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22. Pein 2

~Name: Demera
Age: 25
Village: Formerly of the leaf
Rank: S-rank Criminal
Crush: Pein (Leader of Akatsuki)
Looks: (Long silver hair; gem green eyes)
Abilities/Power: Power to control Wolves and Dragons
Personality: Stubborn and likes to be in control
Horoscope Sign: Pisces

“Damnit Tobi.” You growled at said man, even though you knew his true identity.
“Tobi good boy, why is Demera so upset?” Tobi childishly asked. You moved your hand forming a summoning jutsu.
“Black winds, summon underneath I call to you. Kyoshi.” You called summoning your fanged dragon. Tobi flinched knowing you were going strike just as you were about to let Kyoshi go at Tobi a hand stopped you.
“Enough Demera, Tobi leave.” He ordered, Tobi did as told leaving you glaring daggers to the back of his head.
‘Damn that Uchiha’ You thought cursing him. Then you turned your attention back to the Akatsuki leader; Pein. His eye bored into yours as you glared at him, he sighs standing.
“Stop being so stubborn, I need you to company Deidara and Tobi on this next mission.” He said, you growled in the back of your throat.
“Why should I?” You questioned.
“Demera no questions just do it.” He stated, you crossed your arms.
“Hmph fine.” You said giving in, as he walks away. Plopping down on the couch you hear a giggle echoing around.
“TOBI.” You warned, he giggled harder. Then Deidara walked in, taking a seat next to you.
“Do you like the leader, hm.” He said then Tobi walks over sitting down in between.
“NO.” You hurriedly replied, he raised a brow.
“Oh really?” He questioned, you can hear Tobi’s smirk in his giggle.
“SHUT UP!” You yelled, standing up.
“Demera, hm.” Deidara called, you looked at him slightly turning your body.
“What?” You barked out at him, he smirked at your agitated tone.
“So do you dream of leader being in your bed?” He taunted, you blushed turning your head away from him to meet another’s grey with swirled eyes. Embarrassed as you was. You stormed off heading to your room, you couldn’t look nor think of what to do let alone what to say. You sat down on your bed then laid back, you put your arm over your face.
“Stupid Deidara.” You muttered, then shifted to your side.
“Now he will never want anything to do with me.” You continued to rant to yourself. You sat up in your bed, then walked over to your door opening it.
“You still have a mission with them.” He stated standing in your door way.
“Yea and your point.” You replied, he turns walking away not answering you.

