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19. Rock Lee

~Name: Sabaku No Riki No Shi (means strength of the death) but they call her Riki almost always almost no one calls her shi (I wonder why....) she’s Gaara’s favorite cousin.
Age:16 (she’s months older than lee)
Village: Sunakagure but moved to Konoha to help reconstruct the city... she took the responsibility of Gaara destroying the city (or because he almost killed Lee and Naruto)
Rank: Top chuunin (almost Jounin).
(White snow hair, blood red eyes, millimeter shorter that lee, has too much chest for a girl her age she wears glasses to see better, normal weight.)
Abilities: Fighting well, she cant use taijutsu that well because she never cared to practice it, she can sort of use like genjutu, but dancing In the house she can be like a mother, she can clean, cook she loves to cook for other people and if they are a lot she will be happier then ever and especially to cook for lee, since his a bottom-less pit, she’s as sweet and caring like a mother.
Personality: crazy, hyperactive, likes to make people laugh but she can be serious and seductive when she wants to...
Horoscope Sign: Capricorn


Like many times before you always felt the need to help someone, in this case your cousin; Gaara. You hugged your cousin’s and then headed to Konoha, you wanted to help rebuild the city after what had happened during the Chuunin exams. Taking partial blame for his actions, you are about half way there when you remembered something Gaara told you.

“Riki when you get to Konoha there is someone there I would like you to meet, he reminds me of you in some way his name is Naruto. He saved me for myself and I cannot see him fit with out meeting you as a friend.” Gaara said.
“Alright!” You said excitedly, then jumps in Gaara’s arms.
“He has many friends, so make some new ones to.” He finished as he let you go smiling.
“HAI!” You exclaimed then turned closing his door on your way out.
***End of flashback***

You laughed to yourself, taking a quick break. You thought of this person he had mentioned, and how much Gaara had changed. You was in many ways wanting to meet the one person who made Gaara look in the mirror but to also thank him for helping Gaara all the same. Yes meaning you and Gaara are very close, you see him more and understand then the rest of the village had. Until the time he spent in Konoha, that was after he then came back unbelievably different. It was night and as you sat against the trunk of a tree you closed your eyes for much needed rest.
‘I wonder what awaits me there?’ You thought falling asleep.

The next day came just fast as the day before, you woke stretching and yawning out as you stood up in the cold refreshing morning. You ate a small snack bar as you started to head off once again, as you approached more and more close to Konoha you started using the trees to jump from as you landed in front of the gates.
“Who are you?” A guy asked as they both stared at me as I started to walk in.
“Sabaku No Riki No Shi.” You said to them they nodded.
“Ah yes we were told you would be here sometime today. I will have someone come here  to take you to the work site.” The other said, then he ‘poof’ away. Soon you heard someone walking over from the distance, he had a mask covering over his left side of his face and grey hair.
“What would you prefer to be called?” He asked.
“Riki, and you?” You replied.
“Hatake Kakashi.” He said.
“Pleasure to meet you.” You said walking over to him, you then both started to walk as he lead you to where you are to be stationed.
“Thank you.” You said.
“Any time Riki any time.” He replied then he disappeared in a cloud of smoke. You tuned facing your new team, you smiled walking through as you started to help.
“Riki come up here for a little and help me with the beams.” A worker asked, you nod. As you make it to the top of the building you are reconstructing, you looked down seeing more people come two boys and one girl. Just as you turned you were pushed from behind, closing your eyes as you waited for sudden impact which didn’t come. Peeking through half lidded eyes you noticed a pair staring right back at you. Opening your eyes more you looked seeing the ones your were looking at from up top, you smiled as he placed your feet to the ground.
“There you go.” He said, you couldn’t speak to thank him so you thought of another thing. You moved close to his face placing a soft kiss on his cheeks, he blushed bright as you pulled away. All eye watching your actions as you smiled up at the stranger who saved your life.
‘Maybe Gaara was right.’ You thought.
“My name’s Riki what’s yours?” You asked.
“Rock Lee.” He replied doing a stance which you thought was funny and cute, he blushed hearing you giggle as he looked back to you.
“This is Ten-ten and Neji we are here to assist.” Lee said.
“Alright I know we need help at the top of this building.” You said to them, they nodded following you up. You all finished the building in no time at all, as the day ended Kakashi showed up as you walked down with Lee.
“Ah Riki here is your guest key.” Kakashi said handing you the inn’s key that you are to be staying at.
“Thanks.” You say.
“Kakashi-sensei.” Other voices called to the said man.
“Hey bushy brow.” A boy said to Lee.
“Hey Lee.” Another said but this time it was a girl.
“Oh right Naruto, Sakura. This is Riki, Sabaku No Gaara’s cousin.” Kakashi said, Lee went pale at the mention of your cousin’s name.
“Wait that kid from the sand?” The blonde boy asked.
“Yep that’s him alright.” You laugh.

***Three months later***
You’ve been in Konoha for three months give or take a few days, and everything is starting to work out with the reconstruction. As the time flew by you’ve met everyone that Gaara has told you about and even more to a specific one. Your feelings for Rock Lee has grown more by the day, Naruto is like another addition to your family and your cousin was right he was A LOT like you. Sakura, Hinata, and Ten-ten invited you with them for a girls night out just one problem it wasn’t a all girls night out we had Neji, Naruto, and Lee with you guys. Sakura walks to your side as you stare over your shoulder at Naruto and Lee.
“Riki.” Sakura says, you turn to look at her.
“Yeah?” You asked.
“Do you like Naruto or Lee?” She suddenly asked, then Hinata and Ten-ten crowd around as the boys keep talking among themselves.
“Sakura.” You blushed, she smiles.
“Hm…well?” Ten-ten asked this time.
“…Lee.” You whisper, they smile widely. Hinata puts her hand on your shoulder, then smiles softly as you glance up at her.

