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60. Neji Hyuga 3

~you name it the story-Anju Sasaki
your age-16
your crush-Neji Hyuga but she tries her best to hide her crush on him and at times she thinks he's a jerk

family-twin sister
family member's names-Sada Sasaki Sada is kind and sweet but she is pretty shy Anju feels protective of Sada and tries to help Sada whenever she can Sada looks just like Anju but has green eyes and she wears her hair up in a ponytail most of the time

past-when she and Sada was 6 they family died in a fire
what you wear-a blue kimono but when she's at home she will just wear a blue t-shirt and some pants
what you look like-blue eyes and curly brown hair that goes a bit over her shoulders
personality-polite most of the time, keeps things bottled up, hates making people she cares about worry about her, shy sometimes (rarely shy),sensitive but tries to hide it, has a soft spot for kids and baby animals/animals and cute things, when she's in trouble or has a problem she tries to get through it herself because she thinks if she asks for help she will be just wasting they time, a little short-tempered, kind, caring, quiet, friendly, smart, clever, witty, daydreams, sometimes lonely, she can stay pretty calm as long as she is not upset or mad, can be stubborn at times, whenever she feels upset she always puts on a fake smile and lie saying she's fine so no one will worry about her, can be cold or cruel towards people she dislikes, can be violent when she is really mad, if you be mean to someone she cares about well that will just be pushing her off the edge with rage and she will try her best to hurt you mentally or physically or both or anything really as long as she can make you pay,

“hey! Sada do you need anything while I’m in town?!” you yell as you put on your shoes.

“No” you heard her say back. As you finished slipping on your right shoe, you held the door handle as you kick your toes into the floor making sure they were on. You opened the door and walked out to the streets. As you walked you stared at
the sky, just watching how freely the clouds moved.

As you made your way through the busy streets, you dodged everyone as you made your way to a hill where you could just relax. You made your way up the hill and sat down under the big oak tree that was there, as you sat dow you looked down the hill to an open field where you could see Neji training with tenten. As you watch him, you gazed in awe at how swiftly he moved to doge attacks.
You soon fell into a day dream of you and neji, you didn’t really know why you had fell for him, because he can be kind of a jerk. But you still fell for him. You were suddenly taken out of your thoughts as a hand waved in front of your face, your eyes slowly started to focus and tenten and neji came into your view. Tenten was kneeling down in front of you and neji was stand in with his arms crossed looking at you out of the corner of his eyes. As you looked at the two you gave a light smile.
As tenten helped you up she asked if you would like to go on a walk with them, you nodded your head as you continued to walk. You and tenten talked for most of the walk, but the thing you found weird was that neji was staring at you, a lot.
“well I have to head home! “ you heard tenten say as she started to turn in an opposite direction, as you waved goodbye you turned and looked at neji
“so.. do you want to continue the walk or do I just go home?” you asked as he looked at you.
“lets continue our walk.” He said as he started to walk forwards. You walked next to him not saying a word. As you coon came to a small path into some woods, neji kept walking as you walked behind him. It was starting to get late as you came to a clearing filled with flowers. You wondered why neji brought you here as you watched him. You then realized the said man in front of you was gone. You were about to look around when you were suddenly pull down and neji was pining you down. When you looked up into his eyes they held something in them, like need or want. Something you couldn’t clearly make out.
“Neji what are you do-“ you were then cut off by him slamming his lips onto yours. Your eyes widened at him, when he pulled away you looked at him. “Neji what are you doing?” you asked him. He put his head closer to your earand whispered in it.
“I can’t hold it in any longer…. I need you.. Anju..” you heard him say your eyes yet again widening with the words. As he kissed you again forcefully, he licked you bottom lip as he asked for you to let him roam your mouth. You declined him as he asked, and with that he held both of your hands up with one and his other hand gripped your breast. You let out a slight gasp as he shoved his tongue down your throat. He went around memorizing it to the last detail. As he did this you slowly closed your eyes as you fell into the bliss of the moment, he then pulled away from your mouth as he kissed down your neck leaving a love bite everywhere he could.
“neji..” you moaned out as he dragged his moist tongue under your ear. He let a smirk show as he began to leave a mark there as well. You felt a tug and looked down through squinted eyes to see him untying your kimono. You squirmed in his hold, as his other hand rubbed up your thigh. As you bent your hips upwards you grinded against his, you felt his clothed erection. He let out a grunt as you did so and his grip loosened on your wrists as you slipped one out of his hold, and slid it up and under his shirt feeling his toned chest.
as he hooked a finger under you panties pulling them down your legs and off as he let go of his hold on your wrist. You then trailed your hands down to his pants where you rubbed the huge bulge in his pants, you the slid his pants button open. he then grabbed your wrists once again and kissed you, as he pulled off he’s pants and boxers, as he did this you caught a look at his member and he was big. You then looked up to find him smirking as he pulled away from the kiss. As he then slid off his shirt and hovered over you once again, he then kissed you as he shoved himself in. you tried to scream but the kiss stopped you from it, when you finally calmed down he pulled out of the kiss and started to pump in and out of you.
“Neji… faster please..” you moaned out. As he gripped your hips and pulled you to meet his thrusts, you moaning out his name at every thrust of his hips. As he continued to do this you felt your walls start to tighten around his thick rod, you felt a build-up start to form giving off a butterfly feeling. He then hit a bundle of nerves as he did so you lost it as your climax hit. Neji kept pumping into you a few more times before also meeting his climax.
As he pulled out of you he whispered something you never thought you hear from him. “I love you… Anju..” he grunted out as he lent down for another kiss before you both getting up and getting dressed.
A few weeks later…

