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14. Neji Hyuga 2

~Name: Kayla Uchiha
Village:Hidden leaf, Konoha
Rank if ninja: Genin
Crush: neji
Abilities: Sharingan eye and fire.
Personality: Hyper, loud, shy around guys she likes, funny, smart ass, sarcastic, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.
Horoscope Sign: Leo

I was another sibling in the Uchiha clan, Itachi and Sasuke are my elder brothers. I remember when Itachi left and when Sasuke left, I remember the feelings that ran through my head at that moment in time. Many of the villagers here in Konoha think so poorly of the Uchiha’s because of that, they even think I would do the same. Unfortunately I am not but again I could care less what they thought. I looked up reading the sun’s time frame, I was late.
‘He going to be mad at me if I don’t hurry.’ I thought rushing out of the gates and into the back of Konoha’s forest. I finally made it, but wasn’t sure he had arrived yet.
“You’re late Kayla.” Sasuke coldly said, as he emerged from the shadows with his little posse; Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo.
“Your point?” I asked then added. “Don’t you think Naruto will pick up on this one of these days, Brother?” He glares at me for even mentioning said name.
“He won’t.” Sasuke replied in monotone.
“Yea he might take longer to see but he isn’t stupid you know.” I mocked, he dismissed his little posse.
“I know, do you have what I acquire?” He asked while rubbing his head.
“Yea, here.” I said handing him the file on what we had about the Akatsuki.
“Their last hideout turned out to be a flop.” I said, and he nodded taking the file.
“Brother why must you do this?” I said looked down sadly, he got up and hugged me from behind.
“We are the last of the Uchiha clan Kayla, we must.” He replied then kissed my cheek.
“You’re my little sister, I love you.” He added taking off, I sighed walking slowly back to the village. I always hated how he just comes and goes, but I know why.
“Kayla!” I hear my name I look over my shoulder seeing; Sakura, Sai and Naruto. I wiped my tears and put on a fake smile, as usual Sai noticed quick but Sakura and Naruto didn’t.
“So how is your training?” Sakura asked.
“Good so how is your ‘retreat Sasuke’ plan going.” I laughed as I kept my tears from brimming my eyes at the mention with my brother’s name, Naruto puts his hands on my shoulder.
“Kayla, remember I promised you and Sakura that I would bring him back.” Naruto exclaimed.
“I know and I believe in you Naruto.” I said to him.
“Believe it.” Naruto shouts smiling widely.
“Well I must be on my way see you guys later.” I say, walking away from them. I walk to the park and take a seat on the grass leaning on a tree. The wind blows around as I close my eyes, then a sudden shadow submerge over me.
“Kayla we need to talk.” I hear his voice familiar; Shikamaru.
“What for?” I asked boldly, he sighs taking a seat next to me.
“Why are you always running off to the forest?” He asked, I shrugged.
“To get some alone time if you know what I mean.” I replied opening my eyes to look at him.
“I don’t think that is it, I think you’re taking to your brother.” He blurted out, I looked to him.
“Why you say that?” I countered, he shrugged then added “If true which one?”
“Sasuke, but you could also be talking to both.” He said to me.
‘Damn he is good, and so true I was talking to both.’ I thought for a moment then looked around noticing it was getting dark.
“Neither, but nice try.” I said to him while getting up and leaving.

[Neji’s POV]

I walked around the tree, sitting with Shikamaru.
“Even if you did see by your byakugan you know she still wont tell on them.” He said to me.
“I know.” I said to him as I watched her fade form from a distance.
“Neji?” Ten-ten called, I looked to see her and Lee waiting for me.
“Well I guess we just have to wait.” Shika said as I left.

[Itachi’s POV]

As she was I watched Kayla from the tree, I waited as she entered her apartment and I jumped in through the window.
“Kayla.” I said as she jumped.
“Itachi.” She said still looking around.
“You know the truth don’t you?” I asked her, she looks down nodding.
“I do and I cannot see why you just don’t tell him the truth.” She yelled, still pushing me to say.
“Itachi, promise me one thing.” She asked as I had my back turned to her.
“What.” I said monotone.
“Itachi-nii sama, are you sure you want to die?” She asked, I walked over hugging her.
“I have already number my outcome you know as well as I do, Sasuke will kill me.” I told her, she nods.
“I understand brother.” She says as I jump out of her window, as I did I say the boy who was talking to her before.

