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21. Sasuke Uchiha 1

~Name: Akemi Uzumaki
Age: 15 (Sasuke 17)
Village: Konoha, Leaf Village
Rank: N/A, not a ninja
Family: Older brother, Naruto
Looks: blonde hair that is shoulder length skinny but curvy in all the right places shorter than Sasuke and ocean blue eyes like Naruto.)
Abilities: Knows how to heal.
Personality: Has her older brother’s personality but a bit shy when she meets new people.
Horoscope Sign: Capricorn

You were rushing passed everyone who was heading to the front gate, you were excited to see your older brother; Naruto. Their team had found Sasuke, and you were happy they found him and brought him home. It had been almost a year since you last seen Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato-sensei.
“Excuse me…” You said making your way through. You spotted Sakura and Sai first.
“SAI, SAKURA!” You shouted, getting their attention. They smiled seeing your panting form coming from the crowd.
“Akemi.” Sai greeted.
“Akemi, if your looking for your brother. They are already at the hospital with Yamato-sensei and Sasuke.” Sakura said, you nod turning around and heading to the hospital.
“Akemi.” You hear your name called.
“Yes grandma Tsunade.” You responded turning around, her eyes softened seeing you there.
“Akemi, follow me. You must already know that Naruto and Sasuke are here, right?” She asked, you nod.
“Hai that is why I came.” You replied, she smiled.
“Good ‘cause we need you to help heal them.” Tsunade said.
“Oh ok.” You mumbled.
“Here they are, this is Naruto’s room and that is Sasuke’s room. Shizune will come back to file and fill the paper work out after your done.” She said, Shizune sweat dropped hearing that.
“Hai.” You said, opening the door to your brother’s room. As you came in you see Yamato-sensei sitting there talking away.
“Akemi.” Naruto said excitedly as he watched you come in.
“Nii-san, relax grandma Tsunade want me to tend to your and Sasuke’s wounds so stay still.” You said healing him.
“You’ve grown Akemi.” Yamato said.
“Hai I have.” You replied finishing the last wound on Naruto.
“Akemi?” Naruto called worried.
“Hm..” You said.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“Nothing Naruto.” You replied, he crossed his arms over his chest giving you the look.
“Really nothing is wrong I am just happy your returned home safe and sound.” You said, he uncrossed his arms smiling at you.
“After you’re done with him are you coming back?” Naruto asked you, as you opened the door to leave.
“Yes.” Came your simple reply, as you closed the door heading to Sasuke’s room.

(Naruto’s POV)
“Naruto why do you seem worried over Akemi?” Yamato-sensei asked me.
“When we were younger, Akemi.” I paused thinking back.
“Naruto?” Yamato called.
“We only had each other for the longest time, then when I first met Sasuke it all changed.” I said.
“How did that change?” He asked me.
“Akemi was more alone slowly as I had missions and so on, she met Sasuke and Sakura when I came back after fighting in the Mist village with Zabuza and Haku.” I said.
“I see.” He simply replied. I leaned back against my pillow thinking of how Akemi must feel knowing he is back.

We finally found Sasuke and his team in the forest near the Mist village, Sakura and Sai watch from left to right as Sasuke and I engaged at each other.
“What do you know, do you know what it feels like Naruto?” Sasuke taunted like once before.
“Sasuke.” I growled, glaring at him
“Well?” He asked again.
“I may not understand, but you abandon us.” Then added seeing the look in his expression. “Akemi.” He looked up as I whispered her name as it echoed in his ears.
“Akemi.” He repeated changing his expression to blank.
“Yeah she still believes you will come home, so does everyone.” I shouted as I threw kunai’s at him, he dodged then started to do a jutsu.
“She still waits day in day out for you, how can you do such a thing to her.” I started yelling at we fought, finally I had him below my kunai at his throat.
“Akemi still loves you.” I whispered pulling the kunai away, he stayed there shocked as he heard those words leave my lips.
“S-she.” He stuttered.
“Yea and I known how you feel about her to.” I mocked, he stood up.
(End of flashback)

“Akemi and Sasuke are lovers?” He asked after I had explained to him.
“Well not really, he like her and she likes him but neither ever said a word to the other about it.” I said laying down, closing my eyes for much needed rest.

(Back to regular POV)
You opened the door, after knocking several times. You closed the door quietly behind you, then walking to his bedside. You pulled down the sheet to his waist, then lifted his shirt up. You started to heal up what wounds were shown then moved to the one on his head, as you finished he squirmed under your touch. You pushed back some of the strands of hair, you stared at his face remembering the past as you looked at him.
“Sasuke.” You whispered, placing a soft kiss on his cheek. You started to sit up when an arm pulled you in front of his face, his eyes wide open as the stared back into yours.
“What are you doing?” He scowled, you jerked slightly under his grip.
“I was asked to heal both you and Naruto, I already healed Naruto and just got done with you. NOW LET ME GO.” You shouted, pulling back. He let you go as you fell on your rear. You stood up glaring as you turned your back on him, but as you opened the door you looked at him one last time with sad eyes then walked out.

