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65. Portagas D. Ace (One Piece)

~you name it the story- Annie (Anne Elizabeth) Avery
your age- 2 years younger than Ace
your crush- Portgas D. Ace

family- Came from a Noble family. The first child of three. Has a younger brother and sister called Adrian and Georgiana (both blonde with green eyes and beautiful like their father). Mother died due to illness.
family member's names- Father: Sir William James Avery Mother: Lady Mary King Avery

past- Ran away from home, found love at sea
what you wear- Fashionable dresses, slightly bohemian and slightly Victorian
what you look like- Long flowing dark brown hair, blue eyes (like Mother)
personality- Multi-talented, calm, kind-hearted, affectionate, intelligent

As you walked along the sandy beach waiting for Ace to visit you like he always does, you take off your shoes as you step into the water. You walked along the island’s shore for about 15 minutes before you look up to see Ace running towards you.
As you look at him and all the features you love like his freckled face, his personality and everything above, as he finally reached you, he tackled you in a hug. As you hugged back and looked into his eyes you knew this was the reason you stayed at sea, your love was here. Portgas .D. Ace, you fell in love with this man, and this man only.
When you ran away he helped you, and ever since then you loved him, and it has been one year since then and as of 5 months he has love you back. As you looked up into his eyes you smiled and kissed his cheek, before pulling away and running down the beach threw the water, as he chased after you, you laughed and kept running.
He the grabbed you by the waist and spun you around in the air, as you both laughed he put you down. He then pulled you close to him and held you tight to make sure you wouldn’t get away this time, you looked up at him as he lent down and kissed your lips softly, but passionately.
As the day went on and the evening rolled in you made your way back from the beach to the small town where you lived. As you and Ace held hands and talked about what happened since the last time he visited, he then swiftly picked you up and started to carry you bridal style to your home.
“Listen, Annie… just so you know I love you with all of my heart…” he whispered to you as he laid you down on your bed, and kissed you again, before pulling away a few minutes later due to lack of oxygen.
“I love you too Ace..” you say as you pull him into another kiss…

~The next morning~
“do you have everything, Ace?” you asked him as he was boarding the ship, he can’t stay too long. You the kiss him again for a good bye kiss.
“No I don’t have everything Annie, because you’re not coming.” He tells you as you pull apart from the kiss and hug him.
“when will you be back?..” you ask, as you watch him get on his boat.
“soon. Don’t worry about me though love.” He whispers to you before giving you one last hug and taking off.
“I LOVE YOU ACE !” you yell to him as he disappears over the horizon. You slowly walk back to your house, you walk in and head towards your room as you look around and start picking up your clothes that were thrown last night.
You blushed at the thought of the events that happened in this room as well as the events that will soon come.
~3 months later~
As you sat on your front step looking out into the sea thinking about ace and how to tell him he’s going to be a father. As you rub the little bump starting to form on your stomach you look out at the ocean again and watch the sunset on another day.
As you got up you dusted yourself off and entered your kitchen to start making supper, after supper you walked into your living room to relax when a big crash was heard and rain started to pour down from the sky. The wind started to pick up as well, making tree branches scratch against the side of your house.
You then heard loud banging on you door as you scramble to your feet a walk over to your door and open it. When you opened it there stood Ace dripping wet and looking like he just ran.
“Ace, your back!” you say as you kiss him, he kisses back but pulls away and looks down at your stomach where you can see a little bump that was forming. As he looked back up at you, you smiled at him and kissed his cheek before he tackled you in a hug, but being careful of your stomach.
“So it’s mine right?” he asked you while you two sat on your bed.
“yes, of course it’s yours” you say as you hug him again.
~a few days later~
Ace stayed as long as he could with you before leaving again as he said goodbye he gave you a kiss before kissing your stomach. After he said goodbye he promised he will be back as soon as possible.
~6 months later~
Ace had visited as much as he could during the 6 months and as the months past your stomach got bigger. You loved ace and he love you and now you will love this child along with him.
As you were walking into your kitchen with your friend, you both sat in the kitchen chairs talking about the baby. Then, it happened your water broke and you friend rushed you to the nearest doctor.
~6 hours later ~
You were now holding you newborn son, as you studied the little baby in your arms you couldn’t stop thinking about how much he looked like Ace, that when the doctors door flung open and then Next thing you knew Ace was by your side.
“what do you want to name him?” you asked him as you watched him take and hold his son.
“Roger.” He said as he looked down at you and kissed you.
5 years later
You now have your son Roger, your daughter Mary, and your 1 year old son Edward. You still live on that same island, and you will always be happy as long as you have your new family…

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