[Your POV]

I sobbed in my pillow, as I knew what is to come. Sasuke is strong and I knew as well as Itachi that Sasuke will kill him, a knock came to my door echoing all around.
“Coming.” I shout walking over answering the door, but as I looked up I meet his lilac eyes.
“Hey.” He said as Lee and Ten-ten come into view.
“Hey Kayla.” Ten-ten says.
“Are you ok Kayla?” Lee asked, and I nodded.
“Yep, so whatcha need?” I asked.
“Well we just came to talk with you.” Ten-ten says to me, I step aside letting them enter.
“So what you want to tell me?” I asked as we all took a seat.
“Kayla it is about earlier.” Ten-ten started.
“I saw you Kayla, with your brother Sasuke.” Neji said bluntly.
“What, how?” I asked confused.
“We were training and Neji was using his byakugan eye.” Lee stated, I looked down.
“Look Sasuke is my brother, and I am not doing anything you know.” I say defending myself.
“Kayla do you know where Sasuke is?” Lee asked, I nod.
“Yes but I wont tell no matter what.” I reply and then I heard a sudden gasp, I looked over my shoulder seeing Team 7.
“Kayla.” Naruto says.
“Naruto let me explain.” I say to him, he nods.
“Sasuke was injured one day and I saw him, I couldn’t leave him like that so since I was done with my mission with Sensei. I took care of him.” I said explaining why I still had contact with Sasuke, I couldn’t imagine telling them about Itachi.

[Three months later]

Rumors started to spread about the death of Uchiha Itachi, Lady Hokage called me over. I entered the Hokage office preparing to hear the worst.
“Uchiha Kayla is here my lady.” Shizune announced letting me in.
“Kayla as you may have heard about Uchiha Itachi’s death.” Lady Hokage started, tears brimmed my eyes as I dropped to my knees.
“Lady Hokage was it Sasuke who kill Itachi?” I asked not looking up.
“Yes.” She responds shortly after, I try to get up but my tears poured out like a waterfall.
“Kayla.” Naruto says softly as he lifted me up, with another’s help.
“We are sorry Kayla, but now as you can see Sasuke is clearly a threat.” Lady Hokage said to me.
“Grandma Tsunade!” Naruto shouts letting me go.
“Naruto.” A firm voice calls.
“What!” Naruto shouts, Kakashi- sensei helps me up this time as the fuming Naruto rages on.
“That isn’t helping Kayla Naruto.” Kakashi tells him, Naruto looks to me and lowers his head.
“Forgive me Kayla.” Naruto apologizes.
“Don’t worry about it Naruto.” I say, he walks over following Kakashi and his team out.

[Neji’s POV]

Lee, Ten-ten and I just gotten back, we too heard of Itachi’s death. As we went to report to Lady Hokage we saw Kakashi and team seven walking out with Kayla.
‘She must be hurting more then ever now.’ I thought.
“I feel bad for Kayla now after hearing some of the rumors.” Ten-ten says, Lee nod in agreement as I walk away.
“Where you going Neji?” Lee asked.
“Destiny is calling.” I replied then added. “Go ahead with out me.”

[Lee’s POV]

“What did he mean by that?” Ten-ten asked.
“Don’t know let’s get going.” I said, as I remembered what Neji once told me.

[Flash back]

“Neji why do you watch her like that?” I asked him.
“I don’t know something is calling me to her, I just want her. I- I just care for her.” He replied.
“Do you love her?” I asked him.
“Yes, it was destiny that brought us together.” He said simply then turned to walk away from me.

[End of flash back]

I looked at Ten-ten, her gaze looks down she already knew that Neji like, no loved Kayla and thought all the time why.
“Come on.” I said pulling her with me inside the Hokage’s building.