“oh no, oh no, oh no…” you said to yourself as you sat on the floor in your bath room with the shower running. You didn’t want your sister to be wondering why you were taking so long, so you said you’d take a shower. Now you were chewing off your finger nail ,while holding a positive pregnancy test. You throughout the test, as you striped stepping into the shower.
After you shower you went for a walk to calm your nerves and to find neji. As you walked down the streets, you again watched the clouds while dodging people, that is until you finally did bump into someone. You looked up and ended up looking into the eyes of the man who you were searching for.
“neji.. can we ahh talk?..” you asked in a hushed like tone. With a nod of his head he turn as you followed him to a park. As you sat down on one of the many benches, he sat next to you. you stared out into nothing for a few before looking at him and timidly saying. “neji… I’m pregnant with your child…” you watched as his expression changed. It now had a look of disgust and anger on it.
“I am a father to nothing. Whatever you do with it go ahead, but leave me out.” He said as he stood from the bench.
“but you said you loved-“ you never even got to finish that sentence before him cutting you off.
“that was a mistake, that night was a mistake and so is that child..” he said before leaving. You wanted to yell out to him, but there was a lump in your throat that stopped you from doing so. “…neji…” you finally managed to say but it ended in vain, for he was long gone.
6 months later.
As you sat at home rubbing your 7 month old, swollen stomach that’ is until you heard a knock at the door. You slowly stood before walking over to the door and opening it. Which you now wished you hadn’t.
“what do you, want?” you ask the man, the man which you despise most right now. But he didn’t reply back. “what do you want Neji? You basically took everything from me!..” you yelled at the said man as he just stood there staring at your stomach.
You started to close the door, but he stopped it and looked at you with a calm face but with sad eyes. “that’s really.. my child?” he asked you let your jaw drop.
“no.” you said as you came out of that little trance you had. “It’s mine.. you wanted nothing to do with it remember it was a mistake! Same as loving me!” you holler at him, to which he then got a determined look in his eyes before pushing the door in and kissing you.
As he pulled away you went to hit him while he had his guard dropped, but he quickly saw though it holding your wrists. “I do mean I love you. I was scared. Were 16, and im going to be a father. That’s a little scary for me.” He said as you stared at him.
“do you really mean that? Or were those words a mistake too.?” You asked him as he looked down at you, before kissing you once again.
“I mean those words… and I also came here to ask to be a part of this child’s life..” he said as he placed a hand on your stomach.
“I love you neji…” you whispered.
“I love you too Anju…”

“Moriko! Shin! Stay where I can see you!” you yelled to your children as they ran ahead of you. then two arms wrapped around your waist.
“let them be, I can see them..” you heard your loving husband whisper to you, as you let out a sigh you look into neji’s eyes, that is before he broke the eye contact for a kiss.
“I love you neji…” you whispered as you continued to walk.
“and I love you too…” he whispered as he snuggled into your neck as he also wrapped his arms around you in a hug.

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