***After the night out***
As you all finished watching the sun set, you all began to head back home. You were fiddling with your fingers as you thought about what Hinata had said before you all came out tonight. You knew she was right, but you were afraid at the same time. You skipped your way twirling around as you all started to head your own ways home.
“Hey Lee since you and Riki are going the same way why don’t you walk her to her room?” Sakura says, you immediately stop in your place turning slowly around like a girl with goose bumps and a cold chill down her back expression.
“Right.” He replied walking over to you.
“See you tomorrow Riki.” Hinata says as you and Lee start to walk off.
“Hey Lee.” You say trying to get the courage to tell him.
“Yes Riki.” He says in reply.
“Um…” You start looking down.
“We’re here, would you like me to walk you to your room?” He offered, you nod. You pulled out the key to your room playing with it between your fingers, you stopped to your door unlocking it and stepping slightly inside.
“Thank you Lee.” You say blushing, he smiles his big bright grin.
“You’re welcome.” He says turning away as you close your room door. You started to undress and put on a long t-shirt and panties. You pulled down the sheets on the bed and then you walked into the bathroom to brush your hair and teeth. Just as you finished a loud knock banged on the door, you jumped walking over.
“Yeah who is there.” You say through the door.
“Lee.” Came the reply, you opened the door seeing him blush as he looked you up and down.
“Yes Lee?” You say looking at him, he looks away then back at you.
“May I come in?” He asked, you stepped to the right letting him enter then you closed the door.
“So what do you need?” You asked cocking your head to the left, he comes closer lifting your chin up as he places a soft kiss to your lips.
“I…love…you.” He murmured in the kiss, you pull away.
“Really?” You asked him.
“Yes, I was walking up and down the hallway this whole time.” He nervously laughs, you wrap your arms around his shoulder.
“Lee, I love you too.” You say then kissed his soft, smooth lips. He wraps his arms around your waist lifting you up enough where you wrap your legs around his waist. He moves his lips down to your neck in search for your soft spot, just as he sucks, licks, and bites all around he finally got was he was wanting as you pressed more close to his body.
“Lee.” You moaned as he started to bite down more and more on your tender neck. You unwrapped your legs, you move your hands around his body as you push yourself off of him. He watches you closely with lust in his eyes, you push him more against the wall as you take off your shirt. You sway your body twirling around then you started to lay your back against him as you continue to move lightly on him. You turn around facing him as your hands start to undress him, you kneeled down looking at his erection pointing straight out. You licked the tip wrapping your fingers around his shaft, as you slowly started to take his length inside of your mouth. You took him all the way as you hit his base without gagging then you came back up. Repeating this with a steady pace as you bobbed your head up and down.
“Riki.” He grunted as you felt his hot warm liquid hit the back of your throat. He picked you up immediately taking you to your bed, tossing you down ever so lightly as he removed the only piece of clothing left on your steaming body.
“Ahh..” You moaned feeling his tongue lick over your clit, you bucked your hips slightly as you felt his thumb taught your outer core.
“Lee.” You moaned again whisking your fingers in his short black hair. He then stuck two fingers inside your hot soaking core, pumping them in and out deep and rough. You arched your head back and chest up as he continued to move his fingers and tongue in ways your mind couldn’t possibly comprehend.
“Naahhh Lee.” You whimpered out in a moan as you felt is tongue hit into your core with his fingers still in and out of you, just as he pumped in again you came in him mouth and on his fingers. He got to his knees upright licking his lips with your juices coming down his lips and chin, you blushed as he kissed his way up your stomach and to your lips. He takes his right hand cupping your left breast as he takes your right breast in his mouth, taunting the nipple to a harden nub as he licks his tongue around. He then turns his attention to the other breast giving it the same treatment. Lee props himself up again looking deep with your gaze, he lowers himself near your ear.
“I am sorry.” He whispered in your ear then taking your lips to his as you felt your virgin barrier break, now understanding why he said sorry as tears started to come from your eyes. Lee props up a little more licking your tears away, he gives you a gentle look as the pain slowly fades away.
“Nnaahh Riki Ahhh.” He groaned, as his cock grew solid in your hands, wasting no time he picked you up letting you wrap your legs around his waist. He then turned around having you between him and the wall, his thick long shaft poking at your entrance.
“Ahh...” He grunted as he slid himself all the way in, leaving his face in the crook of your neck.
“Ahhh…uhhh.” You moaned.
“Ah, uh naaa.” He grunted and groaned, moving slowly as he whispered sweet and naughty things in your ear. He thrusted in and out, rough and deep inside of you. Both you were groaning and moaning, screaming each others name.
“Nnaahh Lee…uhh please nnaahh harder ahhh.” You moaned and soon feeling your climax.
“Riki, uhh I’m going to naaahhh come.” He slammed into you with such strength, while using one of his hands to gently rub your clit as he neared his own release. You felt the orgasm getting closer and closer with a panting him not far behind. Right when you thought you couldn’t hold on any longer, his face sunk into the crook of your neck, making you cry out in release. Lee thrusted a few more times before you felt his seed fill inside you. He lifted you up in his arms carrying you to his bedroom, laying you on his bed and laying behind as he covered both you naked bodies.
“Lee?” You called, feeling exhausted.
“Yes Riki.” He replied laying on his side as you wrapped your arms around him.
“Perfect.” You said.
“What is?” He asked.
“You, Perfection I see on the inside of you.” You say closing your eyes and pulling the cover over you and him.

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