he looked at you questioningly. You nodded and smiled at him saying. "Sasuke, sweep me away…take me as you want."
He grinned and slammed into you, You moaned loudly and almost immediately cummed but held your ground.
"Uhhh…Nannnaaaa!" You moaned tossing your head back.
"Naaa…aahhh..." He groaned feeling you wet hot cunt please his long thick hard cock.
You gripped his shoulders tightly as he slammed into you mercilessly, a blush found it's way to your cheeks and a coat of sweat appeared on the two. You closed your eyes in pleasure and your mouth was slightly open, letting moans and groans escape your lips.
Your head arched back and he leaned down and licked your throat, then sucking on it making you moan louder. Sweat trailed down Sasuke's lean abs and he grunted each time he thrusted into you, his hands gripped your thighs and spread them further. Holding them with his arms as he rested his hands on the bed, gripping the blanket. You reached down towards your woman hood and rubbed your clit slightly.
He saw your hand in the corner of his eye and grinned, he took your hand away and replaced it with his own and aimed chakra to it rubbing your clit, sending a pleasurable pulsating feeling through your body. He pounded into you roughly and you both moaned loudly. You groaned as he kept hitting your secret spot again and again, making you go crazy.
"Faster Sasuke!" You moaned, he nod and went faster.
The bed moved with the both of you, making screeching noises against the floor. You bounced up and down slightly, while he enjoyed the view watching your full plump breast bounce up and down and the view of the moonlight shining against your sweat covered skin and full lips mouthing his name and moaning it out loud.
You felt a bubbling feeling, similar to the one before but much stronger and you moaned loudly feeling your climax coming, hard.
“SASUKE!” You scream in pure bliss as you came, it was so pleasurable that you couldn't even think straight. You practically passed out for a second because it was so intense. He went faster than before, using your cum so he could pump in and out quicker. You was recovering from your climax as you stared straight into his closed eyes and knew from his facial expression when he went faster that he was also on the verge of a strong climax. With one final hard thrust, he shot his seed inside of you like a rocket taking off.
“WHITNEY!” He yelled out and panted loudly.
With all his strength, he slowly got out of you leaving a small line of cum connecting both their sexes. He collapsed beside you and groaned happily from feeling you wrap your arms and legs around him. You were both panting hard and they both had sweat cover your bodies, he turned his head around and stared at your flushed face. You stared back and smiled softly.
“I know you love me Whitney but don’t.” He said as he sat up in the bed, you sat up moving behind him. Wrapping your arm around his chest and started to trail little butterfly kisses down his neck and shoulder.
“I do love you Sasuke, but why?” You asked him.
“I need to kill Itachi.” He plainly says.
“I know, but what of after?” You asked.
“I don’t think you would love a demon like me.” He says.
“Sasuke.” You whisper lifting his chin. “A demon’s past…will never take me away.” He smiles his once in a while hidden smile as he leans his head back. You hold him from behind to show him that you truly meant your words as you pull him down on his back.


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