--**--After the mission--**--
“What the fuck, Demera. Hm.” Deidara said as you pushed him aside.
“I said move out of my way didn’t I.” You declared.
“Hm who made you the leader?” He growled back.
“He hasn’t died yet so I guess I don’t know but you were in my way.” You argued.
“Senpai, Demera.” Tobi said getting in between you both.
“SHUT UP TOBI.” Deidara and you barked at him. You both then silently walked back to the hideout to report in, Deidara summoned the jutsu to move the rock. Then you both jumped down and inside, you three then walked to his office knocking on the door.
“Enter.” Was heard and you all entered in said office.
“It was a success, Leader-sama.” Deidara said, you crossed your arms over your chest.
“I see, Demera stay, Tobi, Deidara leave.” He ordered, they did as said closing the door behind them. You watched as Pein walked around his desk, he leaned against it looking at you.
“Where is Konan?” You asked, he shrugs his shoulders.
“Demera.” He whispered walking behind you, as you watched his every move. He blew into your ear, his scent started to intoxicate your every whim. You leaned your head back onto his shoulder, he wraps his arms around you taking control as he starts to strip your cloak. You pushed his hands away turning you leaned against the desk as you let the cloak fall down from your form, you put your right leg against his chest.
“Strip Pein.” You ordered, he growled taking his Akatsuki cloak off. You smiled watching him move closer both sets of your hands moved fast across your bodies striping them of. His lips moved to yours as the cold metal crashed roughly to your, while purring in the back of your throat. You licked his lower lip while nibbling on the piercing, he grunted parting his lips to your command. You snaked your tongue all around as you explored his mouth to satisfy your own needs. You lay down on top of the desk pulling him with your shaking body, he props himself up with his hands as he hovered over your body.
“Hmm.” You moaned in his mouth feeling his right hand trailing in between your thighs. You started to fight for dominance in his mouth, dancing with his tongue. You won that round, he growled lowly in the back of his throat the started to move his lips down your jaw to your neck as he sucked, nibbling and darkend your light colored skin. You moved your left hand in between his legs as he grasped them pulling them up above your head.
“Don’t try to take charge Demera.” He huskily says, you growl flipping him over and falling to the floor.
“Damn.” You muttered.
“See what happens.” He says standing up and pulling you with him, then moving back to your neck. He leaned down and took one of your nipples into his mouth, eliciting loud moans came from you as he sucked and played with it using his tongue. After a few moments, he switched to the other repeating the action. You pushed him off of you turning him and you around then you kneeled down on your knees. You stared up at his erection, leaning forward pressing your lips to his erection
After tentatively licking the tip, you took it into your mouth and slowly moved your head down. He moaned, as you moved your head back until his dick was barely in your mouth before moving back down again. You repeated this multiple times, increasing your rhythm as you did it more.
Eventually, she deep throated him, sending him over the edge and making him cum. As you pulled back, a stray drop of semen rolled down your chin, after you had swallowed all of his cum. He kneeled before you, wiping off the line of cum on your chin before pushing you onto your back, your breasts bouncing a little when you landed.
You looked down as he lifted your leg up and spreading them, exposing your wet sex. Pein placed his head between your thighs and promptly lapped up at your clit, caressing your hips and ass as you moaned.
Each time his tongue ran over your clit, you would almost scream; when it went inside of you it moved like a snake, tasting every centimeter deep within. His oral assault was too much, and you came quickly.
Closing your eye enjoying the pleasure you were receiving. When you next opened your eyes, his face was mere inches from yours, his lips coated in your juices. He slowly reached out with his tongue and licked his lips, a sight that nearly drove you into another orgasm.
Once he was finished, he kissed you, his skilled tongue rubbing against your own and letting you taste your own love juice. You enjoyed the after taste of his saliva as he pulled away, a taste that mixed with both of your cum.
“You ready now?” He asked panting with your beside him now.
"Fuck me, Please, fuck me." You whimpered softly, he grabbed your hips and shoved his cock into you. A sharp, powerful pain racked your body, almost enough to make you cry.
You moaned slightly, and he did it again. His rhythm was slow as not to hurt you but you still moaned in pleasure, and finding yourself wanting more.
"Faster..." You whispered lustfully. He complied, moving at a faster rate and eliciting louder moans from you.
"Harder..." You said in a moan. He complied again, slamming his hips harder. The force caused your breasts to bounce slightly, making him want to go even harder.
"More...more..." You moaned.
“Nnnaahhh.” He groaned pumping in and out.
Pein went harder and faster, making them both moan even more. Without you prompting, he increased his rhythm and pace even more. Your wondrous round breasts bounced even more, and he was now almost uncontrollable.
"Pein..." You moaned, your climax nearing, "don't stop. Please don't stop!"
He was pumping into you as hard and fast as he could, your noisy moans spurring him on.
“PEIN!” You screamed his name, climaxing, your pleasure at its peak.
He started to pump faster and deep, he knew his climax was reaching breaking point.
“DEMERA!” He shouted coming inside of you. Pein then pulled out, pulling his Akatsuki cloak over your exposed bodies. He kissed you once again holding you tightly in his arms.
“Pein.” You whispered, he looks deeply in your eyes smiling.
“Hm.” He replied.
“Lead us..” You said trailing off then finished as your turn over to him smiking. “show me a lesson.” He picked you up in his arm then walks out to his bedroom, closing the door to show you, your next lesson…

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