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69. Pein 3

~A smirk was planted on the young girls face as she pushed her self closer to her so-called superior. His face held no emotion yet he didn't try to push her away as she pressed herself closer to him. So long she waited for this day this time to be alone with him without his partner or anyone else around. She suspected he did it on purpose for the two of them to be alone. She flirted with him when it was just the two of them--here and there. Wondering when he would lose himself to her and make her his. So long she yearned for him passionately, intimately. In any way he would offer himself to her.
Now here they were in his office his back against the wall and their chests pressed against one another but it wasn't enough for yoko she wanted him to make the first move wanted him to lose himself to her. "What do you want leader-sama" she asked as she looked up seductively at him but yet….nothing. She moved away from him as she slowly unbuttoned her cloak as she kept her eyes on his reaction. His eyes watched her hands as they slowly undid one button at a time. She smirked as it slowly fell from her shoulders and into a pool around her feet. Her original clothes on under nothing but a black short shorts with silver belt and a fishnet shirt over her bra. His eyes slowly scanned over her form as she seen the hint of lust and want. She walked away from him swaying her body as she did.
"What exactly are you trying to prove yoko" the leader asked as he slowly approached her. Tilting her head innocence written on her feature "what do you mean leader-sama" she asked as she sat on the desk. He eyed her suspiciously as he slowly made his way to her excitement ran down yoko's spine as he inched closer and closer. Just like her he slowly undid his cloak buttons watching her as he did so. Her eyes scanned over his buttons as he took his time undoing them 'why must he be so slow' she thought as frustration ran through her.
She glanced at the man before her and there it was a smirk planted on his features as he moved closer to her "tell me yoko….what is it you want".
What was this nervousness?
She gulped as she blushed slightly she opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out but a mumble. His smirk grew as his cloak fell to reveal his tight black shirt and regular pants. Her eyes ran down his body over his chest and abs as she blushed deep crimson. "Like what you see" she looked up his face just inches away "because I like what I see" she blushed as he placed himself between her legs. "You want this don't you yoko" he ran a finger up and down her thigh. His touch sent shocks throughout her body as she shivered and looked up to meet his eyes "leader-" "pein" he cut her off she smiled and nodded. "Pein" his eyes watched her as she slowly ran a finger down his chest and abs.
Inching closer as there eyes stayed on one another. His scent intoxicated her as he gently placed his lips on hers. Eyes closed as the sweet and gentle kiss grew more passionate and rough. He grabbed her as he pulled her closer to him groaning from the feeling of her body against his own. Wrapping her arms around his neck he slowly raised her shirt up and off. He rubbed her sides she sighed and tugged on his shirt as he also removed his shirt not staying away from her lips for long returning to them. The taste of metal didn't seem to bug her as she nipped on his bottom lip. He grunted and slowly pushed her down over the desk as he crawled on top and snuggled between her legs.
Piece by piece their clothing hit some random spot on the ground around them as they hurriedly made there way to what they wanted…or more like needed. "Pein" he groaned in response as he disposed of their last barrier between them and slowly made his way into his lover. She whimpered in response. She wasn't a virgin but still his size and the fact that it's been way too long since she's had a man made it slightly painful for her.
"Shhhh" he soothed as she glared at the man hovering above her and saw a smile. An actual smile that no one has ever seen perhaps his partner but not her she stared slightly shocked as he chuckled lightly "that my dear is just for you" he whispered she didn't respond knowing that he meant it. Instead of words she used what she felt would be right as she kissed his lips again accepting his words. Slowly he began to move into her as he began a steady pace.
Their hips grinded together quickly and harshly as moans groans and the slapping of skin filled the room. Sweat covered their bodies as she tried to keep up with his pace but failed as he went even faster than before. "P-pein" grunting at the sound of her voice which sounded so erotic to him which made him go crazy every time it slipped her tongue. He smashed his lips onto her into a sloppy heated kiss. He grunted as she grasped onto his hair taking two fistfuls. He breathed in every moan she made as he hit a certain spot in her which made her contract around him. Groaning loudly he continued to hit that spot loving the way she held onto him tightly. "Yoko" he moaned as she scratched down his back. She couldn't respond due to the fact she was having a hard time just trying to breath.
Who knows how long the two made love as their ends came. Fluids mixed together as she screamed his name and he groaned out hers. Panting harshly he laid on top of her placing butterfly kisses along her neck. Sighing happily she giggled and wrapped her arms around him he chuckled "how long did you want that" she blushed as he smirked at her. "Shut up" she mumbled as he kissed her one more time before rolling over and pulling her close drifting off into sleep.

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