(Sasuke’s POV)
‘Akemi.’ I thought after seeing her sad expression as she left. I laid back against the warmth of my cover and pillow. I soon fell back asleep after closing my eyes, dreaming of her, my friend and more; Akemi.

I was leaving today under house arrest, unable to do missions I was to stay under 24/7 supervision.
“I hereby as Hokage have assigned someone to watch you closely for six months, if she states you are ready we will summon you once again. Is that understood?” Tsunade asked me after she finished, then I saw Naruto with a smirk across his face.
“Uchiha Sasuke, today as of now and to the determine date Uzumaki Akemi is to watch, feed, heal and mend to your needs as a prisoner to your home.” Tsunade finished then stepped aside to show a silent, shy Akemi walking forward.
‘Finally.’ I thought to myself, she kept no eye contact with me as she stood at my side. Everyone left except for Naruto, his face looked all knowing but I knew it wasn’t.
“Are you hungry?” She asked me, I looked to her nodding then she looked to Naruto.
“Naru-nii you hungry too?” She asked him, he nods walking up and following us inside. Akemi walked into the kitchen starting to cook as Naruto and I sat down on the couch waiting.
“Are you going to tell Akemi of your undying love to her?” He taunted me.
“NO.” I shouted as Akemi walked in.
“Here some tea, and behave you two.” She said walking back into the kitchen, I watched as she swayed her body back and forth then Naruto snickering.
“What.” I said in a demanding tone, he shook his head at me.
“You do love her, why cant you admit it?” He asked, thinking about it.
‘I don’t know.’ I thought as I remembered all the times before that she was beside me helping with what she could. Akemi soon came back in, she smiled looking at us.
“Come one I made Ramen, fish and rice come on.” She laughed, as she tugged at my hands.

---Later that night---
I watched as Naruto kissed her cheek after hugging her goodnight, then she walked back in locking the door.
“Will you be good for five minutes, while I shower?” She asked me, I looked up nodded.
“Go ahead I think I will go to bed soon anyways.” I said, and she left. Five minutes passed as I yawned to myself, then stood up walking up. I saw no light in the shower but as I passed her room seeing the light still on and the door partly cracked open.
“How could I ever be anything more.” She said talking to herself out loud, I stayed listening as she brushed her hair. As her hair lay over her shoulders, she stood with the towel wrapped firmly around her body. A sudden aching in between my groin purred out in awakening as I watched her ready herself for bed. Unknown feeling rushed through my body as I drift into a sort of daydream I head a grasp, pulling me back I looked as she was looking in her mirror seeing me there.
“Sasuke.” She whispered as I opened the door more.

(Regular POV)
He closed the door behind him, as you watched him. You turned walking to the bed where your robe lay, then you felt arms wrap around your waist pulling you back against his chest he started kissing your neck with biting it in search for your weak spot. Tilting your head back just a little allowing his lips to bite on your tender flesh bruising it. Your feeling your body relax in his arms, then a feeling of wetness between your legs, his hands move to your sides rubbing up and down.

“Sasuke” You lightly moan, as his right hand moved in between your legs rubbing up and down your thigh, your warmth getting hotter and wet by the second.
“SASUKE!” You yell out in a moan as he bit really hard on your weak spot drawing blood he began to lap up the remaining blood. You felt a bulge rub against your backside, so you wanted to tease him like he is you, by swaying your hips to rub against him.

“Akemi.” He groaned turning you around capturing your lips with his, he licked your bottom lip for entrance which you denied. So growled softly as he bit your lower lip making you open your mouth.
As his tongue fought with yours you didn’t know he had turned you around so you were now up against your bedroom door, he broke this kiss after much needed air.

Lifting your body up making you wrap your legs around his waist having your back touch the cold door wall. His hands soon traveling to the towel then to your bra taking it off of you, in return you tugged on his so he put you down taking his vest and shirt off. You put your hands on his sculpted chest and stomach rubbing up and down, he jerked upon feeling your touch. Then you started to walk around him as he turned around to face you again, you backed up going towards the bed.

He got the hint walking over to you, he watched as you lay down. His eyes looked over every detail as he hovered over your laying body kissing your lips first, then your neck, collar bone. He took your left breast in his mouth while messaging the right breast, biting and the now erected nipple then turned to the right one giving it the same treatment. Slowly he moved his kisses down your stomach to the top of the thong you are wearing; he looked up at you as you nod to him giving him to go ahead.

