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3. Sasori 1

~Name: Hikaru Rikudo (pein's long lost little sister)
Village: Rain Village
Rank: S-rank criminal nin
Family: Pein/Nagato- older brother
Looks: (long black hair that ends on her waist and crimson red eyes, and has a perfect hour glass slim body.)
Abilities/Power/Kekkei Genkai: Aside form your clan abilities; the Rinnegan you can control fire and lightning
Personality: Stubborn, arrogant, happy go lucky well sometimes
Horoscope Sign: Sagittarius

You looked around, in search for something unknown to you two set of eyes peered just around watching your every move. You sat down closing your eyes, you sensed a presence near feeling familiar but still you didn’t know. Your uncertainty kept you waiting as you made it seem like you didn’t know. You let your body relax letting everything around you seem almost like a calling. Time grew short as the day broke late on in the day, you got up heading to the village hidden in the rain. Many villagers treated you differently, you were more of an outcast then anything. Although you didn’t let that bother you, skipping across as the rain falls onto your soft skin damping it in return like moisture being held captive. You blinked the droplets out of your eyes as you looked up closing them as you stood still under the rain. You smiled to yourself as you looked back down heading to your place, as you stood outside your apartment door feeling that same presence as before.
“Hikaru you shouldn’t stay out in the rain, you might catch a cold.” A calm , yet cold voice plainly says.
“State your name.” You coldly growled, turning around to face this person. You stood still as you looked at him closely, his eyes is what stood out to you. They are the same as yours, you glared at the man before you as you slightly backed up.
“Pein.” He said, you looked at him raising a brow.
“Huh?” You asked tilting your head.
“My name.” He simply says, you looked to the person standing behind him. Although his were grey and yours were red, holding the same circles inside of them.
“Your eyes.” You muttered in a low tone.
“Yes their just like yours Hikaru.” He replies. He slowly walks over seeing your body stance as it was relaxed, you felt like you knew this man.
“Do I know you?” You suddenly asked, he smirked standing now in front of you.
“You do, but before I can say I want you to join the Akatsuki with me.” He says, you quirk a brow again.
“ I guess.” You laugh holding out your hand in agreement, he shakes it in return.
“Hikaru tonight we will stay then all three of us leave at first light.” Pein states as you open your door letting them in as well.
“Ok.” You say closing the door and locking it.

[Next morning]
“Hikaru.” Pein’s voice calls waking you up.
“Hm.” You mutter, he sits on your bed pulling the covers off your head.
“Hey, you’re like an annoying big brother! Cut that out!” You shout waking up and getting out of your bed.

[Pein’s POV]
Hikaru shoved me out, slamming the door in the process. I heard Konan laugh lightly as she stands up looking in my direction.
“Leader-sama, are you sure you should tell her?” Konan asked me.
“Tell who what?” Came Hikaru’s voice as she opened her door coming out.
“We will in time but we must leave now.” I say walking in front of Konan as she and Hikaru follow closely.

[Back to regular POV]
You three made it to a large bolder rock, Pein does some hand signs as it shifts the rock up above. You then followed them in as it leads down, Pein stops then enters an area where there was other’s just sitting around.
“Leader-sama, your back un.” A long, blonde haired boy says as you three enter in.
“Listen up, this is our newest member Rikudo Hikaru.” Pein introduces, then he walks over pointing his fingers around adding. “Deidara, Itachi, Kisame, Tobi, Kakuzu, Zetsu, Hidan, Sas- where is Sasori?”
“Working on another puppet.” Kakuzu says.
“Sasori?” You asked looking up at Pein.
“Yes, Akasuna No Sasori.” Pein says, you look around to the others.
“Better known as the ‘Red Scorpion of the sand’, Yeah Sasori-sama.” Deidara says as a man hunched over slugs on by.
“Pein?” You whisper near his ear.
“Yes.” He replies.
“Are you going to tell me now?” You ask, he signals for you to follow him.
“Hikaru, do you remember any of your family?” He asked as he opened a door to an office like room.
“Hm not really why?” You ask.
“You may see when do have features alike, Hikaru what would you say if I told you…you’re my little sister?” He asked, you put your hand to your chin thinking.
“Question is are you my real brother?” You asked back.
“Yes.” He replies simply, with out words you leaped into his lap hugging him.
“I don’t mind if you were or weren’t but I do believe you.” You say.
“Leader-sama.” Konan interrupts.
“Yes Konan.” Pein, your older brother says.
“I see you decided to tell her?” Konan says seeing that you was in his lap, you get up walking over to her.
“I did, Konan will you take her to her room.” Ordered Pein, you wave to him as she takes you to your room.
“Konan, do you like my brother?” You ask the blue haired woman, she blushes.
“Hai.” She whispered hoping you didn’t catch it, but you did.
“Sweet.” You laugh, Konan stops in front of a door as you look at the door across yours.
“Whose room is this?” You ask reaching your arm out towards the knob.
“Sasori’s, now come over here. You’re starting to show your stubborn side like your brother does.” Konan remarks, which made you giggle.

