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75. Pein 4

~How You Met:
You ran through the trees as fast as you could as your former child friend was right behind you gaining on your tail. You looked back as you seen the cloak you knew too well it was akutski. "Libby" you heard him yell as you panted hard from running a long ways. You stopped in a opening as you fell to your knees your body gave up on you. "Libby" you heard again you looked up to meet his eyes as you glared "fine you caught me what do you want" he showed no emotion as he stepped forward. You stiffened as he grabbed you by your collar and lifted you off the ground. Your eyes turned into slits as you growled "let me go or just get it over with and kill me" he smirked "now why would I want to kill our new member" your eyes widened "what" his smirk widened as you blacked out.
How It Happened:
You walked slowly down the halls of the base you kept a cold glare on your face it's been 3 months since pein brought you here and honestly you hated it. You've lost count on how many times the men have tried to sleep with you and it was a bother. Konan on the other hand had her free share with them which disgusted you to think on how she can sleep with some of the men here. Just as you thought of that she came walking out of pein's office as she smirked at you. You rolled your eyes as she passed you, you continued walking to your room as deidara stepped in front of you with a smirk "hey there Libby un" he said in a seductive tone. You glared as his smirk grew wider "what do you want" you snapped as he chuckled "you yeah" he said as he ran his fingers over your arm. You shrugged him off "deidara leave her" you both looked to see pein you thought you seen him give a warning glare as deidara gulped and nodded "of course leader-sama un" deidara scurried off.
You turned to pein and glared "yes" you asked as he looked at you as you seen his eyes trail over your body you snapped your fingers "hey my eyes are up here" he looked at you and his eyes held something you've never seen before but couldn't quite get what exactly. "I need to speak with in my office right away" he said as he turned you groaned as you entered your room.
After your shower you went to pein's office as usual you just walked in and he was sitting there looking at you. You stopped and raised an eyebrow "stalk much" you said as he smirked and motioned you to come closer which you did. "What is it" you asked clearly annoyed of him as he chuckled "nothing just wanted to talk" "talk" you asked with a raised eyebrow he nodded. He got up as he walked towards you "Libby" he whispered as you stared at him watching and wondering what he was doing. His hand raised as he tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear as his eyes looked over you. You didn't say anything as he stepped closer till his face was inched from yours "konan" you said as he raised an eyebrow as you smirked "you must have had your fun today."
He frowned "I've never touched her" he commented as you scoffed "sure" you answered as he grasped your arms tightly you winced from the tightness he held onto you. "Libby do you know why I came searching for you" you raised an eyebrow "to join your little gang" you answered as he chuckled lightly. "You’re the only one I've ever had feelings for" he whispered as your eyes widened "what" you asked as he closed the gap between the two of you with a kiss. You stiffened as he wrapped his arms around your waist holding you in place you closed your eyes as you pulled him closer by his collar.
He smirked into the kiss as he backed you up onto his desk as he lifted you and placed you onto it placing himself between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he licked your bottom lip. You smirked and denied him access he groaned in frustration as he but down hard on your lip. Your mouth opened out of pain as his tongue darted in exploring your mouth. You moaned lightly as he ran his tongue on the roof of your mouth. You pulled away from the much needed air. His mouth attacked your neck as you tugged on his coat "to…much…clothes" you panted out as grunted in response.
Being kissed and touched in places you've haven't been touched in a long while made your mind foggy. You didn't even notice the clothes piling up on the floor till you were just in your underwear. He stopped and looked over your body as you took in his. Drooling over his chest and abs you traced your fingers over his body as he shivered at your touch. "Like what you see" he asked amusement in his voice you playfully glared at him as he chuckled and kissed you. He laid you down as he crawled on top of you out of instinct you spread your legs to let him snuggle between them.
He groaned deeply as you wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him closer. He ripped off your underwear as you easily slipped off his boxers. You bit down on your lip as he rubbed his erection at your opening. He groaned deeply as he slid into you as you arched your back. You two rocked steadily as he grunted. You moaned loudly as his thrusts sped up and went harder. He bit down on your neck as you scratched down his back. He pulled out of you and smirked "turn around" he demanded as you smirked and did so.
You breathed in deep as he slid into you further than before as he growled and began to thrust so fast you seen stars "mmm PEIN!" you moaned loudly as he growled and grasped onto your hips pulling you into his thrusts harder and faster. You yelled in pleasure as you can feel yourself coming to an end. Pein groaned deeply as his thrusts began to come erratically as he came. You moaned loudly as you also came.