He pulled your thong off along with any remaining clothing as he started to lick your clit with one finger playing around your warmth, he then stuck his finger inside you making your grip the sheets, the added a second finger which as he licked your clit he was also pumping two fingers in and out of you.
“Sasuke…nnnaauhh….” You moaned as he soon started to pick up speed with adding one more finger stretching you.
“Sasuke…ahh.” You moaned again feeling a sensation build, he kept pumping his three fingers in and out, fasts and deep.

The sensation coming closer, he knew it too as he felt your walls squeeze around his fingers.
“Sasuke...” You moaned once more as you released on his fingers, he pulls them out licking up your juices savoring the taste. You look down to him as he stood up licking his fingers, he bend to you kissing you as he let you taste yourself in his mouth. As he kept his lips there you moved your hands to his waist line unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, as you pulled his pants and boxers down he steps out of them.

Still without breaking the heated kiss you started to stroke his half erected cock, stroking soft and slow from tip to the bottom of his shaft. He groaned in the kiss making you smile, and then you broke the kiss as he stood up letting you see his member. You smile looking up at him while licking the tip, then licking down his hard and thick shaft. Sasuke was enjoying the wet feel on his cock; you moved one hand underneath his balls giving them a light squeeze as your other hand wrapped partially around his shaft stroking it as you stick the tip inside your mouth sucking on his hard thick cock.

You soon make rhythm bobbing your head up and down with your hands assisting. He playfully puts his fingers in your hair lightly tugging, and gasping as you suck harder and go deeper since your not gagging in any way.
“Akemi…naaahhh.” He groans out loud grunting here and there. You kept a steady painful slow pace, he wanted you to go a little fast so he could have a feeling of release while you taste him. He keeps grunting and groaning as you come up his shaft grazing your teeth against him. He feels himself drawing near his own release as you feel his cock pulse in your mouth.

“AKEMI…nnaaaa…uhhh.” He moans releasing his seed in your mouth, you taste the sweet and salty flavor as you lick your lips and the tip of his cock. He looks down to you letting your hair go as he pushes you to lay on your back, he smirks looking at the want and need in your eyes.
“Ready?” He asked huskily.
“Yes.” You reply.
“It will hurt for a moment.” He adds looking into your eyes again aiming his cock to your entrance ready to thrust in, you nod grabbing his upper arms.

He slowly places the tip in going deeper and deeper slowly as he sees your eye wince in pain, he fully inside waits for a moment then starts to go out and in slowly until your were used to his size.
“Sasuke… harder…faster.” You moan lightly feeling the pain subside. He pulls out only to ram into you hard, soon enough he picks up speed pumping in and out. He groans and moans here and there as you call out his name.

“Uhh there harder Sasuke harder.” You moan bucking you hips to meet his thrusts. He goes deeper with each thrust hitting your g-spot which doubled the pleasure you were already feeling. The sensation made it seem like you were floating on a cloud. You feel him slow down so you look at him as he pulls out flipping you on all fours, then you feel him thrust into you again harder and faster.
“SASUKE…AKEMI.” You both moaned in unison, the sounds of skin slapping like a violent storm echoes through out the apartment. You feel your climax near, so you looked over your shoulder as he pulls your hair.
“Ahh Sasuke..nnnaa… uhhh…” You cry out in a moan. He pulls out of you to ram hard but before he could you grab him pushing him down and you climb on top of him lowering yourself on his thick rod, once he was inside all the way you start riding him going up and down in a rocking motion. He grasp your hips meeting your thrust.

“Ahh..nnaaahh..uuhhh..Akemi.” He groans out deeply.
“Sasuke your so big.” You moan out. Both you and Sasuke feeling your climax near again, you try to ride him harder as he thrust his hips up.
“SASUKE!!” You scream as you cum on him.
“AKEMI!!” He groans in a scream releasing his seed in you, both your juices mix in a heavenly delight, you lay on him with him still inside. Both you’re covered in sweat and exhausted, he lifts you enough to lay you down next to him. Sasuke pulls the sheets of both your exposed bodies, you move closer letting him take you in his arms as your head lay on his panting chest.

“Akemi.” Sasuke whispered pushing back some of your hair.
“Hm?” You respond.
“I love you.” He said pecking your lips lightly, you smile at him.
“I love you too, Uchiha Sasuke.” You reply, he takes in a deep breath holding you closer as he kisses your cheek then says. “I would die by your side just to protect you.” You snuggle closer knowing your in his awaiting arms, and that you too would die by protecting not only Naruto but the avenger himself; Sasuke Uchiha…

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