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66. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

~you name it the story-Ashley
your age-19
your crush-Roronoa Zoro

family-twin brother
family member's names-sanji

past-the same as sanji
what you wear-black and purple corset with black jeans and black stiletto boots
what you look like-female version of sanji with a curvy full figure
personality-sweet, short temper, fighter, lazy at times, loves to cook just like sanji, flirty

As you walked out on to the ship’s deck you look around, you just finished cleaning the dishes from lunch and now you were just plain board. You walked around to see what everybody was up to, you finally decided to nap with Zoro.
But instead of napping you just lazily stared up at the clouds, you quietly watched them as they went by, before the swords man next to you woke up and was staring intently at you.
“when did you get here..” he asked you, you then tore your view away from the sky that was now changing into light bright colors as the sun set.
“ a while ago, just thought I’d join you is all, Zoro.. “ you say before looking back at the sky, you wanted to see all the colors before the sky turned into night. As you glace over at Zoro as he got up and stretched his arms.
“ are you going to leave me on the deck, all alone… Zoro?” you asked as you watched him gulp and then shake his head and walk away. You don’t know why your so attracted to the young swordsman, but you wanted him to want you, just like your brother and every girl he sees..
As you look up at the sky once again you noticed it getting darker as a few stars freckled the sky. You sigh as you get up and head to the girl’s quarters.
The next morning
As you got out of bed and helped sanji make breakfast, you seen that no one else was up yet.
“hey Ashley will you go wake up the others for me.?” He asked you, you just nod your head and start to walk back to the girl’s quarters. You walk in and wake up, Nami first then Robin, you then made your way to the men’s quarters. You walk over to Luffy as he was hugging his pillow and looked at him.
“hey Luffy breakfast is ready..’ you whispered to him, as he shot up at the word breakfast.
“FOOD?” he said as he ran to the kitchen. You then woke up Usopp, chopper then Franky before making you way over to Zoro. As you tried to wake him up, he stirred in his sleep before opening one eye to look at you.
“What…” he asked you as he looked at you. You just looked straight back before telling him about breakfast and walking away. As you arrive back at the kitchen you sat down and started to eat, a few minutes later Zoro came in also.
After breakfast you went out and laid down, closing your eyes and letting the salty clam ocean breeze, lightly blow your hair. After a while you decided to join Robin in the library. A few hours later you heard Usopp’s voice ring threw the ship that there was an island up ahead. You walked out onto the deck and watched as the island got closer.
As you docked at the island you listened how Luffy decided to put us into groups so then nami called out the groups.
“ me and robin, Luffy and Chopper, Sanji and franky, Zoro and Ashley, and Usopp will watch the ship today.” She said as everyone took off, you were paired with Zoro…

