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46. Sasori 3

~Here you sat in this circle. Glaring at all the faces around you before you leaned forward and placed your hand on the bottle.

You: “Why are we even playing this game, there’s two girls and eight guys. This is stupid.”

Deidara: “Just spin the damn bottle, un. Not like there’s anything else to do” you sighed and spun it waiting till it stopped. You looked up to see who it landed and then turned pink. The bottle was pointed at Sasori. You’ve loved Sasori for quiet awhile now. You looked at the floor trying to hide your blush then heard foot steps followed by the feeling of something wrapped around you. You looked and saw blue glowing strings were wrapping around your body. Your eyes widened when you noticed these were Sasori’s chakra strings and he was beginning to pull you into the closet with him. There were snickers heard throughout the people around you as you turned red.

Deidara: “Well, go on then, un” he pushed you and you fell to you side making it easier for Sasori to pull you in there. Soon you were in, the door was locked, and Sasori was standing over you in the dark, small room. You heard dark chuckling.

Sasori: “Finally I have you all to myself… Akauri…”

You: “S-Sasori…?” you felt the strings tugging on you till you stood then your hands got tied over your head. You felt your cheeks burn as you felt hands on your breast. They rubbed and circled them, squeezing them in his hand making you moan.

Sasori cooed: “Yes… Very nice…” a hot, wet tongue slid across your cheek.

You whimpered: “Wh-What are you doing?” as the toying with your breast continued you felt arousal when the nipple hardened and he ran his thumbs against them. You shivered and shifted a little moaning louder.

Sasori: “Having my way with you, there’s no point in trying to stop me.” He left go of your breast and you whimpered in protect but gasped when you left your self being lifted higher up the wall and then Sasori pressed his body against yours hoisting you up, his waist under yours as his hands slid down your arms sending shivers down your spine. You heard a ripping sound and realized that he had cut your shirt open with a knife. You blushed furiously feeling those hands grab your bare skin. The sensation was mind numbing. But what was even better then that? His lips now pressed openly against yours. You were surprised that his whole body was so soft and warm and responsive to touch and feel. You let his tongue in your mouth as he grinded his hips into yours. You moaned feeling his hardness. He groaned at the feeling.

You: “Mmm…. Sasori…” he growled and parted from your lips and kissed down your jaw and to your neck letting his tongue slip out on every kiss making you crave each one. He pulled away for a second, taking your skirt and rousingly damp panties with him and threw them somewhere leaving you unshielded.

Sasori: “Now…I need you…” his voice alluringly husky from his arousal. He shifted his cloak, opening it, and pulling his pants down a little and abruptly thrusting upward and you engulfed him making you scream in ecstasy and pain. He was your first.

Sasori: “You’re… So tight…” you whimpered and squirmed more hating the fact that your arms were tied over your head. As if reading your mind he let you go and your arms instantly went around his neck as he began pumping into you and your virginity was lost. The pain soon became pleasure though. You began moaning and calling his name as you both echoed in the closet and you felt an aching in your abdomen like something was building. You started panting and sweating as you tightened your grip on but he kept the same pace.

You panted: “Sasori, faster, harder, please!” he nodded quickening his pace and pushing deeper inside you as you began grinding against him to create more friction. You could feel your climax coming. You both began yelling.

You: “Sasori!” he pumped harder.

Sasori: “Akauri!” and you saw white as he hit you in just the right spot and you both came. As the after glow finished he fell over, taking you with him and landing on top of him. You heard laughter. And familiar voices…

Haidon: “Wow, just wow, how unmoral.”

Zetsu: “Sounds interesting…”

Kakuzu: “Eww, in a closet, really Sasori?”

Itachi: “How long was that?”

Pein: “More then seven minutes”

Konan: “No comment.”

Deidara clapped and hollered: “Waitta go!” You blushed furiously remembering you two were in a closet with a room full of other members listening to everyone word, moan, gasp, and groan you just made. How embarrassing.

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