[Two years later]
You were 15 years old when you were first brought to the Akatsuki, your brother Pein even told you about Tobi a.k.a Madara Uchiha’s secret too. Over the two years though you’ve been fascinated with a certain puppet master, his ideas and wisdom flow all around you like streaming water. Every time Sasori came near you, the feeling of your heart raced inside of your chest like the beating of drums. You sat in between Deidara and Tobi, as those two argued.
“Deidara-san.” You call out hoping they would stop.
“Hm.” He says giving you his full attention, in the time even though Deidara is a little older. You didn’t mind is flirty behavior towards you, in fact you did it mostly when Sasori would come in. Only once have you seen him with out his armor which in fact scared you, closing your eyes as the image of that day came in.

“Ugh I’m so boooorrreeed.” You mumbled heading to the showers. You heard them on wondering who the hell could it be, you twisted the door handle seeing it was unlock as you quietly entered in. The fresh hot water steam fluttering in the air like thick fog on a cold morning. The image of a person with red hair by the looks of it, you tilted your head thinking of who that could be.
‘None of the members here have red hair, do they?’ You thought to your self, only then did you notice the water no longer flowed and there standing with a towel wrapped to his waist was a hot, sexy red head.
“Wh-who are you?” You stuttered out after realization hit you.
“Hikaru what are you doing in here?” He asked, his voice all to familiar.
“Sasori?” You questioned, the red head nods.
“Yes Hikaru, now answer my first question.” He repeats.
“Oh I didn’t know who was in her I wanted to take a shower but I guess I can wait.” You say laughing nervously as you turn to leave.
[End of flashback]

“Senpai, I think Hika-chan is lost.” You hear Tobi’s voice say as you came back from your own thoughts.
“Tobi-nii. I am not lost.” You laugh, he glomps you in a bear hug giggling like he would in his ‘Tobi’ form, although you know that his ‘Real’ form is much creepier.
“Tobi put Hikaru down before she can’t breath any more.” Sasori says as he enters in, you sweat drop seeing as how that is the first time he has ordered Tobi to do anything in your view at least.
“Gomen Nee-chan.” Tobi childishly says as he sits down once again. Deidara stands up hugging you lightly from behind since Sasori was there, you leaned your head back looking up as he leans his head down almost as if he was going to kiss you then and there.
“Hikaru.” Konan calls you, Deidara lets you go as you walk over following Konan.

[Sasori’s POV]
I watched as Hikaru leaves with Konan, I glared over to Deidara. He walks over to me, then sits next to me.
“Sasori-donna.” Deidara calls.
“What?” I asked.
“You like Hikaru don’t you?” He smirked asking me this.
“Your point?” I asked seeing nothing to his words although I know I have feelings for her.
“Deidara as much as I hate making people wait I don’t like waiting on people either.” I stated getting up and leaving the room.

[Back to regular POV]
You walked out of your brother’s office heading to your room, you came around then corner seeing Sasori standing out side his door then turned and stood in front of your door. He walked up and down muttering to himself, then stopped again putting his hand up to your door. You watched with amusement hinting in every part of your expression, he kept his hand there as you walked up behind him.
“Sasori.” You whisper blowing in his ear, he looked your shoulder at you. You two stood there a good five minutes, he looks away from your piercing gaze. He turns around suddenly capturing your lips to his, shortly after he breaks the kiss as you lean into his chest. Sasori pulls you into his room, you looked up taking his soft lips to yours as you bite on his lower lip asking for entrance, he smirked in the kiss slightly opening letting you memorizing and battling for dominance.
Of course which you lost and as his prize he slid his tongue in your mouth memorizing every crevice and inch. He unbutton and takes your shirt off, at the same time you move your hands move to his Akatsuki cloak removing it and tossing is to where he threw your shirt previously, then you moved to his shirt pulling it off. You broke the kiss meeting his gaze while lustfully smiling to him.
Then you began to unzip your pants, letting it fall away from your exposed lower half. You moved your hands up unclasping your bra next, letting your full breasts bounce freely, your rounded nipples pointed with arousal. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes moved over your smooth skin, over the swell of your breast; down into the cleft of your womanhood. His hands moved to undo his jeans, but yours stops his.
“Let me.” You breathed, undoing the button and pulling the zipper down slowly. He stared down as you pulled his pants off. His hard cock sprung free from the confines, pointing straight up into the air. You chuckled a little, settling between his legs.
“Mmm...ready” You whispered, and he could only nod, his mind clouded with lust. You opened your mouth delicately, swiping your tongue over the tip of his penis, eliciting a gasp from him. Smiling, you wrapped a hand around the base, licking a seductive circle around the head of his cock. He bit his lower lip, enthralled by the sensations.
“More Sasori?” You asked softly, taking the head of his cock in your mouth and sucking. Your hand slowly pumped up and down the shaft, sending sensations of pleasure shocking through his body.
“Yes…” He gasped out… “Yes…” He hissed in pleasure as your tugging became harder, your tongue swirling around the underside of the helmet. You smiled with his dick in your mouth, sucking harder.