You started to walk one way with him until you heard him mumble something about swords as he pulled you into a shop, you looked around before waiting outside, within 10 more minutes he finally came out and you both started walking again.
As you looked to your side you see Zoro looking at the ground as he walked, what’s with him? You thought as you started to look at the ground yourself from the awkwardness of the silence.
“you can take the money Nami gave me there’s nothing I need.. Zoro” you say as you look up to stare at him. You see him look up at you before looking forwards.
“I don’t need it..” he says as you continue to walk. You are finally getting annoyed by his attitude towards you, you stop walking to think about it for a moment, as you look up to see he’s still walking.
You glare at his back as you turn and walk the other way. You keep walking as you find a little walking trail, as you follow it, it was about a 5 minute walk before you got to a meadow that looked over the sea. You laid down right in the middle.
“why does he hate me, I mean I never did anything to him? That jerk..” you say as you look up at the sky, soon you felt your eyelids get heavy before sleep took over your body.
As you slowly open your eyes to a sunset you realized you fell asleep, as you start to sit up you heard someone call your name, you look over to the path you came from to see Zoro running over to you.
“Oi, what are you doing way out here, I’ve been looking for you for hours, one minute you beside me and then you’re gone!” he said sounding angry at you, you glare and look the other way.
“well if it bothered you so much then why did you try and find me in the first place?!” you yell back at him.
“it didn’t bother me!... it worried me..” he said as he sat down next to you and let out a sigh. You looked at him your eyes slightly widening a bit, he worried about you?
“you were worried?” you asked still unsure if you heard him right.
“yes I was! I’m always worrying about you, when were in fights or when you’re not around!” he says back at you as your eyes met.
“you don’t seem to care about me.. “ you say as you look back down.
“of course I don’t seem to care because I fell in love with that cooks sister, do you know how he would react to that?” he questioned you, as he pulled you closer by warping his arm around you. As he looked down at you, you look up right before he bent down and kissed you with so much passion, and love you were paralyzed by it, but he then pulled away and got up.
“but you, Ashley don’t feel the same. You looked at him as he went to turn and walk away. You quickly scramble to your feet and run to him, as you ran in front of him and smashed your lips onto his, he quickly kissed you back, after a few minutes your lungs started to burn from the lack of oxygen. As you pull away you look at him while a light smile graces you lips.
“I do Zoro, I do feel the same.” You whispered just loud enough for him to here you, he then let a smile free on he’s face, before pulling you into another breath taking kiss, you felt him lick your bottom lip as he smirked into the kiss.
You open your lips as you felt his tongue slip inside and move around feeling everything and memorizing it to the last detail, as he rub his tongue against yours you let out a light moan. This sound sent the swordsman crazy, but it wasn’t enough because unknowing to you that swordsman wanted to hear his name come pass your lips sounding like that.
When the need for air was need you pulled away slightly panting as he started to kiss your jawline as if not affected by the lack of air. As he kissed up by your ear, he bit your earlobe, in playful madder. He started to leave butterfly kisses down your neck until he lightly kissed your soft spot, earning a moan from you.
He smirked against your skin as you felt his hot breath on your neck, he then started to suck and lick the spot on your neck, he then pulled away and looked at his love bite. You moved your arms up to play with his hair as you felt his hands slip under your shirt as he started to kiss your again leaving little love bites here and there.
You felt him tug upwards on your shirt before it was then pulled over your head, you then quickly kiss his lips as you start to kiss down his neck as you kissed up and down his neck trying to find his soft spot, just then you kissed under his ear making him let out a light growl, you started to leave a hickey, when as you finished you were then pushed slowly down to the ground as Zoro came on top of you kissing down past your neck.
As he unhooked your bra you then swiftly pulled off his shirt and stared at his very toned chest and abs, he smirked seeing your reaction as your hands then glide down along his scar, as he let out a light groan as he then kissed you again headed back down past your neck.
As he kissed down between your breasts, he lightly kissed the nipple of your right one, before taking the whole thing into his mouth and sucking on it. You moan out again in the pleasure he was giving you, but you then let out a whine of protest as he stopped, but soon after he started sucking on the other one. You let out a light moan as he started to trail hot kisses down your body.
You let your hand wander down to the brim of his pants before lightly tugging at them, he then stood up as took them off he was right back to kissing you. You then flipped him over as you kissed down from his neck to his chest and lightly licked his abs and chest as you made your way down to his boxers, and you then take you delicate hand and gently pull them down.