[Your POV]

Naruto and Kakashi lead my to my apartment, my thoughts were everywhere I couldn’t even think straight.
“You going to be ok alone Kayla?” Naruto asked me.
“Yea I just need some time.” I replied, I walked them to the door as I watched them leave just as I turned around to close the door.
“Kayla.” I heard his firm voice call out, I looked over seeing Hyuuga Neji, he walked up to me and without a second thought he embraced me.
“Neji?” I said shocked and wide eyed, he lets me go and suddenly kisses me. He pushed me into my apartment closing the door at the same time, then a sudden clearing of the throat.
“I thought I would never see that coming.” I heard Suigetsu say, immediately I turned facing a pair of sharingan eyes.
“Brother.” I yell.
“What is this?” He asked coldly.
“Neji, is a friend.” I lied, Sasuke looked between us.
“Leave.” Sasuke growled to his little posse. They left and Sasuke turns his gaze to us.
“If friends then why were you both kissing?” Sasuke asked.
“I love her.” Neji blurts.
“Neji.” I whispered.
“I see, and Kayla do you like or love him in return?” Sasuke asked clearly upset at what he saw.
“I do love him too.” I say, Sasuke walks over embracing me.
“Very well, but if you hurt her I swear Hyuuga I will kill you.” Sasuke coldly threatens. Sasuke then turns his back leaving from sight.
“Neji.” I whisper in his ear, he shudders. Neji then captures my lips to his begging for entrance which I gladly comply, his tongue dominates mine as he massages it. We pull apart but only brief as he lifts me in his arms taking me to my room.

He recaptures my lips gently laying my on my bed as he smoothly moves his hands around disrobing him and I.
“You don’t know how long I’ve waited.” He purred as he kissed down my chin to my neck nibbling and sucking. His touch was sending my body into a frenzy, as his left hand massaged my breast and his right massaged my inner thigh.
I moaned feeling out body’s heat rise and tension thicken of lust and passion. I can feel his erection growing between my legs. He moves his hands pinning my wrist above my head, trailing his kisses to my breast taunting my nipples then bites down softly not to break the flesh.
“Nuu…eeaa….geeee.” I moaned. He then stopped taunting my breast and moved to my inner thigh kissing to my now wet sex. He started to rub my clit then massaged around making me wetter then before.
“Naaa…uhhh…” I moaned again, as he started to lick and stick his tongue in my virgin sex. I couldn’t take it any more as he then pressed two of his fingers in side of me. The heated sensation moved all across my body, I soon came in his mouth. Neji lapped up my juices and moved up to me taking my lips to his as I tasted my self in his mouth, I flipped him over as I moved seductively down to his dick taking his erected member in my mouth licking and sucking on the head as I engulfed him all the way to his base then bobbed my head up and down in a steady rhythm flow.
“Kaaa..ayyy..uhh laaaah.” He groaned trying to hold in his moan as I kept a good pace still bobbing up and down with stroking him at the same time. I then moved my left hand to his sac gently massaging earning a growl from him.
“Kayla stop teasing me.” He moaned, I did and deep throated him so more as he pulsed against my tongue then he came in my mouth as I swallowed him up like candy. Neji this time flips us over and with out a thought thrusts up and inside I yelped in pain.
“It wont last my dove.” He cooed, as he stayed still but once the pain subsided and he was passed my virgin barrier.
“Neji go on.” I said as he pulled out and thrusted back in, he did so and kept going in more and more as he picked up pace. In and out deep and rough he pumped as our skin collided hitting each other as groans and moans left our lips.
“Neee…geee.” I moaned, he grunted going in and out.
“Kaaa…nuuuuaaah…laaaa.” He groaned thrusting up as my hip met with his powerful thrust. He seem to pound in and out like no tomorrow or perhaps like as it his life counted on it. I pushed his chest up and he looked at me as I flipped us over again this time I was on top bucking and bouncing up and down on his thick, long rod. I felt our climax come near as I bucked once more feeling him pulse inside.
“KAYLA!” He groaned out in a loud roar, I smiled and bucked a few more as I soon followed feeling his seed rush inside of me.
“Ahhh NEJI!” I scream climaxing, then lay down next to him. He rolls to his side looking at me.
“Marry me Uchiha Kayla?” He asked suddenly as he propped on his elbow.
“Yes Hyuuga Neji.” I replied laying my head on his chest, he pulled the blanket over our body.
“We were destined to be, Uchiha and Hyuuga.” He muttered falling asleep, I looked up at him as he slept smiling to my self as I thought of his words.
‘We were destined to be…’

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