His dick coming in and out of your mouth with a wet plop. Your hand was jerking him off rapidly, flashing up and down his rod as his breath grew more and more ragged. The next thing you knew, you found yourself being pulled off your knees with your back thrown onto the bed.
You squealed, feeling Sasori’s firm hands around your waist. You let out a stuttering moan of delight as he rubbed the head of his cock against your folds, silently demanding entrance to her wet hole. You nod to him, and he took off your panties.

“Yes…” You breathed out, he smirked down at you sliding the tip of his penis inside. Neither spoke for a moment, until he thrusted forward and buried himself to the hilt inside of your womanhood. Both letting out a moan of fulfillment simultaneously as his cock filled you. He smirked again, looking down at the pleasure etched on you face, and he wanted to see more.

He drew back his hips, leaving you moaning out at the loss of his cock inside. He chuckled and then slammed back inside you, eliciting another moan from both parties. Slowly, he began to draw himself in and out of your tight pussy, nearly pulling his cock all the way out before thrusting back inside of you. You gripped his upper forearms tightly, biting your lower lip in pleasure as the sensations rocked through out your body.

An unspoken cue as his thrusts began to quicken, made faster by the lustful anticipation. He slammed his cock into you faster and faster, making you call out his name in gasping moans as he fucked you thoroughly, his rock hard erection slamming in and out of your tight hot womanhood.
“Mmnaah … Sasori!” You moaned out, hearing him grunt.

He stared down at you, grunting in pleasure as you writhed underneath him, your hips bucking against his as he thrust into you, watching your breasts bounce with every thrust. His hands were clasped firmly around your waist as he plowed into you, moaning as the harsh contact sent shivers down his spine.

“Hikaru…nnaahh” He grunted still thrusting in and out.
You moaned out his name again, taking his hard dick slamming into your tight pussy. A devious thought crossed your shy yet lust ridden mind, and you smiled through your pants. Before he could ask why, you wrapped your legs around his waist, rolling him over on the bed and pushing his chest down.
“Mmnnaa.” You said, licking his neck and thrusting up and down on his rock hard cock.

Sasori groaned with pleasure, rocking his hips in time to your thrusts, creating delicious friction in your bodies. His hands flew up to your breasts and he began to fondle with them, playing with the nipples and squeezing them firmly; round circles. You planted your hands on his chest as you thrusted harder and harder.

“Naahh…Sasori!” She cried, with your hips slamming down and driving his cock deep inside of you. He groaned, biting his lower lip. He couldn’t take much more of this. Leaning up, he took one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking at it and kneading it lightly with his teeth. He groaned as you smacked your pelvis against his again, hard.

“I’m going to come.” He grunted out, burying his face in your breasts as he slammed his hips up into you, drawing out a long moan of enjoyment from you. You moaned again, thrusting desperately.

“Nuuhhh ahhh, Sasori!” You moaned, he hissed in pleasure. Moaning loudly as he kneaded your breasts, he pumped in and out of you a few more times as you both come in unison mixing your juices together.

“SASORI…HIKARU!” You both shout climaxing as he holds your closer in his arm holding you tightly. He pulls the sheets up covering your both, you place your hand on his wooden body caressing your soft flesh as your warm touch meets his cold.
“Sasori, I love you.” You whisper kissing his cheek.
“I love you to Hikaru.” He replies. He falls asleep soon as you stare up at him, slowly closing your own eyes with a wide smile upon your lips.
‘To me, Sasori…you’re the most beautiful puppet around.’ You thought as it was the last thing in your head.

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