When you looked up at zoro his eyes were filled with lust, and desire for you, you looked down to his manhood as you licked up the shaft before taking as much as you could, you then used your hand to get what your mouth couldn’t. as you started to bob your head you heard him groan as he bucked his hips a little.
“ahh please Ashley.. Faster..” he moaned out to you, you obeyed as you bobbed your head faster and sucked and lick his thick cock. You soon felt him start to plus in your mouth as you then bob you head faster you felt him realise in your mouth.
As you swallow all of it you came back up and kissed him as he flipped you back over, you look down at him as he pull down your pants and takes them off. You then felt him start to kiss down your stomach as he came to your panty line he slipped a finger under the last article of your clothing as he pulled them down.
You gasp as you looked down to see him insert a finger into your womanhood. You moan out as he started to pump it in and out as he soon added another one. “ahh Zo-Zoro…” you moan out when his name left his lips it dove him crazy, soon you felt a butterfly feeling in your stomach as your climax started to build up.
You then gasp as you felt his tongue lick your entrance and your clit before entering you with it, as he felt your walls clamp around his tongue as your climax hit. He licked it all up and swallowed all of it before looking down at you as if asking if you were sure, you look us at him and grind your hip into his. He then slammed his lips onto your as he entered you, breaking your barrier.
You wanted to scream but his lips stopped you from doing so, as your eyes leaked tears as you clam down he then kissed the tears away as he waited for you to let him move. After a while you moved your hips back before bringing them back to meet his, as you did so you let out a moan as he started you rock into you.
“Zoro-o aggh faster plea-ahh please..”you moan out as he does as you request you wrap you legs around his waist to give him more room. As he kept going you felt him hit a certain spot in side you that made the pleasure increase tenfold.
“Ashley your.. so tight..” he moan out, the comment made you blush as he hit that spot again you moan out his name, he ten aims for that spot as the build-up started again.
He started to go at inhuman speeds as you walls soon closed around his member before releasing your juices onto his cock as he kept going you felt him plus inside you once again as he realest, filling you up with his seed.
As he pulled out he fell next to your limp body and pulled you into him. “I love you.. Ashley..” you heard him whisper into your ear.
“ I love you too zoro..” you say back you him.
~1 month later~
You have been feeling sick for the last few days and you want chopper to check you out as you made your way to him. As you finally spot him you run over to him explaining how you need him to check you. As you wait for him to finish he looks back at you with and un readable face.
“what?” you ask him as you started to worry.
“ your not sick ashley your pregnant..” he says, you just nod you head in understanding as you made your way to the kitchen, you wanted to tell your brother first if anyone.
As you entered the kitchen and looked around you noticed nobody was here except for sanji.
“hey, ahh … sanji?” you asked him getting slightly nervous, he looks up at you from cleaning the dishes, you then take a big breath and sight.
“what is it Ashley?” he asked starting to worry.
“I’m…i-I’m pregnant…” you say, he then drops the pan he was drying and looked at you with worry and some anger in his eyes.
“who’s the father…. Ashley..” he asked threw gritted teeth.. you let out a nervous laugh before telling him.
~outside the kitchen~
“WHERE THE HELL IS MARIMO!” Sanji yelled, bursting through the door.
As you hold onto sanji’s arm trying to convince him that Zoro did not rape you, the said swordsman walked past as sanji got lose from your grip and tackled zoro to the ground.
“WHAT WAS THAT FOR YOU ERO- COOK?!?!” He yelled at sanji.
“I DIDN’T RAPE HER AND I- your pregnant?” he stopped yelling and looked at you, you look down and slowly nod your head, as you looked back up to them you see zoro smiling…

He then pushed sanji off him and ran over to you hugging you.
“ I love you ashley…” he said as he hugged you close to him.
“I love you too zoro…” you say back.
~*8 months later*~
As you laid down, you rubbed your swollen tummy as chopper sat next to and nami standing talking to you, the others were out shopping and Zoro and Sanji wouldn’t go unless chopper was here and one of the girls so Nami volunteered.
As you rubbed your tummy you few cramps as you then felt wetness between your legs.
“Chopper… aggh the baby’s coming…” you say as you started flinching in pain, nami tried to clam you down as chopper got you ready for labour.
~ 7 hours later ~
everyone was just getting back when they all heard crying, Zoro and Sanji both ran to chopper, but zoro ran faster and stopped in the door way as he saw you and his new born daughter…

~5 years later~
You and zoro had your first daughter that night, and 2 years later you had another daughter, you name your first daughter angel and you second daughter nicole, after Nicole was born a year later you had you last child which you and zoro name Zoro Jr he was you first son

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