He pulled out as you laid on your side panting when you were lifted off the ground "you are to stay in here with me from now on" you nodded sleep consuming you.
How You told him:
You sighed as you walked through the halls of the base thinking on how you were going to tell pein your little secret you've held for almost three months now. "Damn it" you whispered "is something wrong libby" you jumped at the sudden noise and looked to see madara. You glared at him "how many time do I have to tell you not to talk to me in that child voice" he chuckled darkly "I apologize" he went close to you and whispered in your ear "I'd tell pein about your little secret soon" your eyes widened as he giggled like a maniac back to his tobi voice "how did you" "libby was being bad" he yelled as he ran off you blushing like mad at his words "TOOOOBIIII" you yelled as he ran off.
"Is something wrong" you turned to see pein who looked at you curiosity clear in his eyes "ever hear the saying curiosity killed the cat" he chuckled and grabbed your arm "come we need to talk" you blinked but followed none the less. You walked into his office as he let go of you and walked by watching his movements closely you knew something was wrong "what is it pein" he looked at you calm but sat on his desk and motioned you to sit in front of him. He eyed you up and down as you fidgeted around in your seat "there's something different" he said slowly as you nodded "yes there is" you said as he eyed you curiously "what's wrong" he asked sternly. You looked away and got up "pein" you made your way towards him as he sighed "your leaving me" you stopped and blinked in surprise "n-no" he got up "then what is it" you sighed and blurted it out "I'm pregnant" you didn't look at him as he remained silent.
You sighed and walked out of his office down the hall and out of the hideout. You walked and walked you didn't know where you just wanted to leave. Abortion was clearly out you hated it when women got abortions and you were certainly not getting it. It began to rain as you sighed deeply "what to do" you whispered to no one exactly. You didn't know if he accepted it or not you didn't want to know was the truth. You wanted to leave "but where to go" you said as you spotted a cave. You got in just in time as it began to pour feeling the chill of the night run through your body you shivered and scooted closer to the fire.
Emotions ran through you and you didn't know what to do you were lost. Never having a child before and having one now and on your own as anger suddenly hit you "it's not only my fault" you grumbled angrily. After awhile of mumbling such nice things about pein you laid down and stared at the rock ceiling with a scowl on your face "wherever I go I have to get there fast" you rubbed your swollen belly with a slight smile. Not long after sleep fell onto you.
A month passed and you were shocked that pein didn't come looking it hurt but at the same time that meant he didn't want the baby. You lived in a little village where there were no ninja. Your belly now visible of your pregnancy as you fidgeted on your couch trying to get comfy. "Only four months and I already can't move good" you grumbled as you shifted again
"maybe a walk would help" you got up and walked out. Returning not long after and entering your home "it would seem you hid well" you froze that voice "who said I was hiding" you turned to see pein leaning against the wall and staring blankly at you. "Well one you left without a word and two never came back" you nodded "okay maybe I did leave so what" you walked by him as he followed and you sat down around the table him following suit. "I came to tell you once you join you can't just leave the akutski" you nodded understanding "but what can I do now whe-" "damn it libby why did you leave" you jumped at the sound of his voice and looked at him to see him glaring at you. Glaring back you sat up "why do you think" you asked as he shrugged "you tell me" you sighed in frustration "you know what forget it" you walked to the door and opened it "you should get back" he didn't move.
He sighed getting up and began to walk towards you. Thinking he was going to leave you didn't look at him as he place his hand over yours and closed the door. You looked up confused "what are you doing I said leave" he shook his head "no" he simply stated as you glared daggers at him. "Damn it pein what do you want?" Silence. Standing straight you crossed your arms over your chest "well?" Instead of receiving a answer he crashed his lips onto yours as you squeaked in surprise. He pushed himself against you not hard though trapping you between him and the wall. You tried to push him as he grabbed your wrists and held onto them not being able to fight him anymore you kissed back. He kissed you passionately as he intertwined his fingers with yours. Pulling away you looked up at him as he smiled "you didn't give me a chance to say anything" you shrugged "I thought I got the answer" he wrapped his arms around you "come back with me" you shook your head "no it wouldn't be good to raise a child there" he nodded "fine I will stay here with you" you blinked in surprise "but what about" "don't worry about it…konan said she has control over there" you smiled and nodded. He led you to the living room as he pulled you to him on the couch as he kissed your forehead "I told you didn't I you're the only one for me" snuggling closer to him you whispered "and you for me".

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